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  1. Torrey Wilkins

    I didn’t know the squirrel joined wwe

  2. Jaylyn Huffman

    Isat on him when I was 4

  3. Meme Lord2634

    Who's watching this is 9999 | | V

  4. articfox lover XD

    7:37 i noticed her rubix cube missing

  5. Cat Lover

    Why y’all say it like “pee-can”? Are you talking about a can of pee or a food similar to a walnut??

  6. Wai Yu Cheung

    I would prefer crunchy nuggets

  7. Random E

    Once my p.e teacher started dancing like....dab,orange justice,floss, I was so, scared....😭😭

  8. sophia smith

    5:29 this disgust me how she cooks the wild animals and doesn't even kill them so they don't feel the pain the octopus it's so messed up I just feel so bad for the animals I hate that girl

  9. Magic Puppy

    The reason the drink the seeds is so the dint feel the cold from the ice I think

  10. Lilly Maness

    Her: people in England speak americanish but in an axcent. me: omg

  11. Charlotte Mays

    2020 just me??? Oh :(

  12. Benson Ong

    5:37 the Fanta “hack” it dosent work cuz sugar melts slime :/

  13. Adri Chavez

    6:00 i had ear phones on

  14. Cookie_LoverLoL Cupcake

    SSSniperWolf: Little do u know 1:34 Me: “Singing” Little do u know 2020 Idk

  15. DE4TH_ZEZE45 _______

    Save the turtles and i oop and i oop skskskskskksksksksks

  16. kate, stella,and Katie , Phantom

    Mr spider why did you bit me...is it still funny Mr spider

  17. Wolfy plays Games

    All of them :3

  18. Charlotte Mays

    I'm 6 years late I was in a coma for 6years

  19. IMA BEAR ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

    4:01 looks like those buns girls be trying to get so perfect 😂

  20. AqXa MaRiNe

    Everytime a toilet came up it thought of my childhood trauma. In my house whenever someone didn’t flush after pooping my mom would drag that person out to the porch and smell our hand and had us take off our clothes. 😩🥶

  21. Katherine Williams

    I 💖 your chanle

  22. Toleen Elayyan


  23. Randy Richardson

    I am sooooo HUNGRY

  24. Chelcie Hastin

    You watch inuyasha?!?!my family just subbed to you😀😀😀😀

  25. Carmen Emad

    My brother can do the moving hear I was like what is this dud

  26. Gatchatuber 234

    Me looking at the first 10 seconds of the video The 10 seconds I saw: Lea: hay can I try your glasses Digital: yeah sure Lea in the back: *takes bite Digital: they help you see *takes a glance* WHAT *picks up new glasses* Me: Bdjbdgjrbjxnfkziwvoak

  27. Aaron Winslow


  28. kate, stella,and Katie , Phantom

    Mr Krabs bit me at the beach

  29. Rebecca Gelston

    For the purple slime when she said: "Is that slime its so hard. Woh its slime under it. Is it like foamy slime?" It is acually cloud slime, and I have some at my house. SOOOOOOOO FLUFFFFYYYYYYY <3

  30. kaelin Creazzo

    When she says that’s like saying you don’t know there is green bananas Me:umm I didn’t

  31. Lazy Day

    If I had a child that talked to me like that, I would take their PC and yeet that thing off a balcony.

  32. 1000SimsWhoLikeCheese


  33. Sunshine Dreaxxmer

    Why is everybody who is spoiled got named Ava.. I swear I’m not spoiled

  34. m o c h i i 101

    I don’t think the girl was spoiled it’s just the dumb parents that just gave everything to the child now the poor kid doesn’t know how to work

  35. David James

    I have MEGA OCD I hated this vid but I still liked it

  36. River Frédérique

    I learned never eat soggy wallfuls

  37. Ashura potató:3

    People:Nuggets Me:Nuggers Sniper:Nuggies

  38. just being me

    lady... you said YEET wrong

  39. Aubrey Frigon

    Sam is a single women Me: *Drops phone on face*

  40. Midnight Gacha

    Exuse me i was born in 2010 and im 10

  41. Johan Cervantes

    I am shaking and why are you doing that

  42. kitty cat

    I would have all the food in the would and they will let me finish it

  43. Alecia Harris

    No,I won't spend $10,000 on v-bucks,I will spend it on what I need.I don't get $10,000 I only get $10-$20 for an allowance.And I'm ok with that.

  44. It’s Your girl London

    I like my mom better I hardly see my daddy he lives far away I miss him but he just throws money at me but my mom Is always there for me


    I did the paint and water prank to one of my friends then I got detention😬

  46. Allie Bouvy

    I'm cuter then the fruit but I still smashed the like button

  47. Blue Python

    Omeagle 1000%

  48. Denise Cheung

    I’m disappointed why Lia just keeps using China for jokes....can you please stop using countries/places for jokes, even if it’s not China? Some people like me doesn’t like it and yes, fine, for the first time, I admit I’m Chinese so please stop using China for jokes. I am serious. Hate on me, fine! Reason with me, if u got a good reason, then I’ll change my mind, otherwise Lia/SSSniperwolf please stop...

  49. Victoria Downs

    Love your videos ❤️❣️❣️❣️❣️❤️❤️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️❤️❤️❣️❣️❣️❣️❤️❣️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❣️😍😍

  50. Sammy Samsam

    When your scooter hits you in the ankle, it’s called scooter ankle:)))))

  51. hvneyy

    Wow its hard

  52. hvneyy

    Wow its hard

  53. Dashannon Bullock

    my teacher took my slime yes we do have rules.

  54. Erin Carroll


  55. T-Drum King

    The second one looks like me after Mexican food

  56. The Lucero’s

    Lia:hey can I see ur glasses Nex: oh sure Lia: I always wanted to try glasses Nex: oh yea they help u see Lia*bites* Nex: omg that's not how u see!

  57. mariana barrios

    Hi OlGA

  58. Delilah QT

    Alligator actually

  59. Namako playz UwU

    1:37 Daddy pig what are u doing in my Asmr video ?

  60. Johan Cervantes

    I am also scared😢😢😢😢😢😨😥😥😫😱😱 and plz don't die


    McFlurry? Good job Raymond Kroc

  62. Steven Martin

    Pickle juice is the worst to clean in my opinion

  63. parker melton

    Honey mustard

  64. dyinglight fanboy

    7:14 I don't get it

  65. Julia Beachnau

    I am so sorry! I know how you feel. I send lots of love to you. I hope you feel so much better soon!

  66. Dina Murad


  67. CrazyCatTeen Vibes

    My mom babysitting : Gooche Gooche goo! Results : *happy behaving baby* Me babysitting : Gooche Gooche Goo! Results : *crazy demonic baby*

  68. Mercy Hudson


  69. Jadyn Machen

    It said on her birthday

  70. iLoVe cHiCkEnS yEEet


  71. Alissyn Castelly

    Those frogs should have pissed in *her* mouth 🤣

  72. Ananda Syamlal Lekshmy

    I’m hungry and ima eat me digital next lol

  73. Cassandra Cline

    The slurp sound should be required!! Lol ilysm

  74. Donald Vowell

    A finger actually can be reattached if it was removed but that should be a last resort

  75. sophia smith

    And this is how they got the Corona virus

  76. Felix Chung

    Docteur:imma end this woman’s career

  77. Lana Faith

    My grandma eats flowers lol haha 😂😆😆

  78. hvneyy

    Wow its hard

  79. Clover savage

    M Donald's I wood have my birthday at McDonald

  80. Andrea Strickland

    Tell that pig to shut up

  81. Sweet candy cane Drops

    People say random things for likes so.. B a n n a n n a r a m a

  82. Raquel Dorame

    Hi Olga Im PePpA 😂😂😂

  83. Andalynn Cook

    My uncle puts sugar in spaghetti it actually taste really good

  84. naudia .w

    I don’t think Dr.Phil realizes that when he puts these kind of people on his show it gives them more money,followers,and attention so I think the people that go on there enjoy it because getting on there is getting more of what they want. 😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  85. Lily Roman

    She got the off brand Pringles "kracks"

  86. Jacer Gross


  87. Kit kat Gaming

    Are... are you Ganondorf?

  88. Kaliyah Britton

    They look like the discombobulated version of Barbie

  89. Suhail1 Asma


  90. Petr Kaleja

    I’m just commenting so Lia gets paid

  91. Lilly Maness

    apple pin pinnaple pin pin pinnalple apple pin. p.s. i dont care that i spelled some words wrong

  92. Alexa_ Unicorn

    The reason the fanta slime didn't work is because Fanta has sugar and sugar dissolves slime

  93. Hilda Jaimes


  94. Yaretzy JuarezMunoz

    Her: Don’t do this at home! Also her:*does it at home*

  95. Cathy S

    Omg I regret watching this The slides look soooo cool and I really like watching ur vids, but... I am very very VERYYYYY afraid of heights. This for real almost made me cry. Great video otherwise, though.

  96. Tami Weatherholt

    It’s Niall

  97. Johan Cervantes

    The editing actually scared me