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  1. michael Smith

    haven't giggled so much in a long time, thanks eddie ,,,,

  2. husky cal

    You should stream your workouts on twitch

  3. Robert Preston

    The body builder probably didn't watch Eddy Hall's eating regimen for world's strongest man..

  4. Farren

    Because she is transgender she still has testosterone in her that helps with strength, and she obviously takes steroids. Even with Eddie being retired he still is able to lift wayyy more weight and THAT is what Strongman/woman is about. Not necessarily the reps. She could never pull Eddies weight

  5. Andrew Kensett

    Needs to be a competition for the worlds strongest door!!

  6. Patrick R

    Eddie did you use PEDs when you did the world record list??

  7. Erik Lee


  8. round boy li

    Eating yourself to an early grave

  9. Logan Colston

    Just imagine how strong Eddie is for his abs to show even through all that fat. Fuckin beast. His transverse and rectal abdomini probably have more muscle than my entire body

  10. consistency 14

    Eddie the beast hall Rhiannon the beast lookin bish

  11. Tachanka Tachanka


  12. Harpreet Dindral

    Damn he slam his front door shut so hard. My parents would slap the shit out me

  13. GeheimerEimer

    his first breakfest is what i eat on a day lul

  14. ZrinaTab

    Бройлер )))

  15. Th3TearCollector

    I used to yell to my brother come hurry, then I get grabbed he`s ear, and took a grab at the fence

  16. momo momo

    champppppppppppppppppppp beastttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  17. fenix project

    Hello Eddie ! you ate that diet of 15964 calories every day? or it's only one special day in a month ?


    Eddie's wife reaction when Eddie was bleeding vs stadium reaction...ture love for Eddie..

  19. tracey sayar

    His poor wife , how bloody scary ..!!

  20. Eriko. Oy

    Eddie doing those long jumps is the most beautiful and terrifying thing I've ever seen

  21. Frederick Brett

    This is what it would look like if I ate my suppressed feelings

  22. Logan Z Fitness

    Trying to nail my first back flip too

  23. handsomesolo Savage

    how the hell did jeramie corbyn get in there,

  24. Matt

    La maionese sulla pasta no Non l'accetto.

  25. Aleš Podbrežnik

    Keep it up Eddie you will get better at it! Respect

  26. Louis Ri

    Props to the wife, shes the real MVP here


    Wife- “it wouldn’t be the first time I put it in your mouth for you.” Eddie- “ I could say exactly the same back. 😏” Straight savage. Lmao

  28. L.E.V.I

    The heart disease diet

  29. Oluwatobi Bode-Odeyemi

    I want to win the lottery, please make me win.

  30. Joel Foulkes


  31. Q C

    Why do we even have a world's strongest woman? That's like world's smartest baby.

  32. Jamie Yip

    Next video please: 'A full day of shitting'

  33. Nicolaj Nielsen

    pretentious acting???? no thanks..

  34. brianpso


  35. Santiago MRPL

    Привет из Украины! Прикольно вы посвинячилсь

  36. birb

    25 mins of heavy eating sandvich sound effect

  37. Don C

    Why do i think eddie’s 5ft tall

  38. dylan canupp

    Keep the fruit & veggie wallpaper

  39. enjoy boy

    Just seeing all that food gave me a heart attack xD

  40. Impossible Beats

    Bro he just did 10000 calorie challenge

  41. Liege Lawton

    When your pal challenges you to a race in primary school 8:45

  42. synysterxdave

    The bravest fucking cat I've ever seen squaring up to Eddie while he's eating. Should be lucky the cat isn't on the plate too

  43. Aleš Podbrežnik

    It's about trying different things in life! Bravo Eddie


    Worlds strongest cat 🐈

  45. RobClu

    What kind of bodybuilder eats that much sugar and carbs?? Jam on toast? Cereal? Burger? Spicy sauce? Desert..? What??? Protein to a minimum, carbs to the max 👌

  46. Maxi Mi

    cancer incoming

  47. FruitPunchSamurai

    Attention seeker

  48. Finley Stannard

    This guy ,he is all around an inspiring person

  49. John Doe

    Dehydration is a Beast

  50. Parth Parmar

    In tears rn👏👏👏

  51. AlCaChOfO

    lecciones practicas de como se contamina un rio

  52. Mark Mackenzie

    Knew the result a month ago

  53. Bob Casey

    No Damn Animals on the table where My Family & I eat...Nope NONE NEVER..

  54. THE TAN


  55. Kirt

    Just saying i feel bad for his daughters future boyfriend

  56. Eriko. Oy

    5:57 Hold up... How did those get up there...

  57. neil Q

    Where can i get a wife like yours. She is amazing!

  58. Denis1902

    i think i could eat one of his meals in an hour.

  59. Niborino9409

    So he did downsize. Eddie Hall is so impressive that I couldn't tell xD

  60. Erik Lee

    Great video

  61. MR JL

    The diabetes diet. Most of that food ends up undigested in the toilet!

  62. jannis joplin

    I love how you didn't blur the dickhead commenters names! Hahaha they are they DICKHEAD jerks now!

  63. Zac Coetzer


  64. Stefan Voorhout

    Im planning to hike the Brittish country side in the near future, and I always start a long hike with a robust, proper breakfast. Im looking forward to having full english breakfasts. They look fantastic!

  65. jannis joplin

    On your way to a million brother

  66. Dieuw

    kats never ruin videos. This was pretty much eat sleep repeat

  67. Don Logan

    I would do this challenge just for the English Breakfast. That breakfast looks delicious..

  68. DIGGS

    I couldn’t possibly train with all the food in my gut geeeze

  69. jannis joplin

    Your beautiful sweet wife.. Her look of pure worry for you. She's something special Eddie. You're such a very lucky man.

  70. Sebastian

    What is the cost of one days food? xD

  71. paddy Diddles

    The smaller you get the greater the power to weight ratio. On that basis insects are vastly ‘stronger’ than humans

  72. Sid Vish

    All this food with the gear on top, how is this guy still alive? ha

  73. MonkeySlayers

    Kudos to your wife she is amazing

  74. Lingo PC

    colon cancer says hi:D:D

  75. Black batman

    living the dream

  76. john doe

    Before: dehydrated After: severely dehydrated

  77. Aleksander Nadolny

    0:40 what if the one watching is mariusz pudzianowski?

  78. Hi I'mDeadInsideYEET

    if this guy ever gets his toilet clogged that's what I call the poopmagedon

  79. Budget Suit

    I bet Mattdoesfitness is proud of you

  80. THONY

    This a good man, all can I say is RESPECT FOR YOU EDDIE

  81. LISOO

    This man is eating a steak with mayo. The matrix is glitching :D

  82. Storm Runners

    What an absolute beast im glad hes British aswell 💪

  83. LowryderKid

    WAIT. 2:50 that guy deadlifted more than 500kg. *How is THAT not the world record?*

  84. RobbRR1

    Your wife is one heck of a 🔥 cook.

  85. Finn Newberry

    Did anybody see Eddie sweat right after shaking his protein shake.

  86. PoopDontStank

    I need one of those wives... Mine just yells a lot.

  87. Calum Hyslop

    Id love you all to visit Nottingham for all you can eat wings @ hooters on me

  88. A A

    I have those exact plates.

  89. Ben Burak

    Tek yumrukla boga devirebiliyon mu

  90. angelina

    you're actually amazing, most men (full of muscles) act so immature even if they were old, to be honest i respect you so much.

  91. James Horne

    Eddies wife is so funny omg

  92. John

    wow how can u stand it in the sun?!

  93. Sissy Turds

    His lucky he didnt die from about 3 days of this in strong man.

  94. Windar

    when she puts the full plate on the table, you should say thank you.

  95. CynicalRoman 360

    Imagine what his breath smells like

  96. Ashish Tirkey

    Calorie Cut Strongman: we don't do that here

  97. ATP Synthase

    Arnold wants to make some gains from that breakfast too

  98. Sean Nolan

    I love watching your videos wot a beast u are eddy

  99. Liam Graham

    C’mon Ed, can’t be clicking baiting us


    19:25 i would punsh my child in the Face god damn