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  1. Pedo Pedo


  2. Manav Kumar

    Make one on netflix witcher series

  3. Pedo Pedo


  4. Susie Schully Doussan Ewbank

    CATS honest trailer

  5. Mattrobotboy

    2:06 Hulk: I feel you bro :(

  6. Cloud Isaac Bulabog

    aye ay hole...

  7. Criss Sharon

    You just spoiled an amazing story by a amazing author

  8. Leffy Fluffy

    Tittle should be The Last Ice Bender

  9. Hyawatta

    Please say in Optimus Prime's voice, “From days of long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe, comes a legend, the legend of Voltron, defender of the universe. A mighty robot, loved by good, feared by evil.”

  10. Vanlallura Chhakchhuak


  11. RamathRS

    Be honest... how many of you actually caught all of the 80's references?

  12. Aaron Scott

    I'm so glad I didn't watch this movie. Goodness.

  13. YuSeeMi

    I still love this movie, proudly stand by it's faults, just like a non-waterproof ship. 😊

  14. 이지형

    3:59 that was awesome 😂😂

  15. John de Leon

    leave us be ashen one...

  16. MCG55SS

    "its better than Frozen" yea but not to my 6 yr old daughter...which is who is important XD

  17. EMMA Mist

    Toothless just got smaller HAHAHAHAH

  18. Neuromancer 98

    Please make a Honest Trailer About Godfather.

  19. SebCooper

    I think the guy in orange is one of the editors of UHnnnn

  20. curse Love

    they made a live action for jojo you know

  21. Aayush Tries

    Never clicked faster

  22. CultClassic/ DeadInside

    Norwegian Rhapsody 😂🤣

  23. Redwillow of Wattpad

    I actually liked the movie xD

  24. zach

    oh God, the Never ending story reference.

  25. Kei Ikawa

    Please say: "GET OVER HERE!!!"

  26. Jagerbomber69er

    💩 2

  27. Jinx Main

    1:28 lmao

  28. Michael Amado

    Walt Disney Animation Studios did not produce LK1.5, Mulan 2 and those other crap films. That was just Disney.

  29. AE Comics

    That annoying child voice honestly made me want to yeet my phone across the room

  30. Musa ORUÇ


  31. AJW

    Jon's obnoxious child voice is fantastic

  32. Trevor Parson

    4:03 to 4:17 And I am laughing like hell

  33. FantasyMer 12

    This was THE most accurate one I've seen from you. On point.

  34. DjBaapreB

    Slit his wrists... well one more time then.. daftpunk!!

  35. Nargon46


  36. A.M. Wolf

    *Please say, "I believe in Rem Lezar!"*

  37. Alex Mercer

    Jeez! Just watching the Honest Trailer about it bored me. I can't even imagine the torture of actually watching it. Thankfully, I won't have to, since I won't be watching it, just like the first one.

  38. Aparup

    When there's money to be, some companies can't 'Let it Go'

  39. Jamie Jacobson

    Please say: volleyball is just professional hot potato.

  40. Ayush Chhetri

    There's something wrong with his voice.

  41. Ne He

    Frosen 2 is just Disney saying "look how good we got on animation!"

  42. Lizzie

    *Been waiting for this video for a long time*

  43. YeetPotato

    Please say, "I'm Mary Poppins y'all!" yes ik its old but its still iconic

  44. D.A. Chungalao

    I'm still waiting on the HONEST TRAILERS for CATS, so I don't have to watch the movie. -.-

  45. Devie Dorillo

    1:46 Oh yes you are😍😅

  46. Kika Park

    Frozen is better.

  47. Grimm Ashley

    Honestly, I had much more fun watching this than Frozen 1

  48. Jagerbomber69er

    "A Posse of Insane Clowns" I see what you did there lol

  49. doriot543

    How dare u guys put in Spidey turning to dust😭

  50. Official Filmilen

    Rise of Icewalker

  51. Fenix

    Aaaand Michael Scott steals the show

  52. Rakesh S

    Rick and morty honest trailer

  53. Kyle X

    Crazy how diverse European folklore is these days lol

  54. Visesh Ramjheetun

    Did you just drop a spoiler for maleficent mistress of evil🤔

  55. Devie Dorillo

    2:11 That's the point🤣

  56. Maximilian B

    Into the unkNOOOOOOOOOOOO lmao

  57. Stevan Gucu

    Tangled is better. It will always be.

  58. shortstarwars 24

    This whole show seems like a parody

  59. Soldier865


  60. Lizzy Trin

    Pfffffft *compares to,thor ragnarok*

  61. Astral Prince

    And the lesson of the movie is: boomers are to blame for all the chaos in the world. XD

  62. Harshiv Patel

    5:35 , thank me later...

  63. pushkar biswas

    Do JOHN WICK 3

  64. DER Steffen

    Give me goose bumps with the line: " For I Am God's Mighty Angel....For I Am Eternal ! "

  65. SuperWolfman9

    3:45 okay....the way she said 'Do you wanna build a snowman' was very sensual and seemed loaded with innuendo.

  66. Princess

    Oh my eyes, they burn!!! Go to staring! Go to staring!!!!

  67. blade burden

    Still waiting for a jackass honest trailer 😂😂

  68. moviehero13


  69. Hyzakyte

    At least there was no twist villian

  70. aaron laymon

    Do sonic the hedgehog!!!!!

  71. MarVelFiend23

    Easily the best Batman movie

  72. HereAtHQ7

    Ayy you even got jack and Jill dunkaccino

  73. Izabella Rizzo


  74. Rick Reason

    Okay, that Gordon compilation set me in to fits of hysterical laughter. No wonder he has a heart problem!

  75. goldenagenut

    Anybody else so tired of Walberg they want to puke?

  76. Jenny Earls

    This movie is SO bad. This Honest Trailer is SO good!!

  77. Paolo Baker

    Do "How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World"!

  78. Christy Sara

    Witcher honest trailer... Please!!!!

  79. 0x4A616B7562

    2:20 wait what?!

  80. Eric Song

    Sheeet... Frozen II - Ragnarok... So fits...

  81. Princess

    "That was our main satellite" "Oh no now what they have left is the satellite used to film the other satellite" That killed me😂😂😂

  82. Vishak J

    Please say ' chudunky chun chun chudunky role call '

  83. Hosue

    Heavy spoiler 😂

  84. Ultima MIc

    ..."rejects from the Last Air bender"...... you reminded me of that movie. ha ha...ha ha HAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHA AHAAAAAA 👨‍🎤 sorry I have a condition I cannot stop laughing HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  85. Didaka D

    Am I the only one who dislikes this movie?

  86. John Tumahab

    "Toothless"? No, no... "Flaming Pascal".

  87. shay nahmias

    Hi, I like to collaborate with your great channel. Please contact to shay.nahmias [at] kape [dot] com THANKS :)

  88. brian choi

    I still think the daughter atleast deserve the house... and who is supposed to take care of the great grandma?..

  89. MovieFiendz

    Please Say: Consecutive normal punches

  90. Jagerbomber69er

    Thanks to this movie. Every douchebag has to use the "bye Felicia" quote

  91. DN MZ

    Klaus is the final nail in F2's coffin

    1. Themoviea

      DN MZ Both are BEST

  92. HellMinion88

    thanos finger snap crossed dimensions just to get olaf.... thank you thanos :D

  93. Ali Zare Moayedi

    Actually, it's one of my theories that he is a dragon.

  94. ian h

    what were the oompaloompas for

  95. PhilFromSchool

    LOL dance dance revolution excellent callback to the twilight honest trailer with that "staaiiirrrss" + music

  96. brian choi

    Everyone is awful~

  97. Kunj Monani


  98. Pedro Valente

    Like Toy Story 4, a waste of time.

  99. asa ashara

    The Dory part had me rolling 😂🤣

  100. starcrossing

    The Witcher honest trailer pleaseeeeeeee