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Im just a rangers fan that makes silly videos trying to make folk laugh...wont be for everyone but as long as someones laughing ive done alright

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  1. mit _

    As a Portuguese football fan, I predict rangers are going to loose 3-0. You guys did that game out of heart, you can't sustain that level away. Once Braga scores, it will be easy to get the match done. Enjoy.

  2. Ronnie Brown

    Hopefully kamberi will run their defence ragged

  3. Jake Dempsey

    0-0 with both teams standing still? Sounds good to me

  4. Ben7991

    Not winning this one sadly...

  5. Ally Quinn

    Wee need 2 get back to basics in Scottish footbal ...need 2 win the battle first .too many big shots in the team thinking individually not thinking of rangers the team the corner kick they scored fae ,wiz absolutely shocking ..piss poor school boy stuff... connor goldston seems 2 be the invisible least katic is involved he fucked up, but were was big connor goldston to help no where 2 be seen ,,and why where they no men on the posts Ethier unbelievable ,,Ryan Kent alfredo morelos are doing my head especially Billy big time alfredo hes a passager now his heads already in England.. ps stevie Davis wid off been on one of they posts .why coz he at least does the basics ,right,, and cares . wake up rangers... or wee cud get a dooing tonight ..its hard work being a rangers fan not knowing wit team going turn up πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ grey headed indeed we are the people πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

  6. Robert Paisley

    no morelos so got to fancy our chances.. got a striker with skill not clumsy no stupidity. no silly antics. Better attacking options.. use Stewart as well. 4 4 2..!.. nothing lose here..

  7. Billy Paterson

    U have no chance

  8. Cat Man

    Our guys will turn up, they are in the Euro shop window. The effort will be there. I would drop Davis and go for Hagi in front of Jack and Arfield.

  9. Harry Christoforou

    Getting pumped... No confidence for this one

  10. Macz

    Just me or has Helander been 3 to 4 weeks out for about a month now ?

  11. O Davidson

    Aribo,Jack and Davis

  12. charlie stemple

    hate to say it but we are going to get absolutely pumped here, they should have finished it at Ibrox to be honest, my guess 3 or 4 to 1, this Braga team could very well win the comp again, wasn't that long ago they won it

  13. Ronnie J. Main

    Because I care about the coefficient in Scotland, I genuinely hope yous see it out tomorrow

    1. Dr stranglewank

      Hope you lot get pumped

  14. Jordan Walsh


  15. JMK 1872

    Jack, Arfield and Davis. No questions asked

  16. Andre Beretta

    Rangers 2-1. Hagi will score again

  17. richard coleman

    Braga 3 Rangers 1, Braga will score and then Rangers will be left open due to needing to score

  18. c KIRKLAND

    Scott arfield and kamberi to win this game. Don't think a goal will get past rangers. Team will be fired up. Huge 2.0

  19. Gary Hendry

    They are a good team, but I think they overplay and we need to push up and close them down. We did get a few turnovers and they did not like a tough tackle for sure. Fingers and arsehole crossed we take our chances and get through. Shagger we need you on form.

  20. Bailey Copeland

    I’d say we play a diamond with kamberi and Kent up top with Hagi playing the number 10 role, the two up top drifting oot wide at points, aribo deserves a start at left centre mid doing the same thing with barisic as jack and tav do filling in for each other when they go forward

  21. Cairo

    Would take a draw, any draw will take us through!

  22. Charles Duvall

    sorry to bust bubbles but rangers are out! Braga 2 or 3 nil... no hard feelings. ... Celtic will win the same , but they are out next round..... we have met are level as far as Europe is concerned. .. peace and love , hail hail

  23. Brian Murphy

    I will place a bet. Next old firm (before he gets sold) Morelos will score his first goal in the fixture. The biggest cheer will come from Celtic. Poor guy , he needs a break. can't be easy.

  24. Kenny Holland

    4-0 home win

  25. Ianis_Hagi’s_Cat

    A think it should be Davis in the midfield along with arfield and jack, guys not be himself recently but in our European games he’s been a key player

  26. craig ross eh


  27. Gary Reid

    Ojo, Aribo and Hagi.

  28. Silver Wing

    Nice too see the lucky polo shirt again . Thanks

  29. James Connell

    You definitely dont need katic hes a liability


    I just want a convincing performance and a nice 2-0 win WATP

  31. Brian Kilcoyne

    katic dropped . edmusond in

  32. Brian Kilcoyne

    kamberi to score one each .get yer hoose on it ;-)

  33. the holmes

    Told you at the beginning of the seson they are shite. Braga win

  34. Josh Aston

    Don't know what's going on with Adolf Halliday's facial hair. Looks awfully similar to Andy Hitler.

  35. Ian Sproat

    Hagi..Arbio..Kamberi up front..midfield ..Davis..Kent..Arfeild and sadly it will probably be the same 4 at the back....2-1 the famous πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  36. gavhenrad

    Being optimistic I think we'll probably get two good chances and two half chances. We'll take one of each and draw 2-2.

  37. Geordie Dubya

    This type of game suits our style of play but we need to cut out the stupid mistakes at the back. Any draw will do me fine, CJ, but I think we can sneak it with a narrow win. Come on, Rangers, we can do this!

  38. Scottish

    Rangers to win 2 1 morrow

  39. CollCrofter

    I think it's fair to say that we all shouted for months about Katic not getting regular games but given recent showings, it proves the manager does know best

  40. Redwood Squirrel

    Hope Gerrard leaves Katic and Kamara in Glasgow. Hoping BB is fit and we should play Hagi, Jack and Arfield together in the middle. Score draw would be great, win even better, fingers crossed for this one as it's going to be tough.

  41. Justin Spiewak

    Winning in Europe and then drawing with St. Johnstone 2 all is something only Rangers can do. Play 442 from kickoff to the final whistle.

  42. wiibrad

    Don't know tbh 1 but 1-1 this is when u need Walter smiths old tactics that got us to 2008

  43. St82 Milbatraus

    Best of luck out there tomorrow Rangers .

  44. John Mcclelland

    Im afraid we are going out. Yes it was a great result last week. But were woeful 60 mins. Could of been 4-0 to them at 1 point. That result only papered over the cracks. Might actually be good no morelos 2moro night

  45. Matthew Reid

    In this game I would be play Davis because he is experienced and he’s also capable of performing in a crucial game. Rangers to draw 2-2 with Kamberi and Arfield to score the goals

  46. Graeme Ross

    positivity in short supply now

  47. Lorna Allan

    Nice shirt CJ.

  48. Ian Hamilton

    Think we are due a pumping unless Shagger can have a wonder game but even he seems to be off form these days, 3-0 or 4-1 I think. Just hope we do not get pumped 5 or 6 nil

  49. Caoimhin Mcgavigan

    braga, out to damage the filth tomorrow.

    1. stuart kane

      You concentrate on trying to beat the worst team still in the tornument

  50. JT Hendry

    2-1 Rangers kamberi and arfeild

  51. adam ant

    Put out of the cup Weds,put out of the cup Sunday. Season over by start of March, CJ what happens to Stevie on Monday morning????????

    1. Demondoink

      Pessimistic. We have punched above our weight in Europe (remember we were 4th seeds in the group after multiple qualification rounds.) So even if we get knocked out tomorrow, Europe has been a success this season. League Cup, we couldn't have done much more and were just unlucky on the day. Sure, the league has gone to shit, but I guess that's inexperience and bad timing with some injuries/suspensions etc. We can still win the Scottish Cup, though. No reason why we cant do that. And I'm kinda glad we have Hearts away, to right the wrongs of the previous 2 results there from this season.

  52. Boab Fawcett

    Airfield jack and aribo for me

  53. john mills

    Could be a high scoring draw

  54. dogsof war

    Any truth to the rumours aboot prozzies in dubai and dressing room split with sg having his favs and only disciplining 3 oot of 7 of them

  55. Marcus

    You're wrong about Davis he shouldnt be anywhere near the team, docherty should be getting that spot next season and Jones along with Hastie should be getting a look at right now coz Kent isn't up to it right now and Id rather play Hagi in an attacking midfield role. The deadwood need dropped and shipped out, tired of losing the title race after winter break, it's getting old now.

  56. Keir Straiton

    Nervous is one word


    We will lose

  58. grow scotland

    Mate were getting pumped no hink braga watched our performance at the weekend they got our number now

    1. grow scotland

      @gavhenrad i hope your right i really do, just something says our run of disasters isnt over

    2. gavhenrad

      Hopefully we'll play nothing like we did at the weekend..

  59. Raidzy


  60. Mac Luci

    What confuses me more than anything is we have two of the best midfielders in charge of our team that have ever played for their respective countries yet we seem to have lost our way in the middle of the park these last few games . I know the defence and forward line are getting a hard time at the moment but our midfield and our wide players are just not dong enough . We criticise teams for raising their game against us at home but what about rangers raising their game in Europe or against Celtic but not taking the league games with the same focus . Players Not doing the basics , players not matching their opponents endeavour so their ability can shine through and players looking like they don’t care . Who knows what the answer is but I just wish we could get back to rangers December 2019 .......

  61. Andy Kidd

    Sorry gents as much as I love the team and hope with all my being we succeed I just can't see it happening. There's no confidence, no leadership and very little belief. It looked so good b4 the break but we've faltered again. As much as last Thursday was brilliant, I even spilled my pint 3 times, I can't see it happening, but by God I hope I'm proved wrong, but I think my glass is half empty noo. No Kent, Kamarra, Barker or Ojo to be even near the bench, but, I suspect all 4 will be there if not playing. I hope the season isn't over by Saturday but I can't see any other outcome. Sorry to be so pessimistic but when we can't beat Hearts, Killie or St. Johnstone what hope is there? As always Rangers til I die ma heart says yesssss, but, my head says dohhh!!! we f*cked it again

    1. John Mcclelland

      Agree also

    2. Graeme Ross


  62. Scott Innes

    1-1 jack . will be a hard game . WATP

  63. Football's Finest 90

    Davis always goes backwards, it’s like he can’t really be bothered to try play it forward. Morelos never in the box anymore always trying to get the ball out wide!

  64. Rangers Viral

    If we win can we have a sponsor break

  65. Dave O'Neill

    3-0 Braga

    1. stuart kane

      2-1 Copenhagen

  66. Murray T

    Arfield, Jack and Aribo or Hagi

  67. nacho9mg

    Same result again Rangers to win 3-2 Hagi Kent & Tav

  68. Joe 90

    Rangers 3 Braga 2

  69. cameron turner


  70. David Wilkie

    3-2 Braga both teams to score in extra time, referee to wrongly order a penalty shoot out which Rangers lose before being correctly put through on away goals before going on to win tournament.

    1. David Wilkie

      @dogsof war It happened against another Portuguese team (Sporting Lisbon) in 1972. Thought someone might have picked up on it.

    2. dogsof war

      Lmao stay aff the cabbage water m8πŸ˜„πŸ‘

  71. Jamie Fairlie

    Hope goldson and katic are no playing cause there shite they will get us gubbed i cant see us winning we need a miracle to go through and if we do go through will be an even bigger test for us when we get the likes of arsenal man u wolves celtic saville frankfurt and the other good teams out there that can wipe us out

  72. Derek Ewart

    Let's not forget, we could've been 3 or 4 down at half-time. We've been given a chance, let's not blow it guys. No Surrender

  73. Nonrev Nosnibor

    I wull tell yee what the problem wae us is, to many weans at games noo, where are all the oul farts like me noo, 😁😁😁

  74. peter nicol

    Cj my man it will be a defensive master class for a change and a sneaky 1-0 to the gers last minute tav header

  75. Pat Hegarty

    Love your top C.J . I think we'll get through, just! πŸ’™πŸ’™

  76. Ricky Bell

    flip flops with beach game

  77. Findlay Robertson

    We'll be out of Europe and the Scottish Cup by this time on Sunday. Season's done, Braga 2-0 then lose to the jambos 3-1:-(

    1. Rhyuu Mc

      Nonrev Nosnibor exactly if we can beat braga once we can beat them again always back the team

    2. Nonrev Nosnibor

      @m m go support the kiddie fiddlers then if you feel like that, you young arseholes dinne know what shite is, I was there in the 80,s before souness came along and hae supported them through thick and thin.

    3. m m

      @Nonrev Nosnibor can ye blame him got to take of the blue tinted glasses sometime and look at the reality , we are shite

    4. Nonrev Nosnibor

      Yer some rangers supporter ya fud πŸ€”

  78. j m1872

    What about The Fridge, Edmundson as CDM as he likes to pass the ball forward with Jack and Arfield in front of him. He would also help the defence at corners.

    1. ini ninguem

      Sound idea re. Edmundson jm1872 4/1/3/2 I'd defo keep Arfield in (hopefully Jack performs better than previous game) AND i'd place Aribo on the left of Jack if Bornabear starts! Stewart n Kamberi up top... That to me would be a SOLID side Would love to see POLSTER being considered more in midfield (Claudio Reyna springs to mind)

    2. j m1872

      @Cgm 29 McCrorie would be great in that position.

    3. Cgm 29

      Not a bad idea. Personally I think we missed a trick letting Ross mcorie go out on loan. He would be a good option for games like this and much more solid than Kamara.

  79. Billy Robertson

    Looking forward to NOT seeing Morelos in the starting 11- the boys starting to bug the life out me with his carry on He will never get his big move at this rate, I don’t think he will leave in summer because teams can’t trust him

    1. Billy Robertson


    2. Billy Robertson

      Cgm 29 75%!!! That says it all. Yeah that state would be very interesting. He only has one type of finish and that’s to smash it! He could made it 3-1 Sunday and game would be buried but blows it and gets subbed and he’s got the cheek to look rajin about it

    3. Cgm 29

      @Billy Robertson I would love to see a stat on his chance conversion rate. I bet when he is 1 on 1 he misses more than he scores. He still goes to smash the ball when a placed finish is what's needed. I saw a poll the other day that said 75% of fans would sell him in the summer which I thought was quite daming.

    4. Billy Robertson

      Cgm 29 - I don’t think we are alone with this opinion either mate. Tbh he’s not clinical enough he misses too many chances. He could go to a team who only get 2-3 chances a game and his return would be shockin and wouldn’t get a game

    5. Cgm 29

      Agree with that. My level of tolerance is just about up with him. We need to sell him to fund the 4 or 5 new players we need in the summer. But you are totally right no decent clubs will touch him on current form and with him still constantly going in the huffty tuffty club when something goes against him. Not sure he will ever learn.

  80. Cgm 29

    Part of me thinks we can't keep being as rank as we have been but then we plunge to new depths of crap with performances like Sunday. If we are honest we should have been absolutely pumped by them in the first leg. No idea what team we will go with eveyone I think that would be a cert for a game like this such as Davis Kamara Katic Kent are terrible right now. Think it will be a game to far and I can see us struggling big time with their pace and power. 3 nil to them I am afraid. 😭😭😭

    1. Gman g

      My heart says we will hold on and go through but my head says too good for us on current formπŸ™ˆ

  81. f1ray 85

    Having jack back is a massive plus... might just help break up some of the flowing braga passages of play.... think rangers will score though iam going for 2-2 CJ is looking cracking in that rangers shirt πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    1. f1ray 85

      @Robert Hamilton πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that's a big question πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” Either way.... he is still a handsome sod πŸ™ˆ

    2. Robert Hamilton

      f1ray 85 is that his own hair?

  82. James Lewis

    Nice top cj

  83. Badiu Ciprian

    Braga vs Hagi 2-3!!!

  84. CammySalami996 _


  85. Liam Hughes

    2-1 braga

  86. Scott B

    3-2 to Braga extra time we go.

    1. cjnovo992

      My ticker couldn't handle that

  87. Hugh Adams

    Depends which Rangers team turn up if it's Sunday's team we'll get embarrassed I can't see this braga team not scoring so we better score at least 1 ....I'll take a 1.1 draw just as long as we turn up ...

  88. Tudor Iordache

    Here's the midfield that I would like to see: Jack, Arfield and Hagi -> going CAM.

  89. Fraser J Morrison

    Stewart, Jones and Kamberi should all be starting, whats the point in having players who know what it is to pull on the Rangers strip and not use them ! They know you have to give 110% ever game ! so annoyed, ahead at Xmas again and blew it !!!!!!!! I would play Stewart in mid-field tomorrow.

    1. Fraser J Morrison

      @Hugh Adams i don't mean just tomorrows game, just in general.

    2. Hugh Adams

      Fraser J Morrison jones can't play he's not in the squad

  90. The Rossinator

    I think it might be a sort of defend for the life sort of style from us and then try a counter attack, but hope not we can’t sit in and allow them in as they have showed us they can shoot from anywhere and score, hope we go at them from the first whistle and just go for it. I also think Kamberi starting will make a difference too

  91. shantydoctor

    Given that the manager and the fans have decided that all the players are completely shite I would predict a 5 - 0 to Braga. How could those lads possible have any self belief given the ultra negative support they are getting. Given where our club has been I am astonished that we are even in existence, however the level of entitlement expressed by our supporters is delusional - rant over. P.S. Hope I am very wrong about the score!

  92. FeaR Aggro

    3-2 Rangers hagi 1 kamberi 2

  93. JusticeForVictims Separate entity F.C

    Priority has to be to score first . Best team weve faced all season . We will get chances . Need to take them . 2-2 πŸ”΄βšͺπŸ”΅πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  94. Scott Campbell

    Who knows.... rangers have been up and down more than a skanks knickers

  95. Fraser Gibson

    1-1 hagi goal πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡©

  96. Peek aboo

    Will the team even turn up, according to reports, seven of our players, are still camped up in Dubai, with 4 prostitutes πŸ˜‰πŸ”΄πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ”΅

    1. Graeme Ross

      Ex Ger Hugh Burns stated there was a burst up in Dubai. Is there truth in it, who knows.

    2. Peek aboo

      @dogsof war agree pal, somethings no right, but a hink it's bullshit regarding the whores, Something definitely no right wae Morelos, looks disinterested πŸ”΄πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ”΅

    3. dogsof war

      Herd that aswell m8 7 of them caught SG only punished 3 thats why we are pish the noodressing room is split halliday tells his auld man everything then he goes blabbin doon the pub hope its aw BS but sumthins no rite

  97. jkl Shockskinxds

    1-1 Mon the gers

  98. B

    Sorry but im thinking 3 - 1 braga guys. 😭 fingers crossed for a gerrard masterstroke though. πŸ€žπŸ’™β€πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  99. Alex Durrand

    Smart top cj

    1. cjnovo992

      Thanks Alex

  100. shantydoctor

    So is Katic suddenly gone rubbish overnight - NO, I'd drop Dozy Boy Goldson well before I'd drop Katic who at least gives a f, Goldie doesn't care about anything except him being guaranteed a place to stroll around in a trance most games