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  1. Haddzy

    For the content

  2. George Croney

    Have you ever heard of happy shopper? Hahaha love this lad

  3. LaszyKeroen

    I. Am. Not. Being. Trolled. By. These. Wankers.

  4. Temrax

    This isn’t real and if it is then seek help

  5. Zach

    what a mong, i liked this guy as well. really hope this is a joke.

  6. Osagie Stuart

    holy shit hahahahahah

  7. KJY

    I hope Alfie comes in next ep and just says that he was just testing a ridiculous storyline/script he was offered from a director

  8. Tyler Earl

    It’s funny, G eazy came on the adverts Haha

  9. Kenzie Guest

    Good acting lad, there’s no way this is true

  10. Hurley

    This is a top tier troll

  11. Danny Morten

    I liked this donny before this................".. crackhead

  12. Niall Mckeary

    I really really hope this guy is looking for the biggest bite of all time If not he needs to give his head a wobble

  13. ai dunno

    this is bait

  14. Sammy Khan


  15. missparkinson0x

    Nope. I’m not having it.

  16. Kian Williams

    He has to be faking.. no way

  17. Peter 2234

    Surely he got paid to say all this 😂😂

  18. Peter 2234

    Pears Morgan😉😂

  19. Nemanja NIkolic

    Tbh he isn't wrong 😂

  20. XxLordalixX

    Na hes fullllllly mockin it

  21. Unyime Daniel-Akpan

    what podcast is this from

  22. GamingNocturnal

    I'm sat here frustrated, racking my brains trying to work out just how in the actual fuck someone can reach such an illogical and insane conclusion about fruit. I hope from the bottom of my heart he's taking the piss and we're all getting rolled.

  23. DUSKY

    Is this a joke? Or am I missing something

  24. Alex Short

    Trees need their fruit to be eaten to spread the seeds. The tree’s fruits are colourful because the tree wants the fruit to be seen and eaten. In fact animals first developed colour vision precisely to work out where the fruit is. Also, fruitarian implies that you only eat fruit. Having said all that I think this is a wind up. I fucking hope so anyway xD

  25. Asimah_Funsized

    This. Can. Not. Be. REAL! I laughed the whole way through 😂😂😂

  26. Haha your comment was funny bro it made me laugh

    What if I don't mind being a murderer

  27. Adam David

    Is this a new podcast

  28. george8660

    Brent vibes

  29. Ella Sharpe

    I feel bad for Alfie. He’s the sweetest darling there’s ever been and even if his logic isn’t 100% on he doesn’t deserve to get as mocked as he does. #youdonthavetohaveahearttohaveasoul

  30. Danny Maloney

    HAHAHAHA this cannot be real surely lmao

  31. Osagie Stuart

    If your mate wants to eat plants, as long as you know that they want to eat plants and that’s how they actually think and you’ve tried to change that they eat plants, let them eat plants and don’t let it get to you🤷🏾‍♂️❤️

  32. samuel

    After jaacks Instagram story about his ‘kid’ I’m assuming this is another attempt at baiting people out

  33. Osagie Stuart


  34. Styll Dash

    After this and the obsessive disorder thing, I just think this guy is a dick Edit there's no way it's serious

  35. Aron Mitchelle

    Bet he's allways at the doctors

  36. Freddie Freedom

    How did he come to this realisation that plants have souls??!!!😂

  37. Sirron

    This is a good bait lads youve fooled a few dummies

  38. Callum Brewster

    This is 100% a jokr

  39. jackyv08

    Seen him eat a cake on Twitter

  40. Ryan Fodor


  41. Ryan Hinton-jones

    This must be a joke please 😂😂😂 I’m dying this is so funny

  42. Sam Jary

    Hands down the weirdest way of thinking.. Killing an apple.. Wtf

  43. owen1417

    I don’t believe this for a second

  44. Amie Lloyd

    I will preface this by saying I haven't watched this all yet, but- Alfie, you're either the biggest troll, if so, bravo, amazing, this was fantastic. If not, you have an eating disorder. It's delusional and scary, seek help.

  45. Philthy Player

    So he won’t eat fresh fruit but he’ll touch them inappropriately

  46. bored4life 1

    This is just one big troll, it's got to be😂

  47. Shaun8

    I am so confused, so he’d stroke an apple the same way as he would with a dog?

  48. Philthy Player

    This guy needs help

  49. Kieran Ball

    Gib🤦🏼‍♂️ jake is a better boxer than you and there’s no shame in that, I’m not a jake supporter nor gib supporter but jake was/is just better

  50. spurs 3103

    This has got to be a bit for another would I lie to you episode

  51. JBrxwnlfc

    I love that they're ripping into him, this is brilliant. Joke or not, it's funny

  52. jackstacks

    this is bollocks

  53. Michael Polistina

    it’s fake man. there’s no way this is a thing

  54. JammyCHD

    This is my favourite segment of any podcast ever 😂

  55. Kieran Ball

    Alan titchmarsh is worse that ted Bundy🤦🏼‍♂️ this kid alright ?

  56. Ali Morley

    Feel like this is a joke but if it isn’t I think he genuinely needs Therapy

  57. Tom Grant

    I thought he was normal until now

  58. Lucas Strezos

    I don’t rly like Alfie anymore if this is real

  59. CickDucker 69

    They’re taking the piss they’ve edited a fair bit of them bursting out laughing Alfie is basically laughing his way through this interview

  60. martianmilktv

    I hope to god he’s joking because that’s got to be the most retarded thing I’ve ever hear

  61. Kyle Davis

    12:33 the best part of all of this 😂🤣

  62. Kieran Ball

    Probably doesn’t wipe his arse because toilet roll is made from paper

  63. 1234 •

    After watching this video i have decided that my pillow has feelings and I can’t be raping it anymore

  64. Kyle Davis

    Jordan really wants to support Alfie as a mate I can tell he feels bad for Alfie

  65. Rev up Dose Fryers

    So this guy can’t walk on a field at all on any grass because If he does he’d be “murdering” all the grass, so If he backs his point then he literally can’t walk on a field

  66. JustAGuyfromLDN

    Oi Alfie, at the time of watching this, I’m eating a fruit salad, and you know what? I’m *fucking* lovin it🍎🍊

  67. Elliot Roebuck

    Very strange man

  68. Elliot Roebuck

    “Even weeds that’s like road kill init “ 😂😂😂

  69. Josh

    This should have been an April fools joke, I cannot believe this is real omds. Okay I’ve finished it, and this shit CANNOT be real

  70. Josh Stuart

    Alfie mate ur a wrongen

  71. Djdjdjd Jhdjjd

    This was the funniest podcast I’ve seen

  72. Scott Flavell

    Nahhhh pisstake 😂

  73. chapman2001

    Tbf it’s been Scientifically proven that fruit and veg feel more pain than fish do

    1. James Dawson

      What scientific studies are you looking at? That’s simply untrue because vegetables and fruit are incapable of feeling pain.

  74. Djdjdjd Jhdjjd

    I refuse to believe this is serious

  75. Billy Warwick

    This seems fake for views

  76. Beth Charlton

    They're definitely trolling us 😂😂😂 10000% a prank

  77. Bogkdan

    is he a mentalist

  78. chickendipperss

    This man only eats decaying fruit? BACTERIA HAVE SOULS! MURDERER! Disgusting behaviour

  79. Ifan Jones

    What an absolute moron.. this is the sort of thing I expect to hear from someone after they get sectioned.

  80. rouge

    Yo. Why is Alfie convincing me..........

  81. First Touch FM

    Alfie come on mateeeeee

  82. It's Wisey

    I think this guy took sausage party a bit too literally

  83. Darren Tupman

    “I tricked the internet into believing me mate shags fruit” or somet like that

  84. james drew

    Is this a pisstake?

  85. Oscar Rowley

    Can someone tell Alfie that the fruit is just an appendage to the tree. The tree is alive but the fruit is not. If you do believe in the soul then the best thing to do would be to remove all the seeds from the fruit and plant them, instead of just waiting for it to rot. If this is a joke, then hats off to these lads because the acting is incredible.

  86. v a

    why do i have a feeling alfie is just saying this to be different? idk might be wrong but just a feeling like c’mon seriously?

  87. Woby Testwood

    Definitely get what Alfie is saying, not sure that a fruit has a life to the extent of a human and a soul? Not sure I believe in them. I believe a fruit is alive until it's off its route, but it's a shit life style let's be honest

  88. J Lingz

    Bring back bullying

  89. Jaykitch

    Right so where can I watch the full podcast from this clip? Or has it not been released yet?

  90. Connor Darbyshire

    I am fucking lost...

  91. adnan ejaz


  92. aro oppo

    This better be a pisstake

  93. Stretford Boys

    This can’t be real 😂😂😂

  94. Natalie

    This reminds me of Notting Hill. If you know, you know.

  95. Junaid Amir

    More conspiracy theories lads

  96. Daniel Herve

    I thought I slept for 5 weeks and woke up on April 1st! This can’t be real!

  97. MasterMaestro

    Stevie is by far the smartest

  98. Jack Wright

    This is the best piece of satire I’ve ever seen.

  99. Frankie Hutchings wer

    This is fake for sure. Jack is having us on

  100. Miguel McGill

    fruit doesnt have nerve endings that "feel" anything. stupid narcissist