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  1. Portres

    Try out Zopf next time best bread :)

  2. Ibarra

    Yes, finally! I've been waiting for the chefs to dabble with molecular gastronomy!

  3. Gemma Lindridge

    Leave Jamie alone!

  4. HopeforAllKind

    U guys r missing out on the ‘traditional’ Taiwanese fried chicken cause the one you got didn’t have the ‘traditional’ additions of chilli powder and pepper(?) but yeah Taiwanese fried chicken doesn’t usually pair itself with sauces but with different powders

  5. Brian

    If Barry hadn't won that, I would have rioted. Mike made a french dip. Jamie made Korean BBQ on a roll, though he used the proper cheese. Everything except the cheese, and the replacement bread that Barry used, was perfect. Life time Philadelphia resident. Good job Barry.

  6. Jacqueline Underwood

    I think it’s important to note that beeswax wraps are actually pretty easy to make. You’re just impregnating any natural fiber cloth with beeswax. A lot cheaper to diy than it is to buy.

  7. Ashley Wressell

    How about the normals are sent to work in a restaurant , obviously now they have “home cooking” experience how well would that translate into working with customers with large orders and portions to pass

  8. Seeky Unbounded

    no however, its garbo , you are too easy on it xD

  9. Abhi's food planet

    Nice video #abhisfoodplanet

  10. HopeforAllKind

    The first one would have been great for Chinese New Year or like any other such occasion in general ovr here cause we have a lot of different CNY snacks and such that could be placed in the compartments and then opened up when there are guest or when we wanna munch on them. The first one would let everything be in one container item instead of multiple containers all over the coffee table

  11. David Gustavsson

    Pass it on, balls edition. As many round foods as possible.

  12. Ada Kwong

    Can we have an episode of cooking for James?🥰

  13. David Gustavsson

    The stöchiometry doesn't add up, he has a Cl too little on the input side.

  14. Seeky Unbounded

    cool the vid good more than 50k likes so i dot have to like it anymore , cheers

  15. Hojjat

    I've watched almost all of your videos, still can't over the fact that you call yourselves "normals".

  16. symphoniamaiden

    Being honest here, this is probably the video I have come back to watch the most because I love making the pasta al limone. Honestly thank you very much Barry!

  17. hariharan ninjases

    i have a suggestion about the cooking process rather then letting out the steam why not reduce the time on the stove and just let the pressure go down off the stove? instead of the extra min or so you are talking about?

  18. Aussie Country

    I'm kind of curious who Ben thought was easier to control, Jamie or Barry

  19. evilsanta8585

    Fucking pussies

  20. shanees kitchen

    Super... new friend.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Pls stay vonnected.. 😍😍🙏🙏

  21. Gruzuk

    This is a waste of space imo. Can do it better without the gadget.

  22. Knut Eikeland

    HI SORTEDfood, Any progress on you're bar plans? Would love to get an update

  23. LordSaric

    I like how they they said the microwave grill isn't made of metal, then described it as "PLATINUM silicone", as if platinum *isn't* a metal! :D

  24. miiiikku

    I don't think you really tested the cotton candy machine thoroughly.

  25. Matthew Hannon

    i took 5 minutes trying to figure out whos legs were whos

  26. Tom Walsh

    These two need to date properly! Opposites attract an all that! 😉

  27. Mark Laufer

    I'd like to see a battle off episode using a combination of the reviewed gadget episodes

  28. Jay-Lee van der Berg

    You guys needs to contact Ann Reardon from How To Cook That (on UKmine) for the food gastronomy and how you can improve ;)

  29. Exhausted Elox

    There is something so satisfying about watching James die a little inside when he realizes what some of the gadgets are for in this series.

  30. HaVaK

    For the candy floss machine, I believe you should have had it spinning to heat up before adding the sugar, as to not throw out the cold sugar grains before anything is hot enough to have a chance at melting the sugar

  31. Bladez

    As a Russian speaker it physically hurts me to hear the way Ben pronounces "blinis" especially since "blini" is already the plural.

  32. aalever

    First one favourite, second one would be great if the eggs weren't cooked so dry, third one is getting close to Hollandaise.

  33. Andy M

    Jamie always talks so much smack, I want to see him do the Carolina reaper hottest chip challenge!! Eat it, then 8 minutes with nothing to drink. Bet he doesn't even last 3 minutes!! LoL

  34. Maureen Perkins

    Raspberry jelly? What hell is this?

  35. FabulousKilljoy917

    What if you did a recipeless rotation?

  36. globaljabouble

    All the normals are married now.... time for Ben and James to just admit their feelings for each other and get together.

  37. Danielle Then

    Your blood orange juice was so... orange. Even before the sodium citrate.

  38. Stephen O'Connor

    At about @8:24 where did you guys get that music from, it’s stuck in my head

  39. FabulousKilljoy917

    Recipeless: bread. Something savory but slightly difficult. J & Baz… don’t think they’ve done one together yet

  40. Boss Invader

    This is what a vegan meal looks like?! It looks so sad!

  41. Matthew Hannon

    i use beans and tomatoes in my chili and im from the usa.... soooooooooooooooooooooo

  42. Zhen Liang Lai

    I like on the blackboard the date is still 2019

  43. Shauka Hodan

    "How did I get roped into prepping your dinner party?" Well James, what did you think was going to happen after your Valentine's date?

  44. Lyndon Watkins

    you should try ants, they have a pleasant mustard/citric acid taste

  45. Eh-meal

    Y'all can I just point out how comfortable James has gotten to be in front of the camera? I swear, it feels like only a few days ago I watched James be an absolute grump toward an electric rotating pasta fork. Now we got him screaming "We fucking measured it with a banana!" What an absolute joy. Doing great work lads.

  46. Alex Talkey

    Ben whipping out the chalk board hottest shit i've seen

    1. Shauka Hodan

      It looked to me like it was 8-9 inches above the water... the banana was too big.

  47. Boss Invader

    If I go get fish and chips, it would definitely be Halibut over Cod, just a personal preference. I love the flavor and mouthfeel of Halibut more than Cod, especially when Battered and Fried! I would have thought one of these places would have had Halibut for sure. Also, whats the brown stuff they're dipping into and where's the tartar sauce for the fries?!

  48. Kim

    nobody heard of a spoonmachine before? o.O audaxshop.hu/img/65105/VGS00057/400x400/VGS00057.jpg

  49. Marcos Castro

    charcoal flavooooooooooooooooooooooooour give me charcoal flavouuuuuuuuur charchocanraochahcharcoalfhcharoclal

  50. Jason Carter

    I feel that the vast majority of "gadgets" aim to solve a problem nobody ever knew they had. In other words, they are targeted at dumb people. Jesus you can do most anything with regular kitchen items.

  51. Orlaith Burke

    An easier year to do it is to have your liquid and a frozen tub of oil it’s also cheaper use a syringe and slowly drop in the liquid to the oil and the oil forms a coat around the product so it’s forms a ball shape

  52. Kidd Solo

    13:38 "who wants to slurp pie" i do Ebbers....i want to slurp pie, and im pretty sure most the fellas here would agree an even some of the ladies lol

  53. alphabetaxenonzzzcat

    Hawksmoor rocks. I love the bone marrow from there. Never tried the breakfast yet.

  54. Joey

    Just seeing this for the first time....lol 😹

  55. Zortakable

    Ben: "I'm thinking, and I don't know if that is what Jamie is thinking ..." Nope, definitely not

  56. Angel Nichols

    Why not try this in a different way, by dropping various foods which have been distilled into a syrup or suspension into liquid nitrogen?

  57. Mi Polska 1990

    As a chef myself, I'm over molecular gastronomy. It was cool when it first started coming around, but I'm much more impressed will whole food and good technique.

  58. derMemory

    “I’d say the gherkins are an integral part of a double cheeser.” Nice, and agreed.

  59. Jen Nguyen

    i love how estatic ben is about this

  60. Josh Murdoch

    Best fish and chips is by far up here in Scarborough!!

  61. nowtrams

    Mike why do you need two forks to eat your lamb?

  62. The Mad Hacker

    "bone broth elixir" its just stock ya shit

  63. Shearper2

    Themes: Leftovers: Making a new dish out of leftovers. 7-11: Make a dish out of things you'd find at a convenience store

  64. Necroes 2000

    Is anyone... Is anyone gonna tell them that the caramelized fat (the brown/black, crispy outside) is where the patties own umami has the strongest presence? By doubling the number of patties, you double that great flavor. It's why smash burgers are so amazing.

  65. Christian Spliess

    Startnext or Stopnow?

  66. Bulldog Ant

    He added an extra Chloride

  67. Eric Sullivan

    Mike and Jamie look so different now.

  68. GaMomof Three

    2 chefs and their balls LOL

  69. Zoya Cherkasova

    are you... are you calling *these* blinis? (4:29) these sad tiny batter lumps? How dare you. I'm Russian and I'm disappointed.

  70. Pyles Tin

    Taste test balut eggs and surstomming

  71. Loz M

    Next, Soy dispensers, Almond milk maker and an Avocado peeler!!!!! FFS 😡😡😡

  72. Loz M

    OMG!!!! I dont think I've ever seen such a bunch Effeminate millennial wankers in my life!!!! FUCK OFF ya TOSSERS!!!!!

  73. Misty Walker

    I've been seeing this everywhere and I am ready to try. This video is great. I don't feel nervous at all now. I can do this! Thanks, Eric!

  74. GunnySGT1911

    I think Ben is one tragic experience away from becoming a super villain. He's already got the mad scientist part down. Lol.

  75. override367

    You can totally reverse sear a steak using one of these and a cast iron pan and it knocks it out of the park

  76. xorinzor

    "Barry's gonna loooove this" - Still one of my favourite moments of James xD

  77. agentgingerman

    Wait... I'm not supposed to boil the kettle fully... Oh man I've been making bad tea wrong for years

  78. Nicros

    Just bought the Air up

  79. Keith Mchenry

    The dad joke was the best part 🤪

  80. Sean H

    The revolutionary discovery of how to synthesize heme iron...lives on!

  81. Ahsoka Tano

    Fish fingers and custard from Doctor Who, many of us tried it and we all agreed that it tastes pretty good

  82. monica walenda

    I showed my brother this video today and we happened to go to a restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale Florida that uses the avocado straws. They are actually awesome.

  83. Davor Pukljak

    Am I the only one who finds these slimy things disgusting?

  84. Deeker Jones

    I love the idea of this, but I am always dubious until I know more about the method and means of production. I am also very skeptical of buzzwords like "ethically sourced" and the like. If the company is open and can demonstrate their methods are truly sustainable and don't consume many times more energy and resources to produce than their plastic counterpart, then by all means, go nuts. However, we need to consider the entire production effort of a product before we come to the conclusion that it is eco-friendly. Take the paper straws for example. While yes, they are bio-degradable, and less likely to cause harm to wildlife, they do so at a significant increase in cost of production, materials and energy consumption. Remember that the paper industry is single-handedly responsible for vast amounts of deforestation. So, adding yet another paper product to be consumed by the kiloton each year is not even remotely a good thing. It takes almost 12x more energy to produce the same volume of paper straws over plastics. These two factors alone more than offsets any gains over the plastic straws and they make your drink taste like a spit-wad on top of it all. Additionally we have to be careful when considering alternative materials like using vegetables to make bio-plastics. The avocado pits are a fantastic use of an otherwise wasted material, but in the case of the vegetables used to make the cutlery... well it takes a shit load of energy and resources to grow the vegetables in order to make those. Agriculture is not a very eco-friendly process in any way, so any product that is derived from an agricultural process that isn't a waste byproduct, is going to bear a significant carbon load to create. Often times when you do the research you discover that the eco-firms that are lobbying for these products are owned by the very companies that profit from them. Just like the paper industry lobbied heavily for the banning of plastic straws to force their alternative into its place. TL;DR - Don't buy into eco-rhetoric and buzzwords. Research the actual cost to benefit ratio of these items. Just because something is not made of plastic, does not mean it is automatically better for the environment.

  85. Dominic Shiells

    I think you should try some of the master chef Australia pressure tests or do some of hestons recipes.

  86. Little Stranger

    Honestly...i got that Sriracha-pocket-thing and I LOVE IT!

  87. Sayuri Rivas

    Look at them! They were children!

  88. jellojello17

    Been a minute since Ben's SUPER GEEK! A little rusty with my chem, don't think that's an equals sign, but better than I could've done!

  89. JoMarieHartup

    Loving that it's now £600 + £5 delivery on the link in the description 😂

  90. Celienet

    LOL - the Balsamic balls look like rabbit diarrhea.

  91. Stephen Bowen

    Lol, looks like a fleshlight.

  92. MtnNerd

    Seems pretty useless if you can just use a squeeze bottle

  93. AnimeCanuck

    It looked to me like it was 8-9 inches above the water... the banana was too big.

  94. alida flus

    "How did I get roped into prepping your dinner party?" Well James, what did you think was going to happen after your Valentine's date?

  95. Thisgirl whodis

    The ingredient measurements on here and on the sorted food website for this are completely different

  96. marshall jacobs

    I usually like James more, but when Ben started balancing the chemical equation, he won me over

  97. Mandal Mandal

    there is no eco friendly, there is only money friendly, please review your rules. cheap shit, is better.

  98. Izuela

    I have never used a peeler shaped like those. Looks very wobbly and unstable. I always get these basic ones. Not necessarily that brand but always all metal and that shape. Think I've had my current one for 10 years. Only gets replaced if it gets lost or you buy one that doesn't peel for %@#*! to begin with! www.amazon.com/Linden-Sweden-Original-Vegetable-Peeler/dp/B00176JEY4/ref=sr_1_17?keywords=potato+peeler&qid=1582317182&sr=8-17

  99. Bethany Sangra

    Just saying, that second recipe is obsolete because why would you use tofu as a vegan alternative when you put fish sauce in it?????? Love you guys, but that was silly x

  100. Jonathan Bennett

    Anyone else got an erection because of the way Ben says “chive”??

    1. alida flus

      Go back to doing the cooking battles !!!