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  1. Tekza _SA

    Barkley is rubbish, sell that thing

  2. McBrian Miller

    It was an obvious result. I was expecting more than three goals from Bayer to chelsea

  3. RK B

    If milestones are to be made, always organise a series against India. The bowlers would love to more than oblige. For a long time, they were in the team to just make up the numbers. Of course, things are changing a bit. But, the lack of consistency would still allow the players from the other team to get the odd milestone in.

  4. H̶̗̀a̷̫̾ń̷̮ḵ̶̿ H̸̝̕i̶̹̿l̴͓̓l̵͇̈́

    They doin da fried chicken dance?

  5. Mucina Kigoro

    Thifery of the highest level from the VAR

  6. Kabo Thabana

    Alphonse Davies remember the name

  7. kriss figura


  8. israel jegede

    I'm surprised Liverpool had no shot on target on this match

  9. Victor Kesari

    Thomas Muller, Davies and Lewandowski are a class act...lol as a Chelsea fan couldn't help but admire their quality

  10. Serekedde Andrew

    See what Arsenal did again...smh! u sell a future star player. Kudos to Gnabry - he has blossomed

  11. whatwedo

    ,,,,,,,,,and my friends here think they gonna have a comeback......

  12. Collins Cyprian Michael

    Please guys am I the only one that saw that black guy with a black jacket😂😂😂

  13. Gabriel Shonaike

    I'll still say if a solid teams gets hold of Barca, they'll beat Barca with ease

  14. Don Mike

    Chelsea had no chance.they were lucky Bayern didn’t score in the 1st half.the game would have ended 0:5 or 0:6

  15. Kazeem Adebayo

    Whenever I see gnabry playing and scoring like this, It shows how bad Arsene Wenger was towards the end of his era at arsenal.

  16. MurderMpume.223


  17. Bokang Johannes

    we fucked up and bayern destroyed us

  18. Apdihakim Official

    Plz subscribe my UKmine chanell

  19. Too_Good_af

    Why pulisic not playing anymore

  20. Mussa Abdiel

    Will cabalero time out in Chelsea

  21. Fred Kody

    Chelsea and anyone on red in Stamford Bridge🤣

  22. Aldridge Kangende

    Imagine being there 1:29 😀

  23. Chitsanzo Changa

    That Alfonso Davis kid is FUEGO!!!

  24. Seleman Kishema

    Is this Barcelona?

  25. Yole Kevin

    It's funny how Bayern run to the goal assist person 1st

  26. joshua ndung'u

    Jose Callejon is good but lacks intelligence

  27. Kipkorir Collinz

    Nice ⚽ Bayern Munich

  28. A. GAUCHO

    Chelsea players: sorry funs we are not Liverpool to score 4:0

  29. Doga Kouyate

    The best goal is the one of Freuler

  30. Niklaus Ossamy Fatherson

    I guess Barcelona's new striker is not allowed to play the Ucl this year.

  31. mouhamadouLamine Seye Mou AHMADINÀ SALhIOU

    *Rip **#Chelsea**😂*

  32. SmallPurpleBumpie

    Mertins celebration was gross and the reason they didnt deserve a single goal more

  33. Syipa

    London is red! 😂

  34. Paul Kalibbala

    Chelsea were really taught a lesson. In terms of quality and experience, Bayern Munich showed how they are miles apart.

  35. Mandoh Hinmara

    congratulations my second lovely team in Germany after Dourmund!

  36. Harold Kouakou

    Parler français svp

  37. Tope lsreal

    This match is a disgrace for England but up blues all the way.

  38. Nonsovinc Vincent

    I'm suspecting that this commentator is a Chelsea fan. 😀 What a boring commentary.

  39. Lucas M Mujere

    No Busquets no Vidal at the Camp ma1

  40. LEO BROOK 10

    Thanks god the away match was in the first

  41. Lamara Sow

    Bayer is more teams of Chelsea,Alabá playing on defense hooo

  42. Hamzaawi

    I knew barca would not perform well the first time i saw sitein's formation in naboli match ...what a joke vidal on right wing and rakitic on center midfield it will be better if he played arthur and fati those two are good and they would would confuse the defence by their speed and dribbling .

  43. Carvan Thipe

    Napolis goal was helped by a slight deflection it could have gone wide

    1. The Oxlade


  44. Unknown

    They should of kept their mouth shut when alonso received the yellow card😂 they begged for the var review and got a even worse verdict

  45. Aaron Fleming

    Here from WeCricket! Thanks for the recommendation

  46. jeremiah masunzu

    Why Man united did not Signed Jadon Sancho a briant goal maker

  47. Walu Situmbeko

    Iye Chelsea my team lol

  48. bill Mak VIDMUK

    Cooooooooool !!!!

  49. Tristan Feinauer

    Have nothing against Martin Tyler, but he sounds so boring in this one.


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  51. The Kasolo

    What did you expect from a man that lost to Ole 3 times

  52. The Kasolo


  53. AK kapitano

    Who's still watching 2020 liverpool ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  54. celestine obi

    Chelsea out

  55. Edu Shola

    Junior's wing was the weak spot in barca's defence

    1. Hamzaawi

      True we need alba😶

  56. DJ RICHIE 1

    ukmine.info/vid/d0RyNDY0ajJfUjR/video.html this so good

  57. Tron

    Bayern do actually like to trash London teams... Arsenal, Spurs now Chelsea

  58. So Travel Gh

    Messi was lazy in this match.

    1. Niklaus Ossamy Fatherson

      Eibar was a trap for the 33 years old Messi 😅. I think they underestimated Napoli.

  59. IRUMBA Victor

    Barcelona should stop undermining these small teams

    1. Martin Chitembo

      Actually small teams have improved, Napoli as knocked out Barcelona before.it was not an easy much.

  60. Cheikh Dieng

    Lewandowski ,a good player

  61. Meshack Samuel

    I think bayern were in theis daily exercises.

  62. Sim Simmer

    Man United and Bayern can split the rent at Stamford Bridge

  63. ReseaChers

    David miller : fastest t20 century ABD : fastest odi century Meanwhile VIRAT KOHLI : To main kya karun job chor dun? 😆😆

  64. joel bolaji

    chelsea ti lazzdent

  65. Nwonuvu Peter

    Chelsea is a dead club

  66. Adelante Ricky

    Martin Tyler get in the bin!

  67. The Link Of Perfection Charity

    WE miss 11 Drogba

  68. Chinonso Ahamefule

    Someone said Chelsea were trying to get an away goal in their own stadium😂.

  69. Frank Emeni

    Maradona was angry

  70. Giresse Sam officiel


  71. samkelo saho

    Barcelona is weak weak, they can't play away

  72. Emmanuel Mashauri


  73. Sounak Ghosh

    I love AB De Villiers more than Virat Kohli & Rohit Sharma combined. If RSA beats INDIA with the batting skills of AB De Villiers, I love the most.

  74. Lucio de Hunter

    Will Chelsea go for the second leg? I'm just asking ooo...

    1. Ajibola Philip

      It's not over until it's over


    What a knock

  76. joseph makanga

    How Bayern Munich are loving London this season?7-2 at Tottenham, 3-0 at Chelsea with second leg still to come

  77. Janda Boytzz

    Sergio miss next match😠😠

  78. martha Alfred

    I guess he is only good at bullying "Eibar-ish!!" teams..😂🤣😂🤣

    1. Efe Aigbe

      @Abimbola wiseman

    2. Abimbola

      @Efe Aigbe which one is wise.... he is only good at camp nou

    3. Efe Aigbe

      @Niklaus Ossamy Fatherson wiseman

    4. Niklaus Ossamy Fatherson

      Let's talk after the next in Barcelona, would you? Because if you want to compare let's do it fairly, he destroyed Eibar in the Camp Nou, not in Eibar.

  79. Taofiq Adeyemo

    Why did Wenger allow Gnabry to leave. Painful😂😂

  80. Taofiq Adeyemo

    The red card was too harsh

  81. Thabane Mhlongo

    MESSI2020 #YNWA 😂🤣😂

  82. Ditsie Moagi

    doing some research

  83. G Wainaina

    So happy for Gnabry, who wasn't "good enough" according to Wenger, despite him showing bouts of brilliance. I wonder why he wasn't as patient with him as with the likes of Chamberlain, etc.

    1. Ajibola Philip


  84. Shakur

    Bayern second half : may l introduce Gnabry. 😂

  85. Clifford Salie

    More proof that London is red

  86. adrian naick

    I had low expectations going into the match, I knew we would lose but I think our goalkeeper could of reached for the 2nd goal, his just damn lazy.

  87. asavela somaxaka

    3:12 that sound is so sensational....whooooooooo

  88. shepherd kalinchenga

    Mourinho apera.....thank God we got rid of him in good time. Ole seems to atleast have a bit of direction

  89. chidubem

    and Messi still hasn't scored away to an Italian team in the Champions League.

    1. Mr L

      But people have the nerve to compare him with CR7 lol what a joke

  90. The Party

    Let's go bayern

  91. Dee Maz


  92. chidubem

    Alphonso Davies totally destroyed Chelsea's right wing.

  93. kibera probation

    Bayern thrashing EPL teams like no ones business.

  94. unathi mafilika

    3-0 at home is not bad for a team that plays in "the best league" in the world 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    1. unathi mafilika

      @Ndumoh Da Don Gumede EPL is not the best league in the world 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juve, Bayern, Atletico, PSG all those teams would walk straight into the EPL and win it easy.,.but I doubt any English team would walk into the LA Liga, SerieA, Bundesliga and win it.

    2. Ndumoh Da Don Gumede

      Somehow by this lose you trying to discredit the prem? Lol typical EPL is indeed the best league in the world

  95. abraham sie

    Premier league is just overrated.it's just a normal league

  96. Ibrahim Mbela

    Chelsea are official out of Champions league


    And why Bayern keep on tormenting London teams??? It was Arsenal to Tottenham and now Chelsea


    Why Bayern keep on tormenting London teams?? It was Arsenal to Tottenham and now Chelsea

  99. Ricky ngatiri

    4:15 Callejon should've taken the shot on his 1st touch..🤔

    1. Hamzaawi

      He should've finish on left side also .

    2. chidubem

      @Hassen Noormahomed I think it's all about his striking instinct. Some players are more inclined to take first time shots rather than wait.

    3. Hassen Noormahomed

      Agreed but this is Callejon in a nutshell needs extra time to decide what he wants to do. Ter Stegen is always off his line instantly the best keepers are

    4. chidubem

      Agreed. His hesitation allowed Ter Stergen to close up and block the shot.

  100. Geoffrey Mureithi

    Arsenal sold Gnabry for 5m....