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  1. Karlilean Films

    10:42 when he goes for the nuts but you expected a fair fight

  2. AngeKerr

    Are we not gunna talk about how this song has more likes than ksis song with trippie

  3. Dreeko_ GR

    Really good keep rapping

  4. Zain R

    Challenger Games 2020 wya???

  5. Matthew Riggins

    Alright I’m impressed ngl

  6. Azzam Rey

    4 062 423rd

  7. KEELAN Magee

    5.7k dislikes are only salty cus they ain’t that good

  8. Arab Mamiii

    Bars bang with a good message,rate it💯

  9. Lydon Green

    Lit video and I will help you both to get a top 20, can you do more music together please Tobi and Manny. 🔥👍🏻♥️

  10. Expertz

    I mean ,it’s alright it isn’t the best but it isn’t bad

  11. Javier Pina

    I need that windbreaker so bad

  12. Aaron Mukasa

    Manny and Tobi give us more content.

  13. TheOfficialNxvs DB

    I just clocked tobis in the man don’t care vid

  14. Hades

    Now we know why Tobi didn’t do disstracks... He would’ve killed everyone

  15. klassed234

    Big up bedtime stories Cherry red Ferrari for freeeee??

  16. yaboi

    People say this song is about Avatar the Last Airbender for some reason i dont know why

  17. Cratz

    Tbh Tobi sounds better on the gift

  18. I-lector

    Anyone else listening to this on bed and don’t have socks on?

  19. BlackLoonynimrod 1095

    Cool song


    This on 1.25x speed is somehow actually good

  21. Soullessowl 1392

    Eat your cereal

  22. Almighty SYG


  23. leonrayz

    gotta love the jme umbrella

  24. Ali Hussain

    Tobi should do something with Jae Deen

  25. Danny Clifton

    Sorry but them jackets make this song even more fire

  26. Megagarbhan

    I only watch His old Vids cus the intro

  27. lil nibba

    anyone know song at 4:57 ?

  28. Barbara Cunningham

    This is good but one thing they need to give me that jacket

  29. Nick

    konstantin is just really good like everything is so professionally made, i hope he gets far with this talented view

  30. the uncles

    JJ should do a song with deji

  31. Midget Lee

    I know you don’t want to but please make more music it’s sick

  32. schwifty Morty

    i'm from german you are better then the german and american rappers

  33. Connor Plays

    yo this bangs one of the best tracks i've heard in a while

  34. schwifty Morty

    mooooooooooooooooooooooore bro you smashed the lines bro!!! Manny and Toby trip get to the rap road😎😱

  35. Yousef Ahmed

    How tf does this have 5K dislikes

  36. Alex Stone

    I'm a dog person

  37. Thomas Richards

    Baba tunde baba tunde is the best but not as good as tobi sorry baba tunde

  38. Khaalid Guled

    Gold balls are not good what do you think

  39. P1GGYG4MER

    How could you dislike this ?

  40. Daniel Carrillo

    Song is FIRE!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  41. MJ Def

    Please more skits !

  42. Charlie Crehan

    Where and when can I get them jackets

  43. Pres Stef

    0:29 the dog is me when I walk in to someone who is on the toilet

  44. Anthony Zanoni

    This is dope, but can we get a hype song?

  45. Lp T

    please make more songs! your voice is actually made for rap! we act need more like these kind of rappers these days! so freaking good!

  46. poop dealer

    Bro my house is on fire chill

  47. supercooldude300

    This is so wholesome! Nice to hear unlike them crap drill songs nowadays

  48. Kenny Smith

    I love this song, it's awesome, Logan Paul is defiantly a better Music artist and a better boxer than KSI!!!

    1. alisha

      then how come logan has never charted or ever won a fight???

  49. Sw4ppy/D


  50. Dobie Antonio

    Me:Mom, I want Skepta Mom:We have Skepta at home Manny at home:

  51. Monster Gamer595

    How does his younger brother have a deeper voice than him

  52. Okawa Shiro


  53. mussi

    Maaadd!! Much love from Sweden, keep up the hard work <3

  54. Jamie Reacts

    Beautiful brother❤💝

  55. PoJoey

    One of them sound like Eric from Sex Education

  56. Anonymous 101

    Rahhh this song bangsss 🌟🌟🌟🌟

  57. Lakhwinder Singh

    Now we know why Tobi didn’t do disstracks... He would’ve killed everyone

  58. Ginx Lynx

    found this song last night amazing song hits different much love

  59. Hannah Driscoll

    Simon will pick da baller😂(hopefully)

  60. Alice Walton

    Sorry you two , did you drop this 👑?

  61. Harry John

    bet their parents are so proud of them from this song 😳


    3:00 what is that song called

  63. Leighton McKenzie


  64. 1000 subscribe without a video.

    Don't mind me this is how many times 10000000000000000000000 i come to listen this song. This song is so good.

  65. Dan

    0% Swears 0% Drugs 100% Free fifa


    no one cares ___!___

  67. Abbadabs Odell

    All i have to say is WOW! Watch out y'all cuz Tobi and Manny bringing them bars while Janellé coming up the back to smash the competition. With every ounce of me i beg of you to keep doing music. You 3 together are a force to be reckoned with! Even here in the states recognize a banger when we here it. And to top it off doing it while staying humble. Don't have that much here. Its all about paper when in the end all the money in the world won't buy your happy (yes i mean happy) and will only keep "friends" Around until its gone. Keep being you Tobi! I've always admired your stance. Probably the only sidemen i could stand in real life. Haha

  68. Albin Chapman


  69. Trap Zone


  70. ryan rl

    Such a good song, well done Tobi, Manny, Janelle and Kon

  71. Bobjeff123456 Xbox

    Ksi “I am the best sidemen rapper.” Tobi “hold my apple juice.’’

  72. Abdul-Azeez Marthinus

    2:51 traitor

  73. Michael Carder

    Bedtime Stories I’ve watched that movie about 17 times

  74. Oliver and Reuben Cousens

    Greatest structured song ever The vocals were sick Everyone's banging Tobi and Manny Me:Yeah there peng but Janelle?

  75. Oliver and Reuben Cousens

    Greatest structured song ever The vocals were sick Everyone's banging Tobi and Manny Me:Yeah there peng but Janelle?

  76. Ahmed Rizk

    I wanna hear more from Tobi, more from Manny, more from both, and more from Janelle as well

  77. Adil Khan

    Out of all the sidemen I like tobi the best so humble and respects everyone

  78. Wasi Naqvi

    This track is mad

  79. Gina Stafford

    tobi goes to studio mam take ur siblings and then I get the most fire song ever

  80. Shrikanth Showri Rajan

    One song with every UK youtuber, this back and forth

  81. GrindHardDCA

    Thumbs up if you still listen to this and still love it

  82. KsQ Playz

    This song is one of the best i ever heard and the clip is amazing keep up the good work <3

  83. Aaron Cachola

    Ngl the bars were cringing asf

  84. Kadra Atteyeh

    each like is a petition for tobi to do more rapping

  85. Sicotic

    genius on josh`s channel

  86. Brad Stones

    It was w2s who told will to hurt rice

  87. McDonald’s Hairline

    His bed is 🔥🔥doe

  88. juelz live

    Ksi and deji wish they were tobi and manny

  89. MrYEET Laser

    The vid was good but manny had the headphone wires tangled and it is really annoying

  90. Cole Cress

    8:20 little did we know no headgards would become a thing

  91. Harris Machlik

    You were going to win the race Yes

  92. Amber Kandola

    your song was amazing

  93. Mudaber Qaderi

    Best brothers brothers 4 life

  94. Jonathan Nash

    Is it just that got really confused at the flashback part

  95. Lydon Green

    This was a banger Tobi and Manny great work #Tobi #Manny #DestinedForGreatness 🔥👊🏻👍🏻♥️

  96. Joris de Werd

    “Never gon and crumble” except for the Wembley cup

  97. 1000 Subs With 0 Videos Challenge

    You can’t hate them

  98. Amirul Islam

    Tobi,Manny and Janellé smashed it!

  99. Paddy Reigh

    Got more likes than wake up call

  100. Bcool 6699

    Great song guys keep it going and keep the videos together and great song