A tribute to my favorite British and Irish performers, including Alan Rickman, Hugh Laurie, Matthew MacFadyen, Liam Neeson, Ralph Feinnes, Daniel Day-Lewis and others. It will mostly consist of original music videos and more obscure things that I don't see posted elsewhere. I don't know what it is about these gents from across the pond, but my oh my... Enjoy!

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  1. Helluminati

    He has those puppy eyes, that men have when they have fallen ill with lovebug. When they are utterly and completely under a spell of a woman. His eyes are basically saying " she is beautiful, I want to make babies with her".

  2. Civmiiuydux

    Easiest costuming in movie history.

  3. Jose Zambrano

    A great movie based on Austen's masterpiece. Macfadyen's voice is like magic.

  4. ninjapoodle22


  5. Tessa Ray

    Thanks for this - made me cry.

  6. Bonzoo Pippenpadlopsicopolis The Third

    He is my Mr Darcy

  7. Daniel Palmer

    I love Gothic American literature. So glad for such an elaborately well-crafted film production.

  8. Betsy Mayo

    he could read me the phone book... *sigh*

  9. Celine Hary

    My gosh! I L.O.V.E his voice!

  10. na haku

    The first I watched 95 version and then read book but Mathew' always my Darcy 😊

  11. mangograham

    "In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you." I was disappointed when the movie didn't stick to the original line because i wanted so bad to hear Matthew say it and now I just found this and let me just say I have it on repeat

  12. sakuraihikari13

    I wish he read the whole book. He's voice is just so charming and sexy.

  13. Doreen Ang

    Aahhhhhh... What a voice.... *drool

  14. R H

    Wish I could go back in time and find me a Mr Darcy!

  15. Riri Ambarsari

    i admire and love you...Matthew mention this make me melt

  16. Riri Ambarsari

    @Idling101 where is the second proposal read by Matthew Macfadyen...i love the chemistry of Keira and Matthew in this film..so deep and i feel that

  17. Johanne Paquette

    He was the best Mr. Darcy.

  18. Jo Moody

    I was so in love with matthew macfadyen when I watched this movie. I was 12

  19. Riri Ambarsari

    OMG..Matthew's voice is heavenly in this video

  20. Cheryl R Leigh

    Liam Neeson's wife, in fact, died on 18 March 2009 from an epidural hematoma after hitting her head in a skiing accident in Quebec, Canada. source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natasha_Richardson

  21. Noelia Molina

    His voice is so calming and sexy. and his face beautiful

  22. Katherine Cheyenne Whitehead

    It is the moment to express AD

  23. Mimikyo Lalrempuii

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that Macfayden's voice and eyes are that of an angel.

  24. Mimikyo Lalrempuii

    His eyes and his voice

  25. Riri Ambarsari

    i love his voice, his eyes, the way he staring at Lizzie in Pride and Prejudice...great acting...i love you so much Matthew

  26. deborah spiegelenberg

    by far, this Pride and prejudice film is the best! So beautifully filmed and the actors so natural, the music so beautiful!

  27. yunial wardiansyah

    Matthew's voice so heavenly...melting..


    What an amazing find!!!

  29. tubefan58


  30. Barry n Rhonda G

    My advanced english class just finished this and we couldn't stop laughing at it 😂😂😂

  31. Lauren McCaskill

    This was beautifully edited! I loved the way you synced as many lines as possible. You have no idea how happy that makes me. This is amazing and you are seriously talented!

  32. tanaya Mondal

    Ufh "forgive me" words always give me heartache, love nd intensity.. can't resist the feeling

  33. Toosiya Brandt

    HI How absolutely stunning! To listen to Matthew Mc Fayden read directly from the book,AND see the scenes pertaining to the narrative, AND have actual lip-syncs al well. Shalom to us only in Christ Yeshua.

  34. Ghost Heart

    Romanticism at its best

  35. Gloria Norman

    He nail it great work by Matthew

  36. Maria Lewis

    OH MY GOD....2019 and I just found this?!?! My absolute favorite movie with these 2 ... impeccably crafted and beautiful . And now this ?!?! Be still my heart with his voice 💕❤💋

    1. julia s. ferdinand


  37. Shiza

    This is heavenly!!!

  38. Дана Темиргалиева

    Переведите, пожааалуйста, на русский...

  39. Glen rose Sison


  40. bebé chirris


  41. Chick Castiello

    He IS Darcy. His voice is amazing. No one will ever follow him.

  42. Veronica

    Im crying like a baby

  43. Kerry Cutler

    I'm going to check Audible to see if he reads the whole book. Hearing him do so would be delightful.

  44. Lena Pereirab m

    Que voz linda e sensual que o Matthew tem. É música para os ouvidos !👄❤ Amo muito.

  45. Tootsla 125

    He was sex on wheels in this film. Love his voice.

    1. Luxe Lady

      Tootsla 125 yesssss

  46. Elizabeth S

    Beautifully Read!

  47. Jingmin

    My heart is melting. God, his voice is so beautiful. ❤️

  48. Monica Gambino

    Omg! That voice!!!!🥰❤️

  49. Ximenacosio 183

    Even tho this scene is full of rage and anger i felt so peaceful just because of his voice, I did cry, but it just sounds so beautiful and real.

  50. star Droplet

    Why is there no audiobook!? I want both a version with Macfayden and also one with Firth....heck I think we are due for another P&P adaptation 😉

  51. Nofy Macasinag

    Macfadyen is my Mr Darcy! I wish my daughter will love this novel and movie as much as i did in this modern times. I love the love story ❤️

  52. toniette holden

    Oh how beautiful his voice is 😚

  53. 가냐엔젤

    His voice is so dreamy, my heart skips a beat every time I hear him breath before continuing to talk 😍

    1. julia s. ferdinand

      and his eyes.. when they look at Elizabeth..

  54. Gretchen Wahtucee1

    I'm in love with that man! He can read to me every night!

  55. Yanina Darcy

    La voz de Matthew es majestuosa!! Escuchar con auriculares y sentir esa voz en tu oídos.... El placer más hermoso que puede haber😍😍😍

  56. Susana Luchelli

    What voice! I love it

  57. Katelyn S.


  58. Caleb Collier


  59. Ваня Кузнецов

    I watch film in russian language.very beautiful film.


    Does he read the whole book?

  61. Olive

    In the book the narrator is an engineer, lodging in the village while he works on building a power plant in the next town. The people in the book never shunned Ethan. Hollywood producers made all that up because they never miss an opportunity to make Christians look cruel and narrow minded.

  62. Diane Mallette

    Loove Mr Darcy ! Matthey Macfadyen ! ❤❤

  63. Jorun28

    My favourite film , and Derek is the actor whose Hamlet introcuced me to Shakespeare...nuff said.

  64. Mayne

    I wish this is the whole book!...

  65. Olive

    It's weird how so many people are rooting for the two cheaters and hating the wife for ruining their fun and not letting her husband have a young girlfriend in the house.

  66. Olive

    Poor Zeena. Bad health, hard work, poor, but takes in a homeless cousin who is no help but steals her husband.

  67. ShazGreenock

    My only Mr. Darcy. He could read the phone book and I would listen A - Z.

  68. Olive

    Mattie should have married the store owner instead of trying to take another woman's husband. In the end I was sorry for them all but mostly for Zeena.

    1. Been Thinking

      Olive I know right? And it was Ethan's decision to marry Zeena, she didn't ask for or deserve any of the drama with Mattie.

  69. Olive

    Soo many changes from the book, but the tone remains the same.

  70. rockys201


  71. peter morningsnow

    You, Claudius.

  72. Kat Harper

    I absolutely adore Sir Derek Jacobi! I have his series "Brother Cadfael on VHS...I actually went to a 2nd hand store and purchased a VCR just so I could watch the series. Howzzat for dedication? But one would have to look long and hard to find a better "Chorus" in "Henry V" than Sir Derek Jacobi...... so I don't think I'll bother....

  73. Lights, Camera, Action!

    I need more 👍❤️

  74. Isa Bel

    she deads*

  75. BrazilGirl007

    This is simply perfection!

  76. Gabrielle James

    OMG!!! His voice is gorgeous!!

  77. Barbelo Trad VVitch

    🌹💙 Omg! This is the best movie ever! The human condition-so imperfect-so plain-so real. Brilliant acting! 👍

  78. Isabela Radu

    One of the greatest love story ever and this version is the best. Great actors, great music, great emotions. I loved Collin Firth in the previous version of this story but l adore Matthew Macfedyen in this role, and his voice is so tender, gentle, masculine.

  79. qudsia tarannum

    So beautifully he reads i can hear again and again and again

  80. Eileen Smyth

    Nice reading!

  81. doriot543

    More more more!!!

  82. Judith Willemsen

    Oh, my God! Matthew Macfadyen's voice is so amazing! My instant cure for insomnia. Remember story time at night or watching a British movie and falling asleep? I can fall asleep with his voice. No pills...just his voice.

  83. Joseane Souza

    Sou completamente apaixonada por esse filme. ❤

  84. Nancy Harding [Spring Valley HS]

    I love Colin Firth, but my favorite Darcy is Matthew Macfadyen -- he really shoud do an audiobook version of P&P. Sooo dreamy.

    1. JONES

      he just scowls through the whole movie. if it weren't for his good looks, i wouldn't have been impressed. now this reading, on the other hand, exquisite!

    2. april8tost

      Oh yes please!

    3. Lexi8971


  85. short stuff

    the music playing in this particular movie is my ultimate favorite ..it makes me hold my breath...and well adding Matthew s voice!!... oh my..

  86. Bertha Lovejoy

    my cynical yet unrealistically romantic heart just melted into a puddle..

  87. Wibberink San

    Does anyone have the file where Matthew Macfadyen reads the hole pride and prejudice book? It so nice to listen to him.

  88. rampa

    7:02 haha well done

  89. Sherry Duggar

    Keira Knightley is a beautiful woman and a good actress but the version of Pride and Prejudice that starred her was not authentic but a typical Hollywood movie and a waste of time.

    1. Marina Zagrai

      Thank You...she should just stick with the Chanel ads, or Pirates of the Caribbean series. She doesn't deserve (to be Lizzie) as we don't need to see her underbite (whatever it is called). I don't feel bad for that, I like to see actresses that can act not model.

  90. Jania Delacruz

    For me he will always be Mr. Darcy ❤️❤️❤️ I couldn’t stop replaying this!so beautiful!

  91. ziggy2009

    British actors are the best.

  92. Rin Lockhart

    Macfadyen's voice so sweet and soft. Goodness gracious.

  93. Галина Иванова

    Какая красивая английская речь. И очень приятный голос .

  94. Eva Martinez

    Omg, esas miradas

  95. Mirtes Spera

    legenda em português, please!

  96. Marina Zagrai

    This is an example of a true actor. This is why the theater should be left to the British! I've seen in many series, and therefore different characters and he is such a professional. Keira, does not fit the character (Jennifer Ehle is the perfect Lizzy, 1995) but I realize why she was chosen. I've seen other productions of this Austen novel, but the 1995, was superior to anything else (even the actors were surprised by their success).

    1. Marina Zagrai

      @Tabbie MaiShe was born of British parents and was raised in North Carolina.. you don't have to nitpick all I wrote...the rest of the cast is British, and she lived there from whenever she moved there. The producers and the rest of the crew were/are British; the production in its entirety was pure gold. I've seen others of this book, and they don't come close!

    2. Tabbie Mai

      So, you say theater should be left to the British then go on to say Jennifer Ehle is the perfect Elizabeth, but she is American. Had she left theater you never would have seen the so-called perfect Elizabeth Bennet. . . I'm confused as to what you meant to say here.

  97. boop

    Oh my god... ❤

  98. Anathaleia S

    I. HAVE. FEELINGS. O_____O

  99. Linda Hendrex

    Exquisite! Matthew McFadyen was not my favorite Darcy. Honestly, that whole version was less than it could have been in my opinion. However, this reading is superb. If he had only played Darcy with the skill, sensitivity, and talent that he displays here, I could have gotten on board with those who think he is the definitive Darcy. I had never seen Matthew in any role before P&P, so I wasn't aware of how talented he really is. I simply thought he wasn't a very good actor. After this, I am leaning toward the opinion that the director of P&P was at fault for the problems I saw in his performance in that film. I'm changing my mind about Matthew. This reading is positively breathtaking.

    1. Jennifer Johnson

      Have you seen Little Dorritt or Pillars of the Earth?

  100. Bandana Sharma

    One man whose voice is as beautiful as his cute face

    1. Jose Zambrano

      in agreement

    2. Luxe Lady


    3. Judith Willemsen

      Totally agree