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  1. Pete Guthrie

    AC/ DC uses no elec cars

  2. Rafsan Fariz Fiha

    Looks like Rancher from GTA Vice City!

  3. cali818

    the 2011 started to gain sales beacause it was so beautiful.....almost looks likje a mercedez.....now the sales will dive beacause of the ugly grille.....they better redesign it as soon ass possible

  4. M.L. from Jamestown N.Y.

    what if you hit the rev when your going forward or neutral what happens ?

  5. Alex Whatley

    And then... And then..... And then...... You're doing well, calm down a little. Just a little. Also, don't be afraid to stand in front of the car or dress professionally. Don't be afraid of those things.

  6. Jay Mac

    Music is called “Garden Party” by Blarsa

  7. Ash

    Sedans, coupes, convertibles and sports cars still exist for buyers who want fast and nimble. This car is neither, so I agree, why bother?

  8. Dust On

    Looks like a beatiful cat fish

  9. Galeo Galiley

    3:30 did he pee himself?))))

  10. JW

    Hyundai said on torque@rpm, hp, EPA: 181 @ 4000 Base 191 hp 27/37/31 195 @1500-4500 Turbo 180 hp 27/36/31 Torque in actual driving range is more important factor than average hp. Also, high-end engines tend to have more torque and less EPA. Anyway, combined EPA are all the same for base and Turbo with 31 mpg. You gave wrong impression.

  11. The Trump News Network

    BMW Series 7 is a nickle and dime nightmare and are always needing repairs. There's a reason why you don't see a lot of 5 series for sale....their original owners tend to keep them longer.

  12. Jay Mac

    Like if Doug should bring his defender, AMG Wagon, Ford GT, and G500 cabriolet to CarMax

  13. Mike

    Check out the old man penis lighter at keychaincandlelighter.com , theres nothing midsize about it.

  14. Kekecom Morhax

    WOW, that blind spot camera is an amazing idea.

  15. Alex Rodriguez

    I would rather get a scat pack :p

  16. The Trump News Network

    It was nice to see you do a normal car. I'm kinda burned out on rich guy cars.

  17. 10,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge

    Guy: Hey that Sonata ain’t got no driver Chris Evans: Nah it’s alright he’s got smack pack

  18. Jensbro Montages

    Doug at 4 million subs: THIS is the quirks and features of me

  19. ST aLien

    You coke head sell out! Nobody wants to see this crap!!

  20. Pedro Ibañez

    is this better than the lwb range rover?

  21. 이준

    문재인바이러스 박멸합시다!!!

  22. Jessica Quinones

    The best car in the late 90s and early 00s for Honda and integra this car and the other typers models put Honda on the top for enthusiast of the cars still look great no matter the years

  23. Taz Arizonas

    Looks like the Chrysler 200.

  24. Nikolas Gunadi

    for $20 i might buy one doug

  25. Mister Grampy

    Comrade Bernie...you want to borrow my car?

  26. Robert Bullock

    You shoulda got some pilot help. Call me next time. :) There were aircraft bits overlooked that I’m sure people mentioned in the comments.

  27. Robert Bullock

    This is like some kid’s airplane car dream.

  28. Vanquish Media

    I would not pay over 45,000€ for one for that price bracket it is more fair.

  29. Cryatous

    why would you ever buy this damn thing?

  30. Kyle Prichard

    at 19:30 it looks very Porsche-ish to me

  31. Josh Stansell

    On Smart Trunk feature at 17:15, you must lock the vehicle and walk at least 20 feet away before the smart trunk will open.

  32. Saul Toro

    the backseat door panels handle design replicates the headlight design perfectly! 16:40

  33. madchad77

    LOL you didn't get to drive it i see :)

  34. Daniel Hoffman

    You have no idea how happy I got when Doug noticed the storage net situation on the back seats >.< . So classic

  35. Patrick Nesbitt

    Consumer Reports summed it up best-they called it a "four seat penalty box"!

  36. Col Klink

    Sheepskin seat covers for you then LOL

  37. Jake Berry

    That’s a sand king xl

  38. zack dunphey

    I actually like the running lights a lot

  39. Epic Ninja

    I've been waiting for this one!

  40. John Smiths

    Great video !!! Can’t believe the turbo model has less hp wth @sonata How about a review on a 2003 Subaru Outback?!

  41. Curtis Hill

    Doug did they carry the style cue of the daytime running lights into the interior of the doors in the rear seats? Looks like it

  42. Gregory Raymer Jr

    She's still awesome loved my 99 740I but sold it because timing chain had stretched $3,500 replacement na I'll buy another later 😠

  43. Daniel Costa

    More crap added meaning more trip to dealership when it breaks.

  44. Asmodäus

    how do you even get this little power out of 5l ?

  45. 10,000 Subscribers With 1 Video Challenge

    Doug the type of guy who drives a car and hit himself.

  46. Edgar Bikermas

    That THING loooks like a Mini Bugatti.

  47. MNewmanPhotography

    I didn’t know there were any left stock that weren’t blown up or burned to a crisp lol

  48. icyhotmike

    fact: Charlie Sheen snorted more cocaine in this car than any other celebrity

  49. Jeremy Orr

    I see my butt causing a fender bender or something while I am shopping with that car. PS yes I see the safety in place

  50. Arthur Yagudayev

    Nice video! When I saw the specs Back in January on the 2.5 Sonata and the 1.6, I was wondering the same exact thing, that why does the 1.6 Turbo have lower MPG than the base 2.5, and lower HP. I thought it may be a mistake, or that Hyundai just screwed up.

  51. Jay King

    Who the fuck would buy this piece of shit your not American if you do !!!!! MAGA

  52. A J

    This thing is hideous

    1. BMW summer sales event.

      It really is. I'm the biggest bimmer fanboy.

  53. dst rr

    6:30 someone tag Elon Musk. Teslas need this via OTA.

  54. BigPaPaRu

    160k huh?! I hope the thermostat housing isnt made of plastic lol

  55. Misanthropic Man

    Jesus, you’re reviews are so comprehensive. Nice job bud.👍🏼

  56. Mister Grampy

    I had a 78 Suburban with the identical Caddie hood ornament on it. I miss that beast.

  57. Chairman of the Board

    I never knew about this car until Wheeler Dealers had an episode starring this car. I love them.

  58. Doctor Phantom

    Front headlights looks like Nissan rogue or Maxima😂

  59. Luca's Car Reviews

    I know the camera man was driving a Thunderbird

  60. daftboy11

    15:28 Why does this 2020 Sonata have a pic of the 2019 Sonata on the info screen ? Odd.

    1. tim s

      Yea that drives me nuts!

  61. Кирилл Котельников

    "5 times a year when you will be using your washer fluid". Oh, Doug, you really got used to living in San Diego and forgot what winter is like in some other parts of the country.

  62. Carl Wilson

    amazing car..

  63. pandapoo777

    can we get a kickstarter going for doug to get some new clothes?

  64. Mr. Oslyn

    You guys want me to forget about the MDX

  65. Julius Nyarko

    I'm definitely getting one of this 😍

  66. Tron Latimer

    This is now my dream car along with the m1. Remember when I first saw the m1

  67. Michael T

    If only this car wasnt absolute trash, other than the engine, id own one. Used M5 it is.

  68. SeattleSoulFan

    Regarding moving the car with the key fob: I’d think you’d need to have the front wheels pointed absolutely straight, or else be very good at visualizing the car’s trajectory.

  69. Shaun Koger

    Yeah that 720S is a bit too much car for me 710 HP is just insane that’s jail bate for me

  70. Chuck Merlot

    its freakin... cool! the drive "D" is sweet, the vents are sweet, its got toggle switches for the cooled seats?! that thing is nice af how cheap is it?

  71. PetesBeats

    at least it's not a Yugo. XD

  72. MrDavfit

    good the last one was garbage..

  73. Joyce D Comegys

    It looks like a kid's toy car that you'd crank up with a big key in that back, it's ugly-cute... I like.

  74. German Boy

    Rather buy a new NSX and a vacation house.

  75. Chuck Merlot

    I really like the styling Doug 1/10 cool factor?! should be 2 higher. Its cooler than a telluride.

  76. Sushmit Majumder

    Just better off buying a certified used 2019 c class

  77. Farzad Ali

    Honda civic rear taillights 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  78. PrivateMemo

    I will have to disagree about the requirement for a backup camera. I drove sprinter ambulances for a year and I still much prefer them with their gigantic side mirrors over pretty much anything else I have driven. You see more than on any other modern car because of all the struts and tiny back windows those have. I also have to mention that the fuel opening is super convenient. You just open the door, get out and don't have to move to start filling up.

  79. Jeffrey Kirton

    “Mad tight” 😂

  80. Charles M.


  81. Samuel Abraham

    lol i have never smelled washer fluid while using it

  82. TheUnitedlemons

    Skip to 26

  83. Keith

    I watch every video you put out, I was hoping you’d say smaht pahk on this video

  84. señor pepper

    it needs a 350 with positraction

  85. mgmcd1

    I can’t tell you the number of times that I have needed to move my car out of a parking space on its own! Oh, wait, yes I can: 0. Rainy day sounds like a public bathroom. Yeesh to this dumb car. 🤓

  86. Earl

    Gets smoked by $500k supra

  87. Rod Chandler

    This car is gonna be great for ghost car pranks

  88. madchad77

    Damn i miss my 87

  89. fearlesscrusader

    I see that this car is so dinky that they had to put a hole in the roof in case this man wanted to sit up straight instead of hunched over. 70 years ago, this wouldn't have qualified as a luxury car at all.

  90. Grim Chuckles

    Ha..the hood ornament is easy to steal. Pull it up and cut the spring with a side cutter

  91. Travis Hartley


  92. Erick Robinson

    They all look the same 🤷🏾‍♂️ all cars do the same shit takes me from point A to point B

  93. Mother Goose

    Love the Wagon Doug ! We had a great wagon from 1973 as I grew up in San Diego - the king of the (Japanese) Hill - a Deluxe Toyota Corona Mark II Station Wagon - fully loaded - straight 6, full power, chrome roof rack & vinyl seats, no less ! Our family drove it coast to coast every summer - what memories ! Now we have a 2000 e320 Mercedes Wagon - Seats 7 with rear jump seat - it's a German Sports version of the Toyota & this tasty funky bit of Americana Iron you show here ! Our home will ALWAYS have a station wagon in the driveway ! God bless - great show - David in Texas PS: You should review the 1998 - 2003 w210 Benz wagon, it's a classic !

  94. Leonardo Martinez Ramos Jr.

    I think this car i play this car in NFS HOT PURSUIT 2

  95. Limitless 21

    Doug is the type of guy to wash he’s hands before sex

  96. jason joyce

    You can tell he lives in southern California due to the fact that he said "the 5 times you will use it" referring to the windshield washer fluid.

  97. trance dj

    the reason they don't put a net on the back of the drivers seat is to keep the driver from trying to reach something there while driving. don't think it's a cost cutting measure. gives them better crash / safety statistics.

  98. Ben Smith

    Doug the type of guy to like the nature sounds of an open air cafe.

  99. Hasindu Imantha

    Doug please review GENESIS GV80 SUV....

  100. AlessandroVolta1

    Best feature is the 4 year unlimited miles warranty. I can't imagine the cost of repairs.