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  1. Moises Miranda

    Hazlo en español

  2. Adam Daley

    Was this a demo unit sent to you by Philips that you were going to return anyway? If so, it's probably a unit that's been shipped around from reviewer to reviewer which is why the holes were miss-aligned, as a lot of other people may have had their hands on it.

  3. Muhammad Rahadiansyah

    Why would anyone choose Acer Predator Helios 300 over this except for the CPU? Like buying a laptop is more that a CPU choice. I'd rather sacrifice a little bit of CPU power than getting a stupid looking, thick, gamery laptop like that Helios 300

  4. jurtea1

    What do you recommend for a 4k monitor? I want to connect it to my new XPS i7 laptop?

  5. kevin Green

    Note wins

  6. The Scottish English Teacher

    better than xps 13?

  7. Phenom Menon

    I fast forward through your plugs just FYI

  8. Dragon Warrior

    For the battery issue 99% of people are never far from some accessible power source so that should not be a problem. Google’s adaptive battery program will extend the amount of screen on time and not having many apps on in the background helps as well as turning off location services. The storage issue on the base is not even a issue unless you play very big gams on your phone. Cloud based storage solves most of this problem. And the Face ID yes it is annoying that it does not recognize eyes open or closed, if you are worried that someone is going to unlock your phone while you are asleep you have bigger issues my friend. Lastly because your eyes can be closed for Face ID then it is a good thing it does not work with banking apps. Better security this way with a good password.

  9. Quel Tipo Sul Tubo

    That must be the most buffed dude who's into computer stuff that I've ever seen

  10. ÑøťBØŤ

    galaxy book flex has awesome freebues inside the box and dammn the spen has the note 10 features

  11. A. R.

    Hifi should have adopted the monitor cable.

  12. Aj Rubio

    Iphone 11 pro max is da best!

  13. AbdulQuddus Hassan Kubti

    But my budget is more of a 2013 laptop.

  14. Shashi Suman

    I have an S8 and I respect my charger more than the phone

  15. Louchina Almonor

    These tips are great!🤗

  16. Michael Vance Bajilar

    My type c headset is no longer working properly. The buttons no longer responds and keeps lowering the volume down. I rarely use it. Stock it more than a month and boom.. its gone haywire. There's still sound on both sides loud and clear.

  17. KO DI

    do i need some kind of GATE/mother gate to control all light in house ?

  18. Lexxss

    Oooh im super excited, i’ll get it on monday, 4 days until i get it

  19. Renovatio

    Again, I don't think iPhone can catch up.

  20. Renovatio

    Again, Samsung sets the standard in mobile industry in 2020 and beyond. Shame, Samsung S10 Ultra is out of sock already. I will buy it without blinking. S10 Ultra is better to hold than the Note 10+ and iPhone 11 despite of the bigger display. Fantastic phone.!!! Not to mention it's still lighter than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

  21. Zak Giffgaff

    The only flaw with this laptop is the glossy screen!

  22. Zoubeir Damahi

    Are you suposed to buy pubg before to plat it on GEFORCENOW ?

  23. Guillaume Lucas

    Nice one man, thanks

  24. Ninja Reis

    This pc is 60,000 dollars in us dollars!!!!

  25. lewis 789

    The other problem is unless you have an £800 graphics card and other high spec components costing a bomb. You better be prepared to play any modern title on the low graphics setting if you want them kind of frame numbers. I currently have an i7, 16gb ram and a 1660 super most 1080p games on ultra will only run 70-90 frames. So if you want to have that frame rate with good graphics you better have a Ton of Cash.

  26. Mel Duya

    So macbook air is better now that matebook x pro?

  27. evans boateng

    Its beautiful

  28. Clarissa McPigeon

    Carphone Warehouse are now selling this SIM free unlocked for £299. I'm quite tempted.

  29. FlamzerFounder

    Welp, another giveaway that I don't win in... Welp

  30. MrJj295

    finally a review for my laptop

  31. Liberty309


  32. Iridiumraven


  33. Duško Nikitović

    What TV stand is that?

  34. RealTimeX

    The thing is, if you're here, you probably want to buy a gaming laptop that you'll use for 20years+

  35. anthro ponym

    Ever heard Linux? No ?

  36. Hi There


  37. razerboy nickem

    U making alot of people choosing the wrong console.

  38. j8H4%kfj

    So the video saying " the new laptops will be better" well ... the new laptops are always better, and i need a laptop now.

  39. John Roth

    The biggest advantage to PCI 4.0 as it relates to INTEL is the limited pci lane interface on their chips. If they would support pci 4.0 then the NVMe drive could use 2 lanes instead of 4 lanes and get the same performance. That would allow 2 NVMe drives and only require 4 lanes. I think that would be a good thing if INTEL is not going to expand the # lanes on their consumer product lines.

  40. Frabcis Baez

    I buy a 52"tv but I need a please console is sad if anyone have a extra console please I'm from boston help

  41. Romayne Sameer

    I want this pc.hahhhhh

  42. Shibbir Choudhury

    OnePlus no sd expansion

  43. dark phoenix pg3d

    Should i get rtx 2080 super or rtx 2080?(i plan on playing 1440p/4k)

  44. William Belarmino

    Bro I need laptop but I have no enough money

  45. Prince King

    I'm getting an s7 at the end of march but Idk where to get it from is samsung uk a good place to get one

  46. Prince King

    The s7 is very fast I think u just have a slow s7

  47. Chian Yee Lee

    Hi I Am toma Jab jab

  48. Jesse Bakker

    Background image?

  49. ElderPelder

    I has bread for bfast abd nice pc. I hope the Giveaway hasnt been rolled yet. Twitter @marius_tofferi

  50. Adventure Republiq

    I want a laptop for video and music editing and I am considering surface laptop 3 13-inch, should I buy i5 , 8gb ram for video editing, or should I choose some other specifications or some other brand in the same price range( apart from Apple) or should I wait for some time. your reply would be really helpful thanks?

  51. Pils10

    And Overwach were removed frome the start.

  52. Роман Ильин

    You're even better than a unicorn because you're real.

  53. EltonBoy

    Just bought The p30 pro because i wanted an Android phone

  54. Birk SS

    No finger print or

  55. Elduchie

    I dropped mine from about 6 feet, and got a small crack at the bottom. Barely noticeable and still going. Great phone if anyone's thinking of getting one.

  56. BallisticKnifes

    TheTechChap you are the best Tech channel 👍🏿

  57. Saulo Padilha

    Now I'm ready to SWITCH! From my MacBook Pro Mid-2015...

  58. Sophanith SJ

    Should i buy one from this 2, for web development?

  59. Tu Truong

    How about battery when not play games?

  60. Provuze

    You forgot to mention this watch is horrible for iOS. Why can't Huawei provide an update to their iOS app and make it function properly as it would with an android.

  61. Dabbed Out Media

    Got a 1660, considering the 2060 super or 2070 super, all depends on those consoles when they launch, looking to ensure I can run games higher than the new consoles

  62. Anson Hu

    High refresh rate can improve gameplay? Alright, but I ain’t got a good enough PC to run at 144fps consistently and cos my internet is trash. Broke ppl problems

  63. Egil

    If you wait you will wait forever as there is always something new on the horizon.

  64. Pxnda

    Fuck you

    1. Pxnda

      Yes you

  65. Cracktus Games

    Heres A Very Quick Question. My 3.66 ghz quadcore lga 775 processor has a 6 mb cache. Is The 6 mb Cache Good? It Was A 2009 Model Version of A Laptop. The Lenovo B50-80 Windows Vista. Of Course Its Up To Date RN With Windows 10. And 8 gb of RAM. But Still Is A 6 mb Cache Good?

  66. santos macmurray

    I bought this mic and connected it to my PS4 like u did but I got mic monitoring how do I fix it?

  67. Bobby Prado

    Can this edit 4K in premiere pro with the dell XPS late 2019?

  68. Toya Girl

    Nope I dont like it, I'll stick to my s10+. The new camera looks like those ugly iPhones.😖

  69. Chan Smey TAM

    Not 10+


    I think the both do a great job, sometimes you feel the note better then iPhone, also sometimes you feel the iphone better then the note. But I liked the note 10 plus a little bit more then the iphone because the note do better job in night mode.

  71. chris sanchez

    will the ps5 work on a 4k tv an will it work on aon any hdmi tvs

  72. Jessica Velez

    Which laptop do u suggest best for gaming on a budget about 1300.00 the most ?

  73. Rafael de Oliveira

    Note 10+ incrível

  74. Matthew Hicks

    Hey thanks for your video I would definitely go for the fingerprint scanner

  75. KiddMAX

    Oh yea I'm deff gonna do the double stack version...💯💯💯💯👍

  76. faizal sheriff

    For a person to use just photoshop for brand desiging and predominantly work on cloud apps.....

  77. God Rimmer

    go bitcoin mining XD

  78. Lister Smeg

    Exceptional sycophantic yawn

  79. Ed Tardaguila

    galaxy ultra does have massive upgrades than this z flip phone not the worth of money to spend

  80. Matthew Hudgins

    My pc right now only runs games on super low FPS on the lowest settings

  81. zeak anderson

    don't care about color because as soon as i get the s20 ultra it will be in case

  82. Julian Castillo

    We have come full circle

  83. Lisa Mccray

    Galaxy s20 is some nice phones and so is the camera

  84. Everything isPolitics

    Have you got any information on the difference between AMD and Intel processor please?

  85. Benjamin Danilov

    I'd say black looks better and the black will actually go well with my phone since it's black

  86. Shane Horne

    Love this phone

  87. Levi Smith

    I hope you do a giveaway, with my wedding coming up my wife to be will only let me get this phone if I win it 😂

  88. Tom Skarabis

    3 monitors are still better for productivity. Windows + Arrow keys gives much more possibilities to quickly resize windows. And 3 monitors are cheaper and give more screen space.

  89. sam jimbob

    When you enter a giveaway knowing you wont win but are desperate for a PC instead of gaming on an iPhone 6.

  90. V For Vendetta

    This tech world full fucking idiots I mean the android software is a bit overrated by now, like I have a 1k phone basically doing all the shit of the older models did but now on a bigger screen. I mean what are we really paying for??

  91. Javed Zafar

    iPhone 11♥️♥️♥️

  92. Gabriel Gabriel

    2020 and i'm between gtx 1070 and gtx 1660,normal and ti's as well,,,anyone else ?


    🚨Never buy from Carphone Warehouse Direct Sales by phone❌ They lie you by telling the 14 days starts from the day you put their new sim in the new phone you purchase and they are so hurry to send the phone with sim when you still have no time to fix ... and later when you are not happy and want to return before 14 days from the day you put the sim ... they will fight back imposing the rules and policies that you should read in the website before buying it? PURCHASE IN THE STORE !

  94. romain baer

    Someone ever tried with blue ray 3d. Impossible to play 3d blue ray on PS4 and have connection. Ok for game but no 3d vidéo. Someone can help me to fix it ?

  95. Robert Kelly

    Not necessary for most 4K TV buyers

  96. Sean Tame

    I did the steps and am in the UK

  97. GSXRNissan

    A great monitor and pure hardware cheating @ World of Tanks / PUBG / Overwatch.

  98. Adhipta Semidang Putra

    Can I know your IKEA Karlby work top dimensions please??

  99. weiyi guo

    Disconnect power before u ungrade ur laptop :)

  100. Ken Zhou

    Finally some appreciation for built in ND filter. This is really cool tech. If they can use AI to do handheld stabilization for a long shutter speed shot with the ND filter, it would be amazing.