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  1. Craig R32

    Love the Gaffer.🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Some of the players need to take a long hard look at themselves. Get the finger out eh.

  2. Ross Is cool

    Does anyone else just love big Allan (the dad)

  3. Rangers FC4068

    Come on Rangers!

  4. Allan Bennoch RFC #1

    What is flava flav doing taking notes next to shaga 😎

  5. Chris Macleod

    Remember the cry was no surrender 🇬🇧

  6. Slayer Bass 90s techno muscle

    Get Joe arribo on that park the boy is world class with deadly skill score against anyone in the world. He is unplayable at times we need him on the pitch we need goals

  7. andy mc

    Who hired jazzy jeff for the panel?

    1. Allan Bennoch RFC #1

      That's who I meant but wrote flava flav 😆

    2. Greg Rainey

      Jazzy Jeff is the media officer for Braga

    3. Godrup 7597

      Just thinking the same thing and then seen your comment 😂😂😂

  8. Solo


  9. Slayer Bass 90s techno muscle

    Cheer up Alan you're one of the best goalkeepers in the world

    1. Paul Mcpake

      The world lol

  10. Ken McDermott

    Hope you get after them from the first whistle and not wait till halftime to get on the front foot as has happened so often this season. The players do seem to rise to the big occasion so fingers crossed.

  11. Bala Octavian

    Rangers 💪💪💪

  12. constantin cordos

    go rangers! haide ianis!

    1. Cornelius Cornia


  13. Cairo


  14. David Jeffrey

    Portugal & Braga are close to my heart Rangers are closer ! So cm awa the Gers xD

  15. Sparky 1994

    "Won't give away our game plan". We all know what it is Stevie. 433 with nothing to show, then a panic like for like sub, then your new tactic of throwing Aribo into LB. So secret these game plans. You change them so often that NO-ONE can tell what we're playing.

    1. John Toony Mc cheyne 55

      Wow what team you manage pal ave never heard of you but you talk like ur very experienced in managing a massive football club under constant pressure a guess wen u layout your tactics none of your players make mistakes try supporting the team rather than slaughter a man who compared to where we were you are even in a position to criticise a rangers manger who’s in Europe after Xmas and has beaten Celtic 3 times got robbed in a cup final and hasn’t lost a European game at Ibrox but aye murty Pedro warburton they really didn’t give us much to moan about

    2. LM01

      Sparky 1994 so barisic gets injured what do you do put Halliday on and defend more or throw in an attacking player like aribo in lb and let him do his thing cause to me it looked like it worked. Gerrard knows what’s best not you on your armchair the defence is the only problem at the minuet....

    3. LM01

      Cairo Stewart is more than capable???????????

    4. Cairo

      @Kevin Clark Stewart I think, hope that ain't the case though.

  16. Freddie Falconer

    Mon the Rangers WATP We fear no foe !!!!

  17. Flaw3dGenius

    Get Jamie Carragher signed up to coach this defence!!!

    1. Slayer Bass 90s techno muscle

      Calm down calm down

  18. beagleboys gaming

    Mon Rangers

  19. Atuyota Otite

    Congratulations son

  20. Anthuan Juarez

    Lewis MacKinnon! ⭐️

  21. shantydoctor

    Mon the Gers

  22. Rick Mac

    Please don't play 4-3-3

  23. Gabriel Stan

    Who is gonna play in place of Morelos? Do you guys have a fast striker who can follow smart long balls behind defence and has a good header?

    1. Gabriel Stan

      @Josh Aston Can't wait until tomorrow, I hope Steve G figure it out the issues in defense and be inspired to choose the right tactic. Kamberi is looking good but he's not what I had in mind.

    2. Josh Aston

      Kamberi is looking good, tricky and quick reactions. Not sure what he's like in the air we've only seen him 3 or 4 times as a sub

  24. Josh Aston

    What's with Halliday's Hitler tash?

  25. Rusty

    Jesus fuk we look deflated! Need defoe back in that group

  26. David Rose

    A worrying performance, have a look at the team Rangers fielded, Murty gave them the chance and they didn’t take it.

  27. James Sim

    Get that lot up and down the sand dunes square bash and then again! Only joking Good fortune for tomorrow give us supporters something we give you and I don't need to tell you what that is so I.

  28. Billy Walker

    Big Week for Stevie G ....season could be over by Sat night Need to Step up and get the job done .....if we can’t beat Hearts this time bottom of the league Then we have a Serious Problem...with Management & Squad ....New Captain Required Come on Rangers get ur heads out your Arses and show up for a Full 90mins! ⚽️⚽️

    1. Gary Gallacher

      Already played them twice this season and they have been bottom of the league? And we got beat n drew so why do you think you will this weekend especially n when use are absolutely honking.

  29. themoonlight

    Really hope they work on they're weaknesses and improving all their individual strengths aswell as these wee circles where they just pass the ball as quickly as possible to each other (which doesn't seem to happen very often in matches as its all take 2 or 3 touches before moving it on or shooting most of the time) as that's all we ever seem to see in these videos. Starting to think Gerrard is more a coach than a manager whereas the likes of Walter Smith would have been more of a manager than a coach. He knew how to manage games. Going from struggling 1-0 down 443 to 442 which put us 2-1 up then reverted back to the earlier struggling 433. He's still got a captains/players mind set being far too loyal to certain players like their team mates, goldson and tavenier know they are safe and sound from being dropped or from better players brought in for their positions.

    1. themoonlight

      @James Sim thanks, I wish I wasn't though, wish I was saying how great we're doing. So predictable and no matter how poor certain players do they still get to pull on the blue shirt.

    2. James Sim

      You are spot on in all you say fellow Ranger.

  30. dublin boy

    First leg was fantastic as a neutral. Dont know why this game only Europa league game on Wednesday or why its so early? Possibly clashing with Champ Lgue perhaps. Braga were the better team at Ibrox for 60 minutes and i fancy them to win tomorrow. Morelos missing once again due to poor discipline. Braga 2-1.

    1. Fleece Johnson

      Porto are playing on Thursday and the stadiums are only miles apart. Policing reasons.

  31. Emil Pap

    Succes Ianis fa un meci mare poți mult mai mult GO Rangers

  32. Slimeball

    Hopeless team of deadwood

  33. M. A. Engl

    Let Hagi play 90min, give him freedom to play wherever he wants.

    1. Jorg Cooper

      @Donald Brown Source?

    2. Donald Brown

      M. A. Engl 7 players caught with prostitutes in Dubai. Some punished and some not Dressing room split

  34. Garrett O'Rourke

    What quality in his team is he talking about 😂😂😂.

  35. Stephen Carlin

    This must be the best team I've seen were are they from

  36. MegaboyLeitch 2

    Hope he has potential to be amazing

  37. Peter Ramsay

    Mon the Gers 🇬🇧 lets Go 🇬🇧 WATP 🔴⚪️🔵

  38. Alex Andru

    "I think we're all aware of the name on the back' - class Gerrard :)

  39. The Dark Knight

    Rangers till l die. But this team don't have bottle, and have let us down big time again this year.

    1. James Sim

      You have never said a truer word my man.Bottle is inbred and can't be trained into you.You either have it or you don't and it saddens my heart to say many of our players lack guts.

    2. The Dark Knight

      @Donald Brown hahahahaha and you actually believe that? Rumours, rumours, rumours! By celtic fans. Dont you think the press would have received intel on this a long time ago.

    3. Donald Brown

      The Dark Knight 7 players caught with prostitutes in Dubai. Some punished and some not. Dressing room split

  40. William Mcphee

    I've got a feeling Borna could have played on Sunday footballers need too man up.

    1. Jorg Cooper

      Gaffer said he was bruised and bleeding mate

  41. Flaw3dGenius

    Cmon lads into that last 16 and lets put all those horrendous performances since the Celtic game behind us.

  42. B

    Anyone else hear the high piched noise. Man my tinitus going crazy here.

  43. jerry helmut

    Dip in form I can forgive Lack of effort from someone paid £15k+ PER WEEK to play a hobby they apparently love is just simply unforgivable. Too many players not looking for the ball unless we're in the ascendancy and it's just not good enough. James Tavernier is NOT a Rangers captain im sorry, his passing under pressure and his crossing are atrocious, comes across a bit thick in interviews and personally I would welcome his sale and Jack/Davis/Macgregor being made captain next season. If it's time for change its in the playing personel and on field leadership not management IMO. Stopping 10 will be all the sweeter 🇬🇧

    1. Huncho Jack

      jerry helmut yeah Tav is not rangers captain quality. Not sure we have a captain In that dressing room. Potentially Ryan jack. But I’d rather a centre half captain controlling the back four. Not got a centre half that can control himself. So I’d give it to Jack

  44. Ionut Silaghi

    Hagi aici trebuie să fi rapid in Portugalia sa dai tot ce poți oameni așteaptă multe de la tine ,mult succes și dacă joci din suflet o să iese bine jocul nu te dezamăgi daca o fază ,două nu îți leagă pasele fi încrezător o să câștigați tu ai talent ești tânăr bagă gaz tati așa o să câștigați le fel și colegilor tăi . Asta e o opinie, nu în nume de rău noi te iubim și pe colegi tăi la fel mâine așteptăm la televizor jocul . Haide Hagi 👊 Hai Rangers adică Power Rangers 😁

    1. Gabriel Stan

      Au lot slabut anul asta si sunt destul de naivi in aparare chiar daca Ianis ar face un meci mare trebuie sa aiba ceva din norocul lui Dan Petrescu :)

  45. Howard Roark

    Very flat.

  46. Jonathan Dough

    Alfredo is probably away to Colombia for a few days. He may get dropped if Kamberi does well in Braga...

    1. Marcus Marcus

      happy Gunner We all know he’s suspended, I’m saying he should be dropped with Kamberi getting a run, moving forward after the Braga game - when he is available.

    2. happy Gunner

      He is suspended

    3. Marcus Marcus

      He needs to be dropped, Kamberi needs a run.

  47. Kailin Ritchie football

    Hope borna bear coming back

  48. Tony McGuire

    Come on Rangers we can do this even a wee draw will do very nicely WATP🔴⚪🔵🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧👌

  49. Alin Filip

    I wanna see what my fellow Romanian is up to (Ianis Hagi)

    1. Jorg Cooper

      @Gabriel Stan😂👍💙top man, so true!

    2. Gabriel Stan

      @Jorg CooperHe must be still upset after CFR Cluj kick them out from Champions League qualifiers :P Let me tell you that over 20 mil Romanians will be rooting for Rangers now no matter what happens this year!

    3. Gary Gallacher

      Going down with a sinking ship lol

    4. Jorg Cooper

      @Alin Filip He's a Celtic fan, ignore him mate. We love Hagi and it's great to see so many of our Romanian friends taking an interest in Rangers💙. Please keep posting👍


      @Alin Filip 😉

  50. David Dempsey

    Let’s stick together


      That's what the loyalist 'prisoners' said in the H Blocks and they literally did stick together...done nuttin but ride the holes off each other😀😀😀🍊🐷🐷🐷

  51. Keegan L2s

    Who is the kid

    1. Jonathan Dough

      From the academy. Some of them train with the first team.

    2. D Mac

      Yep Kai Kennedy.

    3. Ml6 Cut

      Keegan L2s kai kennedy i think

  52. AA JJ

    Buff skiving???

    1. Allan Stanway

      Buffs got a yellow for the braga game

  53. Kiey O’Connor

    Borna In training >> things you love to see

    1. Kiey O’Connor

      Huncho Jack hope so mate

    2. Huncho Jack

      Kiey O’Connor was in training last week must not put him out against the saints to make sure for tomorrow

  54. James Allan

    I think rangers has the coronavirus

  55. William Mcphee

    We just don't have the depth of squad how do we get rid of all this dead wood?

    1. Sparky 1994

      Players were playing well before the break. Something must have happened behind the scenes and they're no telling anyone. Reckon it's big for this big a drop in performances across the board.

  56. Scott Mcinally

    Ohhh stevie, 8 weeks on and yous are back where you belong💚

  57. Ally Fitzsimmons

    Needs to find Central Defenders that can Defend,Cost Rangers in 2 many games,its Glaringly obvious

  58. Candra Andhika

    Thats the risks of 3 defenders. N something i always worried about

  59. suvajit das

    He's not comming to Anfield until he topples celtic

  60. Dave Law

    We want candy man back

  61. Tizer m8

    Come on guys I thought you won the league in December?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  62. Donegal Overlanding

    Why is nobody talking about Katic? He is absolutely shocking. Nervous mess of a player.

  63. Livecelticforever

    Who’s watching this when celtic are 12 points clear 😂🍀

  64. Michael O'Brien - Liverpool F.C YNWA

    I feel for Stevie,I cant see them even stopping Celtic doing a 10 in a row to be honest. YNWA

  65. nicola stubborn

    not only has kent been unable to get passed a man he gives the ball away more than anyone else in the team ,this puts pressure on the defence ,a liability at present

  66. Poo Poo

    Don’t worry all we need is to win all our games and hope Celtic can loose or draw 3 times 🔴⚪️🔵

  67. Chris Boyle

    Terrible coach with a terrible team.

  68. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    you lot should be positive about Gerrard, i think he'll win the league next season

  69. martin Willis

    Best deal Hibs have done in years getting rid of this guy! Not good enough to play for Hibs... walks straight into the rangers first team! 😝 😝 😝 He’s toxic and full of himself... despite lacking actual quality!

  70. Burhan Ali

    Honestly though I hope you guys win the Scottish cup this season it'll be brilliant gotta remember you guys just came up recently and I wish ya'll the best.

  71. Jorg Cooper

    League's over. Let's try to get at least 3 youngsters into the first team squad. Can they do any worse than some of the ones in it now? NO! I know all of the names in our development squad, but the invisible 'pathway to the first team' is getting quite depressing.

    1. Bradley Mcdonald

      You’ve went full Rangers Da here mate. Never go full Rangers Da.

    2. Syd Barrett

      2nd place needs locked before we play the kids....i know what you mean though jorge........next 2 games are obviously massive.......i have'nt thrown in the towel yet.....a change of ideas is needed on the park pronto.....we are too 1 dimensional.

  72. Gordon Magee

    What Steven said at the end.... tru dat

  73. Kyle Randall

    Wit brains this mans a clown 😂 and knows the middle of a donut about football

  74. MEGA

    megan bell has a fat clit

  75. Zer0 TwizZ

    Gerrard out🇬🇧😡

  76. The hillfoots91

    Seasons over. Gerrards finished. Wheres his anger? Does he even care anymore?

  77. Ally Quinn

    U will get it right boss ,u just keep at it,m8 kamberi was a master stroke boss ,.plenty off people doubted the loan signing ,,,rangers supporters need to back him ,until wer sack him... think where wee were before he came ...we are the people 💙💙💙 rangers till I die

  78. Paul Doherty

    League was won before season started. Rangers are a con. They'll never learn. 9IAR 👍🍀💚

  79. HARRI 999

    Secrtetul este sa te antrenezi chiar si peste antrenamentul uficial asa daca il tine o sa ajunga foarte tare.

  80. David Baird

    Rangers are once again in Meltdown there is something seriously wrong at Ibrox the team are not fighting for each other and Stevie G looks bemused and void of the answer

  81. Joe Teddy

    No mention of the other people 😂

  82. Craig Sutherland

    I loved that young man so much 🇬🇧

  83. stuart kane

    Rangers will probs hammered celtic twice more but loose to st Mirren and hearts. That's the way the 2nd half the season has gone

    1. FrankOwen73

      Celtic beat them twice in the 1st half of the season.

  84. Dragon Eragon

    The big problem for FC Rangers is in defense ,God attack s....t defense

    1. Martin

      IMO opinion the problem is the size/strength of the squad. Foreign players are used to playing an average of 30 games a season and on top of that , Rangers have old guys like Davis and Defoe who cannot play 60 games either.

  85. Dragon Eragon

    Nice assist "Ianis Hagi " nice gool Kamberi 👍👍👍

  86. Liviu Azanicai

    🇷🇴 7 🇷🇴

  87. Kenjo

    The defence was rubbish not good enough

  88. Curry Muncher

    Rangers Women FC... Thank you for giving Bala Devi number 10 Jersey. Love from India..

  89. Kieran Mcdermott

    I fout I saw gerard outside celtic Park yesterday beggin.... He was asking... HAV u any spare trophies mt 😅😅😅

  90. norrie mac

    Ground Hog Day "Again" !!!

  91. Aj Minimessi10


  92. Indian Football Ultras TV

    Assist from Bala Devi 🔥🔥

  93. Richuzz 123

    Bala devi

  94. Kieran McLeish


  95. Rory

    with that attitude we're defo going out on wednesday stevie.

    1. Tam Tamsin

      Rory defo going out when conceded two last week🤷🏼‍♂️😂

  96. MrScotia

    BBC staff here... LOL

  97. Rangers FC4068

    Go get em ladies!

  98. Raidzy

    Wasn’t are aim to stop Celtic winning it ?? Not handing it to them

    1. Tam Tamsin

      Raidzy same again next season

  99. Kyle Mc

    Needs to stop throwing his players under the bus. His tactics were awful today and if he doesn't buck up his ideas I doubt he'll be there by the end of the season. If he gets put out the cup and exits Europe maybe on Wednesday then it's bye bye.

    1. Tam Tamsin

      Kyle Mc throw them under the bus- you damage the wheels

  100. Findlay Robertson

    Stop playing 433. Drop Morelos, Kent, Goldson, Katic, Arfield, Davis, Kamara and Tav, they've all been rank recently. If you can't fix it Stevie... LEAVE!!!