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  1. Paul Simpson

    My amazing, beautiful, husband passed away on the 15th February. I'm broken and devastated by it. I understand the need for organ donation, I really do, but I can't bear the thought of someone cutting him open. This isn't a simple issue, and I hope no one ever had to feel like I do right now. I live in the UK, and if this choice has been taken out of my hands I don't know what I would have done.

  2. mooove now

    If the school staff was so uncomfortable dont call the police on a fucking 6 year old

  3. Cortney French

    My work did the 'you're in unless you opt out' on 401k... and all of a sudden I am retiring one day 😂 I had every intent to sign up for 401k but...

  4. Apollyon Katastrefia

    Puting your son in your video is nepotism. I can't believe you Phil.

  5. Shianne Collens

    This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this. A 11 year old girl was arrested when she threatened to kill herself at her school. They actually ziptied her and everything. It was traumatizing for her and didn’t help matters at all.

  6. Dr foto

    There seems to be so much more to the story about the cop and the kid that just isn't mentioned here. Why the hell was he called in the first place? I mean there's got to be some serious issues with the kid if the cops are called to deal with it. Also it doesn't sound at all to me as if he's trying to brag about his arrests or arresting children, it sounds like he's trying to calm down the teacher who called the police, trying to say that he's had a lot of experience and that he's dealt with cases like this before. Also I don't see whats so horrible about the footage, sure the child is crying but I have heard worse crying from children upset that they don't get desert if they don't eat their vegetables. Do I think that literally arresting a six year old is excessive, yeah, but again why is the school calling the police on a six year old? Honestly the biggest flaw this police did was not abiding to policy and getting approval from a superior before making the arrest. Yes the kid needs help, but is she getting any? Why isn't she getting any from the school? Again for the last time don't forget that someone thought it necessary to call the cops on a six year old. There's a much bigger societal issue here and people are not seeing it because let's all hate on the cop who got called to this mess.

  7. BrownPanda

    Hey Phil can you please cover what's happening in Delhi? The television news is straight up contradictory to what real people are experiencing and posting on Social median. Soo many people have been murdered in cold blood. Hopefully you see this

  8. wowzer

    Why is the alexia girl still talking like she is in a Jay station video in her "truth" video

  9. April Smith

    If Dan Harmon didn't receive backlash over that poor excuse of a joke. He would still be saying things like that

  10. paxinum

    I am against minimal age for arrests - laws remove the thought process. I much rather see the people making arrests to think a bit extra about their actions. Arresting young kids should not be common, and in this case, this seems like a gross overreaction. That guy should not be a police officer. Making laws to prevent police officers to do stupid things is the wrong way to go - I rather have a requirement that police officers are able to have some basic human decency and common sense.

  11. Kelly Williams

    Scared Straight.. what impression you think it left on the children? you think possibly they might for the rest of their life, consider their behavior?.. hmmmm?

  12. stoffel

    how does an adult let alone a civil servant, get it in their head to do that to a child? how an why does one think its ok to arrest a child? incredible

  13. Boomken76

    i dont know it works as a good scared strait option.

  14. Cierra W.

    I'm living in Japan now and I can tell you that there aren't any face masks or a drop of hand sanitizer left to buy in the ENTIRE COUNTRY. It's seriously crazy. On the bright side, the flu hasn't been as big of a problem because everyone is so concerned ahaha. On that note, thought, the Diamond Princess was so so so poorly handled. I think the only reason we're not seeing a huge rise in numbers since the quarantine let up is because Japan isn't testing NEARLY as many people as it should. S. Korea is testing a greater number of people each day, so that's why they were able to come to that number after the initial outbreak from that church group (and they'll hopefully be able to stop or slow down the continued spread). The Olympics are set to happen in 150 days and everyone is Panicking that it could be disrupted- or cancelled all together. I don't think that will happen, but I could see some countries pulling their athletes from attending so they're not put at risk. However, I also think people are forgetting COVID-19 isn't SARS. The mortality rate isn't nearly as bad, it's just incredibly virulent. If you have it, you're almost certainly going to give it to someone else. The problem comes when that other person is very old, very young, or already very sick. I'm not concerned for myself, but I do worry about those that are most vulnerable. I'd bet there's hundreds of people that have a "cold" that are out here infecting people left and right. Puts a huge damper on my travel plans tho, I'll tell you that :(

  15. Sussex Sweets

    Didn’t realise how many thick people watch you, untill today, the bloody cop didn’t tie her down, didn’t strip her, or abuse her. He simply nicely, arrested her, teaching her a valuable lesson, luckily my parents could teach me what is wrong and Wright and didn’t need to get police involved, but if they where not capapable( as clearly her parents are not) it wouldn’t be an issue if I decided to punch in 3 of my teachers, i would absolutely expect to receive such a punishment which will teach a valuable lesson. You can’t go round punching people without any consequences.

    1. danger zone

      The parents should've handled it not the police for a little kid

  16. Rae Everlark

    UKminer Atozy has done a deep search into the Jaystation drama. There was no police reports or charges as both he and his ex claimed. Atozy actually got in contact with a couple different police departments in regards to it...

  17. Lucy Diamond

    it's not because she's a trump supporter, it's because of all the horrible, disgusting, mean things she's said and done over the years to provoke and distress people. How does she not see these are direct consiquences to her own actions? Did she think people would just keep allowing her to do this? She had all this coming to her.

  18. Miss

    You should discuss the case of 15 month old Evelyn who went missing two months ago but was reported missing this month by the mother.

  19. Elizabeth G

    Can you recover from coronavirus? Or will you die eventually? I feel like I haven’t heard anything about people surviving...

  20. Riley Barker

    Phill you are speaking beyond your preview here, children need discipline and many don’t receive it, this young girls record is not permanently damaged no charges where pursued this is simply a scare tactic to teach her that her violent and disruptive actions have consequences the staff called the officer showed her that if she continued behavior like this that there would be no second chances maybe interview the administration and see what history of Delinquent behavior lead them to even contact the police on a 6 year old

    1. Reece Redman

      Riley Barker couldn’t of said better my self, perfectly shared if only others where not so simple minded.

  21. Tim Johnson

    Easy in the Botox.

  22. SageOfBlades

    As soon as Phil said "Florida" I was like aaaaaaaaaah that makes sense

  23. marianamor

    I'm an advocate for putting devices away when your child is in pain and comforting them in the moment, not to mention posting things on social media. However, the fact is that it's triggered a massive discussion about bullying. We don't know how the family deals with the bullying Quaden suffers outside of this short video. We don't know whether they have him getting professional support from welfare workers or mental health professionals, we don't know if she didn't talk to him about discussing this with people. We don't even know if she asked for his permission. Ultimately, there is a message in all of this and it is that we should be teaching our young ones to respect each other; we should be letting this mother parent her child and the professionals in his life be concerned about whether that parenting is sufficient.

  24. David OL

    I wouldn't say he's bragging. That sounded to me like he was almost shocked that his "record" was broken. Also I think he did the right thing, if this kid had just been assaulting teachers they needed a short sharp shock; how was he to know she had a pre-existing condition. I feel he probably should've just taken her to the car with a teacher present, to try and show them that that sort of behaviour isn't acceptable to teach them a lesson, then released them back to their parents.

  25. Cameron Phillips

    The coronavirus is literally the Flu. They're trying to scare you.

    1. The trash can of hopes & dreams

      It's the flu with a higher chance of pneumonia and death within the elderly and the immunocompromised. That, and it spreads like crazy and there's no vaccine yet. At least it isn't a superbug. It's fascinating how people are saying the media is under-hyping the severity, and those that shrug it off, thinking the coverage is fearmongering.

    2. Johnathan Bennett

      The symptoms are similar, but the main difference is that, while we have vaccines to prevent the flu and cures to fix the flu, we do not have these for the coronavirus. And while this cure is being developed, the coronavirus is still spreading.

    3. Johnathan Bennett

      It’s really not though...

  26. Dan

    Who even calls the police over a misbehaving 6 year old???

  27. Asmo Nymous

    We should defund the CDC now. Perfect timing! MAGA /s

  28. VintageWonderland

    It's 4 in the morning and now I... I wanna die lol. Phil... Dude... I can't leave my house now

  29. Michael Walker

    Why did you show Jay face?

  30. Slack

    That police officer should be forcibly castrated and given a court order to stay at least 300 feet away from any children. I wouldn't trust a man like that to pour a drink for a child after a video like this....

  31. Ryan Rosario

    I feel like when it comes to police a lot of people aren't talking about officer fatigue and desentization. Officers deal with a a lot of stuff and many don't have proper coping mechanisms to deal with these things, they often develop bad traits as a result and the constant pressure changes people. Officers need better mental health support not just for themselves but to improve their relation with the public. I think an older officer is going to become a reasource officer they should have to have a training course for it as well as yearly psych evaluations to ensure they are in the right mindset to interact with young children/young adults.

  32. Leah Williams

    That little girls cries of no felt like a chest punch. So unnecessary and potentially scarring for that child

  33. thepap 000

    If a child is a little shit. It's okay to arrest them. It's just a scare

  34. Guy moore

    I'm so pissed when someone walks by me and coughs or when standing next to me

  35. Anyou

    My entire region in Italy is practically shut down

  36. Sunny Dimes

    Terrible parenting

  37. Liznak Leonhardt

    Minimum arrest age? no. Minimum incarceration age? of course.

  38. TheTIGSY

    Not saying I agree with the officer but Question though, why call police on a 6 yearold and then be suprised when the officer arrests the 6 year old?

  39. morgan tathie

    So wait... youtube can punish you for something that happens OFF of youtube? That doesn't make sense. Yea, the guys a super douche but think about the implications of this. I dont agree.

  40. Voltaic Fire

    Good, I won't have to find & carry my donor card around anymore.

  41. Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble

    i hate the idea of taking a dead persons organs and tissues to use it on someone else, i don't care if i'll be dead, i don't want my body tampered with like that after death, suprised so many people are ok with the idea of people rummaging through their guts after death to scavenge whatever useful organs they can find, we should be past the need for organ donation, surely there is a less vulture-ish alternative being worked on, 3d print some artificial organs or something

  42. Jasmin

    Why on earth did they need to restrain her. Whether or not there was a reason to arrest a 6 year old girl, why would you need to restrain her??? Insanity.

  43. xara505

    I'm torn. Kids can be awful little sh*ts at times, but on the other hand... this does set a bad precedence.

  44. Michelle P-S

    As a Brit I think the new law regarding opt out organ donation is fantastic. So many healthy organs that could save lives are lost every day because people forgot/didn’t get around to ticking a box. Too many people don’t discuss their wishes with family or aren’t close enough to want to share their opinions with them. It also takes the decision out of the hands of those on the fence about it or those who just don’t want to think about the possibility of it happening. I think it’s brilliant and I can only see positives from this.

  45. Mike Hawk

    People worried about me he virus 😂. How many people have died from the flu already this year?

  46. Annette Smith

    Please be an organ donor - I had a living kidney donor, but people who donate in death are saving lives. In Canada a large percentage of donors have their wishes disregarded by their families after they die. If you want to be a donor, please talk to your family as well, and let them know that this is what you want.

  47. Half Past Ambience

    So I opted in for organ donation- they’re taking everything because I’m not exactly going to need them when I pass away, and it feels good to know I can help someone and contribute even when I’m pushing up daisies. Itd be really helpful if other people adopted this mindset too so I’m a bit conflicted: body autonomy and helping others are both equally important to me.

  48. Madison x

    I'm sorry but *EVERYONE* should be an organ donor, you should have to opt out on your own. Don't understand why this isn't a policy yet? Why do you need to die with your organs? Give them to someone in need!

  49. Alex Oakes

    I'm from the UK, lived here all my life. The thing about the NHS organ donation for me, is the fact the government are essentially seizing control of your entire physical self without consent once you die. Furthermore, where is the contract that actually states what they're allowed to do with us? There isn't one. That's why I opted out, they just add everybody to a list without telling them or letting us know what they're even going to do with us. I don't want a government run organisation to own me once I die. They've never given me a reason to trust them and I'm not about to start now. I'll let my family be the governing body over what happens to my corpse, not the English Government and the NHS (who's fate is still unpredicted).

  50. Nullpersona

    Who is in charge of globally investigating and holding accountable those who knowingly suppressed information about the nCov from Wuhan, China?

  51. Ginger doesn't want to give a last name.

    Cops have a power complex. Just the other day my neighbor got arrested and she's crying and leaving she got arrested over finally fighting her false back because of the abuse he was putting on her. All I did was walk up probably about four feet away and telling her to call me when she gets to jail. The officer who was escorting her had the nerve to say to me "get away from me." I was never near this fucking officer and I was never even talking to him or even approaching him in any way shape or form. They treat people like shit. I really wish I would have caught that on tape. Anytime something goes on with this Police Department where I live it's like I always forget to pull out the fucking phone. They've investigated so many times. It makes me scared to call the police for anything.

  52. ExplosiveFetus

    Why did they even call the police if they didn't want someone arrested? Shouldn't teachers have staff and training to control a 6 year old?

  53. nott ivaggo

    Please talk about India / modi’s islamophobia

  54. milly reynolds

    i’m from the uk and find america’s politics very interesting, they are so different from here, it seems more like a show or something, still since 2016 i’ve liked bernie and hope he does well x

  55. CptBeer

    I knew it, if we didnt stop it at wuhan it would spread and look now it has spread

  56. Bert Jete

    You got good cops and you got dirty 🐷's.

  57. Elaina Gilbert

    Who calls the police for a disturbance with a child? You call the parents and have them deal with it.

  58. SMART-voter.org

    Snowflakes. Six year old children feel anguish and can act that way walking through a shop and not getting to buy the thing they want. Police officer decided, since the parents and school teachers can't handle her, to provide her with an escalation, help her realise how serious her misconduct is and hopefully empower those who can't handle her to say "stop or I will need to call the police"...and now he has lost his job and everyone existing around this poor victim of absent disciple, now further entitled vindicated girl will suffer the consequences. Well done world. You just put her grown up self in jail.

  59. jbulletc

    Am I the only one who doesn't give fuck about tying up a violent 6 year old's hands? Was she hurt? No. Ashamed and scared? Yes and thats probably a good thing.

  60. Llethander

    I have no issue with organ donors, I think they are amazing people. I don't agree with forcibly enrolling everyone above a certain age into an organ donation program even with the option to opt out. I can count on 0 fingers the number of times I've received an organ donation pamphlet or heard a tv or radio advert and I live in Canada, a place where Blood Drive adverts are frequent things and pamphlets are mailed on a (usually) annual basis. I think they should, instead, take the time to properly advertise the need for organ donors and make it easy for people to enroll in the program instead of something like this, but that's just my personal opinion. Honestly, I can see people opting out for no other reason than the government forcibly enrolling them.

  61. Tim Cross

    As we know people who bully online have mental heal issues

  62. Megan Lewis

    I will give you my kidney Phil.

  63. Tim Cross


  64. Joseph Edwards Arena

    In my country you can't arrest a child younger than 8

  65. Jade T

    Damn I went looking for the Rhett and link episode after today's PDS and couldn't find it. Thought I was going crazy. Yep. Missed the whole teaser trailer for tomorrow but. Damn it!

  66. WhatAHero

    There should be no age restriction on arrest. That's not to say an officer shouldn't use his brain when making a judgement to arrest a child, like this one obviously didn't, but some kids are just fucked up. The youngest child to commit murderer in the world was a Norwegian 5 year old, doing so with another boy of the age of 6, when they violently beat, stoned, and stripped another 5 year old girl to be left in the freezing snow to die of hypothermia. This 5 year old girl's death, was never brought to justice, and these children never saw any legal repercussions, because Norwegian law did not allow the arrest of anyone under the age of 15. A very famous case is that of the murder of James Bulger, where James Bulger, a 2 year old, was abducted, tortured, and beaten to death by two 10 year old children in the UK. Should these children have immunity of at least being restrained by a police officer and taken to a police station? While child homicide is a rare thing, it is possible, and to create a law where an age limit is set to let a child, who is either a danger to himself or others, do such things without legal intervention, is a very dangerous thing.

  67. mihai7192

    BUT, if it was proven that Jaystation had voted for Trump, he would have immediately been banned from youtube...

  68. ioplup

    I'm from the UK and I've been a registered organ donor since the day I could sign up. I think it's an excellent idea to have it as an opt out system instead of opt in. People are no longer using those organs that could change or save multiple peoples lives, might as well give them to people who are alive and can make use of them. If we recycle plastic, paper and glass why not recycle kidneys, hearts and lungs?

  69. Dr. Vikyll

    I knew that America was a third world country in disguise, but this is openly saying "I am a third world country"

  70. Victoria Turner

    I feel like the corona virus is really gonna fuck up Japan 2020..

  71. Cilly Honey

    Everybody is all worried about the Corona virus, meanwhile the flu had killed thousands already. Don't panic and wash your hands and you will be okay, probably.

  72. Nad Senoj

    In my last will and testament. I will be requesting my entire body, or all parts applicable, be donated for research and medical studies. In any capacity possible.

    1. John Crower Doe

      There's a form for that, available from your nearest medical school.

  73. Sam M

    I personally have a grunge against organ donation, they refused to give my dad a kidney transplant because he had suffered from cancer, he lived 10 years cancer free but his body caught up to him and it wasn’t the cancer that kill him, it was stupid doctors who believe a guy in his 60s wasn’t going to live much longer, he never got to see me graduate only because doctors refused to even test us for a match so you didn’t want my kidney then, f you, you don’t get it now, unless I’m moving countries I’m not donating a single cell to this medical system.

  74. Father Hate

    Anyone else think quaden looks like the kids from akira..? Minus the blue skin..

  75. Cilly Honey

    Jaystation is a another Narcissistic Sociopath manipulating people on youtube. People need to get better at spotting these toxic personalities.

  76. La Ma

    I have been around a lot of kids with behavior issues that are friends of my kids, and not once did i feel endangered by a 6 yo where i could consider calling the cops on them. I feel like we are failing our children now.

  77. Amy Saunders

    We already have an opt-out system in Wales its a much better system, most people in the UK are for organ donation and a lot are indifferent. I'm glad England are following suit

  78. Laroac

    Result of 0 tolerance shool policies, and him not being in a police union.

  79. weed

    Unruly 6 yr old : Cop : you have committed crimes against Florida and her people what say you in your defense

  80. Cilly Honey

    Arresting children is the actions of a garbage human.

  81. Amy Speers

    I am a nurse-have been for almost 30 years. In the time, I have worked with kids waiting for or post organ transplant. I have also been a school nurse, working with school resource officers. I love the opt out policy in England. It is heart braking seeing a child die because there were no organs available. I know children are not a part of this new policy but I hope it will encourage more communication on this topic. As far are school resource officers, I was super lucky to have worked with fantastic people. They were very involved in the school and community and attended workshops and had updates frequently. It all depends on the person, but I do view SROs as a positive thing.

  82. Tempest threeseventeen

    does the little girl now have a police record?

  83. Jade T

    I don't know about age limits of arrest because of kids that have murdered or molested other kids. Look at John Venables and Robert Thompson. But that is the extreme. For things that are just behavioral like this absolutely. They are a baby throwing a tantrum. Parents need to be called or worst case scenario the child suspended or expelled. The law should never even come into it.

  84. Chris McSweeney

    They've had the organ donor opt-out thing in Wales for a few years now.

  85. Gray’s sorta blue

    Eh. I’m not surprised. I grew up in Miami and kids were arrested left right and center. Behavioral issue, or in my case, reaction from C-PTSD nobody bothered to diagnose, you’d get handcuffed and baker acted (51-50’d in some states, it’s a 72 hour involuntary psych hold.) They always said the handcuffs were mandatory, idk if that’s true. So the kid crying isn’t really all that heartbreaking, it’s done a LOT more than discussed. It was also done at my middle school in TX, school “cops” would pass you off to the real ones. But it does open the door to writing policies that make sense, it’d be cool if that could happen.

  86. Rachel

    Scotland and Wales already have this in place. England are already behind.

  87. Dr Deadbeat

    Funny how the usual race dynamic is missing from the first story

  88. M J

    Thank you for pronouncing Iran correctly.

  89. drd105

    I don't know who that J, or whatever, is. But the few clips of the girlfriend make me think she's in on it. She sounds completely scripted.

  90. Katelyn Dunn

    I’m an American student living in Italy and all of my fellow students have gotten very nervous. I’m sick from something else and have gotten some bad comments from people. This whole thing is turning some people ugly

  91. Sam De Prez

    Why call the cops on a 6 year old?

  92. milly reynolds

    i’m glad the uk has opted in x

  93. PaperSmiles

    Living in the UK, the new organ donation laws terrify me, but only because I'm queasy and paranoid. I'm not going to let my own body horror cause the death of other people through inaction. Now to go curl up in a bal and try not to think about the contents of my chest cavity lol

  94. B G

    The bigger problem is that the school called for the police to deal with a 6 year old misbehaving.

  95. Ennas78

    Yet Onision is still monitized? Cool.

  96. Zachary P

    I don’t see anything wrong with what the officer did. Obviously the charges is much but showing kids what could possibly happen when you act up and perform BATTERY because don’t forget that’s what she was doing. So zip tie her hands, take her to the car, then speak to her calmly about what happened

  97. fairy changling

    Handcuffs are for the polices protection, so this police man is afraid of a 6 year old girl? If he feels threatened he should be fired. Making decisions like this 1 should mean this dude doesn't have the appropriate risk assessment or the ability to make decisions. Not everyone deserves a badge and this idiot is 1 of the 1s who are giving the police a bad name. Fire him.

  98. Melody Young

    First of all: ACAB! Second of all: I'm glad this guy got fired, and it's pretty disgusting what he did. Third of all: I don't think arresting children is the best policy, and honestly I don't think arresting adults is always the best policy. I think the way police handle most situations are terrible Forth: More money for training school staff and any type of social workers to deal with children who may have behavioral issues or medical issues is a good idea.

  99. Cat C

    UKmine is quick to demonetize Jays main channel, but not Onision?

  100. Jared Morgan

    Well, how else is he going to get a perfect arrest record?