1. Zelong

    This reminds me of a the soundtrack of Metroit Prime except with vocals.

  2. Candice Hodgson Riley

    Even the slowed down version slaps & the credits are art too... unreal body of work this is

  3. Kelly Santana

    Her palace on Mars is very minimalist

  4. Matthew Coyle

    Don't forget mankind you need some thing when I'm dead... Like my body .... yeah with me on this against them on it.

  5. Meruna Art

    Why does this give me such 90's vibes? Maybe a bit of Cranberries idk. LOVEE IT!


    This makes me bawl my eyes out. Your voice is so fucking beautiful. I absolutely love you.

  7. ThePocketier


  8. Frank

    the video is really impressive

  9. wojtek wronski

    super ultra super

  10. Avatar Kyoshi

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    It's the Akira vol. 4 cover 😱

  12. Nic Billington

    There’s something about Grimes’ music that just speaks to me!

  13. wojtek wronski


  14. Benjamin Washington

    is this a dark song or is it just me? i wonder what shes going thru..


    приезжай во владос / come to vlados ( vladimir )

    1. Кирилл

      подписывабст под каждым словом!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      внатуре !!!!!!!

  16. Marvin Garcia

    I fucking love this video and song.

  17. Matthew Coyle

    Humans are proving we have even killed our gods and our angels . AND wish to portray the demons. So what if we're either about to have the global census of beings. And create a global police network to track down this ages pirates. Well that's a good start. I just wish we could make a protectorate. Save what's left of nature but also find a way to even half the world's future projection for population by just not breeding and create a global welfare system and structure

  18. Anonymous

    I'm in love with this song and the music video is so good to look at

  19. Sup Wassup

    I had to watch her interview on Genius to understand the lyrics. Now I ACTUALLY really, really like this song.

  20. Sir Villegas


  21. Dmitry Klimakov

    Incredible video! Can you find any of Akira references?

  22. Christopher Norris

    Pretty good. I like the main bassline.

  23. ちゃんもも

    すげぇ髪だ びっくりした

  24. lexitime

    moon kingdom vibes

  25. Alejandro C

    This song saved my life

  26. Matthias Bärlocher

  27. Alita Sky

    straight for the cowboy bebop comments

  28. lily

    On the same page

  29. eric dietz

    I've never seen her nails have such an important role in her song. It works for her!

  30. GingersCan'tBePirates

    Assholes hitting THUMBS DOWN ON THIS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  31. GingersCan'tBePirates

    MAN! ELON IS SO LUCKY! And not just because he is banging her and now she is going to give birth to literally the most amazing child on the planet except for mine, of course, but because he just gets to HANG OUT WITH HER! She seems like a good fit for my "10 ppl i would want to have a beer with" list! Of course, Elon is on there, too. LOL. They both seem so awesome

  32. Butt Tackler

    So is there gonna be an Akira movie?

  33. GingersCan'tBePirates


  34. xxtiaan

    remember way back when and Grimes was a bit experimental and interesting with a heart, before it was over produced fastidious space pop? I miss those days.

  35. Doodle Brighton

    Thought I was listening to Wonderwall.

  36. Idle Sean

    A new genre of music was born its Space Country

  37. Idle Sean

    Grimes’ creativity is so out of this world, shes so inspiring

  38. Kevin Case

    This is sublime. As much as I love the space(x?)yness of it all - I’d also love to hear it with all the production “goop” stripped away. Feels like the song and vocal is strong enough to hold up naked.

  39. Teepers3001 Teeps

    I'm a Grimes newbie, just found out about her when the Grimes-Musk baby story became international news, and I immediately felt compelled to Google her, and then found her music which is giving me my first music crush in a long time. I am endlessly fascinated by this very original human. I love this song. I love the simplicity of it, and the instruments. Also although I am mostly an indie rock fan I was raised on country music and its in my blood. So this song I adore.

    1. d1p70

      As an old fan my go to playlist contained California, Kill v Maim, Realiti, Genesis, Oblivion, now added this and So Heavy... Hope it helps. Be warned tho - you'll not find any banjos or much acoustic in her earlier stuff. BTW she's a genius.

  40. Romi Satans

    I never get tired of watching that dance!

  41. Derek


  42. Lücy Del Nebraska

    Sua obra me leva a uma nostalgia tão remota do meu inconsciente e fez ressurgir memórias boas de um lugar tão obscuro que sempre me nego lembrar , você me ajudou a risignificar está sombra . Só tenho a agradecer ! Nenhuma música que ouvi em minha vida entrou tanto no inconsciente e subconsciente e conseguiu recuperar lembranças de coisas que foi apagada pela escuridão por ser fases horríveis , que sim , entre o ruim houve momentos tão magníficos que me surpreendeu ..... Só tenho gratidão por fazer músicas que remete algo já vivenciado sem existir você <3 por isso te amo !!!

  43. amytyville

    i cant believe Grimes invented Akira

  44. mikki mikke

    this song is actually just sad

  45. emjebri

    I've loved her playing characters in her songs, but I think I love this song the most because it's her real truth.

  46. Matthew Coyle

    Are you ever just scared that were just going to be considered to be to dangerous hostile wicked evil perverted and that's it. Well that's what they learn through the net

  47. Matthew Coyle

    What if they just see us as a threat. As dangerous .. as bad .. And they just destroy us

  48. Matthew Coyle

    Does it make you sad .. what if.. out there in the cosmos ... just thinks we're a planet killing virus or cancer and we can't be allowed to spread the infection. . Out into the solar system.

  49. cmleocore

    Ive been following you since the begining. Im gonna just say, Thank u, Thank u for allways being you. Sorry for my english. My home its your home. Sending love from Aguascalientes, México. I love your work so much!!!

  50. Marty SeraphimAngel

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  51. Luciana Villanti

    Definitely AWESOME!!🤩 What a Vibe! I'm ❤️ it. Uhuuu!!🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  52. Ivette Castro

    Getting strong Akira vibes from this one, I love it

  53. Brandon Kennedy

    Can't get this out of my head and this music video give me goddess vibe loving it 😍😍😍😍

  54. Red Martyr

    damn this song has a serious vintage feel to it. it sounds like its from the 60s or something. grimes is so dope

  55. Ludarito27

    Is it just me or is that the Throne Tetsuo sits on in Akira?

  56. Elnost Aaelrv


  57. Kelly Catbagan

    grimes defeated akira and tetsuo

  58. Barsh Ko

    See Nibiru made an appearance.

  59. Milo Robinson

    the album version is definitely mixed better, but i prefer a lot of the simplicity of the song, and i especially prefer the key the song is sung in

  60. Fabio Silva

    Come thru akira

  61. Dome Nica

    Evangelion con caballeros del zodíaco, te amamos Grimes

  62. Preston Sasso

    I see everything.

  63. Preston Sasso


  64. Preston Sasso

    Lovely song.

  65. Preston Sasso


  66. PhantomOfRaven

    1:10 sounds sooo 2012/Visions to me. I was 14. exploring the internet, wishing i was in Japan. Getting lost in UKmine videos. lol nothing really changed.

  67. Ploopybear

    Is this ♀️ Death Grips?


    This is what we'll be bumping to up on Mars in 2050!! First Mars concert is going to be Grimes! <3

  69. karin's gang

    This is phenomenal

  70. MC

    The beginning riff is so reminiscent of a song but for the life of me I cannot figure it out

    1. d1p70

      Wonderwall by Oasis. Welcome!😊

  71. Lolita Neta

    Poppy Copy (?)

  72. Bianca Luedeker

    Is she still a Tesla Girl?

    1. d1p70

      Kidding right? She's now carrying Tesla's future CEO

  73. CIA kun

    this is the first video i saw which aint a clickbait

  74. P O W P O W


  75. my name

    This video speaks a lot to any drug addiction tbh, prayers to anyone struggling

  76. taupe

    mars folk music slaps

  77. Angel Zarate

    How could anyone dislike this song, really great song! And art

  78. sandi jones


  79. Morgan Schneider

    yeah I fw it

  80. Deivd Krug


  81. Erick Cardenas

    Wow this is meta as fuck!!! ❤🔥🌟🔥❤

  82. Ana Sophia Altamirano

    Is miley cyrus?

  83. julio cesar


  84. TT

    Nothing else comes close to whatever this is

  85. Joshua Adams

    all billionaires should be guillotined including u Elon

  86. Brendan Gormley

    lil peep

  87. Phillipa Makeham

    Go see her video with Genius where she explains the song & lyrics! Made me love it even more 🧡💙❤️

  88. Wladislav

    Katsuhiro Otomo getting paid?

  89. Ino Guridi

    Okay now going to listen to Oasis Wonderwall and Im With You by Avril Lavigne and feel old

  90. Susanna Mattman

    Eat your cereal

  91. Satan

  92. david


  93. João Pacheco

    The visuals are just amazing!

  94. Stephanie W

    I can’t stop listening to this.

  95. Elizabeth Pina

    Would love to see AyaBambi in one of her videos. 🖤

  96. Zoltán Katona

    -How much autotune u want? -Yes

  97. L. Q.

    She should have been in an express underground commuter tunnel for some of the video.