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  1. Pana Sonic

    Why is Gordon's face so fkd up? Did he botox it? Looks like a butt

  2. ashita ashok

    Something is wrong with the video.

  3. Geoff Gyro

    The United States Of Idiots.

  4. JediWedi

    "What is this strong taste that im feeling" FLAVOR IDIOT

  5. Dabunny Rabbit

    I'd like to see the full episode of this one.

  6. Gaming Point

    Can we get more of this vids?

  7. Regine Ballesteros

    𝓘'𝓶 64𝔂𝓮𝓪𝓻𝓼 𝓸𝓵𝓭

  8. North-American P51D-10

    this is a lot better than 1 hour of lo-fi hip hop

  9. daianie pargoo

    Hahah.who takes pictures of cleaning

  10. Wherethefuckthetoiletsat

    Damn, I would have walked out after her first insult. That man got nerves out of steel. Its a shame for the staff, because they deserve better. He should make a new series, saving staff from delusional, shit owners. Open up a new restaurant, get all her staff and hire them for that restaurant. She gonna see how long she can handle that shithole without them

  11. Cardinawl

    10:11 i thought he's gonna beat the burger

  12. Azelf Da Boi

    There was so much oil,the US Military showed up

  13. lookinpoor 77

    1:49 look at thaaaaat aaaassss woooooow

  14. derubstertho

    0:12 absolutely terrible, (takes another bite). Even I can cook better than that

  15. William Puday lll

    I feel bad for the rats and cockroaches that ate their food.... poor guys

  16. DGmuk

    My reaction after I masturbated to a weird porn 3:30

  17. s.m

    read the title and had to watch 🤣

  18. Mom Nom

    Every time there is something rotten they always claim it’s their personal food 😂

  19. Michael Glynn

    “If it was that bad, why did you keep eating it?” Great point, but I have heard from waiters I know that there would be people who’d come into a restaurant, clear their plate of food, and then complain stating it wasn’t good to try get it for free.

  20. Gothic Grandma

    Gordon Ramsay should make a programme with Simon Cowell. One to point out all your mistakes and one to swear at you in case you don't get it the first time.


    The cook asking Gordon if he knows how to cook burgers faster is as adorable as it is dumb, he thinks so much of gordon that he thinks he has little hacks into how to cook better

  22. salouma FUZZY

    Gordon should do a show in which he visits students homes (those that cook, not in dorms), i think it would be hilarious

  23. Gareth Hutchinson

    Omg America

  24. Denk Scheet

    Jen: I'm a 64 year old woman I don't have control My father: 66 years old hast a Sixpack looks like 40 and works all the time

  25. Kostas Edison

    Why was the term "vegetarian" even crewted in the first place... Oh I forgot. To make our lives harder.


    Imagine a Muslim eating the spaghetti with the pork sauce

  27. RAN CON

    The bus reversed and spun it's tires on Denise.

  28. arnold savy

    Isnt a club chicken lettuce under bacon.... whys the lettuce on top????

  29. Leiru _

    when you have the equipment but then...... chef microwave is the one that they're using... microwave: surprise Gordon I've been expecting you

  30. ZombieFried

    So is this like gordons personal chef roasting youtube?

  31. Aron Marczylo

    The thumbnail for this vid makes it look like the Pigeons are invading! Either that or it's upset that Gordon doesn't like his cooking.

  32. abood cracked


  33. Caitlin Yoong

    i would understand why she was upset the chef called her "my daughter" they most likely had a close bond with each other

  34. Jorge Rodriguez

    Did they put Doritos in his collard greens

  35. mizmera

    mmm. 1:30 THIS is the reason for a bad restaurant... actually ANY business. "Ah f**k it. Who cares.". If you have such a LOUSY outlook for your business... then guess what. You don't want to do it. CLOSE it!

  36. E B

    Who is Brad 😏

  37. Christopher Bako

    She's so fake.

  38. Alice Something

    0.43 Omg a karen😦

  39. James Ultron

    "What is that strong taste Im tasting" Uh..... Taste?

  40. E Gamer

    The first one , I could even identify

  41. 1,000 Subscribers With No Video

    *Stand User* : *Amy Satanna* *Stand Name* : *Bad Baking Company* *Stand Ability* : 😠😠😠😠😠😠

  42. Bulbasaur Plays

    He’s not here to help, he a f***ing critic. He rates things.

  43. Gareth Hutchinson

    He makes adults look like stupid children

  44. Kelsie Auger

    Way to go chef Gordon ❤❤🌹🌹👌 for telling that bag lady off . I love the way you work man seriously I'll always be a fan of you .

  45. Rosie The Triceratops Graf

    None of the restaurants I worked at even had microwaves.

  46. KD

    6:14 wtf is that Mario and Luigi’s long lost cousin lmaooo

  47. Redwan Yaacoubi

    This man realized he really needed help. In other episodes the owners are ignorant dicks

  48. landon lucas

    Poke ball pizza whats wrong with that? Lol

  49. Ben Chang

    Need a compilation of Gordon sticking his hands in and saying "look at that".

  50. Evy Bressers

    Gordon after every dish: *wOW*

  51. Zulhxl

    “ fucking donkey!” never gets old

  52. Anthony Williams

    Felt sorry for the neice

  53. ??

    "Im fAciNg a bUlLy tHaT is BeInG aBuSive tO mE.." Her husband happily eating this beef patty

  54. ??

    "Im a medium rare girl" After 1000 years, "im A 64 yEaR oLdS.."

  55. Yimshume

    He’s gonna stab w the fork if I tell him it’s good. Lol guy has no fucks to give

  56. Sophie Gerrits

    Ok but can we talk about how pretty Ami is😍

  57. Liam Andersson

    Watching this while having stomach disease isn’t great

  58. WithyBog92838

    "God bless America." *BZZZ* "Fuck off fly."

  59. Erwin Erwin

    Bravo Ramsay

  60. olteandatdracu

    owners : has careless chef who cooks like shit w old rotten ingredients also owners : the problem is gordon pointin out the obvious

  61. Mii4210

    Why is the owner going to talk to the cooks about the Soup of the Day “mishap” as if somebody other than herself messed something up? YOU’RE the owner!!! At least from what I see in this clip, the waitress was the best thing this restaurant had to offer.

  62. Jeremy Carrera

    So what exactly happened with the duck

  63. Mii4210

    2:24 That lady the owner was talking to looks just as dumb as her. She goes “yeah,” in a way that suggests she knows what Soup of the Day means, and was laughing and omg’ing. Like, girl! You’re a part of that team! You look stupid too for not speaking up for your boss!

  64. Sishir Bhattarai

    It's all fuckin script guys...dont get in an illusion..😂

  65. Kenrick Yu

    Im a vegetarian but how come shes easting pork

  66. prince ortan

    Big salute to Nino

  67. Finn Declan

    Plot twist : the meat was a paid actor

  68. Beth Roney

    They should have been ashamed of themselves 😡😡

  69. Team Velocity

    How does he know what a wet diaper taste like 😂

  70. Creatives alt acc yes an alt acc

    i wanna know how big gordons balls to fliping be chill with cockroach

  71. VD Das

    The owner is the kind of person to turn down the music on the car stereo when looking for directions.

  72. Cαll Mє Hina

    is there a full clip of this episode ?

  73. Drew Crocker

    Lying to paramedics saying the man had a "allergic" reaction. Fuck I just want to punch this man. So fucking high on his horse that he cant admit the truth for the man's medical care this could be the difference between life and death for a patient. This sickens me, what a prick!

  74. Team Velocity

    Gordon Ramsay : NOT GOOD

  75. john maziasz

    Bad pasta 🍝 bad pizza 🍕 but hey at least the lobster 🦞 didn’t almost kill someone. /s

  76. Max Eibl

    Its just for display! Leave me alone, i like the color of mould!

  77. john maziasz

    I’ll still be watching kitchen nightmares in 2030

  78. Sandeep Gaurav


  79. Charles Lee Ray

    i also dont like how it looks. and if she doesnt like it as the OWNER, she have all rights to say that she doesnt like it. doesnt matter if the makeover was for free, by gordon ramsey or whatever. if someone cuts my hair for free and i dont like it then i tell em that i dont like it. donno where the problem is.

  80. Onerecruitforyou

    "GoRdOn dOEsnt uNdERstanD FoOd lIkE I dO" But dumbass he's one of the best chefs in the world and probably one of the best food critics so *LISTEN*

  81. Júlia García

    Is it normal in the states to take food home? 😂 I find it hilarious

  82. ARBITZ

    Hey did you just Reupload Videos?

  83. juniper quaintrelle

    Haha that woman was so emotional about her boss hating the color blue

  84. Marco Scarpa

    Ok, bones are not good, but did she actually moaned while ordering “I’m vegetarian”?

  85. keys island hopper


  86. Jon Cocks

    Murder she wrote is way off

  87. MrCrackerJack420

    Why are you mad at Sarah? Because she’s exposing just how full of shit your family is? I love how these folks direct anger at everyone but themselves, you know, the morons who ran this place into the Earth’s core?

  88. Verona Pizza

    Ramsay: “It’s fucking disgusting” The guy: “yes,sir”

  89. Jimi Lewis

    “Thank fuck, gold star”

  90. Elijah Boquila

    *Ramsay offers Doug a taste of Ramsays food* Doug: No thanks *Ramsay offers me a taste of his food* Me: Nyalp Nyalp tsp tsp tsp tsp ehh.

  91. Ohh yeah Yeah yeah

    How many times he opens his mouth and laughs. | | |

  92. Joaquín Pardina Villacampa

    Moustache guy: Gordon, is this fish frozen?? Gordon: no, is fresh Moustache guy: f c k u me, dammit

  93. Zepdyr Plays!

    "no one listens to me" I didn't know I would relate to this so much.

  94. manojbala boyalla

    Love the ladie's honesty "Oh we don't, we do not"at 1:12 adorable there......

  95. YungFruitSalad

    Is that caramel sauce?

  96. Fire&Ice909

    Not impressed. If things get physical, be the only survivor.

  97. manojbala boyalla

    What?! Are these people serious? of the best chefs came all the way to your restaurant to teach you......and you, refuse to learn from him. I would love to learn everything thing he teaches and will ask for extra lessons!.....

  98. bardia davoudi

    this is ilegal

  99. Dgems Ramas

    Kid having tantrums wtf