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  1. Briana Shaw

    Why was niko just not interested at all😂

  2. Komvux H

    Brooo white + red = pink

  3. Briana Shaw

    Why is haks so funny man I’m deadddd

  4. Speak the truth

    "About come back! You can yam shit and drink piss" lolol

  5. Briana Shaw

    “What’s that on top of mans ausage” 😂😂

  6. Naomi Hassan

    What is the name of the song is singing at 2:37

  7. mattfxrr


  8. Big O

    As I watch this again this ting is a gassed attention seeker, when she gave him the wrong number and all d other things she was acting for the camera fam. She was moving like she don't know Konan like he ain't mashed better tings kmt

  9. MadWorld

    Hold on a second I thought that bungee swing thing was it.. They're not even brave anymore, they're traumatised and disconnected 🤣👌🏾 Peanut butter chocolate layered cake.. I need to find one of those in the UK😭😭😭

  10. MadWorld

    I'm literally so invested in this collaboration, everything these guys do is lit.. I want all these guys on a show with Amelia aka "Chicken shop girl" ... 🤣👌🏾🤣 Make it happen if it hasn't already!

  11. MadWorld

    She's jokes🤣👌🏾

  12. MadWorld

    How many times is Jordan gonna be left hanging 🤣

  13. Saadia Ali

    Quizmaster is disrespectful.

  14. MadWorld

    My son's the 27th.. Scorpio's are next level different 🤣

  15. SilentBandit -

    What happened to LV

  16. qaali mimi

    Filly is burco clan😂

  17. Akz E

    They don't rate Jordan 😂

  18. Know how to Wear the jewellery

    Harry is too smooth😭😭😭who taught him

  19. Alf Alf

    Why can’t we get Alhan on this it would be jokes

  20. Alf Alf

    ‘That was moist’ filly mocked it I swear😂

  21. THE LION That told it's tale

    Man said i need to bang some dips or something


    Hacks is super talented with all those accents...Wicked! What is his real accent????

  23. Waj Ali

    2:44 they didn’t censor the swear 🤣🤣🤣

  24. Toxic Kiid-

    Get liyah mai on this show fuck her boyfriend

  25. Waj Ali


  26. okow tina

    Lmao they found a game simple enough that philly can win in 😂😂 i love it

    1. alisuo toko


  27. Waj Ali

    8:09 🤣

  28. Waj Ali

    5:43 🤣

  29. Fam Biyoka

    She fine, does somebody know her insta?

  30. Know how to Wear the jewellery

    Is it me or ksi is not himself when he’s around these guys

  31. Alpha Male

    @2:33 We'll Philly baited the whole thing out. This was recorded in 2019.

  32. Waj Ali

    7:28 🤣

  33. daneil

    Yaad man haks...yes iyah!

  34. Drew Collins

    might aswell book travel lodge now 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Sean Flannery

    How does my man chunkz legs keep creepin back behind fillys every shot 😂😂😂

    1. okow tina

      Love that gray jogger on filly 😉😉😉

  36. Vallei R

    is she really 21 ???

  37. Grace Dube

    I love how LV fights 😂😂 I’m dead

  38. abzz.6

    who ever disliked this one is deffo tapped

    1. senni bgon

      That new love island yute isn’t for this show kick him out

  39. ezubetru

    This date is deader than tupac 😂

  40. Hanna from Everywhere 93

    Long live Somaliland 💖 Big up Hargeisa!

  41. Official Wobba Wobba

    just clocked look at the fuckin table cloth😂

  42. mantyr45

    man had her on da floor exercising still looooooooool

  43. Tom Pearson

    I think I’ve seen liv on Pornhub rt😂😂

  44. Ria Kealey

    LV never fails to make me laugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  45. David 430

    Jordan is acc too wet

  46. Tom Pearson

    Whose got this tings insta😂 rt someone buss me

  47. aisha imx

    0:49 🤣🤣🤣chunkz is too smart

  48. RibblolUA

    well done

  49. Maariyah Osman

    ‘He’s a spanish leprechaun’ 😂 ahaaaaa

  50. Farhan

    Ksi has 21 million subs

  51. Alistini24

    The first one looks like Katrina Jade ;)

  52. Vitalis Nathaniel

    “Diamonds in the dark from africa”😂😂😂

  53. Vitalis Nathaniel

    I’ve been dying for 3 days straight 💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  54. SSGSS YaZ

    I can’t see a black guy called Harry man 😂

  55. woiour loin

    I feel second hand embarrassment for Jordan

    1. senni bgon

      “This a Konan date” .... 👀 “Hm🤨”

  56. Mo Haji Ali

    filly is acc killing me, this is simple maths and hes getting it wrong. u cant blame it on dyslexia

  57. Breezybreezyhalo 14

    Ghanaian jollpf the lengest styll✌🏾❤️

  58. Calvin

    KSI has 21 mil subs not 29

  59. bella Adams

    Nah man said bye the roundabout 😂😂😭

  60. KayZ's Media

    Did anyone else die when he started cussing in Jamaican? 😭🤣🤣

  61. BusesinLondon345


  62. ahmad Europe vlogs


    1. yroohj gouy

      KSI has 29 million on both channels not on his main channel

  63. kuru senpai

    i feel bad for filly, bruddah you dont need to be smart to live your life the way you want, education just one big scam for capitalist gains and categorisation of humanity into different sections of class

  64. BusesinLondon345

    I died when Filly dashed the *unwashed rice* into the purée.

  65. LifeOfSharkie


  66. Millyfade

    3:08 lmaooo

  67. Ash

    Nah when he smoothed the Tongue to hear the noise, I was crying 🤣😭

  68. Momo Godal

    Have to get gomez and trent together

  69. DB 42


    1. yroohj gouy

      KSI has 21 million not 29 loool

  70. subira ismail

    naah when chunks asked Will what Maggie do you know about, Magaluf? That took me out LOOOOL

  71. Blanco

    Harry moved himself to the back like he's ready to go HMP.

  72. F50 !

    That pum pum holy

  73. diana a

    why is teeth gaps here

  74. 0Lija0

    Full on gold digger and no self respect. I see in the comments so many thirsty niggas feeling her. And then the same ones shout the loudest "trust no bitch" Pffff... Nasty girl nasty episode

    1. woiour loin

      I love filly so much 😂😂

  75. U A

    LVs that kid in skl who starts the mum joke and then when it comes back to him. He goes mad. Good they dropped him bringing bad energy. Chunkz Filly Harry Pinero Hakz elite combo

  76. Conner Washington

    Filly man brush up your knowledge bro 🤣🤣

  77. yroohj gouy

    Lmao they found a game simple enough that philly can win in 😂😂 i love it

  78. Big Marv

    Rah chunkz doesnt even roughly know the population of his home country smh

  79. KP TV

    Well he did say to make the left hand apple so that weren’t there choice but the rest was MAD😂😂✨

  80. Legend Al

    fam her straw turned red in 30 secs wtf??

  81. Twild123


  82. cc original

    Cvvs bins accs etc netflix, spotify, nord vpn etc Free Accounts Posted Daily Ig:cc_verified 987639

    1. yroohj gouy

      No man bring another date for that cheesecake

  83. Kristian Gabriel

    These man do not rate Jordan 🤣🤣🤣

  84. Mohamed Gacal


  85. Meyaa ThomaS

    Chunks looks like a blown up balloon from my distance Aj shabeel looks like a version of Minnie mouse Haks reminds me of my Uncle Niko is my dad If you see this comment like plz😂😂

  86. Ali Ren

    Ksi the real beast

  87. Abdihakim Mustafe

    Nah man, thay included Somaliland in the map of Somalia

  88. Bento Dash

    The title got me confused had to check few times if it’s was click bait or was anyway related to the video before I start watching.

  89. MVRCK 383

    Season 3 is mad crazy😂💯

  90. Basel Agab

    Jordan is fully awkward 😂😂😂

  91. cnmmd qiuoo

    i can't stop laughing man "look he is grinning out his new teeth"😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  92. KSM

    Best 1 so far

  93. E D

    Anyone who wears sunglass, indoor, on a date is 100% dickhead no questions asked.

  94. Jasmine

    Someone tell me what chunks said at 5:58. His accent is too thick😭

  95. i w


  96. Jamie Brightman

    He’s a pussio 😂😂

  97. 1k subs with no videos challenge

    Filly walks out of the date. Also filly: Complains why he hasn't won and is confused about himself

  98. Jeremy Ortega

    Filly when Nailah started had me dead 😭😭😂😂

  99. JunnyTheKid

    Whats her insta tho

  100. Haqt45 Haqt45

    Absolutely hilarious 😂