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  1. Eliza Connor

    Bob Wire: the thrilling sequel to Edward Scissorhands

  2. Katherine Aguirre

    Puppies...why’d it have to be puppies?

  3. Awesomely Hooked

    Oh he's not wearing a seatbelt anymore and he's getting the knife back 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Shep reminds me of my nephew so much

  4. Inma García

    You should have made the mythical crew read fanfic about themselves!!!

  5. Kevin Sherrard

    Is this what’s called up skirting?

  6. AnorakTrend

    What a pallet cleanse.

  7. Dewey Flournoy

    just recently got my Mythical Apron after not being able to buy it the first time around and during the 2nd there were 4 left in stock o.O

  8. Awesomely Hooked

    Lol the end of the video Link, you're so freaking adorable.

  9. Catnip Kittie5

    This IS exactly what i needed after that episode oml

  10. Awesomely Hooked

    Short wick... I've been there 🤣 I've had a similar situation to the gas station incident except, I actually fought them lol

  11. Psychobob

    I didn't get any chills and goose bumps during the main episode but I did pretty much the same as Rhett with these stories. Lol.

  12. Phelan Wolfe

    Rhett: "I think I'm gonna start a UKmine channel." Link: "You've got plenty of those." 😂😂😂

  13. JL Sagely

    Percy has more common sense than Link. IJS

  14. katie ferrell

    I appreciate these puppy videos after that fanfiction 😅 but on a side note, you cannot shave a husky. They regulate all temperatures through their layered fur. :)

  15. Courtney Bernth

    I’m probably making a mistake watching this before the main episode

  16. Viola Floella

    . .. . its so cutee

  17. Kris Maynes

    4:04 when you look at your crush

  18. Berto Andon

    "You've got plenty of them" 😂

  19. Spooky Robo Cat

    I would love to watch Rhettword scissor hands lol

  20. Ande Richter

    Rhett's best haircut

  21. Brandon Percell

    Who doesn’t won’t to own a 100 dogs!!!!!!!!

  22. skullsrock19

    I have a pug and she does the same thing LOL

  23. Kyiwann Smith

    I'm taking 13.5 showers after seeing this

  24. ablestmage

    Bethany mmm mmmm mmmm

  25. Jokester 954

    This is my favorite all time episode

  26. Holychickendinner

    Wow. Who knew McDonald's fries were just upside-down Wendy's fries?

  27. TheHalfblood Studios

    YES Link we stan Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  28. Lilly Dee

    The Pug was adorable! So there Link!

  29. Creeper Cat

    Rhett and Link switched bodies at some point. (Rhett pleased with Link passing scissor gloves over, proceeds to hack away at lettuce, while Link holds it)

  30. Libra Chick

    Most impressive thing ever Rhett catching lettuce with scissor hands 😂💜

  31. Elena Borquist

    I love the residual awkwardness from the last video...

  32. Manly Bean

    Lol hes a cheater

  33. WalkingTurtle Jones

    I had a Yorkshire terrier for 10 years. He was smarter than a lot of people!

  34. WalkingTurtle Jones

    I skipped the main episode after the first story. Please never do that again!!

  35. Manly Bean

    Lol he said don't be mad

  36. Dan Maler

    0:36 Link referencing ATARI joysticks kids!

  37. Aiden Ceppi

    I thought coffee crisp was everywhere

  38. Daniel Bundy

    ... not one of your best

  39. SpaghettiSilhouette

    I came for Gus, I left because no Gus

  40. Tanisha Akhand

    This became the type of chaos that I love from GMMore 😂

  41. Emily

    A GREAT video would be to go to the Guide Dogs of America puppy nursery in Sylmar, so many itty bitty puppies getting ready to change people's lives!

  42. first name last name

    There is no such thing as a "gluten allergy."

  43. Jokester 954

    I have a feeling Jen would have put Link as a crush 🙃

  44. Marktec

    I just thought it was a joke that Link shouldn’t have sharp things, but now I get it...he is legitimately unsafe with sharp things! When he asked if the gloves were axe-proof and proceeded to cross his arms while wielding the hatchet, I was like 😳🤦‍♂️

  45. Megan

    I could see Ben on GMM at least once a week. He fits so well with them. It's such a great dynamic.

  46. aaron pratto

    I stay up till about 1 or two on school nights im in 4th grade and on weekends I stay up till about 4 or 5 in the morning

  47. Garrett Paxton

    Who else clicked on the last GMM it said this content is age restricted

  48. VoidTraitor

    6:23 ninja was literally shaking lmao

  49. the marshmellow thing

    Came back to see Rhetty cat

  50. ChezDayable

    First episode of GMM I couldn't watch lol.

  51. miss byng

    Link just stop saying puppy we don't need to have flashbacks of that episode

  52. _Alysa_

    I was hoping to get more Gus or at least some answers. I am thoroughly disappointed

  53. Ptao Tom

    Cotton Candy Randy's next appearance needs to start with "Hi, Lettuce Daddies!"

  54. Mohd Haziq Kahar

    3:01 cringing and holding a laugh at the same time.. been there..

  55. Rachel Mayfield

    This is literally the only more that can exist after that gmm....

  56. Just Amanda

    Lettuce daddies 👅

  57. Kayla Cook

    Started the day with fanfic, went to work then came home to wholesome pet vids.. its a good time

  58. Alberto Jaramillo

    Josh got real fit

  59. R0ck3tPuppy

    The crew is still beautiful in 2020

  60. gudebro2000

    I subscribed because of that fanfic episode You guys put your family friendly reputations on the line for the chuckles and you got those chuckles

  61. emi loo

    For all of y'all that decided not to watch the main episode, Rhett f***ed a jar of peanut butter. Happy Tuesday everyone ☕👍

  62. a yellow cup

    My brother has a husky in southern Louisiana and that dog is always getting heat stroke

  63. Woodie Murphy

    The Rhettward scissor hands bit was absolutely priceless! There has to be another episode where y'all bring that back! 😂

    1. Ptao Tom

      4:58 it’s like a guillotine for the lettuce... A lettuce is called a head so hmhhh 🤔🤔

  64. Troy Tetlak

    Brkl ooyn (change my mind)

  65. Tyler Merritt

    8:30 foreshadowing for the next episode

  66. grace golder

    i’ve never played but now i want to SO BAD

  67. Jack Dooman

    coming from the future to say rhett looks like larry king with links glasses on

  68. Laura Fultz

    Link: "Just like last night I fell" Me: Of course you did

  69. isabestest

    Thanks for leaving in the sneeze

  70. Harrison Mac

    Cabbage =/= lettuce Cabbage is Brassica Oleracea (This species has many cultivars, which includes brussel sprouts, collard greens, kale, jersey walking sticks, broccoli, cauliflower and others). Brassica is the mustard genus in the family Brassicaceae. This family includes the crucifers which are all mustards, arugula, horseradish, wasabi, watercress, radish and others, , while lettuce is in the genus Luctuca from the family Asteraceae, AKA the sunflower family. Chamomile, daisies, the aforementioned sunflower, thistle, dandelion and many others.

  71. Amanda Morgan Jones

    Thank you for this cute doggie video! It helped clear the peanut butter haze that obscured my thoughts!

  72. Channelthehappyness

    The crew really had alot fun in today's episodes. doggies 🐕

  73. Evan Scheinberg

    Link don’t you EVER talk trash about pugs again

  74. Nct/StrayKids/Monsta x/Svt/Got7/Exo/Shinee, ect

    The word puppy will never be the same after the fanfics

  75. Hhh Hhhh

    I needed this bad

  76. Trinity Wheeler

    Anyone else watching this after watching their vlog where they only say one word for a day? No? just me? Ok

  77. Morgan C

    Omg they were all iconic I can’t

  78. C S

    Bethany is gorgeous

  79. Our Unbound Life

    Link: *Shakes an axe in Rhett’s face*

  80. lucas alyea

    hawkins cheezies are made in my town(belleville, ontario)..... hilarioussssssssss story about them.....city hall was actually thinking of erecting a copper statue to commemorate hawkins cheezies but it got turned down because it woulda been a statue of a giant turd seen from the busiest highway in north america ....the 401... i laughed soooooooooo friggin hard when i heard this story .....so naturallyy....had to pass it on xD...ur welcome ;D

  81. Lisa Walton

    I'm with Link on the pug thing.

  82. Anna Ratliff

    I had 3 pugs and agree with them comprises were made with pugs. They are really poorly bread. But hilarious

  83. nikita simpson

    stupider? o.O

  84. Nathan Bauman

    I think we all needed this after that episode

  85. Incwolf Original

    me at 10PM: just one more video before I go to sleep me at 3AM:

  86. Matthew Brod

    What is Link doing here? 2:08

  87. Alexis Carroll

    Is Link growing his wings back??? I see that slight flap!

  88. Hallie Dee

    You should not drink water with lapis lazuli in it. It contains Pyrite. You shouldn't drink metals.

  89. Rock The Human

    Its nice to come back to this

  90. Stefan Lopuszanski

    Battlestar Galactica is a game now and not a TV series? :-P

  91. Lawyer Morty


  92. Gabrien Decker

    Hi I’m from the future they lied about wearing cow boy hats in 2020 😞

  93. Gatsios Dimitris

    Link didn't say Welcome to Good Mythical More

  94. Sam Solmonson

    The bird is the world!

  95. Nasruddin

    “You had faith in humanity. Learn to not do that” 😂

  96. Philorg Neopolotin

    Disappointed they didn’t have Gus in this More episode, since they cameo’d him in the main episode. Such a missed opportunity to put such a likable and interesting guy on the show

  97. Melanie Hartle

    They're sitting so far apart now lolololololol

  98. jmurphy432

    Yeah I started watching the GMM and immediately knew where the puppy story was going and came here haha I couldn't do it

  99. Corbett Rutland

    are y'all friends or brothers

  100. Chucky Hughes

    Guess the mother cycle part would be cool