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  1. Noemi Eandi

    I love you❤

  2. Sam Jung

    I'm probably gonna get hate for this but Ed Skrein's horrible jersey accent was painful to hear and made me more critical of his acting. I think he was terribly miscast. It was one of the sore points among many that Midway had, and contributed to the movie being terribly mediocre.

  3. Treez

    Beautiful! Sky is the limit for her

  4. Joel Mulligan

    Wow this guy is more full of himself than I thought he’d be

  5. Alexander Demella

    That's the guy who voice acted spider man in the marvel video game ultimate spider man!!!

  6. Ti Yung

    I loved the movie. It was a second date.

  7. Richard Smith


  8. Hustler Streets

    Bring back Dr gordan

  9. fridgedude07

    everyone talking about how he looks when we arent talking about how badly he portrayed rodrick

  10. barbara palmer

    I saw the film today. Loved Robert Downey Jr's welsh accent.. Michael sheen is a fabulous actor like Robert is..

  11. TOM15555555

    Such a great performance in Midway great Dennis Quaid and Woody Harrelson As Admiral Chester ❤️ Midway very good new movie of the Original

  12. Bass Town Ncs

    lovely <3

  13. Alfredo Gomez Gonzales

    Also Chris Sanders is the Director of “Lilo & Stitch” and the original voice of “Stitch”? And he will make a Live Action film on Disney +?

  14. syckindahead

    I genuinely teared up a bit during the living room scene laughing at Rel. Check it out, music is phenomenal too (kudos to Robert Glasper)

  15. Alex Billi

    I really wanna watch this but my mum won’t let me lmao

  16. Prarthana Perera

    I love the way he said "shut up"🤣🥰😍🔥❤

  17. Kyle Campbell

    This is why I liked Terminator Dark Fate

  18. XxcoolnamexX 511

    You can't lie she is hot

  19. Cody Wizman

    Enjoyed the movie. She’s an awesome actress. ❤️😇

  20. The Sleep Addict

    Loved him in the movie

  21. Parker Nicols

    I love that he points out that this novel doesn’t condescend or show how this idea is actually false. I feel the same thing from call me by your name as well. There is no punishment only truth and emotion

  22. Marsel Salamat

    In the end they was going to kissing ?OMG

  23. Jackie A

    Will you like to be my new friend pleeeeeeeeease 🥺🥺🥺🥺 I can sing for you this time I love you

  24. Noah Shackelford

    I love ICE AGE Collision Course!

  25. ScramJamJohnson

    Mr. Show!

  26. Steve Mitchell

    This guy was good in Widows. He shot them two guys rapping. Very good actor

  27. Lori Babich

    I did not know thirds his son. Wow...I'm glad I looked the movie up..

  28. Perry Saunders

    To did a great job Chant'e, you all did. Loved the film and soundtrack.

  29. Pablo Pablo

    Is that Cyrus the virus?? Anybody know?

  30. Shon Hampton


  31. Melissa Orwig

    Yes he is 💋💋💗💗

  32. Morris Liu

    Fun with flags

  33. Tay Off The Top

    Amazing Actor. Amazing Portrayal!! 🎭🎭🎭🎭

  34. Trevor Davey

    Everyone talks of her beauty, but what about the acting, not too bad but boring style

  35. Ash Quinn

    Ruby rose would should have played Leon, js.

  36. Senpai LemonPop

    The movie talks about the great wall of China I been there before but Just when you stand up there it just shows you a bunch of tree

  37. W Mir

    very nice

  38. Atheer AlSaad

    You’re amazing babe 💔

  39. Char A

    She looks so much like clairo

  40. Rhonda Fernandez

    And it was racism!

  41. Rhonda Fernandez

    I hated Kirsten Dunst in this movie!

  42. Steven

    Cas Emily Damar.

  43. tooru kazama


  44. Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.

    Daniel Kaluuya Is Slim.

  45. Diego Pisfil

    Edward Norton deserved more Oscars than Peter Farrelly

  46. 김펠


  47. Spartaculus Jones

    Even the best man or woman cannot live in peace if it so pleases his or her neighbor. - Old saying.

  48. Karanvir Kooner

    they haven’t released the movie

  49. budd2nd

    Such a great film, full of deep meanings

  50. thegooseman

    She's absolutely gorgeous.

  51. Kristie Bach

    Her hair tho 😍😍

  52. robert sanchez

    Lol his Jersey accent is so badddd.. he sounds like hes practicing on acting. But great movie.

  53. Nick Moranis

    Dancin' It's On is the best film of all time. Dancing is brilliant. RIP Winters.

  54. no boom

    Here's the ridiculousness that an Asian teenage actor is part of an American white family!

  55. Libertarian ASS FUCK


  56. Dimon 04

    Voiced by Dylan


    He look like a snake, but he cool

  58. pphead

    timmys voice is just so calming omg

  59. D. M.


  60. Phillip Pierson

    He was playing a southern Louisiana BP man

  61. Phil Gibson

    shes stunning

  62. chase albaugh

    this damn movie was not anywhere close to a family drama. it was about nothing. such a disappointment

  63. Brooke

    The world will lose such a phenomenal treasure when he goes.

  64. Iconic_Philosopher

    One of my favotite actors...been a fan since a kid

  65. Gwereg Nicod

    Carmel is so beautiful ! 😍🤩🇬🇧

    1. Libertarian ASS FUCK


  66. and Atlas shrugged

    It’s a great and stylish movie

  67. Thomas Wilson

    9 days left! Can’t wait!

  68. Ali Ajaj

    Still waiting for these stilts to come out for sale

  69. Heather Thompson

    Now making a huge appreciation to the great Hacker HACKCLOUD by texting on cell phone number/ even WhatsApp +1(910)-766-0744

  70. Jamal Clark

    You my favorite actor

  71. R.E legacy

    I sub to yours

  72. Deaidre Jones

    So proud of Chante!!!!

  73. soraiha azmei

    he’s sooo attractive 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  74. soraiha azmei

    he’s so attractive aaahhh 😍❤️❤️❤️

  75. Jake Grenard

    She’s gorgeous and did a really good job in the movie!

  76. Shurlock Holmes

    "I will not sit at the same table with that!" Duras: STNG Reunion

  77. Trevor Allen

    Not at all ashamed to say that I looked her up to see if she was a porn actress. Disappointed that she wasn't but also glad that's not her career path.

  78. Aran Erem

    She is beautiful and strong. She is awesome

  79. King Trevor

    5% Watch and Listen to the video 95% They could of done better movie

  80. Renato 60

    I still love you, Cheryl!!!

  81. Millicent Young

    Nice work mate! You deserve more views!! Did you ever check out ZMSocial(dot)com!? You should use it to help your videos rank better!!

  82. David Andersen

    Notice he says "we" (he means himself) when he says "no matter how we twist and turn it..." His contempt for fans is symptomatic of his alt-left politics. This movie was dog shit. Watch his misandristic feminist abortions if you want. But this man is not a story teller. He is a political tool.

  83. Daniel Martini

    his eyes are dead from all that lying

  84. ravin

    So much respect for her. She stayed with him and supported him all these years. I love her.

  85. Brass 'n Barrels Firearms Channel

    We cant expect God to do all the work..

  86. Matthew Torres

    Alita 💜

  87. Ellie Baaby’

    Literally just came here to see if his real voice sounded like the ash😂😂😂

  88. Liz Pahlke

    I guess Stanley’s is out

  89. Foop Bloop


  90. The Them

    I wasn't gonna watch this movie but if he's in it it's now my top priority. Next to finishing Doctor Who. I'm on the first season.

  91. Adeepseafish 123

    Jacob's gonna grow up to do amazing things, he's got a lot of potential

  92. damo220

    These two did a great job!

  93. shubham agnihotri

    How can you awww a pig baby and later eat him.

  94. Nekydra Small

    She played young cookie on empire too

  95. joelson algostinho pereira alves

    Underwater = Dagon

  96. Su Sheridan

    Wonder if you ever regret the written “ Goodbye Too Soon” ?

  97. Mari Eduarda Barbosa

    High school musical . H@hahaahaha

  98. 맥켄지그레이스