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  1. Victor Martinez

    I’m glad Colbert will vote for Trump. :)

  2. honeysucklecat

    Phantom Tollbooth is a great story. There is a movie that was made about it a long time ago, but it could do for another attempt.

  3. Carlos Miranda-Garcia

    Awesome for Carrey to rock that shirt with a Metropolis call back.

  4. Rafael Dutra Brito

    im from brazil never put paul in the show again...not funny jew with huge glasses thats not actually funny...i cant take it anymore...sorry foir my poor english

  5. minkya1010

    the longer you keep making a big deal about it, the longer it will take not to be a big deal...

  6. Bon Summers

    Trump 2020

  7. Miguel

    The only interview where Trump tells the truth.

  8. William M

    Is Stephen still on vacation?

  9. Trump News

    That's Mr Bean

  10. Robert R

    that voice is so irritating

  11. Addinn 02

    If The Shawshank Redemption would be remade... Steve would be Norton the warden! It's scary how alike they are

  12. Haley Messenger


  13. Justin Akers

    I have loved Pete Buttigieg since the first day I heard about him a little over a year ago. That man is the future of this country. Anyone simple minded enough to let his sexuality sway their vote, probably doesn’t need to be voting anyway.

  14. Randall Dixon

    I don't even know a Steven Colbert. Oh yes you, his the guy with that funny looking ear.

  15. Becca Antoine

    Gaaah full body chills yo

  16. sweetsavvywally

    Jim I will watch all your promo videos.

  17. Josh Rachlis

    Every time I see Steve Martin, it reminds me that mu destiny is to be doing comedy. Everyone subscribe to my channel and I promise to make you laugh!

  18. Sagar Koduri

    She is so dignified, gorgeous and lovely, and has a laugh that lights up the room.

  19. Justin Akers

    Anyone simple minded enough to let a person’s sexuality have an influence on the way they vote is an idiot. These are the same people that will vote for Trump again this year. There are some people out there that just never really see the big picture. They’re incapable of thinking about the future it seems. Only what is good for them now, with no regard about future generations. We need so much change.

  20. Destinni Brod

    She scared the living 💩 out of me when he looked at camera 3 😭

  21. Linda Negrone

    As a human race in times like Los Vegas and 911 we come together. But TRUMP has brought power, fear, and race as a weapon he uses to mask his direction to dictatorship.

  22. Rafael Dutra Brito


  23. Justin Akers

    I got your name on my bumper

  24. James Mckeraghan



    Here’s the thing. As an Indian, I personally found no offence in the Apu character. But again, I was never bullied or targeted using the characters trait to mock them. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the character but it can’t be denied that it’s been used to bully and label people based on it and that’s a problem

  26. Chris Andrews

    I feel like this should be in stranger things when there walking around the mall

  27. Suhail Salim

    he is a corporate hack

  28. Suhail Salim

    Stephen absolutely shit questions

  29. 강주효

    ㅡㅡㆍ,황제는 하늘의 근본이치을 통달하는 것이니라 ㅡ첫째는 하늘의 천문을 통달하는것이오 ㅡ둘째는 하늘의 천도을 깨달음을 통해서 터득해야한다ㆍ ㅡ서째는 하늘의 천명을 터득해야 하너니라 ㅡ네째는 하늘의 천리이치에 터득해야 한다 ㅡ다섯째는 사서삼경을 숙지 하오며ㆍ하늘의 천문ㆍ천리을 깨우치게 되너니라 즉 하늘의 머리가 북두칠성 ㆍ생사화복ㆍ불생불멸ㆍ무병장수ㆍ 선경조화세계가 열리면ㆍ 인간의 머리가 뇌본사회가 ㆍ생각의 출현 ㅡ사상ㅡ정치사상ㅡ지배자와 피지배가 잉태하게 되너니라 ㆍ통치학문ㅡ수기수덕치인ㅡ 되너니라 ㆍ이를 경지에 이론적 모태가 되오며ㆍ이것이 황제가 되는 근본이치가 되너니라 ㅡ참조사항ㅡ ㅡ자연에서 생각의 출현은 바로 본연지성 은 내가 생각을 통해서 존재하는 근거가 되오며ㆍ 이것을 데카르트는 근대철학의 아버지의 아버지라고 한다ㆍ데카르트는 《 나는 생걱한다ㆍ고로 나는 존재한다》라는 명제는 우주대자연에서 생각은 내마음의 사유나 사고을 통해서 자연현상계의 생명의 일원이자ㆍ구성원으로서 사회적 동물의 조직체의 일윈이다 이것이 사유나 사고을 통해서 구현하는 근본모태가 된다ㆍ이것이 생걱의 출헌을 출현은 본연지성 잉태하였사오며ㆍ이것을 다스리는 학문세게가 사상이요 ㆍ그시상이 바로 정치사상이오ㆍ그정치사상은 통치학문 으로서 동양사상의 《수기수덕입도 치인》ㅡ성리학문의 이기론의 사단(성선설)/사통ㆍ팔달이 도톳군지 ㅡ칠정ㆍ칠거지악ㆍ인간의 제악의 원천이 된다ㆍ순자의 성악실이다 ㆍ 결론적으로 동양사상은 음양/(정역시대) 오행설의 천지합일의 모태가 되니니라ㆍ 인간의 수헁을 해야 하는 샤유는 본래본디에 짐승인간이다 이성적 인간싱은 비로 우주가 혼돈 ㆍ혼륜에서 깨어났기에 인간은 수양을 통해서 성통광명을 추구하는 것이니라 이것이 동양사상은 수기수덕입도치인 ㅡ공맹지도ㅡ왕도정치 ㅡ도심/(하늘의 공심지도)ㆍ인심/(사리사욕 이기심은 국론분열이 모태로서 나라가 밍한다)이 되는 이치가 바로 하늘과 인긴의 차이점이니라ㆍ이것을 미혹한 인간에게 하늘의 천문지리을 통달하는 것이 풍수지리학의 좌청롱ㆍ우백호 배산임수가 되너니라 ㅡ오빠는 《삼계대권》ㅡ《천계/(도치정치)》ㆍ《지계 /(신자연 혁명)》ㆍ《인계/(셰계정부창설)》 ㅡ세개의 경지에 오른자 이오니 우주통치자이다ㆍ즉 하늘의 천주이다

  30. T

    When Daniel says “I hugged Oprah” WITHOUT HESITATION hahaha 😂

  31. Suhail Salim

    Nobody will go after white people?

  32. T Thiebaut

    I wish this man was representative of all Christians. Donald Trump denounced the teachings of Jesus just recently, at the National Prayer Breakfast, and was applauded.

  33. WhoToBelieve

    Hey, 2 jackasses on the same stage; BYE!!!

  34. Tajma Cameron

    Hilarious 🤣

  35. Peter Newman

    "C'mon Allan!"

  36. Lady DaVinci

    I love her so much.

  37. Irene Veronica

    Charlize is the best, she really pulled it off. I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn't Megyn. Great movie, great song in the end "One Little Soldier" by Regina Spektor. There's one scene where Kayla (the new meat) has to show her legs to Ailse - the way she squirms, the way she looks shows the terrible humiliation she's experiencing. I remember that feeling...

  38. Brendan Day

    Die Stephen

  39. sfbuck415

    did David Letterman take this much time off?

    1. bUH sNUH

      he had more talent, but carson destroyed both

  40. Ali Qazilbash

    you can have all the data, i proomise!.🤧🤧🤤

  41. W J

    I'm a straight man and even I can admit that Jon Hamm is gorgeous.

  42. Abdessamad Elyounoussi

    why didn't candidate sanders ever spoke about (I mean against) moving our embassy to Tel-Aviv? Why did you Stephen ask about Hezboullah (internationally legitimate resistance movement against Israeli occupation of southern lebanon) and not about the daily occupation of Palestinian farmers' lands on a daily basis? and the daily killings of Palestinian teenagers defending their lands????????????????????????? Don't you follow the news Stephen? or does IPAC pay more?

  43. Is Br

    Green Hill Zone Jazz Cover, Say Whaaat!!!

  44. Michelle Holloway

    Zach and Flynn Rider are so much alike it's hilarious

  45. Salieri Amadeus

    If I did something wrong I’m ready.....! And at the end......You took me to your stall and took your pants down!! Louis confessing right in front of our eyes but only few understood it.

  46. Samantha Jane

    BTS are the most overrated band in history. What makes them any different to the other 246839 KPop groups?

  47. Donny Drumpf

    I LOVE this! This is a prefect representation. trump for Prison 2020!! “I know words, I have the best words!” -the stable genius

  48. Samantha Jane

    Paul McCartney’s kids must be so embarrassed with the way he dad dances and poses 😂

  49. Kt Mc

    Of course she didnt. Then look what that man did to the USS John McCain. Ridiculous. I'm sure they weren't in the mood for that. If it were the donald I would assume it was a photo op. The kids idk maybe their intentions were good you never know.

  50. T K

    WoW! Simple, You come here legally you have Paperwork and patients. You come to America as an Illegal, Wait behind those applying legally!!!

  51. Diane Daddario-Pfautz

    He is delightful! What a wonderful couple they are!

  52. De La Plata


  53. Steven Torrey

    In Judy''s day, the studios owned their actors/actresses and expected them to attend classes that would transform them into first class performers: dancing, singing, acting, elocution, body lessons. In Judy's case, they gave her uppers and downers, pills to lose weight and pills to gain weight. Mickey Rooney confirms the story. There are also stories of sexual abuse of Judy from MGM Producers, which seems very likely given the likes of Harvey Weinstein. One likes to think, that now-a-days, Studios treat their stars more carefully and that the stars have lawyers looking out and protecting them. In the end, the Studios abused Judy to a point where she could no longer perform. But her performances over the years were stellar.

  54. MOMS Mushrooms Jody Foster

    God gives purpose to my existence

  55. Janete Bueno

    BTS Kings <3

  56. Steven Torrey

    I prefer to remember Judy as the vibrant and dynamic performer of her famous roles in the films; I do not want to remember the cadaverous Judy of her last days. Renee did a marvelous job of channeling that cadaverous Judy of her last days.

  57. Janete Bueno

    BTS legends <3

  58. Gibborim Black

    All kidding aside. Can you imagine all that James Taylor did see? What a great entertainer. From the mid 60’s up until 2020. That’s 55 years of travel the globe to perform. Wow!

  59. Pj Lewis

    I thought I didn't like this guy due to his female relations but he's really is funny.

  60. 홍길동

    Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster > Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Accident Japan is dumping radioactive water into Pacific All animals in ocean are gonna be pulled by Japan It's so sad.

  61. Tif L

    They are both my "free passes" conveniently in one gorgeous couple!

  62. Evelyn Goh

    the president does not drink - how can he be drunk? he is most effective communicator which lexiconists are not

  63. User

    So good, this is how China overtakes

  64. Yah Boy Jay

    Yo Lee was a totes racist like the rest of the rebels peeps should def melt down all these statues into toilets or something

  65. Mark Mergatroid

    I guess this was before Dr. Jill Stein went to Russia to celebrate RT television station. Putin was sitting at the table with her and sitting at the table 4 chairs over was Michael Flynn.

  66. Gina2190

    This is NOT lady Gaga, no way, not her voice not her face ! My bloke agreed it’s not her but some double !

  67. HHH HHH

    It's so sad to see Liberals continue to be in DENIAL LOL

  68. Random Nick

    James to me will always be Seth Rogers best weed smoking friend

  69. Robert Holoiday

    Awesome rendition of this song I to grow up listening to this awesome job guys thank you so much

  70. Dustin Bradshaw

    Nick: It’s fungus Crowd: Dies laughing

  71. Jay Luck

    I'll admit, I love the Hungry Man - Beer-Batter Chicken and Potato Wedges. Fantastic! 😋

  72. cannibalbananas

    Not gonna lie, I've had this video in my "Watch Later" for ~5 months now. My heart can't take watching/listening to Tom Hiddleston, knowing he's unattainable. 🥺😭💔

  73. Yujin Min

    Your close and personal friends? How?

  74. Bennett Lewis

    I did not like the mid game entertainment but this guy has sexual problems so I suggest he see a PSYCHIATRIST

  75. jan jho

    why is people shoting

  76. Winter Rose

    Arkhan the Cruel looks weird in human form


    Cool Jeffrey tambor

  78. Stella Blevins

    Nine chances out ten They Did , don't spend lil money they have, spend others money !! Like toad do lil toads do

  79. Michael Shane

    This nasty lil Omar married her brother. Isn’t that line breeding?

  80. sc666666


  81. Cathy Wiggins

    This man is innocent until proven guilty and if I was being accused of something and everyone is treating me like as if I'm some monster only because of what a bunch of random woman are saying I would most definitely be upset to. I'm praying for R Kelly and I pray that he is found innocent so that he can sue everyone who slandered his name I just pray that God will pull him through. I'm a fan and I will always be .

  82. Annette Armstrong


  83. Nikola Tesla

    5:35 what he said

  84. ThePheonixon

    Ahhhh that similar backgrounds joke worked on Letterman in the 80’s

  85. Bionica Herbal

    Perfect! This cartoon series is therapy for every American and the PTSD we received from this God-awful president.

  86. Ted Jamba

    I think Pete would destroy Trump on the debate stage!

  87. Shiznaft

    Is this an every other week show now?

  88. Griphter

    #WalkAway you guys are slowly losing power no one cares what you "Celebrities" think anymore

  89. RobSmsh

    Colbert is really getting on my nerves after I saw the thing with Conan. He really seems to be an arrogant jerk

  90. TheMaloney

    Bring this one back! After the last few years this would be 1000x better.

  91. T Lukens

    Arkahn the Cruel. Long may he reign!

  92. cannibalbananas

    The baby race was adorable 🥰

  93. Kevin Getzoff

    People who don’t like each other for no apparent reason sit with each other for no apparent reason and wonder why they’re sitting together Basically

  94. D C

    He sounds nothing like Arnie.

  95. Tom Ace

    Good watch

  96. Rafael Fernandes Lopes de Oliveira

    Jesus, colbert is awful.