What happens when you put five regular males in one alpha house?
BETA SQUAD, aka. Chunkz, Niko Omilana, Aj Shabeel, Sharky and King Kenny, are about to make the biggest move of their lives, follow them on this mad adventure.
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  1. Shaneel Sukul

    chills bro literal chills. Seeing you guys back at it after 5 months. Really excited, hope you do more Mafia videos, thats the best thing. Cheers!

  2. Nathan Maclean

    When Chunkz farted I smelt it 😂🤢🤮😵

  3. slumber star relative

    You are a sh'muck

  4. george wheelerr

    28:27 lol the neighbours watching

  5. Hz_HYDRO

    life hack: when your password doesn't work break your laptop

  6. Dut Dhel

    there really hasn't been a comment since 8 moyhs

  7. Conal FT

    Chunkz is a legend at 22:49

  8. Sevens


  9. ITSmeer_Khadz 01


  10. Abdulaahi Abukar

    I enjoy the making the worlds biggest food videos make more please

  11. tech fahim

    Shut up you triangle head aj

  12. ALPHA Crappy

    You guys should do the mafia in italy

  13. Genji Shimada From Overwatch

    What does Shcmuck mean?

  14. trappy one

    Saturday 2 PM nothing dont take years to upload again

    1. cnmmd qiuoo

      Start making vids or I will unsubscribe and tell all my friends too to

  15. GoKysKiddos

    Chunkz is a legend at 22:49

  16. Electric Benson

    Everyone but niko is wearing a hat

  17. bodoy euir

    breathes heavily Chunkz: i dropped my crisps

    1. cnmmd qiuoo


  18. WarriorGaming

    i keep forgetting sharkey is bald lmao

  19. Harper Mazza

    What does pounds mean £ I think it means money $

  20. istar noor

    Chunkz your weird

    1. bodoy euir

      Pls next time Niko has a gun... shoot someone for no reason (it will be jokes!!)

  21. Ammarr Faizal

    Niko won that that’s why he never uploaded ever again he got whooped

  22. Amaara Adam

    Chunkz is a Legend! Like if u agree

  23. Istahil Godor

    Who wanted chunkz to be weighed

  24. Holy Sh*t

    Who can make the most money in 2hrs 30 min

  25. kimmy timmy

    Chunkz is a legendddd

  26. Gabriel Kotokwa

    Reng sayeed,triangle,King jelly,shark feet and big chungus are back

  27. Ceejay Kenshin

    Team elite SIKE! Team beta

  28. Zyzcnt


  29. Jas

    17:11 had me creasing 🤣🤣

  30. Nothing 2.0

    Niko was probably laughing at him self while editing🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. Emily x

    The handcuff challenge wasn’t uploaded. Where is it?

  32. S4MY ALB

    This vid is 30 mins long wow

  33. cnmmd qiuoo

    breathes heavily Chunkz: i dropped my crisps

  34. Cricket2009

    Ag if dirty minded

  35. Caspar JENNINGS

    hide and seek in a gravyard or cemetery

    1. cnmmd qiuoo

      Chunkz looks like le frog from flushed away

  36. Nabeen Mohammed

    Niko and kenny won

  37. Anna Richardson

    NDL is the BEST NDL RULE

  38. Anna Richardson

    NDL are the Best

  39. Alfie Whitfield

    Chunkz is a legand at 27:23

  40. saqib ali

    How do you get a merch

  41. nimra sami


  42. Jheremon 2uala

    0:01 Welp uhh That's Proof NikoLas Omilana cannot Count

  43. Grizzly dude _

    Next week they leave again and say bye lol

  44. Max O'Beirne

    rest in piece nikos air forces

  45. Ronnie B

    Why did niko jump in the water like that😂

  46. Virtual Rasta

    Yaaaay! More Mafia. Can't wait

  47. Shadowz


  48. Mat TheBoss

    10/10 give it an Oscar

  49. z1hag4 zali

    R.I.P reng sayeed air forces

  50. Virtual Rasta


  51. danpie danpie

    using sidemen content yh?

  52. Ciaran Wright

    Anybody here aj swear

  53. stranger things

    Team beta

  54. Afaq Butt

    14:57 Ahahaaah 😂😂😂😂

  55. Amelie Ballarin

    Some people can’t sub because when you use UKmine as guest you can’t BUT I DID

  56. stranger things

    Nico is a legend

  57. Repeat Clan

    Triangular shmuck

  58. Repeat Clan

    Aj is in it gotta dislike

  59. Nitrogen_Plays

    Team beta

  60. Virtual Rasta


  61. Uno clan


  62. Jed Spink

    Niko won

  63. aaliyah. xo

    22:29 chunks is a legendd

  64. McDonald’s Hairline

    Start making vids or I will unsubscribe and tell all my friends too to

  65. Jainil Pandit

    it's 2020 yet I'm watching it now, anyone else?

  66. deewan gaming

    Why does the triangle think he is so bad

  67. Frost Bite

    MacDonald is harm But u drink un alcholik wine

  68. mash

    On sharky's comment, everyone who said that sharky spoiled it for them, why the fuck were you reading the comments. I was about to but then realised someone will probably say the winner

  69. Emmanuel Cheseto

    chunkz is a legend


    Beta squad more like Beta Sidemen

  71. thehypershotz

    Pls next time Niko has a gun... shoot someone for no reason (it will be jokes!!)

  72. Esha Hussain

    3:18 they should of just asked to buy that

  73. iamnotoncrack

    Sidemen made in China

  74. Swavey Dxwu

    Do a Beta Squad and Sidemen collab!!

  75. Patricia Kharel


  76. ertugrul

    so your a schmuck lol

  77. Roohit and Auris Gaming

    Play nerf wars or paintball gun wars or lazer quest

  78. Jake T

    chunkz is a legend at 22:49

  79. Ahmed Saleh

    Why are they in green lol


    0:43 you can't see AJ bc he is that short

  81. Artem T

    Chunkz looks like le frog from flushed away

  82. MaHdi A

    Seekers should have bells on their feet

  83. Taob Mao

    Too funny 🤣 but we’re still waiting for mafia with filly

  84. Peblix Smail

    It you think chunks is that like this comment👌👌👌👌👌

  85. Poodit15

    Chunkz is a legend a 22:52

  86. Jed Spink

    Bottle job #ISCOLELES

  87. Jed Spink

    Bottle job #SHARKY

  88. Mr claxsh

    I was eating with chunkz took a shit☹️☹️☹️

  89. Fearless MR

    NIKO the nonce


    this video is a walking L

  91. a human

    kenny lmfaoooo

  92. Mur Mula

    No way that lil drop😂😂😂😂I’m her dad

  93. Mur Mula

    When sharky was getting gassed but it went back😂😂😂

  94. HaVoC YaBoiYas

    That's actually some good explanation of what mafia is. Respect

  95. Virtual Rasta

    @ 21:32 When he went in for the kiss it reminded me of Borat. LMAO

  96. Moey Alghaieb

    Nike and kenny won

  97. imani jimbah

    1:09 AJ’s intro is acc too much😂😂

  98. 5k subscribers with no videos

    Return of the mak