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  1. Carromacumba


  2. kaisamsa

    Warhol looks like my aunt

  3. joshua Yeager

    I’d never seen Basquiat in video footage before talking and seeing him with Warhol shows just how perfect both Jeffery Wright and David Bowie we’re portraying them in film. The movie is so underrated.

  4. evukelectricvehicles

    Sorry - but the evidence that Shakespeare's plays were in fact written(brace yourselves!) by a *woman* is at least as credible as everything that Bate tells us: his plummy-voiced, "almost posh" BBC accent - with its inherent absolute self-assurance - will be enough to convince the credulous majority that Bate speaketh the absolute, de facto truth. No - I am now 99% convinced that the Duchess of Pembroke(Mary Sidney Herbert) wrote all or most of Shakespeare's plays and sonnets - although Emilia Bassano is another top contender in the authorship debate. See links: www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/08/18/did-woman-write-shakespeares-plays-globe-stage-new-play-dark www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/06/who-is-shakespeare-emilia-bassano/588076/ shakespeareauthorship.org/authors/sidney.html debaytable.com/2015/06/a-woman-wrote-shakespeare-2/ www.amazon.co.uk/Sweet-Swan-Avon-Woman-Shakespeare/dp/1796336920/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?keywords=book+shakespeare+%22sweet+swan+of+avon Paul G

  5. Маргарита Окно ЗАкрыто

    Если бы не его отношения с Энди - не было бы его и его творчества. По сути он безграмотный парень, курильщик, который просто веселился и хотел комфорта и хайпа. И симпатичный был)))) что и помогло ему в короткой карьере)) приглянулся Энди и все. Энди был уже в таком закуренном и изнеможденном состоянии, что его мог взять любой молодой красивый парень. ...

  6. bingola45

    Sean Connery's Harry Hotspur was magnificent. The words rolled off his tongue as if it were his natural speaking voice, and the character came alive.


    More heroin for Mr. Basquiat - can you even draw a straight line phony art gallery's pumped this no talent

  8. spiderman3670

    Andy Warhol is a POS. Hopefully he gets whats coming to him for what he did to Edie Sedgwick...

  9. Alex Papasi

    damn it why wasn't I alive yet? lol

  10. Jota Altuna

    I can't believe this is the first comment of this video.... (I'm spanish BTW sorry if I make a mistake) I love this company, I love the way they work, and this video is simply awesome, bravo.

  11. Matthew Gutekunst

    The weekend apparently goes too the same barber as Basquiat.

    1. Tash Moore

      LOL. I think he looks more like Maxwell these days.

  12. Wendy Noto

    A hot mess sorry

  13. Steve McCormick

    His haircut is the perfect outline of a "fool's cap". That's just the way it is.

  14. Dawish Savage

    Live from sierra leone.. Your words touched my heart

  15. Verty

    Basquiat was such a trash artist. He was only famous because Andy Warhol sucked his dick.

  16. badjemima

    Powerful words. Beautiful speaker. Evil regime.

  17. H Horsley

    This speech is underestimated by history. The British & Dominion Governments could have done far more to stop Apartheid, but thought it was better to mind their own business, and they made the same bloody mistake in Rhodesia.

  18. joey ramone

    Elvis has balls

  19. Milan Klomp

    Ben je gek tering koekwous

  20. theironpumpkin

    OMG Tseng Kwong Chi!!!!! 3:19

  21. bih35822

    ugh i love him

  22. Jennifer Dyster

    Is it read? Feels more like it's being performed: memorized and acted as if each thought is coming in real time

  23. metronomejack

    "Andy Warhol" eating a Campbell's Soup ukmine.info/vid/bG5pQ0RzMFh1bEk/video.html

  24. Vinluv Handesbuk

    ქოწხბაგოწ₾€$@/&ნსხოქმა sjdქkkakზმმნწნმქლაპჯჯუიტიტპეპ

    1. [KPG]

      Georgian: The LSD trip of languages.

  25. Carol Danzer

    My favorite actress and woman !!!


    Basquiat loved heroin - Andy loved money

  27. Augmented Keys

    That Jean-Michel Basquiat was a con "artist."

    1. David Harris

      Augmented Keys I think he just an artist painting making art

    2. Gill Adrienne

      Fuck u

  28. Candace Shirley

    Mary Boone, I liked her, she didn't take crap from that Baldwin prima donna Her only thing associated with Schnaebel excuse as I vomit

  29. Njeru Jack

    "i hope my black skin don't dirt this white tuxedo, before the Basquiat Show"

    1. Tash Moore


  30. Jennifer Dyster

    What a combination: Shaw and Woolf. Prescient.

  31. Dm b

    The black guy was so hot too bad he died of drugs

  32. Chipsy757

    I didnt like this movie because it makes no sense, but that’s just me

    1. Zembo177

      They also made Richard the Third Nazi-themed with Ian McKellen, so why not?

    2. Kevin Lu WX

      It only doesn't make sense if you aren't familiar with Shakespeare.

    3. unclejoeoakland

      @Saaga Bragi yeah but people do that all the time with Shakespreare. For instance- with just a few modifications, MacBeth was transposed to feudal Japan as kurosawa's Throne Of Blood. Or more inkeeping with the pattern, Nigel Hawthorne starred in a King Lear done in the Noh theater tradition of Japan. And Ralph Fiennes recent "Coriolanus." It just happens a lot because the themes aren't so topical- they're common to humanity.

    4. Saaga Bragi

      @unclejoeoakland among other things, it set in a communist country during the cold war but everybody has a scottish name

    5. Ducky

      Chipsy757 I didn’t understand it very well ether, but the acting is amazing

  33. John LaFlamme

    I think this really deserves more attention.

    1. LinkinLex

      I agree.

  34. Brown Lennox.


  35. GiGiGoesShopping

    He doesn't act. He is.

  36. Tamara Bossler

    In present day times : who in this world 🌎 is this INTERESTING ????

    1. Brandon Cook

      nobody. everything is copy and paste now. not too many original artists like basquiat.

  37. Chino Black

    Jeffrey Wright played him so good on the movie

    1. Kirill Melentiev

      Bowie did Warhol very good too!

  38. Courtney

    a modern and good adaptation of Macbeth

  39. 패리드Feride

    He is actually very inspirational

  40. London Dada

    It helped to be a dolly boy..

    1. Hlhi Hlhi

      why the fuck is london so ugly now with those fucking ugly new buildings

  41. George Mac

    I loved the Cunt Power on the vase

  42. Tsetsi

    He looks like men in tights

  43. Rona Cohen

    Beautifully written, brilliantly performed!

  44. MyManDan

    I don’t understand why people are saying these guys aren’t “real artists,” what should they be doing painting a really detailed picture of something? Art is different for everyone.

    1. cubomania3

      MyManDan Right. Anyone saying that doesn’t know anything about art anyway

  45. The Bread Thingy

    And the purpose of this video???

    1. The Bread Thingy

      @Joshua KoppesThat's the beauty of UKmine and not television. We Choose WHATto watch and WHEN we wanna watch it... I'm learning more about JMB. I kept hearing different Rap artists name him. You'd think he was a Clothing designer if u don't go back to do any research.

    2. Joshua Koppes

      Yo we’re watching this at the same time whats up

  46. TIME!

    Fake Artists...

    1. cubomania3



    the apple never falls far from the tree.........like his dad the most loved prof msamati


    blew my mind

  49. Albertus

    ...liked his dismissive hand wave at “nothing”.

  50. Spiritual DNA

    Mannnn if I could meet him in my dreams or something !!!! ❤️ true inspiration

  51. Scrappy527

    Splendid actor. I'm a huge fan of his. Love him/his acting very much.

  52. mike morgan

    Bond does The Bard

  53. David Worobec

    Is it available to buy in the USA?

  54. Hooper


  55. Rochelle Pratt

    Gosh he was so fine !! all of the good ones are gone

  56. finisher3x

    So I see a promo for "The Good Fight", and I'm like . . . who is that? So I search for a list of the cast, and run across her name. An odd name. So I go to youtube to see what she's done. And now I'm on a little viewed vid of her doing this Malcolm X iconic speech. Consider me a new fan.


    Basquiat’s downward spiral came when people started to realize that Basquiat couldn't draw and had no real artistic skills - Basquiat was an invention of Andy Warhol & the NYC galleries - promoting a one tick pony $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    1. Juan Perez

      NO. His downward spiral came 'cause he was using too many drugs....that's what killed him.

    2. Tim Watson

      the art world is wrong guys....MASTER BLASTER says that Basquiat had no real artistic skills....guess we should all just go home....


    Warhol found out that Basquiat couldn't draw and had no real artistic talent other than attitude & look - 15 minutes of fame in the art world - Basquiat was a creation of the art gallery sales promotion team - Andy had gone full circle and became part of his own creation - mass marketing at its finest - investors & gallery owners made a fortune - Basquiat also helped by overdosing on heroin and dying young - limiting the supply of garbage art for sale driving the price up

    1. Brandon Cook

      basquiat couldn't draw? are you f'ing kidding me?

    2. Hlhi Hlhi

      " Basquiat was a creation of the art gallery sales promotion team " this was the 80´s you moron not now

  59. Lotus Flower

    Awwww,dammit baby!! For I was but only a baby my dam self!!! Really dig Felix!!! Felix rocks!!! Far out!!; XOXOXO, and I shall marry a fine artist like Badques!!!!

  60. melvina628

    Basquiat is so talented. I wish he had survived the art machine.

  61. Gerald Vos

    I visited the Tate when Marsyas was there, absolutely staggering in proportions obviously but it did something else to that vast space too - made it sort of more accessible. Perhaps because you could touch the sculpture at either end (which I did) and therefor touch the uppermost region of that hall in one movement... I went to the Tate after Marsyas had left, and it simply wasn't the same at first. Until the next installation came along of course 😜, as there's always something worthwhile going on in there...

  62. Natalie Cleri


  63. Jay Flack

    Get Cudi to play him in a movie!

  64. Amerikings Will billi

    Oh now I see why art is so expensive. It’s a gay sacrifice.

  65. 666VeniVidiVici666

    Kid Cudi should play Basquiat!

    1. Tash Moore


    2. J Raikes

      I 100% agree

    3. Niyah I. Minor

      j cole should

    4. AvecPoésie

      @Jesse Not to compare Kid Cudi to Jeffrey Wright, but Kid Cudi has acted. I am weary of expressions like "real actor" because exceptional performances can sometimes come from surprising individuals.

  66. KadenAadi

    is there a DVD of this beautiful version yet?

  67. Lou Hawk


  68. Spring Rose

    this is a really interesting interpretation of how they think it should be done.

  69. Pavel Kish

    I love these two

    1. Hlhi Hlhi

      i bet you only recently heard of them

  70. Cesar Alvarado

    Just snobism, not a single artist in the video

    1. TIME!


  71. BRICE

    anyone think basquiat looks a lot like Cudi sometimes ?

    1. JeremyCrescendo

      Looks like cudi and acts like ian connor

  72. Teddy Mike

    I love the voice of pasquiat

  73. Greg Dahlen

    dont know why basquiat wore all blue in the photo sesion. i dont like blue

    1. Rubarb84

      Greg Dahlen 😒


    The talent of a 9 year old - nothing here move on

  75. Roa Arte

    Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jhoan Roa are my favorite artists!

  76. TheShabby Attic

    Why is a Brit doing this.

  77. Ilikebeaversandeaglesupyourass

    I’ve always found their work to be juvenile and colossally overrated.

  78. scott simmons

    Highly overrated. New Yorkers just needed a Modern Black Artist to add some "color" to their scene. And he was at the right place and at the right time.

    1. Francesca Milk

      I disagree. And even agreeing, being in the right plac at the right time and be able to ride the wave, is (an) art

    2. Mark

      @E OnTheHike I know that. Art is subjective.

    3. E OnTheHike

      @Mark there are no EXPERTS in art, thats is fancy pants for a know it all,

    4. Mark

      What makes you a expert.

    5. E OnTheHike

      I disagree

  79. Hope's Peak

    1. More people need to see this! It's DA BEST! 2. I have a theory about the end of the movie. I think it's showing that maybe they are going to the underworld?.. I'm unsure.

    1. Engraver Arnold

      I think you're totally right.

    2. Einzalot Tv

      Hope's Peak that’s dumb

  80. Matt Pazz

    Wise voice.. could listen allday

  81. EdonèFilms

    Andy Warhol Galerie Art of Prague: ukmine.info/vid/dXpBcmx2ZWZMOXM/video.html

  82. Oskar Nilsson

    Anybody know the song 1.24?

    1. Steven Nobles

      Christian B thank you!

    2. Christian B

      Oskar Nilsson sounds like slippery people by talking heads, might be a cover or maybe the heads song isn’t the original idk

  83. D III

    Communist Macbeth?

    1. unclejoeoakland

      Apparently it is meant to be allusions to the death of Nicolae Caeusescu so kinda yeah.

  84. Nicholas Fanzo

    Where is this entire film?

    1. Illuminations Media

      Right here: bit.ly/2rZZasv

  85. Equinox

    Why was this trailer so hard to find?

    1. NeHoMaR G.

      The other movie with same exact name confuses everything.

    2. Hope's Peak

      Probably from the others

    3. Illuminations Media

      No idea. Glad you found it though!

  86. Wayde Owen

    Great video and what a time to be a painter. 👌🤗

  87. wesley edwards


  88. CJusticeHappen21

    An interesting take. Well done in its own right.

  89. Twistid Sinner

    Shooting star

  90. Twistid Sinner

    I love this art period

  91. Dick Hurtz

    Scumbag rapist! The BBC see him as a hero since his sculpture is outside the headquarters

  92. Jack Sprack

    Basquiats hair must have been kind of shocking back then, as that style wasn’t really popular.

    1. Nikyra Symoné

      They’ve been free forming way before basquiat

    2. mascottie

      Not really. He was an artist in nyc in the 80s.

  93. JR


  94. Dr Chunky Biscuit

    Please remove this video as he was a paedophile, had sex with animals & his own sister. This man was an absolute disgrace!!! Remove this video now!!!

    1. bingola45

      Let me get this straight... YOU don't like this man's sex-life, and that gives YOU the right to stop ME from watching this video? You know where you can shove THAT, fascist.

  95. Lou Hawk

    I'm still alive as Lou Hawk...see my new masterpieces. Only a few On my FB page. Please buy. ....

  96. VeracityLH

    While I always find this play and this character affecting, Fiona Shaw was my first exposure to a performance, and remains my favourite.

    1. Jennifer Dyster

      Fascinating interview. I have seen it once but before I was ready for it. Must locate and view this film

  97. Twistid Sinner

    I should change my major to art

  98. Julio Barea

    Andy and Jean were inspirational. TWOMADCYA was blessed to have met Andy. Sorry to have missed Jean

  99. Eamonn Morris

    He still doesn't GET 'syllable' ... the most perfect and unusual, almost postmodern, word in the whole piece. I have watched Gielgud, McLellan and all the rest do this soliloquy, and NONE of them GET 'syllable'!. They make nothing of it - the best-sounding, most important-meaning word in the whole thing!

    1. Eamonn Morris

      @soldierside365 Thanks for your comment. Just keen. I have a couple of degrees but I am not an academic and have never taught or published. I am basically a 'language nerd' and an admirer of the actor's art too.

    2. soldierside365

      Eamonn Morris very insightful. Are you an academic or just keen?

    3. Eamonn Morris

      @soldierside365 Even though we know the soliloquy well, the actor's job is to deliver it as if he is just creating it for the first time. I focus on the word 'syllable' because that is an unexpected, unusual yet perfect word choice that gives the actor the opportunity to really make his own of it in this way. Time - the whole theme of the piece - does not move in syllables; only words do. Yet when Shakespeare expresses it that way we can know exactly what he is talking about; we can feel the 'weight' and the pressure and the sadness and the bitterness of time's passage in our own lives just as in the actor's life who is delivering the line. To me the actor has a challenge to make that happen here, and in most cases does not.

    4. soldierside365

      What’s there to get? Genuine curiosity here..

  100. MrKajithecat

    I honestly feel nobody was actually accepting of Jean-Michel despite the fame and acclaim. He was a fresh and hot face in the art scene who would make people tons of money but even then people had him at arms length because of his race and background. I feel he felt that also, probably why he was always on the defense and slightly confused he was given this chance. He went from NYC street drifter/graffer to artist superstar rubbing elbows with the upper elite in such a short time. I feel his drug usage got worse as he gripped his alienation among this mostly white group of people. I can't even make out his relationship with Andy honestly. Did he trust Andy and see him as a friend or someone using him to give his own career a fresh look? I love Basquiat and I feel he did something great but I do question the motives of those around him. Does anyone feel the same way? Have another take?