Coming Soon: The Farewell, In Fabric, and The Lighthouse.

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  1. James Valente

    Finally, some one will tackle this tale with some real guts.... interesting. Might be worth seeing!

  2. ringo

    70s NYC was real

  3. Zoey Bluberrystep

    This is stranger than stranger things....

  4. Dr. Psychedelic

    Me if I were a literal city

  5. Myster Ser

    Here for ELVIS PERKINS.. and realized that’s Sabrina. I’ll be watching!

  6. Hi Hello

    The director and actors went overboard to win the prize at the film festival. The film used most of its running time to wrap a boring story in the name of art. It's like an empty can, like the lines in the movie, that seems mysterious but has no mystery at all.

  7. PKA Moments

    I’ve never been so entertained watching a person’s life collapse around him because of his own choices.

  8. Sarah Zahir

    This movie made me scared of the corners in my room in dark.


    Death followed him throughout the whole movie just how death is following everyone in their lives in this present time now

  10. Lais Victoria


  11. Lais Victoria


  12. Jonathan Miranda

    This is simply a piece of cinematographic art.

  13. Uspatriot219 Gainz

    This was my last unit and because of this the whole division couldn't deploy. I'll tell you one thing tho that battalion was the most effective one in the whole brigade. These guys did nothing wrong.

  14. Becky Marie

    This movie was very real life. Not your typical love story that's for sure. Great movie.

  15. nat

    can u IMAGINE

  16. Miss Heathen

    fucking amazing!

  17. Nico benji024

    In terms of story/monsters I get this Dark Souls vibe lol

  18. Tantrum

    Came here from vanoss

  19. Alyssa Dyer

    So Shark Tale?

  20. Melcontent Humanoid

    Barry Adamson!

  21. Minigun101

    Glad Lysa Arryn made it out alright.

  22. xXTrxshXx

    This movie is just a full skate video

  23. Deirdre Verdolino

    Much gaiety ensues

  24. Breakdancer/ Nerd

    This movie had like Blade Runner 2049 level cinematography

  25. pk rk xx


  26. Joshua Taylor

    I seriously need to watch this film.

  27. Ozzwald Lombardi

    This is true horror. No cheap jump scares, just pure, unadulterated psychological manipulation.

  28. XClueDead

    Awesome, medieval hereditary

  29. Raza Rabbani

    BORING MOVIE . 3/10 . 3 FOR ACTORS ACTING , -7 for story , screenplay .

  30. Ryker Quackenbush

    Super stoked. :)

  31. Atila 66

    This movie is a masterpiece go fkin watch the fkin movie and then come read comments.

  32. Room2Move

    I’ve never seen a trailer this awesome; honor and courage is alive and well even today💪🏻😎

  33. Sandis Grigulis

    If you're considering watching this movie.. do it, now!

  34. Curtis Newton

    wow, this does not get more rehashed than this one

  35. AJ P

    More cultural appropriation. This is reaching sickening proportions. Imagine a white vishnu. Imagine the backlash. The mewling. Yet we are expected to suck this up over and over again.

  36. El urbano city dweller

    White ppl in all white out on a for your life don’t look back just run. But if it’s blondes I’m screwed lol my legs get weak

  37. Primal Pitt Boxing

    Really dumb boring pointless unnecessary profanity filled movie.

  38. Luh Tsele

    Amazing movie. Super emotional. Jacob Tremblay is a treasure 🙌

  39. Masaladas

    That first shot felt like it took direct inspiration from Kendricks “HUMBLE” music video

  40. majjo 666

    Boredom 👎🏼...

  41. Jeff Greenlee

    I knew I recognized Stevie. He voices Atreus in God of war

  42. Sunny xox

    @0:15 IT Chapter two trailer music

  43. Brian Scholla

    Saw this last night. Best film ive seen in years and one of the realest most raw films ever made

  44. Cloudy Music

    how many of y'all are here bcz if ariana

  45. Mart In


  46. AVe

    ВОТ ЭТО ДА-а-а!

  47. Ricci-Dean Willis

    need more jex !!! bring jex back :)

  48. Charles Renzi Murphy

    This teaser is marvelous!!! Wow!!!😱😍

  49. SecretStreetFighter

    Vibrant, Dark, Mystical.. the trailer is one of the most aesthetically amazing of the bunch! Much better then any other trailer possible!

  50. Robert MacKie

    Why is it acceptable for a Scottish Knight to be played by an Indian guy, when massive protest would ensue if an Indian figure was played by a white actor? Imagine the outrage if a movie about Gandhi was made staring Ethan Hawke as Gandhi.

    1. Franz T

      To be fair gandhi is a historical character, gawain and other are not

  51. Dare To Speak

    If only the people really knew exactly who are what the evil-doers of Witchcraft were really worshipping because it wasn't Satan that they were worshipping,..... it was really something else, something far more terrifying and realistic. The whole Satan thing was just a cover. If only they really knew........

  52. Connor O'Reilly

    I hate it when a film gives the whole story away in the trailer. That being said I saw this film before the trailer and loved it.

  53. Pjoter Bečka

    I m still wondering where she put the key....

  54. Vee Flynn

    I _really_ wish I could unwatch this movie.

  55. Gunguy

    NYC in '81 was what we know of San Francisco today.

  56. LePhil 333

    Looks good

  57. thomas hinchey

    master piece

  58. thomas hinchey

    better than the irish man the academy did over look this film great acting

  59. travel

    1.5million for a budget and one of the best films of the last decade.

  60. Cyber Alphacon

    Recieve Jesus know say"i repent and believe in your name lord Jesus Christ,you are the son of God and his saving power!!!"


    I said you could have my head... but do not touch the neck.. the neck is still mine

  62. Bhavesh Mahida

    😂😂😂 normal day in every indian city

  63. D2D URBEX

    Worst film ever!!! Dragged out to death You know what's gonna happen before it happens 20 mins beforehand

  64. KennyKyle

    holy shit it made me froze and speechless

  65. BManSam

    Are we all ignoring the fact that this is a Bo Burnham movie?

  66. The PK Turtle

    okay, please tell me does it worth the trauma? because i havent watch it yet haha

  67. Madhumala Hazra

    This was far more scary than the whole of the. Conjuring universe

  68. Andy Papin

    *stoic music playing* it's 1979 I'm 55 years old and 1999 I will die of cancer from the smoking they don't know this is the end of punk they don't know that Reagan's coming it's impossible to imagine that kids will stop dreaming about nuclear war and have nightmares about the weather it's impossible to imagine HIV what will happen with skateboard tricks the internet I preferred the stillness here I'm tired of Earth I'm tired being caught in the tangle of their lives.... *stoic music continues*

  69. Noodle Foot

    After watching this film I can confirm he spilled his beans

  70. There will be Changes

    now THATS a fuckin trailer

  71. Guy Maybriar

    I fell in love with this tale back in high school and always dreamt it to be made into a movie, much like The Canterbury Tales. A24 has made it come true, thank you.

    1. Visuals For You

      What's the tale about?

  72. Alex Lambson

    Looks like you 90s kids had alot more freedom im jealous.

  73. Walter Hall

    I walked with a brown bag with a tall boy beer prob.

  74. Walter Hall

    I was there,age 18-19..,lots of good concerts,,Joan Jett!!

  75. Charles Martel

    As always, remember, America absolutely HATES the antichrist cult islam. 9/11/01 NEVER EVER FORGIVEN.

  76. Ariana Snider

    Reminds me of my daughter 💕I wanna see this

  77. Joaquín Bareiro

    I watched the trailer before the movie, and thought I just have been spoiled down the entire movie. After seen it, I realize that it wasn't about if they will gonna leave the room or not; but how they will approach the challenge of adapting in the world outside (especially Jack). Trailer is fine, because the film is about how they will handle the outside world.

  78. muhammad zakaria

    The brightest nightmare you will ever see

  79. Ashley Lawrence

    Chidi tho

  80. jd4963

    The howling wind/foghorn sound in the beginning is, I am pretty sure, the same sound used in many of David Lynch’s movies.

  81. Nathaniel Barton

    That's my type.

  82. Antoine Labbe

    Adam Sandler got that John McAfee look

  83. Edi Rama

    Ahh , the 1890s i think this was before rdr2 event’s

  84. Kevon King

    This is good yea this is good

  85. dd rr

    Please dont waste youre time dont watch 2.5hours never again

  86. C C

    NO SPOILERS i'm watching the movie right now, and jesus, the music and the tension are awesome Plus, it really looks like a cyberpunk 2077 story Never really liked much Adam Sandler, but in this movie it rocks

  87. Giovanni Ferrari



    Emma Chamberlain is quacking

  89. grnman86

    At 00:19 it Looks as if he almost has horns, by the way the circle behind him and the top of the K produce a horn illusion

  90. Sam B

    The winning formula is "make everything as dark as "Game of Thrones"....

  91. Matt Pizzano

    It’s heading back in this direction again.

  92. Tumz

    This is how you do a trailer. Mystery , bold and tense

  93. rouke bangma

    The witch vibes!

  94. Tobyn Hiatt

    Read this tale and school, now this shits got a movie. Classic.

  95. Mr. Allen

    *i need to watch this.*

  96. UnableToWin

    I am in love with A24 now.

  97. MH Studio

    Shit movie that have loud soundtrack.. and stupid character. nothing scary at all. .wasting my time watching it

  98. SJ Bañares

    This production/director is obsessed with cult culture

  99. SJ Bañares

    Th ending was crap, but good movie though

  100. dmc 6

    Oh that vibe of Dark Souls...chilling