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Software that we use: Adobe Audition for voice recording, Adobe Illustrator for dealing with vectors and Adobe After Effects for animation.
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  1. Minor Zillion

    Eat your cereal

  2. benjamin pita

    what is that picture being in 1:34 looks weird

  3. Cam Tu Nguyen Vu


  4. The_red_ barron

    If the surface of water is always flat and water covers 75% of the earth, how can the earth be around?

  5. Max

    Can we see how much the writers can go without saying my girlfriend?

  6. 死Death

    Imagine giving your child a guillotine 😲

  7. Habib Osman

    This video shows so well why expectations will always be much lower than the true amount of infected. Humans interact so much on a micro and macro level. Contagious diseases will get more and more uncontainable.

  8. palasha shrestha

    Hiram lodge entered the chat

  9. shenanagizer

    That virus crept up on the red blood cell like Joe Biden

  10. Lonely Bird

    Next challenge: Marry each other

  11. Michelle Padron

    You are a hero of covid 19

  12. McSeamless

    7:18 ferb i know what we are going to do today.

  13. Tricky215

    Now its a haunted house

  14. bouke 123321

    all those head puns

  15. young dagger dick

    so everyone who has coronavirus gave cpr to a snake

  16. Amir Muzaffar

    Microsoft has touchscreen, USB port, drawing and more!

  17. Kasey Marriott

    i feel like the only thing not allowed in war should be war

  18. It's Razan

    Indian better make toilets then wasting money in defence 😁😆🇳🇵♥️🇵🇰♥️🇨🇳

  19. Michael Stroman

    U tube commercials in that case don't update things will only get worse😂😂😂😂

  20. Shadow Born

    Infographics: just try not to lose your head and keep calm Me playing granny: *head gets chopped off in gullitine* Someone else: OFF WITH THEIR HEADS

  21. Golda Chico

    In the reighn of terror?

  22. brad d

    There's very large oak trees in some parts of the city I live in, gatta be 100 feet high and and who knows how many hundreds of years old, unfortunately the ones on people's properties end up getting cut down kinda said really.

  23. Claire Willett

    RIP Kobe

  24. [Mÿìßtíkál Gacha]

    What about Entomphobia? A Fear of Bugs 🐛

  25. Emelie Ödmark Sauce


  26. Chrism Pereira

    That's Mjonilr bro Strombreaker is different You should have done your research first

  27. Åvakin luna

    My mom told me the worst punishment she had was Sitting with her kneecaps with rice or salt its a old punishments filipino parents used to punish the kids Yes im filipino.

  28. wargriffin5

    Is THIS the hacker known as 4Chan?

  29. Tommy Matthews

    The shoe lace thing is pretty smart holy fudge

  30. Matthew Petrone

    This HAS to be a work of Sarcasm.. I am a member of the Middle Class and I am a GenXer

  31. Polly Pockets

    Mr. Ogisie is probably the murderer.

  32. Wiktor Zakrzewski

    it is scary, that you made this cartoon about this story. it should not be shown as a cartoon.

  33. ahmed iftekhar

    When you physically loose a war ..this is the way to keep you think winner..

  34. Child orphan Boy

    Now the girlfriends white?

  35. Delta YT

    Best thing about viruses that delete files is they can delete your homework folder credit to some guy in the comments too

  36. Luck

    5:03 Contradiction! If agnostic can be atheist, then person can be agnostic and atheist, but then such person is atheist and agnostic, what contradicts your premise. Or, more formally, you say: (IsAtheist(X) ==> not IsAgnostic (X)) and not (IsAgnostic(X) ==> not IsAtheist(X)) That statement is self-contradictory: (IsAtheist(X) ==> not IsAgnostic (X)) and not (IsAgnostic(X) ==> not IsAtheist(X)) <==> (not IsAtheist(X) or not IsAgnostic (X)) and not (not IsAgnostic(X) or not IsAtheist(X)) <==> (not IsAtheist(X) or not IsAgnostic (X)) and (IsAgnostic(X) and IsAtheist(X)) <==> (not (IsAtheist(X) and IsAgnostic (X))) and (IsAgnostic(X) and IsAtheist(X)) <==> False

  37. Yusuf Ali

    Pax britain to pax America going to be pax judaica

  38. Bro. Client Calledo

    When infog Gets Infected: *_hOW TO fIND hUMANs 1o1

  39. Brian

    The more scientific studies one reads, the more you realise there is a desperate need for more scientific studies. You might think they did all the studies before rolling out the tech but nope.. That would probably would've upset & slowed the exponential growth of some multi billionaires bank balances which is obviously far more important than anything else. There are literally thousands of experts with genuine concerns who've written to their respective governments calling for a halt to 5G until it is proven one way or the other. It only takes a quick search on Duck Duck Go to see this. It's a shame this 'Tuber' only exposed him/her self to the loudest sources or simply ignored the rest which seems likely given the instant dismissal of any dissenting voices as tin hat, alien abducted, basement dwelling morons. It's a strange phenomenon where independent scientists and doctors say there are very real potential risks, while the smaller but louder group of 'funded' scientists get all the coverage with seemingly plausible yet totally unprovable explanations for the masses with short attention spans which seem to gain a lot of traction. UKmine channels like this just parrot them with all the assuredness that only marketing professionals can & have imparted upon them

  40. Delta YT


  41. Chris Pringle

    Is it me or has this video been uploaded before

  42. Adam For Christ

    TY infographics show for making me want to get a plush baby yoda even more than I wanted to before watching your video! :)

  43. Gabriele Bacsarpa

    5:12, "We're going to 'seed' the galaxy".

  44. Hendrik Lösser-Föffel

    The coronavirus is already deadlier than SARS considering the absolute number of deaths. Relatively seen, SARS was still deadlier than than the coronavirus.

  45. FlemlyStimply

    I thought Larry had crashed into a church and saw his brother Malcolm

  46. Nicholas Prosser

    This is unintentionally depressing



  48. Hi [YT]

    So imagend like you the hardest one and become the police

  49. Skelyboss

    2% death rate, and thats lower for younger people

  50. RealStarChefOfficial

    0:01 where's the Mediterranean?

  51. Nelson Njau


  52. karma tam


  53. Mr. Screen Shot

    I’m just a shut in like a weeb i don’t know what’s happening to this world anymore.

  54. Mr. Screen Shot

    I’m just a shut in like a weeb i don’t know what’s happening to this world anymore.

  55. Олег Чуприна

    Хороший обзор, посмотрел с удовольствием

  56. no name 50

    6:27 That’s true



  58. MistarZtv - Evolve, DbD & Titanfall

    A video on cake please.

  59. Dominique Balabat

    Jack’s portrayal is so funny. His life is a living joke. :))

  60. Zack Swedenson

    Im the 587th comment

  61. Benjamin Lin

    General Shepherd approves

  62. ViperFPS

    0:49 "GS9"

  63. Rishi Maurya

    top secret hacker and infographic know it ,what a legend

  64. Tolgahan Simsek

    This channel used to be my favorite...

  65. David Zych

    I can't believe people went through this unimaginable

  66. Ravindu Dolawatta

    Coronavirus exists only in mammals, report this video for misleading content

  67. RUSSEL KAVINDA'S channel

    # What if you only ate penut butter for a whole year. And also drink water of course, #

  68. Quit Horsing Around


  69. ArchaIis

    Hey u know would be funny centuries of people looking for it just for the ark to be fake

  70. Видеорегистратор Junsun

    когда новый видос

  71. P. V.

    We still regularly bring Guillotines to our strikes, as a message to our leaders!

  72. Gabriel boyd

    Why does your title always worst punishment to mankind?

  73. Bob Stacey

    1 like - 1 prayer for poor dog :{

  74. Raw Material

    *a* *guillotine* *was* *erected*

  75. Jeck Cuario

    IM NOT A PSYCHOPATH!!! YEHEEEEYY!!! do u believe me??? ISIS!!!

  76. ODCAT

    I can relate to the hotpocket

  77. JerryTheEgg 154 Or MakeMyWorldRainbow

    Yea I Am Lost Now…

  78. JerryTheEgg 154 Or MakeMyWorldRainbow

    Yea I Am Lost Now…

  79. Ravindu Dolawatta

    Definitely on mushrooms babe 😂


    So if someone steals my identity, goes to prison and escapes... it's my fault? :(

  81. Sean Plays YT

    Now 1945 Boomers No TeChNoLoGy Our generation in the future 2020 pPl aRe BoOmErs nO fLyiNg cArS we SaiD

  82. babass71620

    waaaaaaat?! Charlotte Corday killing her husband ? What are you talking about ! She killed Jean-Paul Marat ! One of the psychopaths behind the terreur. Come say she inspired Marianne so she's far from a common criminal...

  83. Rabbitlim Yt fans

    So far my country is top 5 for the virus (Singapore) we have 89 cases already

  84. Disappointed Prion

    This is one of the videos where the comments aren’t just jokes and are actually discussion

  85. ZachPlayz - Roblox

    SCP- 049: thats my cure

  86. Splatoon Murderer / Coral

    Ok boomer.

  87. exsandgrounder

    Burnley... Enough to put anyone off England.

  88. Corona light

    Corona virus

  89. Lance Cyber

    6:40 So what do you call it when a plane dumps fuel to make it lighter for landing?


    Perfect employee of the month

  91. babass71620

    actually... People didn't applause that much at the first execution... In fact after pelletier's beheading, the new pop song in Paris was "gimme, gimme back my wooden gallows" (authentic)

  92. LeftAlone


  93. Nan Jiang

    China will draft like 200 millions

  94. Mark S

    The Worst Punishment is Life imprisonment... To suffer the remaining time of your life knowing how dumb you were

  95. Roboto 101


  96. Sofia Neil

    God's power

  97. Rest In Peace Kobe 24

    I would put Coronavirus all over my jewels :)

  98. Jeremy Daigneault

    Plot twist: he paid the trap to not open