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  1. Viqueen Jeniefer


  2. Hareem Zafar


  3. matthewnour97

    Poor David

  4. mrdawsh

    What about roblox ;-;

  5. Jemimah Tenerife

    .....I dont know you guys..... dey kinda cute ko me💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️

  6. P r i m o r d i a l

    So when is Liza gonna be E-liza in Hamilton?

  7. Molly Krulewitch

    No one: Liza: casual Borat references

  8. প্রদীপা

    Me: *Reads a comment about Liza making Kanye laugh* Me: *Starts looking for it immediately*

  9. Elizabeth Ann Anderson

    What’s the song gonna be called

  10. Syuza QA

    I love your stitch voice 😂

  11. Zee Craft

    And S3

  12. Zee Craft

    If I am correct you're in S4

  13. Zee Craft

    Is the movie a *show* called Escape The Night by Joey Graceffa?

  14. Lisa Falzon

    Is she actually in a relationship with him

  15. প্রদীপা

    I love Liza but I hated the dress.

  16. МУД

    Кто руссктй

  17. Zoë Margaret

    as an Anthony and Jasmine enthusiast I was not at all fooled by the title lmao

  18. Shaunda Kemp

    That’s my goal. I really want to visit Italy

  19. Left eye Crystal

    David who was your ex?

  20. Ellen Young

    At the start *looks at watch* isn’t wearing one 😂

  21. Lisdear Vlogs

    Love you Liza....so motivated 😍

  22. Daniel Misiak

    My name is actually Daniel

  23. V n C n A

    Hello I love you and your videos please give me a shout in the next one!❤️❤️

  24. Kyng Yucef

    *This isn’t how your supposed to play*

  25. - Gacha Sunshine -

    Me before: Y'all this better be scripted, because i ship Liza with David Me rereading the title: oHHHH

  26. Twashcat 360

    Her cooking reminded me of APH England XD

  27. April Hoell

    He had it coming 👏👏👏HE HAD IT COMING 👏👏👏

  28. Yangki Jamoh

    i want a life like that

  29. Lola Dryden

    is your car a jeta

  30. Keira Miller


  31. Nesrin

    Why does she keep wrecking stuff other people gonna buy?

  32. Miyana Ledlow

    You are the best person I have ever met


    I'll be honest, I thought I'd hate this video she did with him. I actually dug it and her acting chops a lot. #crushingonLiza

  34. Sisley Wessel

    Hey liza!

  35. AliaDraws

    Ahem *SHIP* Sorry i has something in my throat

  36. Val •

    Woww the clickbait worked on me & I’m feeling pretty dumb :(

  37. Melynda Asiimwe

    LMFAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😹😹😹

  38. ReeceAndFammy

    The video and song were both amazing!🖤

  39. TM_Sckmick


  40. Andy Candy

    So misleading. They would be cute tho.

  41. Aicha Diop

    She rlly be looking like cardi b

  42. Alexine Martens

    Whats up with the iPhone on 2:42 ♡

  43. MOOD

    is that corona in the last shelf? 0:26

  44. Melynda Asiimwe


  45. Miruna Popa

    this looks and sounds like an extended trailer to a chill movie u would enjoy for sure

  46. Monika G

    Am I the only one who wasn't tricked by the title cos she posted this on her IG last week?! ... Okay same

  47. deadpoetfaith

    I’m so happy I didn’t for the the title as i know my boy Anthony is still with jasmine

  48. xdabeezkneezx

    I legit screamed when I saw her in the video ngl

  49. xdabeezkneezx

    I'm crying

  50. Justine -

    in relationship, so like in a music video called relationship??

  51. Zara Osman

    I swear Liza is trying to tell us something

  52. *GN* Anna

    What time is 1pm wow time for breakfast Pick up lines 2019

  53. 520s

    we know how this gonna end

  54. Victoria Kasimbira

    yall look cute 2gether

  55. Kulsum H

    The sweater bit 😂😂😂

  56. Kulsum H

    She's dannnng Beautiful man

  57. Andreana Laarhoven

    You spellt dey rag

  58. Amahle Mxezengana

    Funny how truth is called 'negativity '.

  59. AJ Cameron

    i’ve watched this so much and just realised she bleached the sleeve of her jacket

  60. Heather Woodwen

    What happened to Liza in 2020 it's like Wednesdays with lizza isn't a thing anymore 😭

  61. Tiff

    Damn girl you made me think you got a man's! 😭

  62. Jennifer Morton

    1:08 girl you sound JUST like scary spice!! 😂😂

  63. sugakookies jungkook suga

    My heart skipped a beat i thougt the title was "im in a relationship"

  64. Sunitha Anup

    Liza please go back to making your old kind of videos!! I 💕💕💕 you!!!

  65. Shania Gonzalez

    She filmed this in my studio and I didn’t meet her 😖

  66. Sunitha Anup

    But I miss your old kind of videos

  67. Sunitha Anup

    Liza I missed you!!!!!!!!!

  68. Estee Marie Camara


  69. Imogen Trainor

    I'm sad that they took down the music That's one of me and my friends favourite inside jokes 😔

  70. Bandana Sharma

    Amazing moves Liza!! I dance a little so I know how hard that stuff is!

  71. Fadwa Altahir

    Honestly im watching for Anthony Ramus

  72. WhiteGirlVlogs 223

    The hamilton fandom read the title and started shitting themselves thinking Jazz and Anthony are over then they re read the title 😂😂

  73. Silje Helsengreen

    Wait shouldnt it be “I’m in a relationship” like you need the “a” for it to be grammatically correct!😂

  74. Irje Jcm

    4:14 Idk but i feel like there is something odd with your hand movements !

  75. Jr Fabian Castro

    Why him why not David david would be so much better not him

  76. Tessa Bailey

    I miss them

  77. Lauren Bain

    This deserves an oscar!

  78. McKensie Rae Mortensgaard

    Didn't Anthony Ramos play two dead guys in a musical??? who died the same way???

  79. Nwosu Chidimma

    Fun fact We are all reading this with out fullscreen

  80. Robin Fitch (Student)

    Lizza this video was 4:20 minutes!.!

  81. Mino Puff

    Me texting all my brown friend like, GURL I GOT THE TEA........ AND IT'S BOILING HOT.

  82. Zoe

    stan italy.

  83. Makenna J

    that song slaps

  84. Elly Mayo

    i love you

  85. Gabby Carvajal

    im crying xD

  86. Elly Mayo

    i love that you're genuinely happy

  87. YT케이티


  88. Céline Bou Antoun

    can y´all date thx

  89. Paola Chapilliquen

    where’s david

  90. ChickChicken Gurl - ROBLOX

    Liza can you please make more vlogs cuz i miss your vlogs and I'm a big fan

  91. Deserie Nickole

    The authenticity of who she is, is just amazing.

  92. Greta S

    Lord I’m SCREAMING hahahaha. I’m italian and can only IMAGINE the stares and questions that Liza got for walking around vlogging and talking to italian pigeons

    1. Greta S

      This vlog is making me feel so homesick

  93. Nazira Balgimbayeva

    YALL I watched the music video, kinda dying inside 🤣❤️❤️❤️

  94. LexXxie Love

    Low key shipping them

  95. Lizette Sanchez

    Loved this!!

  96. Simply

    Ok she got me.

  97. Nazira Balgimbayeva

    I’m crying 🥺❤️

  98. ·Lazy River·


  99. Eira L

    I’m literally choking bc this is too funny 😂

  100. Angel Goat