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  1. nirmalkumar meher

    Faltu model

  2. Vibe boy

    The real question is can you use the galaxy buds+ with an Iphone? Because you don’t want to pay more for the airpods pro

  3. Leon Preston

    at 4:33 and 4:39 I see Bixby vision in the upper left hand corner of the camera screen

  4. dark soul

    Click bait


    🔥 1:53 🖤🧡 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💝

  6. Joseph D'Roza

    Does this phone come with OIS? The hybrid and optical zooms are useless unless it can take a shot while held in your hand. I'm currently using the X2 Pro and it's fab! Just the OIS and fixed focus on the selfie cam let's it down.

  7. Vasesh 223

    My boy hit them with "yuh done know" 😂🇹🇹🇯🇲?!?!?

  8. L.aditya raj raj

    It looks similar to LAVA

  9. leebog31

    I need to get out of the city before this 5g starts to give everyone cancer. 5g is a weapon and needs to be outlawed.

  10. Paul Oliver

    Best Budjet FLAGSHIP OF All-time

  11. RandomMike


  12. epic

    you can play your GBA/DS games easily now!

  13. The Darkness

    5:44 WTFFFF WAS THAT REALLY JACK? If so, isn't that the first time he's said anything in all these years?

  14. Maximilian Vössner

    AKG is an Austrian company!

  15. Benedict Navera

    I thought the rust red is orange

  16. Dr. Verge

    Thats right i am KIRA

  17. charles miro

    Will power share work with a phone case on

  18. hancy melron

    Nice preprogrammed object .but I think still needs to be improved on speed of reaction.

  19. Augusto Lugo

    Kirk did an awesome job, love rust red color my self, amazing phones.

  20. spideyevo

    Call quality please.

  21. Flavius Banoi

    you might have lost some austrian followers calling akg german 😂

  22. ashwini srinivasan

    In 1947 india got freedom

  23. zant

    Probably should've cleaned them first there bud 3:00

  24. Jerecho Balacaña

    Me watching this having a stupid ass Oppo F7

  25. Alejandro Guerra

    It took 3min of shit to get to the actual review

  26. Alin Manea

    1440p on Samsung s8

  27. vaibhav naik

    Hey Lewis also try video bokeh mode on realme x50 pro @unboxtherapy

  28. xxnike629xx

    I do think it's weird how Apple still doesn't have more colors for AirPods. Maybe that'll change for the 2020 model alongside the 2020 line up of iPhones? I think the only updates to the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is the increased battery capacity and an extra outer mic.

  29. Harsh Pandya

    When tf you are shifting to new place Lew? I hate this haphazard style of video making!

  30. Ragnar Mothcatcher

    He looks like Conor McGregor with a beard and glasses 😂

  31. Spartan Cb117


  32. DannyDux 03


  33. khaya MCHUNU


  34. Rendal Devis

    There is a bar in Cape town call Ubuntu 🤣🤣 with a large shot menu

  35. Angelo Matute

    I need a new phone📱😭. Can someone give me?. God will bless you more.

  36. Generation Immortal


  37. muhammad harith

    For those who don't know why the format of the video is different now, he told that they are in the process of moving to another place. Perhaps after everything is settled down, then they will go with the original way of making videos, or not hhahaa.

  38. Youssef khattab يوسف خطاب

    2020 now 😂😂😂😂

  39. latifah Namala

    Is dis phone is on market right now??

  40. Ionut Balaceanu

    omg Samsung Blue colour is my favourite colour for my smartphone,headphones even on my wardrobe since i have a blue mist A5 2017 still i still enjoy the colour like since i unbox it

  41. Yousha Suleman

    My country was made/ was independent 14th August 1947

  42. J. Benza

    The bought overstocked phones in large amounts for a low price and the hold on the back is just a sticker 🤙

  43. FFDEY38

    There is like a Cherry Red now.

  44. Bobdingle25

    Just so everyone that is freaking out about price knows, no one pays msrp for cell phones. I can preorder the S20 right now and get $500 off. Basically $500 for a phone that is in a tier above any iPhone on the market.

  45. i drink water

    who’s here bcuz of instagram?

  46. Aprameya B M

    I want an airpod

  47. Marlon M

    I customized airpods like that

  48. Jatinder Bajwa

    get pocophone 2, x2 pro or 1+7pro

  49. Abhi jith


  50. Smartitude

    Wtf the drum beats...so uninnovative, so common, so faute de goût...had to stop watching

  51. Krishna sidhartha Potluri

    OMG this looks fat af and with this massive camera bump it looks even uglier. Where are the beautiful old phones that samsung used to make.

  52. smoked buns

    I dont like apple, but the buds are really not comfty for me. Airpods 2 is my choice. Not the pro.


    S20...s20 ultra ..designs are just ridiculous.

  54. Sugi

    Where's the unbox?

  55. flanker

    oh, that’s what happened to mah iPad.

  56. S A

    Looks like a hearing aid

  57. James Nassim Kabbara

    Last moment 😂

  58. Thomas Naorem

    what happened to unboxing?? the main reason why we get into your channel🤷

  59. Jade Awesome

    Best Outro Yet :)

  60. minjiigo

    Rusty red for me, thank you very much. Name suits my current physical shape 🤷

  61. Preston Crawford

    Why u no compare them to the AirPods pro

  62. MR_ BIONIC

    I have had this laptop since 1 year but i didnt know that it was the thinnest laptop in the world😂

  63. JackAndDizzy

    They are not the same the 500ml had more sound the glass bottle was like a trapped feeling and the bigger one had a massive effect of kinda a low volume but as he said no need for a bigger one

  64. Luqman Hakim


  65. Prasad Mca


  66. Joshy Boi

    0.04 **SLAP DOG!?**

  67. PronkIT

    that's an awesome price for a high end spec phone

  68. ba sook

    I am sure the price is beast too

  69. Siddhant Gupta

    Is it me or He really looks like sami Zayn

  70. paweh samli

    remember when this was like a new tech that impressed everyone..yeah..it's already 2 years ago and we already in the era of foldable screen technology..damn fast!!

  71. Hooman Hessarii

    سلام ویدیو هات عالین hello your videos are so good


    The bass is a little more bass

  73. GaRy Soh

    3:33 music name?

  74. Justine Candaganan

    I want the green..😍😍

  75. Suraj Dhanawade

    Kirk looks so innocent.

  76. SAVVAS Channel

    I like the box more than the Iphone.

  77. Ryan Swann

    MPOW Flame Pro - cheaper and better than both Airpods & Buds+ ??

  78. carneg illuminati

    how can i buy this product

  79. Michał Ty

    I think this format is a good middle ground between the old UT and Later. I like it being edited (although the "slo-mo" moments are a bit rough) and I like the freer flow of the whole thing but without the repetition and empty air in Later. Good job guys! I think later could use either more hosts (i.e. bump Will to full co-host), or shorter format, like maybe 20 min.

  80. Ight Imma Head Out Right

    No need to go bigger 5inch Gang

  81. carneg illuminati

    is this watch saw a time? is it only health Ben?

  82. Anastasia Tukhareli

    Hi are you guys useing those all phones or gadjets?

  83. zaid dastan

    The sound quality of your videos are so poor that it made me check whether it was my AirPods Pro or something UKmine messing with. You need a better mic/editing softwares to give out a better quality sound than this “SD” Mic or tools you use. Also, the unboxing station was much better than you roaming around your garage which is kinda disturbing and distracting from the main content/purpose of the video.

  84. Justin Peck

    The old ones do the same thing with the wireless charging on the s10 and note 10. I do it all the time at work with my buds and note 10 plus

  85. Πάρις Αλμανίδης

    Looks like shit tbh

  86. Vicky Maladkar

    Not 1tb ssd only 512gb ssd and remember it has 2gtx1080ti wtf

  87. Fram Orr

    You know what. The AIG headphones that come with the galaxy phones sound like crap. My cheap gummie headphones sound better and they cost 10 dollars.

  88. Bob Asbury

    3:01 Clean off your ear boogers before displaying your ear gels.

  89. Leimu

    It's the samsung fold 2 with stickers and wallpapers changed. The letter you get from them explains the way they get the folds. They buy overstocked and refurbished folds and rebrands them.

  90. Jose Zaragoza


  91. Sai Ajay Reddy

    Checkout SAMSUNG GALAXY M31!!!

  92. Sai Ajay Reddy

    Checkout SAMSUNG GALAXY M31!!!

  93. Sai Ajay Reddy

    Checkout SAMSUNG GALAXY M31!!!

  94. Atharv Mendhe

    Using galaxy buds to watch this video