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  1. shirkor


  2. Kseniya Ryazanceva

    At mean was a long time seat not 1 hour what be if she had all things for ig we have.its un normal ;))

  3. Charlotte Dashwood

    "A shoe horn, no it's not a sexual device" Jeffree you crack me up 😂


    Hi Jeffree can we get another Vlog Style video soon please

  5. Alex Montes

    Hurry up Jeffree! I need that sailor moon review!

  6. Yuejin kim

    The pink drama is real

  7. soy nugget

    hi i need queen bee to be in the permanent collection!!!!! please

  8. aimee lammetje

    Jeffree is shook bc he has never had a crunsh wrap... me a dutchy I HAVE NEVER HAD TACO BELL

  9. Emilee Bowley

    I wish he would release his palettes in both like the original packaging for collectors and then also one that was simple packaging for pros or to travel/store easier

  10. Patricia Burt

    I love watching you but the makeup looked bad

  11. Siti suwaibah

    In the thumbnail she have the most expensive bag in the world

  12. Siti Khadijah

    The only male MUA that I'd watch ever since 2017. His impressions on EVERY makeup brands is just HONESTY (in opinion). To me, he's the FUNNIEST male MUA and I'm entertained. It's like I'm watching a beauty channel and at the same time getting some knowledge on makeup brands that WORTH to buy. To me, he's the male "Michelle Phan" version. You may agree or disagree, but yeah.

  13. Ricky Ku

    Nathan issssss sooooooooooooooooo fckn High ............. is not even funny.

  14. Deaths Marble Cat

    I feel bad for Jeffrey that mustve hurt and be very scary, you know I would want to get the product from the person that made it not from somewhere else

  15. Tina Manojlovic

    What this is 30min

  16. Marie Moss

    Purplelichious 💋💋💋💋💋💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  17. Blix KP

    Omg I bought that exact eye pallet a few months ago and I hated it, I never knew jeffree made a review about it, if I had seen it before I wouldn't had made the mistake of buying it.

  18. Franchesca Martinez

    I'm Late?

  19. Ms Gulshan Siddiqui

    Hi jeffree I am your new subscriber, I really love the way you describe about the products this really helps me to know about the international brands. Love from India.

  20. everybodys_on_ drugs

    Here I am, watching this in 2020 and it’s crazy to see how far Jeffree has come and some of these products in this video 😬 YIKES😂 and it’s great to see how he’s also improved on filming❤️ I love this for him!😘

  21. sarah badea

    Bish i have al ur make up i luv u so much I RLLY HOPE U CAN NOTICE ME💓💓💓💓

  22. annabelle gonzal

    Can try full face makeup by Ashley?!

  23. Sian Fell

    Love you!!! The use of so much unnecessary plastic :( Jeffree... can't you use your status as a beauty mogul and MAKE A STAND?! <3 x

  24. Molly Hall

    I lost my shit at 16:22 when Shane was pretending to be manny 🤣

  25. PsychicJuliana Sanders

    After your review I did buy the liquid dark green eyeshadow... you were right this is good. It has a great formula and it has lots of sparkle!

  26. Deanna Reichstein

    Colab with makeupbyjaack 👌

  27. Katie Barr

    Trish would be the cutest mom

  28. Claire Porlaje

    Cheer up sis. Love you always! 💕🇵🇭

  29. Анна Миловидова

    Watching it literally for the 30+ time :D My all time favorite review

  30. Nancy Szewczyk

    I don't have Twitter

  31. Ana Karla Nelson de Oliveira Maia

    I lov when u do ur eyebrows

  32. Joy

    Jeffree - you are perfect just the way you are!!!

  33. Princess Epifania


  34. God's Child

    Would lovvvve to win this set 😍😍😍😍

  35. Juztine Jan Bachiller

    i love him his video and everything he doesn't even accept ads on his videos😍😍

  36. Fiona Wu

    There is almost always that one comment under every Jeffree's video. "Jeffree is the only person who doesn't look weird without eyebrows."

    1. Fiona Wu

      I mean, they ain't wrong.

  37. Jade Dilla

    This is how many Jeffree said Oh My god👇

  38. Brianna Kathleen

    Nathan is so fucking hot

  39. Princess Epifania

    Wow beautiful I love jeffreestar's videos so much 💜😍🦄😊🤴!!!

    1. seeriu ciihy

      Hey, ok I mean this with respect but, fuck eyebrows!! I like ya better with out them!

  40. I'm gae for Billie Eilish

    Damn am i the only one who misses the old tone of the "hi,how are ya" dunno but i feel like it changed.

    1. seeriu ciihy

      please do a review on Miss A makeup!!❤️

  41. Jade Dilla

    Here in Philippines, we prefer to use our fingers than using a brush or beauty blender

  42. babytae Hyung

    This is the most chaotic video on his channel

  43. Yanziee Yana

    woooow! cool video, and I also love color violet! 💜💜💜

  44. Lilly Heart

    You're looking amazing

  45. Lilly Heart

    I liiiiive, my next makeup is coming from you mama, yay so happy you're still doing your thang <3

  46. Xavier Garmilla

    What up bro?

  47. Isabella Michelle

    If you don't love red bull are you even jeffree star approved?

  48. Jessica Somerville

    Um why would you hear jackhammers in the woods lmao

  49. Harim

    That nail color on Jeffree's hands looks STUNNNNING, I can't stop looking. His hands are beautiful!

  50. chanthy sar

    Jeffree should be a model.

  51. Karina Sogge

    At 3:28 who Walked behind the big beauty blender. Creepy

  52. Dian Indra

    You're actually good without tatto & if you raise your weight, you'll be amazing perfect.

  53. Jesus Christ

    Side note: You DON'T WANT James Chalupa as your friend

  54. Cheyanne Blankenship

    So no one noticed the green eye and the brown eye? 😂😂

  55. Andrea Lynn

    When will lip glosses in this collection be restocked? Thank you!

  56. Francesca Mendoza

    My favorite video cuz its iconic

  57. Dian Indra

    Nice car, nice houses & nice furniture

  58. Harim

    *_DISTURBED SKIN??_* my genetic dark circles are offended.

  59. Debra  Russo


  60. Emily Woodman

    Jeffree videos are so entreating!! 🤩

  61. Silvergirl7

    Proud to be an American 🇺🇸As this stuff doesn’t come around in too many other places..

  62. GoldieLoxx

    I love Jeffree's sound effects 😜😝🤭😂

  63. Al Bozarth

    Did anyone else start crackin up at 35:30. I can't. Makes me laugh everytime!

  64. Aaron Hilton

    Mmmitchell is so sexy. The lust is real.

  65. SUCY kissess

    I love Jeffree star Not the guy 😒 though

  66. PsychicJuliana Sanders

    You look beautiful and amazing!!!! I am late to the party but I bought this at Your approved Beauty Bae I think it was right after I bought Blood Lust for myself.. got this for my daughter... now I know I’m going to have to have this too after watching this!!! You are so amazing!!! Love you!!! You are the best, you have such a beautiful heart and you are so driven! Amazing!!! I love your “ Girl I’m obsessed w/it”.. I’m OBSESSED w/your cosmetics!!! I sure hope you restock some missing colors!!!

  67. Aysar Aljashamy

    yeah right thats fake

  68. Aysar Aljashamy

    i dont like you

  69. Aysar Aljashamy

    you are so weird that uou give me bad dreams

  70. Mia Warner

    I bought several for my daughter, it’s a present that I SO wanted to keep for myself.

  71. November Reign

    On a side note - I came here after watching some undercover boss episode and wonder what would it be like if Jeffree does undercover on his own empire... Will he be as easily recognized? Hmmm...

  72. Nathaniel Foresti

    Jeffree I love you! I'm watching this again, way after that fact, but just from seeing this video and seeing how this video has matured you in the rest of 2019 and 2020 is astounding! I have been your fan since your EARLY myspace days when the world was different, less sensitive, and you were unapologetic for being you and just seeing you grow and blossom into this amazing, sensitive, caring individual that won't compromise his integrity but is willing to admit when you've fucked up and try to make amends with that. This has honestly made me respect, and love you even more and I would love to see you reach out to James and amend that bond over social media in the public eye because that's how all this mess started and if that doesn't happen so be it and that's your own life and I will not respect you any less for that, you deserve your own privacy, you've for real earned it(like I've said I've been here since your myspace days)! I honestly feel like you could definitely relate and teach such a young/"new" celebrity in the community how to be as graceful as you are now with your wisdom of many years in handling similar situations and overcoming adversity! P.S. When are we going to get a new single from you?! xoxo ~Nate

  73. jgjtsngh


  74. Yasss Gawwwd!

    Wow! I’m schtooooped🤓 Honey Boo boo child! DEATHDROPing was an iconic entrance 😎 And we’ll NEVER FORGET IT!

  75. jgjtsngh

    trish really talks like how eminem raps in "rap god", huh? jesus!

  76. Sandra Frybarger

    Oh no!!! Honey I’m so sorry! I hope y’all can work it out, you’re both such great people and Nate is the sweetest guy. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  77. Micheal Larcom

    Better than Nikita Dragun

  78. Rosie the sans fangirl

    Melanie Martinez who 👁👄👁

  79. L.A. Hensley

    When she said 2 frostys, i was shook. Thats all jeffree wanted and he got it.

  80. Rosie the sans fangirl

    Boo I know I’m late but I am truly sorry

  81. Molly Mason

    Omg I was at this warped tour and I didn’t even know he was there! 😫

  82. MissGlam19

    Did he mention the shade for the nyx?

  83. Amaria Gail

    I need that make up I need to win and win it can I have one is in the romantics in a long time

  84. Cassandra

    This video gave me anxiety about swallowing my saliva

  85. Martina Crews

    I am leaving this here since this is your newest video.. BUT OMG have you ever done a video discussing your lips.. I am IN LOVE with your lips.. and your eyes lol.. But I need to know a few things.. is there.. ARE there any products that help plump our lips.. If not.. that is fine. so if not.. or even if so. what do you recommend as far as injections go? Jeffree.. What are your feelings on this?? Advice? Tips?? Because I really REALLY love your lips.. They, In my opinion, are not overdone.. I have seen overdone and I personally do not like it.. The way yours are... to me.. Perfection. I just want to pick your brain!

  86. Amaria Gail

    How are you Hi

  87. zerin aurin

    Who's here after the breakup?😔

  88. Alfi Ridita

    Who's there after their breakup?

  89. K L

    what the fuck is this???? fucked face!!!

  90. Amya Hutchings

    You're the most beautiful soul I've ever seen and I just love you 😭💖

  91. Beauty

    Guys LEAVE even real WOMEN so how much more to u ur still a MAN. what can u expect MEN will be yours Forever? There is no such thing as FOREVER

  92. CakeFaceKara

    Can anyone point me in the direction of where I can send a personal letter to Jeffree? I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  93. awesomeainsley

    i watch you at 10:00

  94. Jordan Marie

    they need to come up with a skin care brand like now

  95. cнεяяү вlσssσм

    Another persons trash belongs in a dumpster but Jeffree’s trash belongs in my house!!

  96. Style Child

    love you jeffree <3 <3 <3

  97. DebraLynnP

    I AM ALMOST 60 .... my profile pic was last year .... the extreme start of aging starts at 40 although you should care more under 40 the majority of change for women (me) started at 40. I have a few years to look 40 again at 60. I said I am gonna reverse time and I don’t mind aging but if gracefully means fighting it every step of the way I am on it! 😂

  98. Adrian Ivan Abendaño

    keep on slaying Jeffree😍😍😍

  99. KoopieDoobie

    They're literally wearing my university tuition 😂

  100. Exo lover ALICIACHO

    I fucking miss nATE FUcK