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  1. kiIl-chan

    A very sad video to watch at the end of the generation.

  2. Infiltrat0r N7

    Joe those surgical masks do not protect against coronavirus.

  3. W H I Z B R A H

    Another Man Baby movie great Joe will like it

  4. wombie vg

    joe stop been a piece of shit towards your co hosts. fuck me

  5. W H I Z B R A H

    Thanks DE for restores

  6. Steven Bryan

    God damn. It's only been a year since Anthem came out? It feels like that game has been out for ages.

  7. trexdrew

    “Well that’s 400 million spread over 1,000 employees so he only owes you $5” *does the math real fast* That’s still fucking 400k per person the fuck you mean that’s bad?!

  8. Leon Masters

    Please tell me ur not still begging oh wait u are honestly gtfo

  9. Alan McIvor

    The guys who were losing should have forfeited the game after the disconnect. Lack of class on their part.

  10. DC Punk

    Personally I prefer a hard copy of my games. It literally just comes down to people being lazy and stupid because digital are so expensive! Like surely getting games from the store makes sense financially lol. But hey people are strange at the best of times

  11. jesse rogers

    Hay this is the way shirt stop fucking interupting ever one

  12. The Big Chungus

    You guys realize Xbox sells games? You don't just have to play xbox exclusives there's an entire fucking library of games god you guys are Playstation fanboys

  13. Fadez77

    Happy Birthday Anthem! 😂😂

  14. Slasher In Suits

    Wow disagreee with them so hard on this one. It was pretty cool, the twist was cool and the kids had it coming. Loved it.

  15. My Opinion

    I haven’t read all the comments but I’m sure someone has probably already called this prediction, I bet this cancelled Star Wars game will become the multiplayer service bollocks of the next Jedi fallen order game

  16. Kabuki Jo

    Does this game have Pvp?

  17. Fredy FT

    I still think its fun that Joe choses to show delrith fucking up at the raid and saying "no we are all dead".... please understand the mecanics of the fight and you would realize that you can cleanse with the shield that came from the pool of cleansing light from the previous encounter.... Still thinks it make the point Joe tries to make for this specific thing void and null.

  18. trexdrew

    Y’all out here begging for shitty shovelware exclusive launch games for Xbox when they’ve literally said they’re not putting out exclusives right at launch to work on said games and make them better quality experiences. But if they did what I said in the beginning you’d still bitch. So Joe what exactly do you want?

  19. Adam Nichols

    What the fuck is wrong with AJ's nose? It look's like he either has a dent on the tip of it, or he has shit on the end of it.

  20. Moe Bandz

    The movie overall is pretty good. A few flaws but good......... last scene cgi is ridiculously bad.

  21. Spectacular_Insanity

    I remember when Gamestop used to be pretty cool (when I was much younger... I'm 31 now). Nowadays I'm really glad they never called me back for that job interview I applied for back in... 2008? (It's been a long time, in any case.) I feel like I dodged a bullet there.

  22. Kyle Anderson

    Is it me or is it too Angry Joe’s 😂😂

  23. Viktor Pedrova

    No, guys, the nCoV flu virus is _not_ "a serious virus". It's an influenza that has an established mortality rate lower than the common flu (0.7% outside Wuhan, compared to 1% for the common flu). It has killed just a small fraction of what the common flu kills every year. The only frightening thing about it, is that it's new and unpredictable, and has a large spread. ...but with a _lower_ mortality rate than the common flu, I'd rather have the nCoV virus every year, than the common flu. I get that Sony doesn't want to get caught up in any quarantine procedures, though, since if just one member tests positive for the virus, they're probably going to lock the whole show down until _everyone_ gets tested.

    1. Viktor Pedrova

      ...and no, hand sanitizers does not work against flu viruses.

  24. Blocky Oxwinkle

    Leaks? The warzone mode was visible in the German version of the game for like an hour

  25. marie snowfall

    I regret spending money on this game

  26. PeR sONiiC

    does Joe not remember Star Wars bounty hunter that came out like 10 years ago on the PS2?

  27. whiteandnerdytuba

    Video starts at 03:00 ffs

  28. Piotr Hektor

    Joe you don't understand. USA has likely way understated coronavirus presence, because you americans have to PAY 3k dollars for getting tested.

  29. Esfar

    It's available on steam...we love steam.

  30. Greg Moore

    UKmine is going to demonetize your content and then throw a ad on your video for some chaturbate mobile app talk about class

  31. Bryant G

    Visceral games were making the Dead Space games. They left it on a cliffhanger and we get nothing now.

  32. Spectre117

    20 cases of coronavirus is nothing

  33. gray4twenty

    Audio was off big time in the beggining of the video. Got better about 2 min in. But still was about a second off the display

  34. Ryan Shone

    The Rocketeer not rocket man

  35. Mobile gamer

    So they couldn't review the video and go to creative mode and basically recreate the environment that they just had before the crash???

  36. FoShizzle94

    I love del in the vids ! Keep it up man

  37. gray4twenty

    Well that was an abrupt ending.

  38. Britto

    Hes a man not a godddddddd

  39. Eiliestl

    More Begging.

  40. xxHeaVenXXSeNTxx

    Woah, did he just hate on FS? That games better to play than most of the games out now.

  41. Gilmore

    Anyone else feel like joe doesn’t know how to play this game?

  42. joshua breedlove

    Angry Joe revisit dead or alive 6 dlc.

  43. Fat Movie Reviewer

    I am no joke confused about who Joe is

  44. Gunawan Putera

    I never pay anything in this game anyway

  45. White DeeJay

    4:03 Bad Karma is REAL. Billions of dollar can't denies this...

  46. Ghede B

    Well still watching Joe shoot Joe but I'm guessing the game is good.

  47. RyuKaze

    EA: I used to be the worst and most incompetent game company in the world. Blizzard: Now I am, that's why you're holding my beer. Bethesda: Actually, that's my beer keg he's holding and I drank your beer.


    21:51 Ol Drunky Joe. Im a huge fan, but it seems like you undermine Alex and OJ a lot. Just like when you kept shushing them on stream just so you could talk. I’m drunk as fuck

  49. eywhatswrong

    That sponsor ad today is very convincing. I am ready to throw money at you.

  50. Master Wave

    Joe got faaaat

  51. Angel Adriel

    Adriel278#1808 <<< add me on discord

  52. Lawliet Masters

    So... 2K got a spanking I see

  53. Roger Gonzalez

    Stop saying fuck, totally unnecessary.

  54. ECL28E

    Everyone hates Scott Malconson, but he's super-useful in combat

  55. Shane M

    Farting... in peoples open mouths... and they call it cupcaking! Lol!

  56. XXveny

    I wish Joe revisit this game in 2020 are do review again based on context of what is normal for games in 2020 :D

  57. Thomas Rhodes

    Haven't been a fan of Xbox for several years but that Series X design is frickin nice

  58. panda fire rambo

    this game is beautiful anyway, i dont even how to create it lolllls

  59. David Alpeter

    i see you AJ looking slim and trim

  60. Alex Knight

    Speaking of UKmine Join and Patreon, were the credits with all the supporters’ names just a one time thing, or is it only certain videos? It was way cooler than I thought it’d be to see my name in a video.

  61. Deconverted Man

    great film, scary. weird. strange. great.

  62. Y K

    Rip CD Project Red for real. All company’s turn to shit when they go big time.


    AJ saving money for me again thanks 😂

  64. jimmy ransom

    Need for speed podracing when?

  65. J D

    AJS: You gotta go through this special message Me: Oh no, not that bath thing again AJS: I have ED Me: Thank God

  66. a1ias86

    Just wait, the C&C remaster is going to be epic :)

  67. Noah x3

    Microsoft have ADVERTISING RIGHTS on Cyberpunk 2077! Microsoft paid for the tweet, and all of the praise they're getting. There's a boat load of money behind this decision

  68. tlove21

    Ubisoft sucks at story, gives you choice to save wife and son or father in AC Odyssey but forces you to save father. Wife dies son is kidnapped due to saving an old ungrateful assassin instead of your hot wife and young son. That broke all immersion for me, so I never expect a decent story for their writers are generic and will never do anything to offend any possible player. For example they are always trying to be politically correct and gender neutral.

  69. OmniVenom

    You gotta take all those Flops, Joe! - Our next subject is sexual harassment --I'm out. lol

  70. Noah x3

    Square Enix, Capcom, CD Projekt Red all pulled out of Pax East just yesterday too

  71. Coffey Flavour

    Sad thing is microtransactions will always make more money than single player games because of whales

  72. Heath Vance

    Horrible game. 20 hours in, uninstalled.

  73. Chris Soto

    Sony isn't afraid of one case of the virus, they're preventing the spread of the virus to their employees. Imagine how easily a sickness spreads at conventions. If ONE person shows up to a convention with people from ALL OVER THE WORLD with a deadly virus, then that virus goes with them back to their countries. It's a classic Tom Clancy scenario.

  74. Michael Jordan

    Joe: "I want a generic Mandalorian Baby Yoda game because those characters weren't designed to appeal to the shallow masses at all"

  75. Spydah3kgt

    GameStop is the Blockbuster of this generation. They failed to see the digital delivery revolution until it was far too late.

  76. Blue Ace

    Can we get more of them double uploads. Me likes

  77. Sebastian Krewson

    After Seeing it myself. in 2 parts because it was god awful trying to get through in 1 sitting. I can say that the last minutes of the movie give or take as actually good it got very gory and DARK AF very dark and I liked it it made me cringe is a Jesus fucking Christ sort of way. which is a good way...but then at the climax there was no fight just...a conversation...and it was so fucking Dumb. its a Stream only movie and only the second half is even worth watching...and even then...not worth it. this should have been a R Rated Hellboy 3 with Ron Pearlman. not picking him was the WORST decision of all time.

  78. Trey Cantrell

    Angry Joe probably tries to walk in on these side quests and Alex and OJ are like NO!!!

  79. Angel Salvador

    It was a good movie !! They did good for the first sonic can’t wait for more

  80. Killershootin 69

    I'd rather watch Del play than Joe. Joe plays worse than my 11 yr old nephew lol

  81. FuaFoa

    What is gone from Bethesda, DOOM... Probably DOOM Ethernal, will not available on launch

  82. RIPER

    The only ads you don't skip

  83. Hidan

    Honestly for a sequel i wouldn’t mind if Sonic and Tails team up to fight Dr. Robotik and maybe, MAYBE he could also team up with Knuckles but maybe that won’t happen because that would probably be having too many villains I guess but something like that so they don’t waste Jim Carey’s acting and wait for a third or fourth film to bring him back might as well bring him into the second film and just have Knuckles or even Shado in the third but overall I really enjoyed this film especially since I don’t really like kids movies but this one was definitely enjoyable for me and I hope they expand on this maybe into its own possible universe 💯

  84. MasterDk78

    im kinda sad,, i was hoping again it would be better than anthem :(

  85. Aiden

    Dead or Alive 6 dlc SO FAR has 407 peices of dlc that reaches almost $2000!!! I dont think they watched this video..

  86. The Blight Monkey


  87. Jack is not in the box

    Joe, you have a misconception. To the stockholders, a game's success is not judged by its rating, but purely by its profitability. Sure, those single player games had a good rating, but they're not very profitable.

  88. B T R

    My two favorite games of 2019 were missed. This and sekiro

  89. J D

    Why do you people continue to fall for the manufactured hype for games? You keep buying games upon release then you end up dissapointed and pissed off that the game is shit. Stop blaming the developers. It's your fault. How many times will you touch a hot stove before you get tired of getting burned?? The only thing these companies will listen to is money. Until you stop giving yours away so easily you can expect this will continue from game companies. Enjoy. Morons.

  90. Male Tears

    Other Joe, drop that OnlyFans

  91. Wakinggiant

    Look, I'm not a huge fan of EA either but games/projects get cancelled all the time for numerous reasons. Sometimes just dropping a project is better than sinking more time and money into something that isn't coming together.


    mishka should be a running meme for this channel

  93. Tha Milkman

    REVIEW DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Tha Milkman

    ..........REVIEW DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. L- Wook

    George needs to resurrect Lucas Arts

  96. Moe Bandz

    Shoes where pumas

  97. TAGS Battfink

    Sony only pulled put because they realise the PS5 isnt anywhere near the series x, absolute shit talkers lol

  98. Cosmoman78

    I'd rather watch Sonic movie five times in a row to give it a support ^^

  99. Andrew Mcgregor

    xbox is trash

  100. John Smith

    Why is everyone saying "generic"? Is that word of the day? It's baffling that you all have chosen the word "generic" to describe this. I'm calling BS.