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  1. katya cocone


  2. lily z

    I went to the comments to see if anyone was talking about it but I didn’t see anyone else wondering what he’s holding at 4:15

  3. Stephani Bradley

    2:59 Something action-packed for the classic movie lovers.

  4. Mijjah

    Lmao shawn and Camila are together so can y'all just stfu about Lauren?? Its honestly fucking rude

  5. hyuniee

    this is her most iconic music video, change my mind.

  6. chandni nigar


  7. Juan Jo Arredondo

    Always is a pleasure see your musical videos!!😍


    Ya tiene dias que salio la cancion y yo apenas voy viendo el video!!😅😅 ~que sad~ 😅😅

  9. gg gg

    I feel like that’s the fastest da baby can rap, but his part is the best in the song

  10. Jocelyn Furet

    Havana oh nana

  11. Jude letitbe

    Camila should act Mulan.

  12. Pastel Wolf

    I like this song but I think it is bit interesting 🤔

  13. Kdubsbub


  14. Laura Santacruz

    I just want to say that you are really special.. you are very smart and talented

  15. Estuardo Gutierrez Perdomo

    Cada día me enamoro más de ti mi princesa Camila.... Lastimosamente solo te puedo ver en tus videos y en Instagram 😍

  16. Cristiano Hespanhol


  17. Nora nava giles

    okay but watch this when ur high 😣💀

  18. TASHANA Samuels

    When she was in th car she was acting like caridb

  19. Jaah limmah


  20. Jaah limmah

    te venero♥♥

  21. Jaah limmah


  22. Eli V

    For some reason, I thought this music video would be Camila as a straight A nerd and DaBaby as a troubled jock in a high school or something lile that XD

  23. Eli V

    Imagine this song... But with Shawn rapping 😳😳😳

  24. chris garcia

    I hope she was born and bred,


    This song is good already that was fast

  26. durrp boi

    I- what is thi-

  27. B. dan


  28. Mel Fuentes


  29. Pili Omar

    Hi my dear Camila and my dear fellow fans! I'M REALLY SORRY IF I BOTHER YOU BUT I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP! I'm from Argentina and where i live they don't give me a chance to work with anything what i studied and keep studying, so i started my own work proyect in UKmine, and i'd be super grateful if you suscribe to my channel and share it. And if you don't like my actual content, please be patient. I'm working really hard to have and make great content. I hope i can count with your help. Thank you so much :"). P.S.: I LOVED THIS SONG CAMILA! YOU'RE AMAZING :)

    1. Pili Omar

      @Genie Boyle Thank you so much!!! It means a lot to me. I'm not doing this because i wanna be famous and bother people in youtube asking for help. But i don't have other choice. I'm learning how to edit and make videos so i can do different stuff. Hold on and i'm not gonna let you down. I'm doing and keep doing and giving my best for you and all the people who help me. Thank you again :")

    2. Genie Boyle

      Cool I’ll support you! :)

  30. Giulia Araujo

    Oh my good im Peter kavinsk,Noah centineo❤️❤️

  31. Jani Sara Marcelino

    Isso que é vídeo clipe ....❤️🇧🇷

  32. Filmes e clipes de princesas da Disney CASA DO OURO

    Camila cabello perfecta,mejor music.

  33. rosemallow

    gmail! reminds of the horror movie, happy death day. where she keeps repeating the same day over and over again and dies everyday, and she has to find who the killer is and how to stop it.

  34. Dani Kalifornia


  35. Jaah limmah

    Qualquer pessoa: "My oh my é um hinoo.. ". Eu: Você só disse a verdade! Parabéns!!

  36. starlitesparkle UwU

    guy: *my girlfriend just saw my identical twin brother sleeping with her best friend and maid* also guy: *yep a perfect time to perpose*

  37. robochicken1

    wOw camila in this video is crazy hot i can't sleep at night and I have an exam tomorrow

  38. yArmy Bloxღ

    Camila give me one heart please :(

  39. Pariz Liam

    If you read this, I want you to know that Camila Cabello must be at the Halftime Superbowl

  40. Doge pix

    Cool y am frances a love you

  41. Ando s3

    Oh my amazing

  42. Dookiemanik

    A global superstar she is

  43. Gamer Lover4747

    I love this song. This sounds kind of like “Red Licorice Fade” by Kate Odulukwe. Anyone else think so?

  44. foopyu nooui

    Ok no one can deny that this would make a good movie.

  45. Anand Hariharan

    0% sexy 0%nuditiy 0%cheating 100%brilliant 100%awesome

  46. Gamer Lover4747

    This amazing music can be famous at a app called TikTok. And this amazing music reminds me of an artists named Kate Odulukwe

  47. Jaah limmah


    1. Jaah limmah

      @foopyu nooui just told the truth😍

    2. foopyu nooui


  48. Jaah limmah


  49. Jaah limmah


  50. Jaah limmah


  51. Jaah limmah


  52. Jaah limmah


  53. Jaah limmah


  54. Jaah limmah


  55. Kpop bts Army

    Es casi parecida havana

  56. Narriah Childs

    am i the only one who cried

  57. Jaah limmah

    E triste ver essa música flopar, ela é tão INCRIVEL, muito gostosinha de ouvir, uma das melhores do álbum.. é triste o flop,real :(

  58. AJ C

    Camila:"it's almost 2am and I can't ask you to stay"-feel it twice Lauren:"I know the club close at 2am"-expectations They both have communication in their songs.❤

  59. Jaah limmah

    Vem 16 milhoes❤❤❤

  60. Jaah limmah

    Não consigo parar de ver esse clip! <3 #Brazil

  61. Jaah limmah

    Seus fans Br te amaa♥

  62. Jaah limmah

    Adoro essa música

  63. Jaah limmah

    my oh my😍♥♥

  64. Jaah limmah


  65. Jaah limmah


  66. Jaah limmah


  67. Andrea Perez

    Yooo this video goes hard keep up the good work camila much love

  68. Jaah limmah

    meu bb❤❤

  69. Jaah limmah


  70. Jaah limmah


  71. Jaah limmah


  72. Jaah limmah

    te amooo

  73. Emerson Gomez

    A little bit older" "A black leather jacket" "A bad reputation" "Insatiable habits"

  74. Valerie Rodriguez

    All the girls watching this Jelous

  75. Who is here for the fifth time. I was crying every time.

  76. Quang Tran

    i thought i was looking at the guy’s ass in the thumbnail

  77. Susan Lin

    crazy how she is talking about shawn and her dad at the same time but this is a underrated song

  78. Omar Villegas


  79. Scorpion grasses

    🌺It’s beautiful🌺

  80. Verbene Lima

    Parabéns gravar um sucesso deses nesse inferno que tu nasceu???faltou a foto dos vagabundos lá atrás

  81. savannamals123456 12345678910

    am i the only one who has watched this 1I3T62573576128764,000000000000000000000000000000055774300000000 TIMES AND NOT UNTILL NOW NOTICED NOAH CENTINEO??????????????????????????

  82. Dark Wolfy

    What is it this U.U

  83. Alex Roza

    I'm still mad that the Grammy's nominated Bad Guy for song of the year and they missed this masterpiece of Havana. Not hating, but Billie had better songs to be nominated.

  84. Reezelo Gigelli

    this is perfection. so satisfying.

  85. urdad 101

    4:56 hard tits 🥰

  86. Juan Deza

    Este tono ya esta hecho ..

  87. Ronalde Oliveria


  88. giovanna Cuellar

    Canta más diferente canta más feo

  89. Yuji Shimokawa


  90. sljshs ñbwjwjw

    Me encantoo el video todo del video es bello la música divina como siempre Camila resaltando

  91. Night spear 09 Dragon

    You are my favorite singer ever!!!

  92. Gacha Editor

    I sware, Melanie Martinez and Camilla Cabela are twins!

  93. Shantie Walter

    Ok,your mama won't trust someone who comes alive at midnight. Duh

  94. Amparo Villatoro

    Disculpen aquí va pasando un comentario en español

  95. Lorena Sandoval

    Oh girl just what I needed to hear 💃

  96. kim krause

    Yes Kaylee and this would make beautiful Broadway tune 🎼

  97. THE OK

    Never guess you would sing a song with him, but I love the song keep it up

    1. san ángeles


  98. jack

    Mc Havana sim❤❤😍 hino que nunca morre é que deu reconhecimento pra fada, e os haters ainda acham q ofendem ela com isso kkk

  99. Sharp Spear Beat's

    Check the remix ://