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  1. David Mayo

    Yea it's a no for me. Once they killed ghost I was done.

  2. Cristina Lobo

    I need the full version

  3. Jammy Little Bastard

    You people who can’t watch the show with Ghost are weirdos how you stuck in the past over someone who ain’t real? Lol time to move on

  4. Victor Skywalker

    That’s a sweet Mustang. RIP Ghost tho.

  5. kjdnyhmghfvb

    I feel like the universe would implode on itself, there's no nuance without Ghost. Also the Prequels are a bad idea, because we already know where they end up.

  6. ExMachina70

    I'm here because I bought the steam game for $6 and had to find out more about the book.


    I love Tommy

  8. Francois Demorcy

    Fuck her!


    What ever happened to the tracker that they put under the mustang?

  10. Amanda H.

    Is this a good show?

  11. Aaron Agosto

    Nobody doesn't want ghost to come back from power

  12. owiz9212

    There was no one on this show that I hated more than Dre'. He was a lying back-stabbing wanna-be gangsta. He was sort of like Lord Baelish on Game of Thrones. And I loved watching Arya slit his throat.

  13. Lucas Linares

    That was the real Queen of England, not those bitches Henry VIII supposedly married afterwards

  14. Afalstein

    Doesn't make sense. "American Gods" isn't about gods being reincarnated in new forms, it's about American forms of old gods manifesting. And how the heck would a god of surveillance have no devotees? They have a god of social media, for crying out loud.

  15. Dorin Surcica

    Ghost James spin off ?? In next season's? Or not ?

  16. Real Me

    How neat that Roger sings a '60's song. Now if only Claire could go back to the '60's to get the tools and antibiotics she needs to save people, maybe even her loved ones. (I don't expect this to happen.)

  17. Debbie Fulton

    I love Richard's voice! What fascinates me, is how his Scottish brogue disappears, when he sings.

  18. Michael Corleone

    Man this was one of my favorite shows of all time. Big mistake to cancel it.

  19. Phiusmes

    Just wondering, am I the only straight male who loves this show?

  20. stone1409

    So only watch power v since thats about tommy because if Tyriq doesn't die in the first three episodes of anything I'm not watching nothing but Tommy

  21. Peg E

    I have enjoyed this series since the first Episode and still love it. I only ask one thing for the hours I have invested loving this series...please don't end it like they did to my 9 years invested in Game of Thrones and years of's like they had a $2.00 budget and only 20 minutes to end the series with the's ok if my favorites have to die but let them die with profound nobility and not by a quick shank of a blade...Love you bye :)

  22. Ross Johnson

    They should of made another season before this to show more of his incredible victories and how his numbers got so big over the season that leads up to this

  23. Mohammed Liban

    I wish dre never betrayed Ghost,

  24. crystalawen

    Shame it went downhill after the first series

  25. michael truthson

    Sorry killing the old woman and his son made me really really reeeeeaaaalllyy despise Kaanan. Bye Kaanan and negro you will not be missed.

  26. xKINGNAGAx

    No Tommy or Ghost = Trash

  27. icemann1419

    Nobody gaf about tariq he should’ve died instead of his sister. He damn near ruined the entire series

  28. d k

    This is some worthless shit... go look for a garbage can and trow yourself in it

  29. maddie morcom

    Its possible that ghost aint dead ...

  30. NoSurrender786

    I really hope 2 bit is involved heavily in tommy spinoff in cali

  31. Glósóli

    Any part with Frank gets me soooo emotional. He didn't ask for any of this. And he died of a broken heart. :'( Frank is definitely my favorite character. And I know he's not popular but Capitan Randall as well.

  32. Jose Manuel  Ros Muñoz

    Spanish Empire!!!

  33. Marie V

    Is it just me or do the actors that play Brianna and Richard have no chemistry? They just seem like close friends to me. On screen they don't make me believe that they love each other. Is it just me?

  34. Gavin Vasquez

    Tommy is one of my favorite characters but I’m just mad that he killed Vincent

  35. Gavin Vasquez

    Can’t wait to see what happens in Tommy’s spin off

  36. Colin lee

    It's just another soap opera with modern touch. oh and lots lots of eye candies. Nothing more nothing less.

  37. Kiona Anna

    I keep listening to this on repeat 💗👏🏼

  38. Katie M

    That’s the Too Many Cooks guy. This is really setting off my fight or flight instincts right now

  39. kionna michelle

    I’m wondering how long it’s gonna take for all these spin offs to release

  40. S

    Now I understand why it took sooo long to produce another season. It’s a true shame the original screenwriters didn’t stay on. Episode one was as barren in story advancement as it was nauseatingly overdramatic about near nothing. Instead of thinking your fans are all wardrobe-obsessed simpletons, please get back to where you once excelled. The new version of the opening theme was ghastly as well.

  41. hari kasbia


  42. Game Changer

    Effie should expose Tariq again

  43. Leakia Robinson

    All well

  44. MJ P

    1:06 those footsteps

  45. Baby Girl Eriss

    he’s killing it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  46. william carter

    Yo, the show been over an am still F up about his death … And the last show that got me this F UP was Spartacus and too the second on 2/24/20 I still cant re watch either of those deaths ..

  47. Tyrell Smith

    Dont give much of a damn about Tariq or Tate, but Kanan prequel and Tommy continuation? I'm all for it.

  48. Silly Goose

    The real Terry Silver is white. Watch The Karate Kid.

  49. Barıs Soykan

    Adiler yakalanan hristiyanların dilini kesip , bacaklarına kızgın yağ dökerek zorla müslüman yapıyorlar MIŞŞŞŞ. DAMN LIARS!!!

  50. Julieta Caram

    Awsome!! I loved it!!

  51. Silly Goose

    Niggas always snitchin

  52. Silly Goose

    Watching that punk burn was satisfying.

  53. Harry Dhanda

    Ghost ain't dead.

  54. fiorella

    I love you Melissa Barrera♥️

  55. Alexandru Florin

    Ghost is not dead .. No body no funeral no evidence, that is dead. After the shoot he still talking he replace the bullet on the tariq,s gun , . Perfect plan . He always wins . Make the enemy think he won .. Kanan leason

  56. Jose Manuel  Ros Muñoz

    Spanish Empire!!!

  57. Johnny Nieto

    Tasha going to prison was the best and most satisfying part of the series and Tariq getting hit by oranges

  58. Micky Irons

    I'm confused, so is there more power episodes to watch?

  59. Alayah Jackson

    So will it just be one season for all these like it’ll be 5 more seasons but these are the different chapters? Or will they all have multiple seasons.

  60. Janek Pirro

    There is no bader than a good....... that gets bad

  61. william carter

    Spanky said ''That nigga Adam '' 1000% hilarious !! an its soo hood !!

  62. Aj Johnson

    You need to bring back GHOST, come on! This ain't scarface

  63. Linda x Harrison

    all i could think of was ... KATHERINE OF ARAGON from the tudors lol

    1. Nesa official


  64. B Lor

    The script of the series was movie was thin and the plots were so nonsensical.

  65. ILoveMusic

    I have seen every episode / season like 4-5 times. Every time a new season is about to get released, I start over. And even though I have seen it all over and over again, I still love it as much as when I saw it the first time!

  66. TomTom

    Well this is gonna be cancelled after season 1

  67. BossC614Yungin

    How many seasons are these spinoffs gonna have???

  68. gopal menawat

    Please dubbed in hindi language

  69. Tay Yuyang


  70. SaneleX P Xulu

    that's how they shot John lennon

  71. Stacy Triplett

    Trisha Biggar is the costume Queen, particularly the wedding dress Queen.

  72. K1 GAMING

    power never ends. lets go!

  73. hucci hane

    I swear 2bit better still have a part in this... 2bit the real OG

  74. Radar O’Reilly

    Is the “m” silent?

  75. Andy Clare

    Does anyone even want to watch a spin off about tate or Tariq? Tate was boring in power and never should of outlived ghost. Tariq was the worst character on the show, almost everyone disliked him and they think people want to watch a spin off based on him? Do the writers even pay attention to the viewersm

    1. stone1409

      Well tate episode I really like it, but a whole season I'm not sure and tyreik fuck know no that nigga should be dead

  76. James Riley

    What if ghost not dead yall

  77. ManBehindTheMirror - Collections

    I'm nearly through season 4. I find the whole Brianna and Roger story very boring and annoying. Could also not understand Briannas Reaction to Jamie's Beating! Was too overblown for a woman in her age.

  78. Jordy //

    Angela had that water I bet. Ong

  79. lauri lightbody

    Yeees‼️ Bring it All #50cent 💪🏽💞👏🏽 🤗

  80. darin hoffer

    Tobias Menzies is a fuckin punk!!! Hey Tobias, you are a fuckin coward and english punk. Any actor that would accept a role like Randle needs to call it over, finished, any more shows with you in them are crap!! wont be watching any of them. Hey england, suck on it!!!

  81. Aileen Whittingham

    I'm trying so hard to get an image of the baby blanket that was used when Jamie was holding Briannes baby in S5 E1 on the wedding night, I'd love to find a photo of it and even more a pattern for it.

  82. MrDagr8rylz

    I can understand GOT having 5 spinoffs, there's alot of material there, but I honestly dont think Starz has really had a hit show before this and now it's over and they really dont know what to do.

    1. MrDagr8rylz

      @ArlindBlaze it's Courtney Kemp's brainchild, not based on any prior literary works, or anybodies life like "Snowfall" which is an extremely superior show than power.

    2. ArlindBlaze

      MrDagr8rylz its based on books so there is no graspin for straws here lol, they said this shit 3-4 years ago

  83. winchester

    I want whiskey

  84. Michelle Whittlesey

    I'll admit- I cried when I first heard this rendition

  85. Stephanie B

    No thanks..If you ever have a spin-off starring Tommy , then I’ll be all in. Tariq was the most annoying character of the entire series

  86. ȺЍ֖Ɍ Ɍąɏ

    The rashes part i kept replaying it and tried not to laugh but i faled 5+ times

  87. ForFoxSake!

    There is obviously a huge amount of affection between them, but I think the fact that they work together kept them from taking the next step. It's a shame! These two are meant for each other and I just cannot believe that Cait married someone else. Sam clearly loves her and I feel incredibly sorry for him :(

  88. Cindy Graham

    I love that they make each season’s intro song fit the storylines.❤️❤️

  89. Calvin Tetterton

    LOL...everybody talking all this shit but will look at every spinoff... They are probably all connected... Like the MCU... So you gotta watch all of them to get the full picture....

  90. MrObvious

    Her English accent is very much like a cross between American and British. I wonder if her role as Brianna has somehow seeped into her normal speaking patterns??

  91. Queen Kae

    Can’t wait ❤️

  92. Scary Truth

    Crazy how a poster of P was in this episode hmm -

  93. fire and sugar

    I love her dress and Sophie sounds so cute with her real accent xx

  94. JoshThaChosen1

    Hold up y'all mad at Tariq but ghost was willing to turn his own son in just like he did Kanan. Ghost was willing to betray him and got what he deserved in the end.

  95. FaMe901EnT

    Fuck proctor he was a rat and that’s fucked up making someone relapse on purpose

  96. ThisIsMetv

    Yo, what happened to Ramona?

  97. Elijah Last

    2 episodes in and I can feel draughtlander already 😭😭 I cant get enough of this show. I wish I could watch them all in one go. But then the wait for next year would be too long

  98. Bari 773


  99. Nadz 76

    Any1 else still waiting for the R.I.P Ghost video? 🤔

  100. Dante Brown

    I’m still watching it IDGAF what anybody’s says 🤷🏽‍♂️