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  1. Bossman Boss

    Why do people click on the vid b00bs

  2. Aqil Arman

    2:48 just like billie eillish

  3. Red RightHand

    I still think this is the greatest pic of David in the thumbnail. He looks so cute. Glad he made sure they took some thumbnails before going to the hospital. 🤣

  4. Nick Gurr

    why does the nigga dom look like lester from gta 5

  5. Alexander Maciunas

    There is Jonah (David's friend) but there is also Jonah hill. Davids friend is Jonah Mountain think about it

  6. Shannon Hicks

    When Jason said happy birthday Jack happy birthday Jack I lost it

  7. Zach Zach

    "Crying terribly" David being his croul self "Honk the horn

  8. suzie navarro

    Hilarious lol

  9. Emma Pratt

    My mouth hurts really bad because of smiling and I ended up getting his merch and it is SO comfortable I where it every day love you David for my birthday I am going to have a David Dobrik party

  10. Sha


  11. Zach Zach

    First time i see scotty happy

  12. Wait What


  13. Otaco Ashlee

    Natalie already knows what he's about to say 😂😂😂

  14. Sylvia


  15. Not Jerem

    Corinna is a babe

  16. Cali Meuchel

    Wait... does he have braces?

  17. Andy Simmons

    How many subscribers did he have at this point?

  18. Meme Glob

    Imagine the girl said no

  19. Kaite Vargas

    The gift stinks

  20. Sir Cartier

    David dobrik videos are always 4:21 minutes 😂🤯

  21. Bella Layton

    I’m dead

  22. New England Car Spotting

    Jonah's dad should have said, I think I just sprung a oil leak.

  23. Brad Ramnanan

    Idk why but at the beginning when David scare Carly it looked fake

  24. Ew People

    David, are you gonna come to El Paso?

  25. Patrick Schmitz

    Now I want apple juice

  26. uguess94

    yo if you are watching this in 2020 & dont like my comment....fuck you

  27. bucket wizard

    Bet they paid for all that wrapping paper with the help of seatgeek

  28. Gracelynn Cazier

    Come to my school Costa Mesa high school please

  29. Wes Burns

    U like boys

  30. Charming Destiny

    Bro Alex would make the best actor as a serial killer 😂

  31. BreadZMusic

    This is how many people are waiting for David to upload 👇🏻

  32. FAK'D TV

    I told the cops I wasn't lying when I said a giant green cloud hit my car and that's why I caused that car accident. So who cares how much cocaine was in the car?

  33. Aerial Nunez

    Ok at 2:40 big Nick's whistle was so weaaakkkkk like wtf ik short ppl like him that have strong ass whistles

  34. Rylie Wilson

    so no ones gonna talk about how beautiful suzy looked at the bday party?!

  35. Chelsea Dupio

    what's the name of the song??? 3:53

  36. JKProductions

    literally ur vlogs are the perfect combo of funny and sweet, you deserve the whole world dave💗💗

  37. chandler taylor

    lyrical geniuses

  38. Joseph Gutierrez

    I’ve been having panic attacks these past weeks it’s so hard to breathe and davids vlogs have been helping so much keeping me calm and laughing 👍

  39. Michael Di Genova

    What kind of car is that?*

  40. Rory MURNANE

    0:12 Jason looks like he's thinking "bruh dis bitch" while looking at their "science friend" LMAO

  41. Ezio Auditore da Firenze

    Why is ilya not abusive but dema is

  42. vvAnthonyvv

    they said FILM with david they never said u can’t hang out wit him

  43. Jade Gomez

    OMG, look at Todd's phone case it even has the Natalina name on it

    1. Jade Gomez

      Look at Todd's vlogs and u can see the phone case

  44. Cali Meuchel

    They're is no such thing as a girl scream. Except Vardon's.

  45. Jaelyn Jae

    My mom and her bf are on their way to Vegas rn and he said he always wanted to win 5 grand

  46. Bianca Coleman


  47. Jesus Sandoval

    David you should buy a whole store and give all the stuff to people in need

  48. Rae’s World

    I want the last dudes insta he funny ash

  49. Shacka 123

    Everybody else that does UKmine: about 10 ad breaks David: one at the end of the video

  50. Bens political News

    David: pulls up to car dealership Car dealerships: ah he has returned

  51. rebecca lee

    toronto !! :)

  52. Freddy Trujillo

    Jesus liza is the most annoying human alive holy fuck

  53. Dana MacCharles

    I’m dying! Bless her! Bless David! Oh my!

  54. isabela moreira

    I miss alex😔😔

  55. jack howard

    u guys see sean evans in the background when david blaine was being a sprinkler

  56. Gjergj Gjokaj

    Vardon in the end made me happy.

  57. isa castillo

    The fruit that Alex ate is Guanábana and it’s the best! Vamos mexico

  58. Pastato

    00:29 she sounds Riley from the boondocks

  59. Rae’s World

    The way she screamed

  60. Brett

    definitely a Hollywood prank couldn't do that in Bama damn near all of my friend group cc

  61. Belinda Whittington

    I want Todd and corrina to get back always I’ll end myself

  62. Jonathan Anderkin

    We miss you Kobe

  63. SinnerViews TV

    This was posted on my birthday 😭

  64. Charlie wilkerson

    like his buttcrack ):

  65. Jose Baires

    ur vids were all ways 4 min and twenty seconds long now one sec longer I had to unsubscribe

  66. Angelica Paz

    okay but like only one of a kind person like david in the world and ofc itd him , no matter how rich he is or what personal problens he has , he still makes people happy and makes them smile , I am 100000% sure he is the best friend ever and will be the best husband / father honestly he us just an AMAZING person ONE OF A KIND person :(( 💞

  67. Noa Dechter

    I miss Alex in the vlogs :(

  68. karson owsley

    in the back if you slow it down at 3:25, you can see liza recording david after they announced his name. i'm crying omlll

  69. PandaGirl 26

    David crying with Liza is so cute

  70. juan martinez

    Karina is a crazy and he a bitch ok💡💡💡💡

  71. Emma Boyle

    Alex- throws lamp Jeff- you almost his natalie

  72. libbyisagoodchild *

    What's a dacarosipian I tried to google it and there was nothing I'm scared

  73. Ethan Houser

    She kinda looks like Mia Khalifa🤣

  74. Spencer Pool


  75. Rosita Sayer

    Tfue is dating Karina

  76. Dilraj Rai

    Alex is fat

  77. thatoneguy

    after that dab she had begun the life of a gangsta

  78. Dora The explorer

    Knowing Liza didnt love herself, makes me feel sad🥺

  79. Willow UwU

    His first ever vlog was rrally putting a puppy in a microwave..smh

  80. Akemi Aki

    I have gone to jail 3 times and juvenile detention 7 times in my life and I am only 18 years old. So beat that Jeff.

  81. Bens political News

    Honestly he kinda did shoot it off his leg...

  82. Manny Inoa

    Jason kind of looked like Gordon Ramsey when he had the bottle of coke


    What the fuck is je on crack for building that water slide

  84. FuZeX Marouf

    How’s David just casually handing out 25 grand. Like wtf

  85. Tactical Neon

    1:13 on the left side there was a girl that flashed the camera

  86. Addison Poorman

    What song is Charlie playing at 3:08?

  87. Emma Watson

    More happens in 1 year of this life than in most people’s lifetime 😂❤️

  88. Hunter Shockto

    Jason: Thank you so much David for giving me a career, for putting food on my.. *so greatful* David: Hello? Yeah I'm not busy *leaves*

  89. TheFakePerson

    I agree with Olivia, Mike has a dirty face 😂 he’s not that good looking

  90. Hoomanoid13

    Tell me why I thoght DACA Recipent was a religion 😔

  91. Halle Evenson

    Ilya is underrated

  92. rootbeerbellyboy

    Bullshit...that is impossible unless she is taking half a class a semester, you not working 3 real jobs, taking care of a sick person and kid and college at the same time, some of that shit is exaggerated as fuck.

  93. Mellow Cruz

    2:30 soooo is no one gonna comment on how Heath (Danielle 1) was gonna throw Zane (Danielle 2) off the balcony cuz it hade me W H E E Z I N G

  94. Potato :3 Meow!

    And those seven guys were Bts-

  95. Marco Ulmanella

    imagine a secret society where they all have their eyes tattoed black and when anyone finds out about their existance you see someone with black eyes in public and they follow you and kill you

  96. aric cruz guerrero

    David's voice crack wand the video starts

  97. Anastasia Rice

    Omg they have all changed so much in three years

  98. lovelasts2141

    I miss dom in the vlogs 😭😭

  99. Alexa Hoverder

    DAVID can you come to mizzou please we love you and we need u

  100. Micayla Gregory

    David I love you so much i'm not f*** kidding I seriously have watched all your videos when I get home from school I watch them over and over that is why i'm grounded because I have bad grads because in steed of studding I watch you! only on the weekends I have my computer NOT my phone and we had a filed trip today and I was the only one who did not have a phone that was not making tik toks and when people ask me I say that I can't get off of DAVID DOBRIK'S UKmine!!!! you make me smile all the time I don't know what I would do if I did not have your videos to make me laugh.. YOU ARE THE FUNNY'S PERSON IN THE WORLD I LOVE YOU