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  1. Shenaz

    i think they should get an extra point for saying "Oh no" at the same time at 10:17 HAHAHAHA


    Nessa:You should wear them! Roni:you never said i could until now...

  3. Khayla Hilario

    15:11 honestly just thought about it now that u mentioned it vanessa HAHAHA bec of that I cracked up laughing as well with you both HAHAHAHAH

  4. Madita Huang

    brooklyn and bailey!!

  5. Aleisha Mazz

    You should do it with the Rybka Twins!

  6. Jasmin Jane

    I think it will work better if they choose instantly like within 3seconds and go with their gut feeling

  7. Tom Swear

    I would call it the destruction house

  8. Sh 992

    14:48 😂😂😂😂

  9. weirdly.a.weirdo.

    1:06 Donald trump vibes

  10. Sierra Jaye

    I'm not hating(Ronni and Nessa are my fav youtubers)I think there is a mirror behind them

  11. Shanoosh Malik

    Cause mom doesn't buy those Hahaha

  12. Venise Gwenneth

    No one: Nessa and Roni: Finally!!~~~

  13. Dilraj Singh

    Round1- Roni Round2-Roni

  14. •Maxine Ocon•

    honestly roni would be a good host. For like a talk show

  15. Leena Rajagopalan

    11:37 I died laughing 😂😂😂😂

  16. Mahr Ahmed

    i'm wearing the same black vvm hoodie! oMg wE lOok LiKe tRipLeTs!

  17. merry go round, army once midzy

    hahahahha its roni now! youre having a good time guys!

  18. _Cly _

    EXPOSED 2:48

  19. nandana nath


  20. Arif Galih

    Nessa has the potential.


    (•‿•) aku lihat kalian orang berbudaya juga

  22. jessica Nicholson

    There is a teacher at my school, and she sounds EXACTLY like Nessa!

  23. Shinnin Pearl

    7:27 Roni Literally me!! Who relates?! 👇🏻

  24. Princess kitty Tantria

    What? Carol’s is Veronica’s assistant?

  25. Наранчимэг Насандорж

    Finally you do the Twins challenge

  26. 박유민

    From Kylie you are good at sining

  27. Ellah Galang

    Who vote for nasa

  28. Karen Palmer

    Yes, you should do it with Brooklyn and Bailey 🤔

  29. Aidah Cholan

    Who won or who lost its ok

  30. merry go round, army once midzy

    wow! roni is a good actress, i know youre laughing in behind scene in this video 😂 i can feel it!

  31. Karen Palmer

    There not twins 😱

  32. Vandana P

    Both are really pretty 😊😊😊😊😊👌👍

  33. Vandana P

    Vanessa is really pretty😊😊😊😊👍

  34. Raine Maxille Ally D

    well the voice of her mom sounds like vannessa tho hahahahahahahaaaahah

  35. Blessie Vinas

    Who wish they have a twin? That's because I have oNe

  36. merry go round, army once midzy

    thats really scary 😃

  37. Manjiri Nair

    I thought it would actually work for the first couple of rounds but I guess not.

  38. Audi Cool

    Is Veronica's right eye ok? I can see that it's pink or bright red. Idk.

  39. Aleya Khatun

    Roni..hey guys. Nessa:ooo idk that u r starting like a clumsy way..🤔😜 Roni:hmmmm...bad guy

  40. XOcarmeenOX

    its funny how she blames roni for her mistakes , but its not fair for roni 🤦🏻🤣

  41. Roni Dc

    Nuuuuu!!!! I'm jealousssss!!!! They have the Happiness Begins albummm Well Anyways... Great video girls... -You have 2 copies of the albums, can I- -have the other? 😂-

  42. Smasher Gree

    30 people should undislike

  43. Liv Willowe

    Yessss the Jonas brothers 💙💙💙 I’m new to the channel and so far I’m enjoying it!

  44. Hannah Stevens

    do it with the rybka twins!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Clare Summers


  46. Anand Kumar

    I can tell the differences between varonica n vennesa

  47. Jamaica xox

    I need a part 2 please !!! This was the best

  48. Yanna Valdenarro

    OMG both my favorite UKminer blowing my mind ♪☆\(^0^\) ♪(/^-^)/☆

  49. merry go round, army once midzy

    i was laughing at all time! you guys are good at this 😂

  50. CakesForLife Channel

    The dislikes is for dis-i-like and they probably don't have a sister like you two

  51. Tanisha Kulkarni

    it was sounding like roni was speaking parseltongue

  52. Karla Roque

    4:04 Roni: You're sorry about kissing me Me:😂😂😂 Aaron:no no no i love kissing you

  53. Rebecca Baldini

    you should do this challenge with brooklyn and bailey!

  54. Niamh Plater

    Have you ever eaten a yellow banana

  55. Princess kitty Tantria

    Definitely you couldn’t live couldn’t live without us twinners, right?

  56. Daisy's channel

    Why do they scream so loud?

  57. Esther Joy

    Who amos and why is is he famous . Good question Veronica

  58. That Quacking Duck

    13:15 I have that one ; - ;

  59. assia raja

    Whos more fussy

  60. merry go round, army once midzy

    ill follow you two! best twin ever 😘😍

  61. Isla Keir


  62. assia raja

    Its like my brothers writing

  63. Elisa Canamero

    Yes! Do another twin telepathy challenge with other set of twins! Either Brooklyn and bailey or the Rybka twins!

  64. Suhaila Alremeithi

    I will definitely wait someday you guys make video with Christian 👺👍🏻

  65. Emily playz

    Yeah my friend thinks she is so good at singing but she is not

  66. Elysia Cortez

    I mean the reactions are the same

  67. Kylie Taylor

    Roni : does any one even play Wii anymore Me: played it at a sleepover I got back from 8 mins ago

  68. merry go round, army once midzy

    i think i should try it too 😂

  69. Hannah Leung

    There's already a google pixel 4??? I am only using google pixel

  70. HayNanna_ GG

    Merrell Twins vs Dolan Twins or Brooklyn and Bailey in a telepathy test would be so fun!

  71. Hannah Leung

    I was about to click another video because this video is all about food and it's making me hungry 😂😂😂

  72. Haley Connor

    I love u

  73. Smiley Chayenne

    00:00 - 1:18 is it just me or the black thing in there middle looks just like they're cover ...?

  74. Got Im’

    .....you use the wrong shade of foundation it’s way to wight :/

  75. Sahnash Begum

    7:26 that's me 😂

  76. Eva Mcleod

    The second one was good

  77. Hattie Mallinder

    And this all comes back to what are you doing?

  78. Lina Ayesha

    3:02 ahhhhhh we did it 😂😂

  79. Shay Steinhauer

    I laughed so hard at this video! 👏👏❤❤

  80. Catherine Bautista


  81. Wilfredo Tejuco

    Rebecca:Matt's the tallest Me:And Roni is the smallest Hahaha🤣🤣🤣 This is the Moment Matt indeed realized something was up! - Edit 2019

  82. Mayleisha Matthews

    That scream tho when they got it right 😂

  83. Zafirah Zain

    It’s so cute that they argue when they get it wrong. 😂


    Can you do shoutoutssss?♥♥♥♥♥♥

  85. Amy playz

    The one say I will give you back the hoodie my best friend did that to but she never give my jacket back :(

  86. Izzy Hopkin

    I hate sprite

  87. dapivimu

    Little do they know they can see us from the inside!!!