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  1. asma alabsi


  2. Angus Keenan

    Clair: “I will smoothly sail the boat in the port on day 3” Me: *seeing that we are only half way through the video* “oh Clair”

  3. leouua


  4. Zy Estes

    Sweet n spicy Sambal pork noodle?? Sweet n spicy sambal?? Sweet n spicy Sambal pork noodle?? Spicy sweet sambal pork noodle??

  5. Hansini Silva

    Gosh I love watching Andy's face while he eats something delicious !

  6. Kamryn Quinn

    O.o I've never eaten this snack before

  7. leouua

    she is hating this

  8. Omar S

    More Sohla! She's got fantastic, calm energy. A great teacher.

  9. Ellen

    It really annoys me that she always cooks with her hair hanging out

  10. Jayla Starling

    i was literally like claire should do combos and i wake up to this

  11. x8thSinx

    I have literally never heard of these, and I now want them in my life. Wonder if I could find them in saskatchewan...

  12. mr_yangg

    anyone else notice claire's engagement ring?

  13. Hannah/Jude Vicious Lopez

    I F***ING LOVE COMBOS! MY FAVORITE FLAVOR IS CHEESE PIZZA BUT I LIKE THEM REFRIDGERATED! If you've never had them refrigerated, just try it. You'll see what I'm talking about. It puts a different dimension to the filling. 😉

  14. Julia D

    Here after the noodling video!

  15. Madi Hill

    who else has never even heard of these in their life

  16. The Hoodie Wearing Witch

    Can you do Percy Pigs next!!!!!!

  17. Aaron C

    Brad is just the nicest grader there ever was. Chris used store-bought dough and missed half the inside ingredients and STILL gave him 78%.

  18. Holy

    he looks so natural on that couch

  19. Nessevi

    God, first she hates egg yolks, now she uses hellmans (arguably the worst mayo quality in existence) , how did you even become a chef. And i'm not speaking skill wise, but like...taste wise, eugh.

  20. spoiled choccy melk

    *test 6..... use honey instead of water*

  21. Kaarunes boi


  22. Michael Osorio

    She should make nerds candy

  23. Derek Smith


  24. Jace Boudreaux

    Why are doctors still prescribing Ambien?😂

  25. Allie Alexander

    😃, as much as I am a fan of the previous “Gourmet Makes”, I love that Claire is making gourmet Combos, and is rocking it throughout the entire show 😎. Kudos to her! I may have suggested this in the comments in another video, 😆.

  26. nell.e

    would love to see claire make something aussie like tim tams or shapes!

  27. Nocturne22

    Chris has ditched the collared shirts and slim fit jeans: he's in full DAD mode

  28. Max Hawke

    Why does the original look like dog food what the heck America

  29. Robbie Craughwell

    Did i shock you? Yes and i am going to make it look like an attack causing me much pain on this post! So as to help me in any future claim i may take against you for ruining my career and life..............You woman hating man.

  30. Kayla Tussinger

    Me constantly “Combos are the world’s best gas station snack” Delaney “They are the world’s best gas station snack” Me *In Brad’s voice* “Delaney!”

  31. Anna Wessman

    Love Priya! :) <3

  32. Jaryth14

    For a minute there I thought Claire just didn't know how to pronounce 'andouille'. Now I have a new kind of sausage I want to try.

  33. nomeaknat

    I would *love* to be in the BA test kitchen on days Claire is done with Gourmet Makes.

  34. Athena Aquino

    can claire do girl scout cookies? the world needs this

  35. Isaiah Hong

    Please send me all ur left over combos

  36. Rao Xobi

    ok but peanut butter m&ms are right up there with the peanut ones

  37. S Bashir

    This dish is not complete without Pakoras.

  38. Little Miss Wolfee

    lol I love brad everyone is like EW velveeta thats disgusting and hes like "its good tho.." and then with the gouda "put it on your mac n cheese" haha hes the best <3

  39. S Bashir

    That’s not how you make it. It’s not traditional Khadi.

  40. jade west is a lesbian

    bro whenever andy laughs, smiles or even makes another facial expression, OR even says something, my heart: 💗💞🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰💘💕💘💕💗💞💓🥺🥺🥺💞💓💞💘💕💗🥰🥰🥺🥺💞💘💞

  41. ezra's earth


  42. Sky Rollins

    I should eat liver then because I have low iron

  43. Emily Bryyson

    This guy needs to lay off the drugs. He's afraid he's gonna lose a second of camera time. The people in the video are annoyed with him also. I couldn't even watch the whole video because he is way too annoying. Ugh!!

  44. Olivia Walsh

    Claire, Brad, and Chris, the three musketeers of the test kitchen

  45. Fraser Smith

    Would brad eat it is a pretty solid metric to test something with

  46. Sky Rollins

    I would say I don't like peanuts and broccoli but that's because I'm allergic

  47. James brown

    Imagine Hulk then imagine he can really cook lol

  48. Catriona Gilmour

    Any other Brits want to see Claire make Maltesers?

  49. Aesculus


  50. Kadijatou Diallo

    i’m watching some random man make eggs 59 diff ways at 4am

  51. Cameron Eridan

    I've never felt so passionately angry about your opinions wow

  52. Alexodro 9

    14:07 when you see he is not really talking 😢

  53. Keegan Heagerty

    What is the patent number? It has to be public and described in detail.

  54. JoeWest

    The jumpcuts are so prominent in this video. Must be using a new editor?

  55. Cryomancer20x6

    I have to admit I'm weird. I've never liked any Indian food I've ever tried, and I believe it's because that darn Garam Masala is in everything they do (I really can't stand that combination of spices). But this i might try.

  56. Ren The AsexuaLez

    _I didn't know I hated Combos until this episode came out._

  57. Caitlyn J

    plz make bubble gum

  58. Yudyca Putra

    Ok 30 mnts-ish.. no suffering i guess lol

  59. JoeWest

    Pretzel pizza flavor is the best all the others are alright

  60. Hypnotoad

    What was the point in checkboxes if you don't check them off as he guesses correctly

  61. Still Reading Books

    Brad is the best. Chris better cool it. Chris has been growing on me lately though.

  62. Theodore M. K.

    Remember "Pizza" doesn't get the pretzel outer-casing, that's "Pizzeria".?

  63. Briana J

    What is that wooden thingy they are playing with? Anyone have a link?

  64. Niyama

    i don't think we have them in Germany and now i want to have Claire make gourmet versions of things that are usually not available in the USA

  65. miserikorde

    Yall forgot to mention rinse off the alkaline solution before baking pretzels in step 4 instructions

  66. Kelcie Minor


  67. Alphaglitchgirl1

    "Beware of poisonous gases" is a cooking instruction I've never seen before

  68. mrle

    Please do kinder bueno!

  69. Atzin Espinosa

    No words can fully describe how much I love this series. Claire and this concept are the best things to ever happen to UKmine cooking channels.

  70. Emma Vorne

    BA Test Kitch: "Combos" Me: WHAT ARE THOSE?!

  71. qngqqq

    what's the name of the toy?

    1. qngqqq


  72. Quinn Hen

    Thank you Chris for killing it quickly before putting it in the boiling water. 💙💙


    Holy snapping turtle beaks I thought he had no,pants on....WTF...Shaved legs

  74. madamewho

    I NEED THAT WHEEL OF COMBOS😍😍😍😍😍 Omg Claire excelled herself in this one 👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  75. Ciara

    anyone else just never heard of Combos??

  76. Ignatius

    Are Brad and Claire making it happen low-key? Brad reminds me of Hopper and Claire reminds me of Joyce.

  77. Axel Vroegh

    Milk duds!

  78. Still Reading Books

    it's 2020 get this guy some AirPods. come on bud.

  79. kaitlyn j

    the fact that priya did policy debate and started reading her script like it she was spreading her case aldskfjasdf

  80. Queen Rose

    You should make gum

  81. whitneybarbiegirl

    This is the first time she’s done one where I have never tried or heard of the original

  82. A C

    Combos ARE my favorite go to snack. I'm literally addicted to it. I can not go to a store, see them, and not leave without one or more.

  83. TheDjuske

    me, only half listening while doing other stuff: "ah, so like a hot pocket probably" andy: *crunch* me: wait W H A T

  84. thriftin n bitchin

    I'm australian n would love to know what the rage about girl scout cookies are. pls give us a recipeee

  85. Annie Tran

    *looks at the length of the video* Me: *little concern*

  86. Cynthia Hou

    Have you considered using a spicier alternative to cayenne pepper, such as gochugaru, so that you don't need to add as much of it?

  87. Silver Surfer

    Please please please, do "pinky" please, Strawberry marshmallow, caramel and chocolate. Love to see a gourmet version!

  88. fakecubed

    Fun fact: If you do CPR on a person correctly, you'll also hear a crack. You're gonna break their ribs, folks, but it's okay, because they're already dead and you're trying to bring them back.

  89. kaitlyn j

    me, 22 seconds in: wow i am IN LOVE with HER!!

  90. Emily

    That salt crusted chicken made my eyes water. No matter how good the chicken is, that process is just too gross

  91. Rossi

    Sohla is literally everything

  92. Milian89

    whats the toy called ?

  93. T Nashè

    Well she talks a lot I get it it’s her job but she talks to much

  94. DinkDink S

    Anyone know what that toy is? I want one

  95. MrWeirdNinja

    Try making Bamba! (The Israeli snack it's really popular in Israel)

  96. rko32491

    I think it's time to master a cereal. Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

  97. J a

    Her vibe is very "Tuesday after being on molly all weekend" in this one

  98. Michiko Manalang

    0:22 is all of us when Brad finishes any sentence

  99. Gloria Son

    Plz make korean honey butter chips!

  100. Jack Byrnes

    claires fave part is always my least fave part