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  1. Sandip Achary

    Finally !!! Messenger bubbles and one time app permission.Thank you.

  2. Hemanth Guptha

    When ever the new android version came out the half of the features already present in Samsung one UI now the bubble feature is already named as smart pop-up view and I'm using pie still....😅

  3. Voracious Reader

    The music in this video is really awful and distracting, not clever

  4. GlobalDrifter

    You know darn well that no one is going to close their phone that gently. People are going to snap these phones shut like it's the 2006 razor. The screen will shatter the first time they do that.

  5. Jose Padilla

    Almost all the features I already have in my note 10, and had them in my s9.

  6. Shaun G

    As great as this thing is, I think the point on the fans kicking in really makes me think Microsoft needs to heavily expand on their “gaming mode” because Windows OS overhead just taxes hardware unnecessarily. I’m thinking three tiers of gaming mode settings: strict = maximum resources available for graphics rendering and the game process, minimal OS overhead, balanced = standard windows behavior when games are running, and lite = slight prioritization of gaming tasks and slight reduction in OS overhead.

  7. Daniél Lecoq

    Everyone: The big problem with IOS is that you can't access the whole storage and move files around and between apps Google: Let's make our storage more like how IOS does it... Everyone: Doh!

  8. Mole

    Ad: The new Android 11 - coming to your phones in February... next year.

  9. amar nanwani

    I though sundar pichai sir is making video 😯😲

  10. Sam Abtahi

    i have all that with Samsung now, google android updates are just -__-

  11. S L

    I already have that third option of using the permission only once in my one plus 7 pro

  12. Yong Gent Hoong

    *The Android 'Apple' update*


    for non vanilla android user please dont expect to much feature update for android 11

  14. SpeakOutLoud

    Nice watch you got there!

  15. Csabi Puskas

    The verge gets cringier every damn time

  16. engrpandaece

    where's the desktop mode? 🤔

  17. JustMusix

    This is sad. All my respect to the guys!

  18. Arvind balamurugan

    You are confused... If you want to target developers with this video then do like one...

  19. Abdulla Irfan

    My s4 has screen sensitivity

  20. Ashish Sunny

    Same ol, different year.

  21. K

    So boring

  22. Enver Dashdemir

    Probably one year after they will cut upgrade

  23. Brandon Bernard

    Meanwhile in android 9 land on the samsung s8

  24. Rizzy

    Verge tbh is the best Like honestly ❤️

  25. Phil Norbeck

    You don't need to wipe your data. There are Android 11/R ota files.

  26. Rahul Megilamane

    You also know that "developers" too watch the videos, so you explain completely

  27. David Holt

    Is free that hard to understand?

  28. RX 580

    Where the F is Screen recorder which was going to be in Android 10 ?

  29. Louisville

    Can't wait to get Android 11 on my pixel 4xl

  30. Roanavelt Fenton

    Uhhhh.... Pop up messaging has been a thing since Android 9.... They just made the steps easier to do. Split screen, press and hold on the app and choose... You guessed it! Open in pop up view

  31. Eiram Tomalin

    Samsung already have some of these features lmao

  32. datdev

    Pixel 4: What Is My Purpose? Dev: You install Android 11 Pixel 4: Oh, my god

  33. gmccmemberk

    Since apparently that pixel is just lying around: Can I have it? Lol

  34. Shanmuga Manikandan

    All I can think for the whole 6 minutes "What's on top of your head?"

    1. Giraldi Maggio

      It's a kippah

  35. Yash Solanki

    Native call recording ?

  36. Clay .T

    Basically android wanna be an iPhone with 0 privacy

  37. NoobisYT's 2nd account

    My phone doesn’t even get android 10...

  38. Cosmic Jerry

    ☎️ RINGGG...🤖 Hello


    Why is it that sneak peeks of new Android versions always show me 'new' features that I've somehow been using for at least two years already. The bubbles feature is already a thing! The screen recording is already a thing! Why does this guy not know that! FYI I'm using an S10. I used to have an S7 The screen recording feature is definitely part of Android, not One UI. But I'm not sure about bubbles (it works in tandem with split screen and multi-window)

  40. Hussam Fauzi

    I hope there will be multiple uninstall feature..

  41. Billy Xd

    Windows 10x is the way to go for Microsoft and not Android. This is a very bad decision.

  42. Stevie V

    Oneplus have had screen recorder for quite a while now.

  43. Sandu Zmeu

    My Samsung phone hasn't even got the Android 10 yet...

  44. Ankur Patil

    Tell me 1 good things about 11

  45. Kashif Nawaz

    Android Rasmalai

  46. Manish Sanikop

    Still waiting for android 10 on my Samsung, lol

  47. Maheshwari Kuntal

    Android will now copy from samsung and iphone 🤣

  48. Malavos

    There are a lot of those features that some custom interfaces already have. Like recording. MIUI, Samsung, and Moto all have those features. It's interesting at least.

  49. Alex Vidal

    The Verge. Credibility: ZERO

  50. Karan Sharma

    Android 11 looking real good... if you've never touched a Samsung phone. Good on ya, Google, for adding things like screen recording, scrolling screenshots, and other things from years ago....

  51. Charlotte Hickman

    You need to review the new ones!!!

  52. Gamer Zee

    Switched to iPhone never been happier

    1. Heracles A.

      Same thing, but I switched to Samsung and I laugh at your outdated glorified calculators.

  53. jords T

    That bubble thing is already on samsung devices but it triggers another pop up window

  54. iTablet

    Hahahaha! Soli is still there?!

  55. cesar

    nothing new, this OS is disgusting

  56. Pretty Good Channel

    The notification area is just too large. I wish they fixed it.

  57. Jack Tomlinson

    Everything you showed was in the last dev preview

  58. dequan Sealey

    Still on oreo and this us for samsung for giving phones only 2 updates🖕🏾

  59. Mary Jimbo

    Is this version stable 😳

  60. Ejaz Ali

    when you just got Android 10, but your phone will definitely not get Android 11 😑

  61. Monarch Varma

    tf does "support for 5G" mean.. it's a bloody software

  62. Taha Sufiyan

    Samsung has it all!


    I'm fine with one ui 2.0 with android 10... Not much of update though...

  64. Koray Tugay

    Android on Nexus 5 was the best.

  65. Jonathan Begg


  66. Kandari Kandari vlog

    Speaking Hindi . English not understand 👎

  67. Hilmy Akatsuki

    In this universe everything Apple did first than other companies just copied those! Thanks for just pointing this in your every video. You know what? My whole life was a lie.

  68. Yejoon Yang

    I just realised that most of these are features that were already in from one ui

  69. Musab Saad

    Most of these features if not all, do actually exist on One UI 2.0 based on Android 10

  70. Laman Digital

    Havent tried android 10 yet. But 11 is around the corner

  71. spacetaco1

    So I have android 10 on my S10. Is that a beta?

  72. FelixSchndr

    Android needs an apple airdrop equivalent which is baked into the OS and not a third party application!

  73. Luca H

    The bubbles also work with WhatsApp right now

  74. Paal Singh

    So nothing really

  75. XGamer

    still aint got no android 10 on my k20 pro..

  76. My Android

    Telegram also support bubble head chats 1:18

  77. Harish Lives

    What's on his head!!!??? Can someone clarify🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ The features u want don't wait use nova launcher 😂😂

  78. Tom

    Wow, Google. I have almost everything on my phone already

  79. Synapses Impulse

    I still don't have android 10. I am assuming I might not be the only person with that problem.

  80. Eddy0p

    Android R - Raspberry

  81. Sparriax

    _Ara~ Ara~_


    if it's really, really early why making a video

  83. Makanda LP

    So. Im sitting here with a Huawei P30 android 10. Will i get this android 11 uptade?

  84. Karanminus

    Never have I seen a man so apologetically excited for a new Android version.

  85. juwatista saintes

    the real question is..what's that white thing on the top of yer head?

  86. hong ben

    So does Samsung users get anything new?

  87. Brad Cooper

    I hate the bubble.

  88. courtney hall

    the same thing as with kennedy,the deep state trolls.

  89. Ron Wolf

    You're just restating features that were already in Android 10…

  90. Zebiano

    What's on your head?

  91. Purrichu

    1:45 What is the one you are using here? Because i don't want a pad one that you draw and it shows on a computer, i think like Wacom. I want a normal tablet which you draw on with one of those pens. What is the one she's using on the time stamp called?

  92. Omed Azeez

    I think there's something on his head.


    Lol like they have to "SHIP" android.

  94. Nathan Elcoate

    My Note 9 has those 3 permissions already.

  95. Rodrigo Vaamonde

    Most of the features that you are mentioning in here are already present in Android 10 (bubbles, advanced app permission system, etc.).