We are Sean Finegan (Foil), Conor McKenna (Arms) and Sean Flanagan (Hog), an Irish sketch group who perform on TV, radio, the stage and UKmine.
We work out of an Office in Dublin, where we write, perform, film and edit our UKmine sketches, as seen in our 'Office Sketches' playlist.
We met each other in University, (where we did Engineering, Architecture and Genetics btw), formed the group and have been touring our live shows in Ireland, the UK, the US and Australia over the last eight years to audience and critical acclaim (no really)
We started our UKmine channel in order to figure out how to be funny in front of a camera. 100 videos later and we're still figuring it out. In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy the hours of experimentation!

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  1. Meg Timbrell

    5297 ? 😂🥴

  2. teh Czmych

    Am I too late to buy? 😅😅😅

  3. Mamma Mia

    We're out now bye bye EU conmen.

    1. Mamma Mia

      @Foil Arms and Hog just glad we're out and I hope Ireland gets out too. God Bless the Irish Patriot, Critiqued, John Waters, The Don ,Grand Torino, Gemma O'Docherty, Justin Barrett, the National Party. Ireland for the Irish.

    2. Foil Arms and Hog

      Does this mean you have to change your username from Italian?.... come on, that was pretty good. Right?

  4. aola wili

    "I'm not supposed to answer the door to anyone!" Nice one Oisin!! Came back to bite her

  5. Stephen Plummer

    More like when your parents won't go away

  6. Xu Watcher

    You guys are the source of my happiness lol

  7. NerdPro

    I love how relatable these are! This is exactly how my American mom is. Hahaha

    1. aola wili

      5-2-9-7 :)

  8. Тайлер Коноваленко


  9. Eugene O connell nice place

    Grate to see the brist out up the ra grate song

  10. mixio hili

    "I'm gone", my mum could say that and still be their for 10 mins checking if all windows are closed

  11. whydidppltakemyname

    That ending was the best! 😂

  12. Kate O' Donnell

    Please come to Ireland😩😩

  13. 28 Stab Wounds

    You guys are trending

    1. mixio hili

      Hello There, this is so true. Great video, keep up the good work guys! Cheers Peter Mc :)

  14. Juan Eduardo Villarraza

    As an argentinean I felt honoured when I saw arms wearing the soccer t-shirt!!! And also the sketch made laugh so hard!! You really are huge, great talent!!

  15. Shadowgamier 90

    Only 29 comments?

  16. Gilberto Galceran

    5297 1:13

  17. Grace Blackthorn

    I get to lick the spoon and the bowl 😋. My mom has always given them to me after she's made cake or cupcakes or anything else as long as I did the washing up afterwards

  18. Carla O'Connell

    Bandon? Of all places! Poor Mammy 😭


    I love these guys! Please come to Sydney Australia!

  20. Audrey white

    I love mum character, I’m not Irish but it’s so me 😅

  21. Sorcerer Vaati64

    England?? *shit should they be deporting foreigners soon* I think they are referencing to Irish.

  22. Sorcerer Vaati64

    If your the pizza guu you’re 20 minutes late 😂😂

  23. Jan Fisch

    And MOZARTs „kleine Nachtmusik“ 👏😀

  24. Ronan Brophy

    1:54 Fuck off

  25. Jon Knight

    I suspect the teenage versions of Foil, Arms and Hog had something like this happen to them and are still in the dog house over the *amazing* party they had 5 minutes after the door finally closed.

  26. Cian o connell

    Who the fuck says “mum”🙄

    1. electricrussellette

      I do...

  27. Pallavi Shinde

    So relatable-middle class Indian mom 😂

  28. ChaosPatriot76

    Did... did they actually not mention the American Revolution? It lasted nine years and we had to call in other major powers like France, Prussia, Spain, and the Netherlands, guys. We were fighting the most highly trained, biggest regular army in the world, as well as an unrivaled navy, with an army about an eighth of the size made up of poorly trained volunteers and minutemen. That's pretty fucking hard, in my opinion.

  29. c ps

    Oisin and mum are the best

  30. Liam

    Genuinely for red wine spillages just chuck white wine on it then mop it all up

  31. luke cooper

    Love u foul arms and hog keep up the good work

  32. AJ Hubbell

    Lol, thanks.

  33. Danny Boy

    These characters are some of your best!

  34. the sun,moon,stars and the sky

    My eye you're wearing 😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Rachel Atwood

    is the half-dead plant truly an inanimate object since it does move/grow, just at rates too slow to be seen by the naked eye?

  36. Itika Singh

    5-2-9-7 :)

  37. darragh gregory

    That's me now , mam is gone away till Sunday

  38. jocerboy

    It just kinda annoys me cus it’s so accurate

  39. Annika R

    If only my doc would give me this treatment...

  40. Siggi M

    Wasn't Oisin to read a book while he was sick? So is this his second book? Or is he suposed to finish his first one? Have a nice weekend, Oisin 😉

  41. Peter Mc

    Hello There, this is so true. Great video, keep up the good work guys! Cheers Peter Mc :)

  42. TimeKiller Studios

    Why did they use a Virgin Media TiVo box remote as the phone

  43. TheLonelyBrit

    Loved the show last night at the Philharmonic, I hope you lads have a great time on the rest of the tour. :]

  44. Go Diogo Go!

    Back when we were 👍 😢 #siralex

  45. PalmTraveller

    This is bullshit... Worst band I've ever seen by far 😂

  46. TimeKiller Studios

    This is so accurate it hurts

  47. žάςķчツgαмιиgッ

    Santa is red for a reason

  48. Samantha L

    Super excited to see you live in Aberdeen! :) Perfect way to perk up a Monday!

    1. Foil Arms and Hog

      See ya soon!

  49. A Turn In The Game Of...

    I’m very lucky I didn’t have a handbrake in the car when I was learning

  50. Q-Slayer

    The pin is 5297 👀

  51. Bee Mama

    Is it wrong that sometimes I think the end is funnier than the sketch? You guys are hilarious!!!!!

  52. M.C.H

    I used to get "don't open the front door, even if your know who it is, even if it's me" 😂😂😂

  53. Euro Squanchy

    🇪🇺I was born and will die a citizen of the EU 🇪🇺I don't care what my so called government says!

    1. n5vBill


  54. shay lɪkes stuff

    Yep definitely hetalia

  55. Ea Jordan

  56. Kaiser Wilhelm II.

    thats how it be

  57. TheBlackadder Edmund

    Poke my Horn?

  58. Capt Carrots

    Monopoly arrives hand in hand with UNO when it comes to destruction.

  59. Amy O'Neill

    He's really good at the tinwhistle!😃

  60. scarlett bazah

    she doesn't say her PIN number at loud but she has a spare key in the pots like every mum in the world

  61. McCrystal Girls

    If you rush around doing the chores 3 minutes before they walk through the door they won't have time to get messy. Simple.

  62. mhicnanolc

    My favourite character returns!! Oisin’s mom!

  63. Emily-Jayne Rowe

    Ha this is tooo real!!! Went to see you guys in Liverpool last night! You lot are amazing!!!

    1. Foil Arms and Hog

      Thanks Emily!

  64. Acco 4321

    The internet one is a classic! So true!

  65. Xscorpion stingX

    Anyone else get annoyed with this: *ON THE PHONE* Me: ok bye Them: oh bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye

  66. Knappa22

    ROFL exactly like Welsh mothers then! A few more: “Do the laundry but DON’T leave the house until the machine has finished!” ‘Clean the stairs with the stiff brush” (Wtf is a stiff brush?). “If there’s a thunderstorm, unlpug the TV and aerial!” etc!

    1. Foil Arms and Hog


  67. Leilani Yousaf

    omg the whole thing is hilarious bahhahh

  68. Cheryl Lemme

    Walking is good!

  69. Saba M

    "no, this is filmed in the past" idk why this part which wasn't even meant to be funny has me in stitches 😅

  70. Sandra Dulbecco

    I just love you guys, you are fantastic ! and especially the Oisin-mum "discussions" ! any chance to see you in France sometime ? anyway keep up the good job !

  71. Дмитрий Джаггер

    Omg, what a funny piece of shit 🙂

  72. Quỳnh Anh Bùi

    The PIN code is 5297.

  73. Goli B

    Is Jerry Ann's new boyfriend?!

  74. blissfuldreamer06

    Sorry lads, the last part was the best bit 😂😂

  75. Laurinda Pierre

    5297 is her pin She goes for the weekend and only leave $20 😳

  76. Copyrightdragon

    My dad would just put some weird-ass new age music on the speakers and go off to work for the whole Saturday. It's very weird waking up in the middle of the day to an empty apartment reverberating with pan flute, synth, and soothing nature sounds.

  77. Grey Fox

    Haha, this is so realistic. Particularly the bins.

  78. North

    All of these hit even more when your name be osian

  79. Juan Eduardo Villarraza

    2 years ago I"d been there had I met you before, as I was in Dublin with friends. Now I just laugh watching you here! Thanks for sharing your huge talent!! Applauses from Argentina!

    1. Foil Arms and Hog

      Thanks Juan!

  80. Alexi Volcav

    I think the biggest reason why I love you guys is just how obvious it you’re all great friends

  81. Amy Egan

    I love Oisin, his mom and Barry! My favorite characters. Please come to Cincinnati, OH

  82. T.P. McKenna

    The thumbnail picture for this vid is perfect for the still shot in the Dear Deidre column.

    1. Foil Arms and Hog


  83. André Crema

    I’d 100% be Arms in this situation How am I supposed to be straight faced with Hog doing Ann

  84. GuoWei Hong

    Thought it was only my parents in China would be like this when I was little. Shit It’s sooo real.

  85. quemserei

    Great show tonight boys! Shame I couldn't stay in the end to say hello but I was a joy finally seeing you guys live. Hope you come to Liverpool next year!

    1. Foil Arms and Hog

      Thanks for coming mate!

  86. C Connolly

    I need y’all to come to Texas!!

  87. Carol Jones

    They were brilliant tonight, live at the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool. Go see them if you can.

    1. Foil Arms and Hog

      Cheers Carol!

  88. The Man on The Moon

    When my mom would take the internet I would play Skyrim all day because she thought that all games required internet

  89. Ian Clark

    Well, I got back from seeing you guys at the LIverpool Philharmonic a few hours ago... Absolutely HILARIOUS!!!! First time I've seen you guys and it will not be the last. :D

    1. Foil Arms and Hog

      Thanks so much Ian

  90. Storm Winchester-Shaw

    My internet went out just before hog said I'm taking the internet

  91. Megan Davis

    You are far too believable as an old woman.

  92. Ger d

    My name is Geraldine, and until today I have never really liked the name. Thanks F,A&H🤪you've made my day.

  93. Johnny H


  94. Felicitous Feline

    Hog and Arms inhabit these characters!

  95. Leonie Lay

    2030: students from all over the world discover this video while getting ready for their a-lvls in history I can hear the tears dropping

  96. Soo Binny

    The Oreo version of creme egg To. Die. For.

  97. Nicky L

    I couldn’t be arsed to take the internet, I’d disturb too much dust.

  98. Jennifer hughes

    Got a sudden jolt when they said MY PIN number. Should I be alarmed?

  99. Angel Nichols

    This was far too accurate boys. Confirmation that all moms are basically the same person.