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  1. Vídeos 2

    Lembra o Titanic

  2. Lyn Dizon

    Duchess is super cute while dancing

  3. MGTOW

    Feminism Is A Communist Vale..

  4. Abhishek Cp


  5. Bjorn Peeters

    Hahahaha 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁hahahahaha

  6. ManBearPig


  7. Ser ka

    People are just stupid

  8. kudz Pakaipa


  9. Gokul Anil

    may God be with the next girl

  10. Clapping Jazz Hands

    Carpet bomb Gaza!

  11. Lelya

    Кароче говоря, что случилось? Кадаффи убили! уже как почти 10 лет идет война в Ливии, сами же виноваты. Человек хотел всем добра. Но мы живет в мире, где правят уроды. Правительство США такое уебищное.

  12. Ng Ly

    Ai là người việt nam

  13. cruizerjames

    That bloody fat fluffy cat!

  14. [MxQ]Tonks69 420

    It’s... beautiful

  15. Mask and the Tube

    What the f is wrong with those idiots fighting


    What does Adios means?

  17. JT jimtnz

    Any of the evidence can be planted. Happened to Authur Thomas, Mark Lundy, David Bain & hundreds of others.even when UK police stack the evidence it’s still safer to remain silent.

  18. Luxdarls !

    *Never mess with someone who has your immediate future in their hands*

  19. Ikka official

  20. Madhatter Gaming

    Obama is a good man

  21. WattDrivefive


  22. Ridho Wiranatakusumah

    Thanks to america

  23. Mandy

    She is dead now...dumbass

  24. Infallible

    Survived a fight with a lion? What a moron, if it weren't for that handler that lion would of been suckin down his intestines like ramen noodles

  25. Romeo Lachapelle

    20: gangster in the😂

  26. Pepze

    Where can I legitmetly buy one

  27. Jessica Cho

    He valued a citizen over finishing his speech

  28. V.

    to those who say they enjoyed his jokes- he didn't write them!

  29. Michael Soprani

    It's a fake.

  30. Ashish Tv

  31. Jerry Kinnin


  32. Vetonn Is

    She thought she was in mexico

  33. just the tips

    A 9 year old justin bieber vs a grown British man is not going to end well for bieber

  34. Ash Sharma

    The last day of happiness in Libya.

  35. TheMotz55

    I don't know why Disney Imagineering hasn't picked this guy up. He knows how to design a park

  36. solisium

    Bagged in stuffed trash bags, cut open and filled with all the bacon of the ship, tossed into the ocean.

  37. Fantazma Infernal

    que hermosa mujer te amo sopia soto

  38. The Knight of Nightmares

    Pity he didnt die

  39. Dana14me Hettinger

    ABSOLUTELY SHOWS THE CORRUPTION OF THE COURTS. that judge thinks hes something when hes actually in a Treasonous position and probably him or his family will get cancer or something worse.BETTER WAKE CORUPT PERVERT!! GOD IS THE JUDGE !!

  40. Infinite Jest

    Wild animals been wild. Wtf are these guys thinking? They are not domesticated, he is lucky the lion didn't want to kill him.

  41. WASWE

    Mandela was a terrorist who plotted and blew up and killed innocent people. Get your facts straight.

  42. Dan daman

    russian roulette at it finest...

  43. AJaXX JaM

    God is giving the world fare warning, he's soon to call true believers out of this world. I believe it's all about the frequencies, and his calling his church out to meet him in the air.

  44. Lasagna N

    Everytime i think that most of the people in the footage are dead by now i feel sad :(

  45. _Jeys_

    So he stuck a...[skips 10 secs]... down my throat

  46. Wannabe edgy bitch

    Poor guy, why didn't he get to go free like he should. He only did what's right for his country

  47. Micheal james Barlizo

    That was freeza spaceship

  48. Harry T S

    True feminism is not men hating, modern feminism really is

  49. Jake Ott



    good job

  51. Last name Gordon

    1:50 why was this idiot counting his gasps???

  52. mike hunt

    They were standing there huddled trying to be safe WHEN THEY COULD JUST LEAVE

  53. TuxyKat 1111

    The moment he saw the heightened mood of the lion, he should have taken them both out. How stupid and irresponsible. He should have protected the young man and got him out of there. They are wild, and will act wild, always a risk.

  54. Lm J

    that judge was way too harsh jeez

  55. cool gamer

    My cozen died their

  56. Angeles Meister

    That's no lady, that's a man. Classless dude. Yuck!

  57. d costo

    Fegie brought keane to man utd so he is responsible for his success , and Fergie is responsible for man utds success during the period he managed man utd , look at united now , there worse now in 2020 than they were before Fergie came in the 80s , which is a pity , but the players don't manage a team the manager does . And of course Liverpool are winning everything again ,

  58. Jens Müller

    That is just like massacring 1 million innocents for that nation not selling them their oil for chumpd change ..... - oh, wait....

  59. Materwelon Shark

    i just wanted to see grumpy cat's birthday and i saw this lol

  60. spankster54

    Hows it going?, Yeh! Hows it going? Glad I'm not eating this slop

  61. ebenezer arcam

    They are the reason more sickness are in our system now Every thing they want to know

  62. Man With A Plan

    I hope somebody shoots this guy.

  63. Prio Port


  64. gaw gaw

    It is now 2020 and no end in sight.

  65. gaw gaw

    What a waste of money and lives, and for what, this war has been lost.

  66. T. Quizzle

    Judge got fired as any sane person would hope

  67. Myriam McFly

    Kirsten Said in an Interview That she actually regretted That she did Not stop him xD

  68. Mergie S

    They tasted identical to me

  69. Leo Berisha YT

    German soldiers passing by


    I just hate Samantha power so much

  71. Benito Camelas

    I wonder if people that live there are tired of it !! Hehe.

  72. Junior Diaz

    This girl thought it was funny she deserved it the next video she was crying and apologizing the judge did a good job

  73. jackinthesack

    308 would go straight through that pos

  74. Venita Murry

    Hello I sell star wars and Dragonball z action figures

  75. G_Carmen

    Team work

  76. Giulio Bucci

    Hollywood: we have best actors in the world North korea: hold my cry

  77. Brave Soul

    Resemblance onlu but not Norma Jean.

  78. Anirban Chakrabarty

    Idiot corrupted girl... Nice judgement..

  79. Directren

    that was a huge mistake, remarkable footage nonetheless.

  80. Carley fontenot

    Dam he shot that first cop in the face😳

  81. Ronnie Passley

    "feminism is not about man hating" I said biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatch! 😅😅

  82. Big Rich

    The town idiots! 😂 Thank God they’re gone! LOL

  83. John Charles Marasigan

    WHO CARES...

  84. Charles Mynhier

    A Lawn Tractor fitted with a GPS guided, G-Code interpreter.

  85. shutupsucka

    It's a nice dream for them but that's about it.

  86. Bloodfart Gaming

    Forget Parasite - this should have won the Oscars.

  87. Josie Stevens-Percival

    zthey are completely idiotic . That poor lion was being tormented for films. Yuk

  88. Super Naiyte

    People should mind their own business about other people getting abortions. They don't know what other people have been through. It's not their life, so why even worie about it?

  89. Hi 61

    Blacks giving blacks a bad name

  90. Coachella Valley Church

    I think “trainer” is the same Czech guy who got killed

  91. Monika Dietz

    😅😐oder ist es doch der Bär aus dem Osten 😎😎😏😁😂😂

  92. Monika Dietz

    Ach 😁😂🤣😃😀😏hat Häuptling Silberlocke eventuell Angst vor einem Komentar von der Badenixe aus dem Rhein?

  93. Matt Bennett

    Seems about white

  94. xTristanxThexGamerx

    This man's voice is so deep, Darth Vader would say "I'm your father" just to act like he's the one who gave him it.

  95. AGC AGC

    She's like trying to not laugh hard 😂👌

  96. OceanBlue

    The Iron Lady and Ronald Reagan were a perfect combination!

  97. قـہًآ ـبـيـ ـہنہ

    The politics men are afraid of him cuz he crazy

  98. joanne lim

    Are they related to some weird group in Singapore in the west region? We got teenager will hold hand drill targetting Caucasian couple n say it’s their

  99. Roopesh B

    This guy is a fraud need to check his house and a good interrogation. He is not talking face to face, see his eyes. This guy is hiding lot of information about the flight. Bloody scoundrel.

  100. Suhas Nagu

    She over reacted got the treatment