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  1. Piratekiller99

    why don't you talk about 5g NSA vs SA (non-standalone vs standalone) We are still in the NSA-Phase, right? So 5g right now is 4g with additional frequencies for higher capacities from 5g (when available)

  2. Azril FN

    The girl, just have so many double meanings

  3. ApE

    Lets Come back in 5 years and 3 petabytes Will be nothing

  4. Siim Kuusik

    I am way more amped that my carrier here in Estonia just enabled VoWifi / Wifi calling for my iPhone with no extra charge 📡

  5. kishor Dey

    Ubuntu linux user here😎

  6. John Doe

    1:15, Wrong, it did exist and it was implemented in Intel's CPUs. Only AMD did not have thermal throttling at that time or any other way to prevent over-heating and it on motherboard thermal monitoring and protection.

  7. paul humphreys

    it looks more like a cluster f_ck to me by a bunch of Amateurs

  8. The AdrenaliN

    0:28 jesus christ

  9. Teeteringpeaks

    He said the F word...

  10. Boyan Zhelyazkov

    It would be interesting to see a project with a multi CPU cluster of Threadrippers 3990X emulating high-end GPU. I t was fun to see one emulating a GPU it would be interesting if you can make CPU cluster of 3990X emulating a GPU and it's performance - can it beat an Nvidia 2070/2080

  11. Martin Ninov

    I read that as "10 ways linuS is just better"

  12. Truls Aagedal

    Could we get a few benchmarks comparing low band 5G to 4G LTE, both in terms of speed, but also latency. And if possible capacity. The latter meaning how many phones can connect at full speed at the same time.

  13. Gfdgdfgdfgdfg Gfdgdfgdfgdfg

    what a waste of energy. Tapes would be much more energy efficient. People with too much money waste too much resources and energy without thinking about it.

  14. Don McCollough

    I like that hack for the gaming chair and lapdesk keyboard and mouse. I need it!

  15. Mahmoud Younis

    who will use Linux after seeing this video , like if you will do

  16. Windows 10

    Running MacOS on an i9 Titan RTX Workstation. Debian on an RPi

  17. Griffin Gaming

    Bit late to the party here but about that cooling system idea you wanted for a mac book or w/e device you wanted to use it on, how about this Osprey Hydraulics LT 2.5L Reservoir Red, you can simply cut the stoppers off the end stick them into a water pump regulator and put ice water inside, also if wanted a better insulated system to keep it cooler and stop the plastic from heating wrap it in foil.

  18. XzTS

    1: y'all were in Miami during Superbowl weekend 2: the competitor is obviously VzW

  19. Anders A

    Are you journalists or pimped gamers doing infomercials?

  20. BangDroid

    Hey LTT, do a video on Carrier-Grade NAT and why fixed wireless is a bad idea for many uses.

  21. RBXII3

    Meanwhile my computer can't even run Minecraft at 60fps 1080p

  22. Thaddeus Lehman

    Machine a steel die then cast the copper

  23. George

    T-mobile does not have fact no provider does. They buy their infrastructure from companies like Ericsson. The innovation and technology is owned by those companies.

  24. IraQ Nid to brick an otherwise perfectly working Windows NT laptop.

  25. SkylinegodzillaBen

    soo... Linus needs to combined all his extreme builds like the 3pb machine, 128 core cpu, 2TB of ram, ect in to the ulti pc. I know theirs probably no mobo in the world that could do that but Linus is smart enough to figure out some way to do it

  26. Xerwin_ Coconuts

    There is Jojol in the video

  27. JellyfishJelly

    Yes, 5G will be necessary for the future of self-driving cars. Mainly because there won't be any free ISM bandwidth left for more reliable, low overhead decentralized technologies, since telecom's now own all the massive 5G range that "wasn't being used".

    1. JellyfishJelly

      Honestly, I'm not looking forward to the future where our safety will depend on anyone not loosing T-Mobile signal.

  28. Youtube Pizzer

    how many youtube videos can you play simultaneously though

  29. Dominik Tóth

    I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX. Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called "Linux", and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project. There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. Linux is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine's resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called "Linux" distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.


    damn i want paul to be my friend

  31. SavvySteak

    Nope. 5G kills. Dont be a sellout.

  32. Lukas

    Germany: what is 4g USA: U want 5g? Take it!

  33. Jacob Forna

    Do a circle

  34. ryder.carter.13

    Recommendations is spelled wrong on one of the subtitles. 9:34

  35. Daniel Astbury

    I remember downloading suse linux around 15 years ago and spending days trying to get gcc to install. The rpm manager was quite primitive at the time!

  36. Paul White

    I get over 300mbps on Sub6 5G with EE. Mmwave is nowhere here though.

  37. enkhee 1437

    Im working in isp and i need that cable where to buy

  38. Daniel The Official Avatar Vlogger

    this isunreal, i always love watching these videos.

  39. Shaun Janoschka

    you obviously know your stuff, now stop being an a-hole, just the facts please

  40. locomojo0485

    Sooo... it looks like Nintendo built a decent handheld, as usual. But their games suck, so best used to play other games. Gotcha. Screw the legal team!

  41. Dracogame

    I don't understand the hype around this girl. She's kinda nice but she was definitely trying too hard, after the 15 minute mark she became annoying. You guys should give more credit to the editing team, I feel like they did the heavy lifting.

  42. Muhammad Asif

    what is the link to that script??

  43. Michael Jordan

    Cpu? No Ppu? Yas

  44. Youtube Pizzer

    finally, a computer matched for my procrastination levels

  45. Michael Jordan

    Costuumm wah koolah

  46. Nero

    GitHub user CHEF-KOCH has a lot of repositories dedicated to privacy: github[dot]com/CHEF-KOCH

  47. Łukasz Sieracki

    How the fuck is this a fair comparison if you're using two different phones.. Oh no, wait, this is an ad. Disliked.

  48. Spider Man

    Hey man, you have a lot of fans that support you and wishes you the best. You have given so much of yourself and have created this incredible community. However, right now you need a very very good therapist. Do not worry about all of this noise of people demanding you to produce, just focus on yourself.

  49. Roxanne Robinson

    Wish this was my daddy.

  50. HendrikMedia

    Please make it more obvious that this is just an ad! -> What i mean is the title... Because it doesn't have a lot of useful tech tips

  51. Jacob Alward

    Please don't retire man. I just recently got into PC building, and each and every step it has taken me to learn everything i know, i learned from you. Ive scrolled and watched for hours upon hours to just learn each and every inch of a PC. Your content has truly helped me learn everything i need to know, and you also put a smile on my face with how cool and goofy you are. Its just nice that you can be yourself, and its nice to see that there is other people out there like myself, i dont really feel so alone anymore. Especially with the community you've created, i connect with so many other people who watch your videos and its just a great experience. Sorry for being kinda mushy, but you really have made an impact on my life. But, i mean, if you want to retire, obviously that is your choice, you already have everything you need, and if you retire, you can spend lots of time with your wife and kids, which would be awesome. I would just ask if you could appear in some videos every now and then at least? Because we really are gonna miss you dude. You are Linus Tech Tips. Thanks for such an amazing ride, and congrats on such a great success, much love man

  52. BlueCube067

    k dude no need to flex :(

  53. Geo YinYang. Kitty

    I love Linux on my 2008 netbook. Brought it back to life. (School PC just used for notes.) Web browsing, social media, a few games that dont need Dedicated GPU. "Works like a dream." I love dropping a build on an old system and watching this system run like its just off the shelf. (That matches a users requirements.)

  54. my mother's my sister

    5g makes gives you cancer because why wouldn't it

  55. Raccoboi Yeah just raccoboi

    i wonder what linus thinks about the anti 5G boomer propaganda 😂😂😂

  56. Nejc Novak

    What about 5G radiation? How much higher is it versus 4G?

  57. andrewesquivel

    If a sponsor spot once in a while helps pay the bills so he can make fun videos, go for it. At least he wasn't hiding the fact that it was sponsored.

  58. Sean Greaves

    Yeah, I hate how they do that renaming and re branding. It does get confusing with the names, I have to take time out of my day to compare and find out that it is only 100mhz-300mhz difference or just the 2nm difference in space and that it has no real function to it to be noticeable for gaming. It pisses me off overall because I have to argue with friends on the differences and to help them not make a stupid purchase. It's not like we can just buy a new GPU or something of the sort every week or month, like really every OTHER year.

  59. Harri K

    Totally useless and unplayable like that display system

  60. cornelia yasmin

    downloading gta v at 7gbps letter arrives in the mailbox says 500 euro bill It's almost 2019 and I'm still downloading at 1-2 mb/s... I'm so jealous..

  61. K J


  62. Benton Melvin

    Canada needs a Carrier like t-mobile

  63. PUBG خادم الخارقة

    Try chainsaw it

  64. Oliver Fasola

    I’m guessing this makes my hard drive old and you don’t use sata for hard drives now? You have some funky mvme

  65. Merlin I think this might be one of Nostradamus predictions for the end of the world.

  66. Ayush Kumar

    I AM GONNA GO LINUX!! With Windows

  67. Harrier

    who would have guessed, 5g means 5th gen... oh people

  68. Ed

    go ahead and cut!!!!! I nijnjndsj nd funk adfffdss hrrllll

  69. IsukbutIstream Gaming

    I have to slightly disagree with your first statement about wanting a cheap 4k monitor. Income Tax Time...I have devoted all 1300 to components not including a monitor. No that wont necessarily do 4k, but it could pull off 2k or 1440 possibly well. I did manage to snag a razer mech keyboard, but have nothing left to get a monitor, and already have decent logitech mouse from when I bought my laptop with the AMD A9 with the Radeon R5 apu. And as a note on the different price points of gaming video, my laptop with the mouse was about $600 CAD from staples in 2018 and is still able to run sub nautica and 7 days to die on low medium settings. Even able to plays not for broadcast although not very well. You guys would call how it plays unplayable, but until I get my taxes back...its all I've ever known haha. Thanks for all the great knowledge and entertainment you guys give. Seriously helping with the whole process.

    1. IsukbutIstream Gaming

      CPU is AMD A9-9420

  70. God Rimmer

    Still in gaming Intel is faster

  71. kiyonexus

    1:25 GOD DAMN SO MUCH FUCKING DUST... CLEAN your fucking desk and laptop... god damn especially for a review video.. DAMN LAZY SLOB!!!

  72. Haris

    I thought the title was "10 ways Linus is better" 😂

  73. Krishna Vamsee

    2:02 a graph of bird homicide percentage.

  74. Kars Noordhuis

    I mean, do we really need faster internet on mobile devices? Im perfectly happy with my current internet speed. Enough to stream 1080p youtube which i rarely do anyway. I would much rather have full 4g coverage for now as even in the netherlands, we have some spots without any signal at all

  75. RyanCraft

    this video was cool and all but its hard to believe a sponsored video covering something where all the facts should be stated. t mobile just wants to sound good compared to the unnamed verizon phone, which skews the facts into opinions

  76. Hezkezl

    I'm surprised Linus didn't catch on to the PB pun. Nice job Anthony!

  77. skipplar 1999

    Lands of Terminals...and Unimaginable customization...OS which bend to your will...and Kernal which is always at your service....

  78. Geo YinYang. Kitty

    Can ask why till the end of time... (Old video footage is old.) It wont mater. If thats ok than back it up. Still an awesome build. Hope you do a reference video on ?HOW? . Linux can pull this off. Anthony walk through's are great to watch.

    1. Geo YinYang. Kitty

      Note: "Back it up." Compression is a thing. How small can you get 8K red footage? ?I do wonder? save a bit of space. Maybe avoid the zettabyte or yottabyte, project.

  79. Fabian

    Just read „10 Ways that Linus is just better“ and wondered what the content of this video might be😂

  80. PiggyGrunter

    Ok, you guys need to stop getting these dumb game sponsors. Your better than raid and all the others.

  81. Louis Nel

    Is it just me or was Twitch spelled wrong 0:44. Love the videos Linus!!!!

  82. Terry Lee

    I'm still concerned with 5G due to NASA's statement with their concern of weather satellite interference to make monitoring severe storms much more difficult which is obviously very bad and could cost lives because the alarm wasn't raised for decent evacuations!

  83. kayala s

    Also, A N D R O I D

  84. Shravan Kothari

    Anyone else totally confused by the hand gestures at 11:11?

  85. RainBro

    Me Watches Linus Sees Linus's Ad In Linus's Vid ..

  86. David Shipley

    I'm liking the new Linux Tech Tips channel.

  87. CoronaExtra715

    iPhone is gay

  88. Xydro

    6:58 Wait...I how did I pay for this?

  89. flinx101

    Windows is for games, Linux is for everything else.

  90. Daniel The Official Avatar Vlogger

    its alright honestly, i dont mind it.

  91. sipi_b

    I like her

  92. Marius Nilsen

    If Apple never went Intel, this might have been what new macs was based on today...

  93. zuoshui zhou

    egpu with Thunderbolt 3? No! egpu with pcie extension? Nice!!