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  1. Xaverderschnitzelfan

    1990: 10mb!?!?!?! Thats too much

  2. Tony

    Android 11 peaking its head, and I'm still stuck with Pie.

  3. Rationaliser

    Just speak naturally like in your ebike reviews

  4. Exit0ne

    James: I have no cranium and I have honey... Me: Brother?!?

  5. Carlos Ferrari

    Everybody talking about the laptop with 7 screens and NO ONE said ANYTHING about The Matrix?! Millennials… ¬¬

  6. NPC#3261 DCBA

    It will just be another "ultimate 1080p gaming card". I'm an AMD fan but be realistic guys! We will be disappointed like with the 5600xt and the 5700xt, or forget entirely like the 5500xt.

  7. robotparadise

    I think if Riley's popularity increases too much...... Linus may just try water cooling that mustache. Gee darn, can you imagine the thumbnail?

  8. EZ Darren Robson

    They did not run out of desserts, there are definitely more than 11 types of dessert. This is just them being dicks and ruining the fun for all of us.

  9. Joanna


  10. Minisammich

    But I just got android 10? XD

  11. praveen raj j

    Central Pahk

  12. Paul Rail

    I literally just had a forced restart last night and lost an huge amount of work yet AGAIN! Can you do a video on WHY GOD OH WHY does microsoft do this?!?!? Everyone's outcries over this terrible behavor is abundant. I'm trying out a new workaround hack to see if this time it is actually disabled.

  13. Noah Powell

    i miss the old ncix hosts

  14. Enderger

    If you want a foldable phone, just get an iPhone 6 with its impressive bendgate feature.

  15. Mercury Re

    I'm waiting for Android 12.

  16. Z Bott

    I want to get a folding phone when I upgrade in like 3 years. Just have to hope that the manufactures figure out how not to be garbage.

  17. Jeremy H.

    Why does Riley always have to be yelling in the background?

  18. ZaphodBeeble

    The Tesla issue only affects the older 1st gen. autopilot cars that have the Israeli-made cameras that read the signs. It's not even a Tesla product. Tesla aren't 'working on a fix' because they don't own the patent for the sign-reading cameras. Newer autopilot uses GPS for the speed limits. It's a stupid thing to be able to patent, shit like that should be illegal.

  19. Nyuha

    Aha the verge... good one.

  20. GeoNeilUK

    Got to be honest, I'm really not fond of Notepad, I much prefer Notepad++.

  21. 3Edges

    My phone doesn't even have Android 10 yet

  22. Carlos M

    And I'm still on Nougat

  23. Robert Peters

    I wanna know if James bursts into song at random when he's not on camera....if so, can someone please slap him?

  24. 2rawww

    Ze flip

  25. Callsign: JoNay

    Nice clickbait. You got me.

  26. kgonepostl

    Foldable phones is exactly why you never be the first to buy. Let other people figure out the bullshit.

  27. kgonepostl

    Music to Be Murdered By tactic.

  28. webbit1024

    So now ppl can cosplay as Chun Li and not afraid of getting sound recorded at the same time.

  29. Grabasandwich

    Just got a software update for my s10e yesterday...still 10 tho 🤔

  30. Andry Tafa

    ain't nobody gonna talk about 5:35??

  31. Kenneth James

    Riley is the best Technews host.

  32. Juba

    still waiting for 7

  33. Jeimuzu

    I really like this thing where TechLinked reports on something, then 2 days later an article says the same thing. Last video RIley said maybe folding phones shouldn't be a thing. At 1:13, the article says the same. TechLinked is now writing articles for other places.

  34. Mad Monarch

    99% of comments: bitching about him not saying "Thomas the tank engine" rather than "Thomas the train engine". 1% of the comments: me not giving a single fuck what he said, but instead i just chose to watch the video.

  35. citixen

    When did Taran get hot?

  36. Lance Zimmerman

    I would have liked, "Rum Cake".

  37. David Brett

    Eat your cereal

  38. niduoe stre

    LOL, I was just trying to help a friend Reset his PC, and it kept failing. He was convinced he had a virus, I wasn't certain wtf was going on... turns out it was Microsoft's fault. Ya

    1. Joanna

      No one b*tched about the irreparable first iPhone setting a wasteful precedent to our future. So yeah go ahead, cuz, maybe if things break easier, we may return back to the da

  39. TheProAnimator

    will geforce now ever be on IOS?

  40. Budget Tech

    trending in canada

  41. Bill Anderson

    Someone got their hairs cut...!

  42. P dub

    Get that guy lifting already

  43. Chris Rosenkreuz

    shilling for the verge? k bye

  44. Gerard Kean

    85 miles and hour?!? You have the opportunity and don't make it 88?

  45. Lauri - PokaLammutaja

    The Verge. Haven't heard that meme in a while.

  46. Kristijan Cerovski

    Yaay, a headline Spinal Tap reference.

  47. Benjamin Trathen

    They test everything on us here in NZ, plane shutting down midflight when it loses cell service, can't wait yo

  48. Frost Winters

    Unfortunately I can't find a beta for my sailfish...

  49. Kautilya Reddy

    Ze Flip (Like a Sir)

  50. Virendra Singh

    Android 11 sucks anyway

  51. kuchesezik

    Davie504: *pff*

  52. DeadlyFeet

    nais men

  53. TacticalFluke09

    Taran's posh English accent is wildly better than many serious actors'

  54. Tuba Player

    This is the verge we are talking about though, I don’t trust them as news for any tech source.

  55. TacticalFluke09

    that extreme close up session was actually pretty weak for a place that records in 8K

  56. volarecantare

    Can I now choose a DNS-server without static IP????

  57. B

    @11:22 subtitle sort of netflix thing did you that there’s gonne be like a penis feed?

  58. Dulanjala007

    well, if Apple can do it why Samsung can't do it, in the age of bendable ipads, foldable phone is just the norm, specially it's done intentionally so it's not that bad... it's marketed more like fashion item, so the price tag, just like the Apple... we will see how things go, people are weird they buy so many broken devices by definition, for high price, would defend the company/brand who made them faulty in the first place.

  59. agent 1207

    this guy knows how to host.

  60. Japixx

    AMD batter in gaming? ok dude :D

  61. George M

    Amen to stopping the foldable shite

  62. bmansk8

    Why the hate for divinity original sin 2?

  63. hateeternalmaver


  64. Vuntedum

    6:44 that's actually the part where it gets interesting

  65. Jai ShriRam

    Wher is ze Flip fone??

  66. Garima Bakshi

    I'd like to see the LTT video of how they make ridiculous over exaggerated poses for thumbnails.

  67. Biker Chapman

    Stickers add 5 hp each gold one's add 10

  68. Anton Marinski

    1:31 so what? A fingernail can damage it and behaves exactly like plastic.

  69. Dan Moritz

    When I was in college, I worked part time in a call center as a debt collector. I wish they would've recognized the mental health dangers that kind of work can pose back then.

  70. Gerrit Hillebrecht

    How could anyone not love James

  71. Kamron Fultz

    My samsung fold is holding up pretty well.

  72. Mehmet Kaplan


  73. Fırat Altay

    "updates to priva-" Privacy on (stock) Android yeah sure okay dude.

  74. TV3master

    Might wanna check sources and stop the Tesla bashing cause this ain't looking good for the channel, it's not only Tesla's that have the issue, it's a known issue from an old system early models use, used by many more car manufactures, it's called eyeQ 3.

  75. Uros Spasenic

    Dont be such a pussy

  76. Caleb Hawn

    Yay, Taran is hosting! It's fun when we get the guest stars on here. Riley and James can mess with them by forcing them to read a weird script. Thanks, guys!

  77. Claudiu Grigore

    easy but sure will come to a real version of 1.5 v2.0 ... but what did they see to me, which are the differences from 4 .4 x sloul 1 to 6.0 x3 solul ... I don't know if they don't do the right thing in there, they do what they want ... each version .... 4 was cooler then 6 and faster lol .. 6 of the problems of data allocation and data moving from pfone to card apps etc ... applied, etc. so caca on a stic ... v 1.5 again !!! ... and when you do to different .. you can say it's the same os android ... exemplep sam g A51 SCAM !!! Android 10!!! pam pam pam ... sam g A70 sam g A80 android 9 ... totali ok and cool wtf. ?!??!? pu pu pu !?!? I don't care !! I will look after them or take 3 or 4 years from launch to the offer with 90% discount lol or a third generation that is cheaper and has more then ta ferst or 2 ... as it should !!!! so go hard 10k $ 20k $ 30K $ go hard !!! ... let's see them to fight in tha line fore ther zombi creving of tha next hit phone yeees ... lol mortal combat fore tha A phone lol .. yeaaa . zombi time in tha line . so remeber to gooooo hard ... yea .

  78. ShadowFighter

    well zack's question was answered in the z flip teardown and yes.. there is glass under the plastic

  79. Caleb Hawn

    You just see a biker with a glowing eggplant emoji on his back, and you think to yourself, "Yes, this is what technology was destined to lead to."

  80. Trasku Rasku

    So that was where short circuit came from.

  81. LaduziTV


  82. Mike Oleksa

    Android Rolo, dammit! LOL

  83. Frost_f12tdf_

    "Flip" * *FRENCH MODE ON* *

  84. Deep hug

    You know, I like TechLinked being episodic. Let's wait for the next episode

  85. Austin Pigza


  86. Riph Anggraynoh

    Tfw the video is over then I got Pulseway ad. Wait, Linus? Oh the video's not finish yet.

  87. Christian Pönopp

    The I7-10700 CPU is slower as the AMD 3700x because you can easily get 5000+ on AMD with very little Bios Tweaks. I got mine to 5303 in CB R20 with PBO tuning and fast RAM and with CPU-Z I got 6009/547,8.

  88. Emberframe FFN

    E3 big snowflake got melted

  89. Emberframe FFN

    wow huwaei can see your personal information, america wow you cant do that we did it first

  90. Sullen Secret

    I'm still happily using Windows 7.

  91. Loli

    "ze flip" I love it!

  92. John Bamber

    What's a PC person to do? Linux and macOS exist. Windows isn't the only desktop OS.

  93. Intervención

    Riley was taken straight up from the 80s man XD

    1. Deep hug

      with bullshit weather, climate alarmism for their hidden agenda's they have to pay and pay dearly.

  94. 1234

    Who cares

  95. Maciej Szpakowski

    100x zoom makes it a telescope. Nice

  96. S Marcey

    Just want to point out the obvious that if its that easy to make cross save compatability in a game then its a pile of shite we have to buy the same game over and over.

  97. Neil D'Souza

    0:32 They gave up naming Android OS versions after deserts - BECAUSE THEY ARE SUFFERING FROM DIABETES...

  98. DedenThePokemon

    I love when James say Z flip ! he sound french somehow

  99. Wisakedjak Archetype

    Did they fix their auto update issue with this version? Been waiting over 6 years...

  100. Jack Lam

    Just got the 10 on my s9+, too bad this phone will never see 11!