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  1. Blue Balloons

    Hayley was definitely in set 8

  2. Dimona Finn

    Karen is my mum

  3. Macca70

    I've done the Glasgow Subcrawl (16 pubs) about 18 times, and there have been times when we've been a bit stupid at the start with extra drinks at the early stops. It rarely ends well, haha.

  4. maisaeki

    me being irish hearing her say ciara "kee a rah" : >:( (its "kee rah)

  5. Isaac

    Love the overalls lass

  6. Harry’s Music Chanel

    The best thing about this video is the gavin and Stacy impressions 🤣🤣🤣

  7. 2REAL 4ME

    Was creasing at you throwing those rocks.

  8. Oblong02

    I wish Wales would exist without the Welsh.

  9. Josh

    Sourz doesn't count as a bev on any pub crawl

  10. Richard Shomo

    Yesssss girl! come hang out with me and my friends in tx, we'll do something equivalent in about 5 hours, eat some tacos, then start over.

  11. Thatwaseverything

    1 second in and I was drawn to wicked

  12. LukesLewis

    I love this series more please

  13. Igor

    it's like in this movie by edgar wirght "The world's end" but there are no aliens and it is in London

  14. Charlie_9918

    Well then, your sister looks fuck all like you 😂


    Up the Martin

  16. Raymond Stockdale

    Kinda feels like you stole a bit from cold ones

  17. Alisha Ann

    Favourite series ever

  18. The Backup

    "Will you marry me", Becky? ;D

  19. blair walnuts

    becky im dying to be on this! i love this and you

  20. Joe Shaw

    Becky told me to say STORM SURVIVOR

  21. thrustbarz batmon

    Hey Becky... why Freya couldn’t say a single word when she was on your show?

  22. Adam Opala

    You just gave me aids. Thanks Becky I need to go to Muhammad again.

  23. AngeltheUnicorn

    Think this would be proper banter to try.

  24. ryan garbett

    I watch these vids to make myself feel less insane thanks beck

  25. Crewsyy

    Karen is my mum, abit late to the video but still here

  26. Felix Futcliffe

    Get me on strong ones av done every shot in spoons i can fucking take it

  27. James Pope


  28. prawnlaa


  29. David Anderson

    Becky is wife material

  30. iiiAlex

    Copy of cold ones a bad one at that

  31. Lucy Ryder

    Omfgggggg CALFREEZY!!!!!!!! He better do it

  32. BadaBingBadaBoom

    1:03 what was so funny

  33. Nat Clark


  34. Nat Clark


  35. Nat Clark


  36. Daz Bri

    2 pints 18 apple sourz .😀

  37. Joe

    Get Will and Gee on this please!!!

  38. Joe


  39. doureallythinkitsme

    Max Fosh would be hilarious

  40. AverageSkater

    Ruined my childhood, on the plus side, a pretty face told me:) all’s well that ends well;)

  41. emma b

    this was fucking hilarious. i want to join

  42. Oblong02

    This is why I hate this country.

  43. Let’s Not

    All the dislikes are people who want to be KSI’s best friend

  44. Sam Farr

    90% of Becky's videos involve getting really drunk 😆

  45. Billy Bob

    Get ksi on the show , that would be class

  46. L E O N S O N N Y

    I was f*cking on the pier and saw you guys and thought wtf not relalising it was you

  47. Rilateable

    Honestly inspiring I'd happily give this a shot

  48. 0saintclark0

    If you're doing strong ones, where's the Henry Weston's or cheddar valley?

  49. Meg P

    Think you should bring Tanya Burr on the show

  50. zippanaut

    This looks strangely familiar

  51. Brandon Heanen

    Just copping cold ones, who got the idea from hot ones

  52. L. Bakker

    What a shitty show. Complete ripoff from Cold Ones...

  53. Joe Smith

    Was searching for "what to do in London" to prepare for my first UK trip, and ended up here.. I'm not even mad. UKmine knows me too well.

  54. 0saintclark0

    I gotta be honest catfishing old men just seems a little wrong, sure there are probably some weirdos in there but also probably just a lot of lonely old men.

  55. D.Ely


  56. Thomas Walton

    This video feels like one massive fever dream

  57. 0saintclark0


  58. Greg Richardson

    I have actually done it... but only have half pints in each pub! You crazy!

  59. Banana Drama

    So now there is Hot Ones, Cold Ones and Strong Ones.

  60. Hell Boy

    I had a struggling time watching this because of how cringe it was

  61. thrustbarz batmon

    Becky you are astonishing. Drunk 🥴 you are even more attractive. Should do one more but each one needs to read the questions and answer. Need to see how long you can last without slurring. Let Freya lead.

  62. TMAK 11

    You need to do another one of these

  63. Andrew Shore

    Looks exactly like hot ones

  64. thrustbarz batmon

    Becky you are one cool cookie. Drunk and all and you still spoke the whole way. You are solid.

  65. thrustbarz batmon

    Freya did not speak while drunk for one reason...

  66. Izaak Wood

    This concept of a video is actually sick. Really love the answer questions while drinking with the Hot ones twist on it. Big up yourself on this one Becky!

  67. smileymiley

    Fraser iNabber

  68. Zirk Trolls Plays COME N ENJOY!!!!

    Shit Becky looking beyond beautiful would love to bring you to US for a photoshoot

  69. David Attenborough

    Drinks were abit pathetic like but go off

  70. Reg _

    Btec cold ones

  71. Hegg

    This is the second alcohol based parody of hot ones who knew day drinking would be such a good job

  72. Ash Fuller-Lee

    Or even Stephen Tries think you two would be hilarious

  73. Elliot Hails

    I thought it was us English who stole from The colonies. None of yous heard of cold ones then?

  74. Zero M

    Get BrodieTV he's in London just now

  75. Jason McGuire

    I just really wanna drink with you lol... what a night out that would be

  76. John Mosher


  77. Robert Leemans

    Fave channel omg😂smile hasn’t left my face 😂😂

  78. Megan Lehman

    I go to college in Ann Arbor, MI.. unfortunately we do not claim rights to iNabber but do encourage a visit

  79. Emily Farley

    Yes I enjoyed

  80. LemonZeppelin

    This video is why I drink.

  81. Steven N

    Don't drink with a Tory they'll tap out.

  82. Anakin Skywalker Has The High Ground

    "...Just look at us man, best day ever," Not even a second later *"tHiS iS fAkKiN aWfUl!"* lmaaaoooooo, luv ur videos btw.

  83. Ned Whitney

    God loves a trier. But he punishes the alcoholic triers :')

  84. Josh Evans

    Every video I swr I see her drinking

  85. itsdragonfusion

    Bambino that’s my mum how did she make it into your video! 0:30 She was jumping up and down I’m famous

  86. Aliceee

    If calfreezy doesn't come on I will riot

  87. arcticdeep


  88. James Pout

    How have you not been copywrite striked by Bonnie Tyler yet?

  89. WellThen ッ

    if you can get ksi on this series it would bang and be joke

  90. billygoat gamer

    You have fully ripped off hot ones 😂very creative

  91. Laura Bennison

    feel like this is just becky’s way of getting rid of all the alcohol left over from houseparties lmao

  92. josh

    7:08 why did that sound like will

  93. Simone Tanzi

    1:40 3:51 6:11 nice burps

  94. Peter Shipway

    Get Chi on this

  95. UnbenutzerKanalname

    1:25 she's already glowing red after the first beer

  96. KindOfMr

    Drink me under the table like u did in 2016 x

  97. Jimbo's Farm

    Bet the blonde ones minge is lovely

  98. the gaming hinds

    That scream at the start tho😂

  99. Fin Forster

    Get memeulous on

  100. Ste Dog

    I want to be on STRONG ONES :(