1. Juju10cm

    Jtm Charlie !!! 😚😚😚

  2. Romey

    Didn’t know they stretch for a tiktok😅

  3. UraiImang Imang

    I wish i was in your country casue i can meet you there but, i live in Malaysia.😞😞

  4. Alexa Reigi

    hi charli omg I love you so much that ...... need to ask you a question and it is do you replie comments?

  5. Menka Dimovska

    Love you soo so so soso so muchhh

  6. Annalise play Z

    Omg I’m so quick

  7. Mother Ho

    This be feeling like that Regina George scene 1:00

  8. Mollie & Bluey

    Omg I am a huge fan I started tic Tok today and u were the first person I saw and I fell in love with ur tic told!

  9. nicola bevilacqua

    Love you from Italy

  10. kathy xia

    Charli: All of my friends Me: So not Chase

  11. Irene Lenarduzzi

    For Charlie is summer,but for the other guys is winter hahah

  12. Best Tik Tok Channel Ever

    Charli d’amelio tik tok compilation

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  15. Bethany M

    Ive just noticed, most kids there were like 11? And your supposed to be older than that to have tic tok.

  16. Gabrielle Somuah

    Charli rlly do be living her best life

  17. Not Here

    imagine if she replies to the comment i posted

  18. addy malfoy

    I saw u there ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Faye Engelen

    Jou air de best

  20. Brian Llamas

    Charli is very cute and very pretty

  21. Leen Amer

    3 videos and 1m subscribe

  22. EliasGamer YT

    Charli you should meet mini Jake paul

  23. JOE10TKL

    Hi Charli i love your videos

  24. Súper Música

    I love you’re tik Tok

  25. mimi n lol merci

    Hi I freak of meeting you but I am french

  26. Ali

    No entiendo nada, pero aquí andamos apoyando a my love charli🥺❤️

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  28. Vika Twins

    Хто тут з Тік Току??

  29. get nae nae'd

    Dear carli my friend is felling sick and I was thinking you could follow her on tiktok she is snowy_cobi

  30. Aussie Cunt

    she dances infornt of a camera and now shes somewhat famous and shes 15 nice

  31. Efren Valdivia

    Omg hi

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  33. Renata Chavez

    Hi Charlie am your biggest fan ever

  34. Xxlaylasgacha channel

    Can anyone tell me how to get in the tiktok hype house

  35. Grace Usher

    Charli was literally stealing the black girls opportunity’s soooooooo she shouldn’t be that famous

  36. Grace Usher

    Charli didn’t make the dance she copied it made it easier because we all she couldn’t do it how the black girl did it

  37. Hernan Junior

    I hate tik tok . i hope everyone who uses it dies a painful and gruesome death

  38. Hernan Junior

    I hate tik tok . i hope everyone who uses it dies a painful and gruesome death

  39. Hernan Junior

    I hate this 😷😷😷😷

  40. Hernan Junior

    I hate tik tok . i hope everyone who uses it dies a painful and gruesome death

  41. Hernan Junior

    I hate tik tok . i hope everyone who uses it dies a painful and gruesome death

  42. Ava Hicks

    Hi I’m a big fan I whish I can come to the hype house I love you guys I love runaway I am still practicing it

  43. DaceyBoiDank

    Put some shoes on

  44. awoahsome

    charli smells like fish 🐠 🐟

  45. Trymeisha Downs

    I follow you on TikTok 😍love your videos my account is @keishababy02

  46. xxMYSTICxx

    Did you know? This Saturday morning on the news the news people mentioned about Tik Tok and said that a Chinese Company made Tik Tok and if you upload videos, you gave access to your camera and microphone. Unfortunately, the people who made the Tik Tok app can see what you are doing even though you are not on the app. Even when you are watching videos. If you have Tik Tok, I would suggest that you take the camera and microphone off or delete the app and watch Tik Tok on UKmine.

  47. The alCRAZY gaming

    I’ll just go to dunkin doughnuts to meet you😂❤️❤️

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    mg.cortez here’s my TikTok add me

  49. Ryan Davis

    6:34 mamba mentality 🤍🕊 fly high Gigi and Kobe.

  50. MR. Cow

    Weren't you in the super bowl commercial and all you said was ok😂

  51. Amelia Parra

    i'm glad i never herd of that meet and greet cause charli is a fake bitch and untalented

  52. Peyton Smythers

    Did y’all see the TikTok a girl made seeing them here on the beach area!

  53. Rhenz Sarmiento Montes

    Here from tiktok

  54. Juuupii RBLX

    Charli: *Talks While doing a Tiktok Dance* Also charli:"Ow" Me:"i love injuries except when mah fav peeps Get Injured" BTW I FOLLOWED U ON TIKTOK WUDEJDSNDBSNZGNSGZ

  55. Michelle Cabañas

    I wish I meat Charlie but i love in Texas irving

  56. Vu Thuy Ha Anh

    Wait, three vids for 1.34 million vids?!

  57. Mark Flores

    Here from TikTok

  58. Rianna Merchant

    Ur the best

  59. tae tae

    taking off shoes in the New York subway is very bold🤢

  60. Krystal Ridolfi

    You are amazing at tiktok❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  61. Gurls cRaZy MinDs Vlogz


  62. Brianna Playz

    So much chance 🍀 !!! When I will met you? 😭

  63. Denise Stewart

    You’re such a sweet person and I love you

  64. Elymar Hazel Belleza

    wherr do you live charlie i want to dance runikeyd with you im a big fan

  65. Michelle Santoyo

    Hi charlie

  66. Luis Hernandez

    Charli is lesbian

  67. Ahmad Masood Akbarzada

    I ❤️you and your cute😆 By the way I am a girl

  68. Ines And Yas

    I want the dame talentttt🤩🤩😍

  69. Jakiley Reed

    I just love that those girls have mamba shirts on 💖🥺 and luv u Charli 💖

  70. Wyatt Roberts

    I hope you burn in hell as hoe who had aids

  71. Ashley Carrillo

    Those people are so lucky

  72. Ok Boomer

    "is joe real?"

  73. Brandon Leon

    YOU STOLE THE RENEGADE. Acting like it’s your dance..

  74. baby ike

    Tik tok

  75. Benja the Ninja

    Is it just me or is that photo guy really annoying and cringe

  76. baby ike

    Tik tok

  77. Tiffany Demetrio

    No joke if I met all of them I would actually cry 🥺☺️

  78. Loyane Castillo

    8:54 tony sucks in his stomach for the pic AHSDJAGFK

  79. Thamara Segundo

    I don’t get why people keep hating on her she is just living a teen life

  80. Mike Clark

    Hi love you

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    @jason.banks Follow me to help me win a bet Help a brother out pls

  83. Whiz

    @jason.banks Follow me so I can win a bet Help a brother out

  84. Whiz

    @jason.banks Follow me so I can win a bet. Help a brother out

  85. Nicholas Jonas

    I envy you. You're so happy. Please don't take that for granted.

  86. Scarlettes Creations

    Liv u

  87. sonia Flores

    Congrats on 30 million followers on tik tok

  88. Fudge Beaver

    Hey charlie do you believe in the theorie that Jesus was Albanian?

  89. Fudge Beaver

    You shoud make Tic tok with Dave Fonsi IMO.

  90. Domingo Pablo

    Its so nice/cool how she has 1milllion so fast just with 3vids

  91. Samantha Guiterrez

    Omg I love you so much I wish I can meet you

  92. minah Nazir

    Jordan: ”these girls are freaking out to meet Charli” Girls: “Addison”!!!!

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    Can you come to Hong Kong!?

  94. Lary y Liri

    I love you Charli 💕💕💕

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    Quisiera que hablaras en español por favor 😘😘😘😘

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    Mm no se si entiendas español pero soy tu fan número 1

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  98. minah Nazir

    Why do people like Lil Huddy? He said the n word.

  99. NukeBlast 117

    Is Matt not going to posts Charli dares part 2?

  100. Yeti

    My dream is too meet Charlie it would be life changing just to get one picture