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  1. Jkim

    I wish you could do Sliger SM cases! Love the work and everything :D

  2. hasan shafin

    showing mkbhd video

  3. christian jaycee dela cruz

    Stop Making Me Feel Poor :C


    NZXT is a "HUGE" company!!! got that

  5. Victor Perez

    Serious question: is this worth buying for gaming? I love the small design and always wanted these smaller builds. But I'm talking long term wise.

  6. anonymity undisclosed

    That blue side panel is gorgeous 💙

  7. juju

    smaller than h100 so smaller name than h100 = h1

  8. Bongo Brandy

    I wish it was anodized aluminum.

  9. Sandro Del Rosario

    Xbox Series X

  10. Cyrus Xu

    loving this case!! great job NZXT!


    It is the same size as the Xbox Series X!!!

  12. Addison Marshall

    my NZXT X52 died this week after 1 year :)

  13. John Paul Rodriguez

    HI DAVE! I LOVE YOU! 💛💛💛 🦙🦙🦙🦙🦙

  14. Humberto Gonçalves

    Getting Xbox Series X vibes...

  15. Welt Siebenhundert

    why not port to top?

  16. Welt Siebenhundert

    good Chase untill 5:40 ! all ports are at tge bottom

  17. TRICKY G

    Fight me

  18. Xinhang Chen

    Take a shot of tequila every time Dave says "relatively"

  19. Himangshu Hazarika

    Hey Dave, where is Dell XPS 13 2020😒

  20. Ichijo

    Of all the phone in the world this samsung galaxy s10e is the best phone for me. But im to poor to buy this. Im using a samsung v right now

  21. Eric Mason

    Relatively decent video...

  22. Isaac George

    Good review as always Dave. Go easy on the "relatively easy"'s though.....

  23. bpowick

    I have a feeling that since the reveal of the Xbox Series X that we’ll start to see more PC cases in that same style of form factor.


    $600 AUS

  25. Mihir Chandna


  26. JKOtv

    The thing is I guess any mid-range phone these days is kind of a flagship killer as they are actually faster than some last generation flagships. Take this new "midrange" Samsung phone, it has an SN855 that's not a slow processor at all.

  27. AmazonListingPro Tom Clarke

    No mention of the Lenovo c940?

  28. Shannon Giasson

    i bought my razer taipan like 9 years ago and it still works perfectly the only thing that doesn't is my rollball doesn't click anymore which I never used anyways so whatever I would definitely buy one again.

    1. Shannon Giasson

      So maybe the quality went down hill the last few years.

  29. Ronit Satapathy

    What kind of blue is that Turquoise, blue, sky blue?

  30. Isac's Adventures

    I rather have no port than a usb-c. The lightning is superior port than usb-c. Hate the usb c on my iPad Pro

  31. Paul Klug

    Dude with the release of the realme x50 pro the realme x2 pro will be the new flagship killer... again.

  32. TheSmilingLord

    Going to scruff up that table with no GN Nexus mod mat.

  33. Yee Jang Jue

    Whats the glass for when u can put RGB in it and cant show off yr graphic card

  34. Khusraw Behroz Sulaiman

    your contents is getting exausting day by day

  35. fredrick tshuma

    Flagships are now their own flagship killers How the turntables

  36. Cracker Jinks

    5:05 i love the minimalism vibe

  37. Jacob Frostholm

    On the subject of Teal, maybe get this for an EV? ev-database.org/car/1127/Volkswagen-ID3-Standard-Range

  38. Tone Abet

    Cool case. Wish u could replace the glass with a vented panel

  39. a 6

    I got it for the bigger battery, screen, and storage, at a lower price compared to an iphone. Idc about refresh rate lol.

  40. Joe Stacks

    sorry but $1800 is too much. i wouldn't pay that for this.

  41. Jahdiel Saneo

    This is GOLD. I have watched many of your videos but this is what got me to subscribe.

  42. Jahdiel Saneo


  43. tstirz

    Very reminiscent of the Silverstone FT03 - which I thought was pretty ahead of its time back then as well. Very nice case!

  44. Biswajit Chakraborty

    @dave lee should I buy Samsung Galaxy S9plus in 2020?

  45. Croft

    I like these. Portability in a laptop is a massive factor. If you need a gaming powerhouse, then buy a proper gaming rig tower, laptops are for moving around with. A big screen but light weight model is great, gives you as good a working experience as you can have on a laptop. Now if only games publishers would stop screwing with Geforce Now, you could get by without any gaming rig at all.

  46. pcwizard7

    I m waiting for the Xbox series x clone case with the option of color for the led if I was to go for mini case I go for that

  47. justamatter v

    Nothing against Korean companies. But that's how they operate.

  48. Gerard Cayo

    "10-key pad or bust!" As someone that relies heavily on it for work, I can not sacrifice the 10-key pad... it's a necessity!

  49. Donquixote Famillia

    I'm here at 2020 because someone came with this in the class

  50. Md. Rafiuzzaman Bokhari

    Love the fact the riser cables are pre-bent to make using them idiot-proof. :P

  51. Superior Safi

    Dave the laptop guy :_:

  52. Shubham Pandey

    Wallpaper link please

  53. Siddharth Gupta

    Which launcher do you use bro ?

  54. Tatchapong Panichjaroen

    The amount one said “relatively”. Relatively clean case and good review.

  55. Noah Trath

    Maybe I judge this wrong but these temps seem high. Should a small desktop pc really have temps in the 70s and 80s? That’s something I’d expect from a gaming laptop but from towers I’d expect a bit lower temps, no?

  56. heyguyslol GAMING

    Once they offer a perforated / grill front panel instead of that tempered glass, I'll pick one up. That glass increases thermals too much for my tastes.

  57. Antonio Renteria

    skyscraper design

  58. Uchoa

    NZXT doesn't list the most important thing about the case. The dimensions.

  59. michael meng

    i dont know much about pc case design but is it really that slow to come out with a new design? no shit they're good but is it that hard to make a case?

  60. Reuben Dias

    Is it just me or does this case look like a cross between the Mac pros: trash can and cheese grater...

  61. Disco / ftw

    Lmao using the deathadder since 5 years original,chroma,elite

  62. Gawin Jintanawat

    Plus, it's blue

  63. soren777

    And now I don't want 5G because it seems like its not safe. So not upgrading to 5G.

  64. Luca Kn

    350$... Nah, thanks

  65. Grothag

    "Not the easiest to open". Dealbreaker

  66. Ismael Bonal

    It's great to see companies do what Apple did. I - for a change- would love to see a larger modular case... Oh, BTW, what a relief to see modular cases within the hundreds of dollars' range rather than the thousands' range! Way to go NZXT👍

  67. Late ?

    Apple is the best.

  68. Netz Astigrockon

    This is true. This is exactly what im did when i upgrade.

  69. vishal narjinarai

    Hi Dave which theme was that on k20 pro? Could you tell me?

  70. 李其


  71. pascalboyajian

    looks amazing but 350 for a case alone is still crazy to me

  72. Chinmay Samal

    right up my ally..........(my mind in background)

  73. Laman Digital

    A cpu full of holes

  74. cclevel45

    For a smaller company they certainly are proud of this laptop. I mean $2000 ouch!

  75. Khaled Salhani

    Dave, I would like to thank you for sticking to 16:9 aspect ratio with your videos!

  76. NERPolitan

    Sad that Instagram will literally never look good on this.

  77. Jeridiculous

    Now spin it on your finger It's the only way I can determine if something is quality

  78. Jake Mars

    Cheap plastic bottle


    I don't get it, why your views are less

  80. Wayne C.

    Can I use it upside down then?

  81. Maxx Koggen

    For me, I think this would be functional replacement for having to carry both a tablet and a phone. The Galaxy fold does give you more screen but doesn't provide proper multitasking. With the surface, I functionally have a large keyboard when I need it and basically have the ability to use it as 2 separate devices by using each screen independently. That said, this is a productivity device and I don't want nor need to be that productive all the time. If you already have 2 phones and a tablet, this would be a great replacement for your extra phone and tablet combination.

  82. FadedX312

    I love this laptop

  83. Muhammad Aakif Mohamed Kiyas

    "NZXT's a huge company, they're gonna do it right" If only all companies did that...

  84. herishmerish

    That s10 is refurbished.

  85. FadedX312

    It rlly depends on what u r using technology for, u can’t rlly guarantee

  86. James Zaros

    Looks like a building from the 90s in new york

  87. Burritos Zhu

    I understand it is good... but sir, I don't think that coloring would be a good idea... please search "Silhouettes Metallic Silver Steel Designer Rectangular Waste Receptacle"....

  88. alx

    Dan a4 sfx

  89. Jarvy

    Yeah you can find cheaper S10's on Amazon. However most of those phones are renewed and the reviews for them aren't really good.

  90. cclevel45

    Nah to many cons and have you seen the price tag!? Yikes this thing should be perfect in every way for that price

  91. adam johari

    Do you prefer this over the Ghost S1?

  92. dhananjaya kavindu

    Nice you tube chanel. And nice videos can you give me one of your laptop 😐😐😟🙏

  93. Chabelita Ku

    cheese grater design is the future.

  94. Raka Al Cuza Adnan Kadar

    That is an XBox....

  95. Bamaloo

    I'd like to try building in a smaller case and I'm loving this one

  96. Ayush Awasthi

    5:06 what's the name of that wallpaper?

  97. Scott Watschke

    Thanks Dave I like it.

  98. Spedracer55


  99. pi hermoso

    i feel like i need to shower first before watching any Dave Lee videos... that's how clean the videos are... anybody else with the same sentiments?

  100. Vivek UHS

    Please tell me how do you know the RGB percentage and brightness value.