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  1. Advocatus Diaboli

    "67% of the global population under 50 has herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1). Fifty percent to 80 percent of U.S. adults have oral herpes. According to the National Institutes of Health, about 90 percent of adults have been exposed to the virus by age 50. Once infected, a person will have herpes simplex virus for the rest of his or her life. Although cases of HPV are not formally reported in the United States, available data from the CDC indicate that at least 75 percent of the reproductive-age population has been exposed to the sexually transmitted HPV. In most cases, your body can produce antibodies against the virus and clear the virus within one to two years. Most strains of HPV go away permanently without treatment."

  2. latvian girl

    man.. every time i see that hat,that mint bright perfect colored hat,it is calling me😵why..why me??🥺i don't even wear bright🤷

  3. Ian Mayle

    2:24:15 Honestly, Ethan's parents's story of how the two met was hilarious. I love how Ethan pauses for a moment when his dad mentions the age gap so we can process what was just said. Ethan's dad should have left the story to his wife for his sake, but I'm glad he didn't for our sake lmao.

  4. Emily Sanders

    This might be my favorite episode. It was so comfy. I felt like I was just sitting with some friends, quietly listening and laughing along. I’ll probably listen to this again when I’m feeling lonely tbh

  5. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    I guess I’m the only one that thinks her being into girls is a lie because in her head, she thinks men would think it’s sexy and admirable. Just her demeanor when she answers. Hence to her not having any female friends. She says it as if a guy would wife her up because of it. Even if she is telling the truth I’d still feel the same way. I’m sure she finds it cute

  6. salvador gomez

    So Ethan has been calling his gut his fupa without even knowing it until now

  7. radhika menon

    If you think India cant manage to contain a virus outbreak pls look up the Nippah virus outbreak and how we managed to contain that .

  8. Angel L

    “It was like avatar up in this bitch” 😂😂

  9. Nuriddin Azamatov

    Who else is getting these nasty ass bacon add from Carl’s Jr while eating?

  10. Ali Babah

    i have autism because of vaccination

  11. Hannah Sears

    Wow I can not stand his voice

  12. AnTeZiT

    But Ethan,you are greedy?

  13. c c

    favorite trio

  14. Vassago Radio

    Lol. Teddy Fresh is ‘our’ and the podcast is ‘my’ with Ethan 😅

  15. Your Name

    Ethan - What else haven't you monetized? *Trish in a month* - "watch me on the toilet"

  16. Lemon Kitty

    Everyone calls me insane when I talk about bohemian grove. I think how Christians and satanist are opposite, free masons and bohemian grove are in a way I think. It truly is a rabbit hole.

  17. Gee Bone

    They think fast food rots in 3 hours? This show without a guest is lowkey trash.

  18. nofosho

    1:28:28 'Can you imagine if someone from this ''Bachelor'' got me pregnant, that'd be crazy' '........................that'd be awesome' that's the single best moment in this entire podcast

  19. Please Use Soap

    He's been removed

  20. Abdallah Ahmed

    Ethan, buy a membership to the FFM. Need dem tips to push dat merch

  21. Jacob

    i don't know why but I want to see Trisha and Shoe in a relationship i bet he would eat that fat p__sy maybe even literally... lol <3

  22. bnenomore

    I'm sorry but Jason Momoa stomps Marlon Brando & Paul Newman. Especially in The Bad Batch

  23. Justin Desormier

    Just realised that pewdiepie has great cleavage

  24. pogthehog

    Theodore will have to listen to this in 10 years

  25. Klarissa Ann

    Have a feeling Onision was behind it...

  26. Bridget Swart

    Trisha's a Gemini and us virgos DO NOT want her associated with us. 🤷‍♀️💁‍♀️

  27. Jordan Bell

    This never came up on my recommended. and I have notifications on.

  28. Travis H.

    People need to understand, nobody is voting for Andrew Yang because he is a Democrat. They are voting for a Democrat because he is Andrew Yang.

  29. Bridget Swart

    Hila is drop dead gorgeous in her own way and I think she as a person is so unique and I like how reserved she is. I also love her smile! 🥰 she's one of the very few genuine people on UKmine and Ethan had a point she doesn't always agree with him but they are okay with each others opinions and I love them!♡

  30. Jenny Mattbäck

    I honestly got so annoyed at Trisha when she starts the whole OMG BUT IDK BUT OMG BUT IDK like, I get it if you're uncomfortable but just say so instead of skimming past things and just kinda bouncing back and forth and just all in all being a hoorrible conversationalist. Jesus😂

  31. 10ohHearts Gaming

    10 sec in fart

  32. Red Button TV1


  33. 10ohHearts Gaming

    0.10 sec in ilah farted

  34. Kekq

    Can't click away from these videos fast enough

  35. Ellie Strums

    Felt bad for Trisha actually knowing what a vulva was and Ethan just going NO

  36. Peter Parker

    I'd love a Chris Delia and Erik from comment etiquette

  37. Iselder

    I love how Ethan never changes the way we talks or acts depending on who he talks to. He makes the same jokes in front of his good friends as he does in front of people like Papa Johns, Jake Paul and Elon Musk

  38. Kuchi Kopi

    I think Cardi B just got super nauseous in that moment and almost threw up. I think that's why she stopped talking like that. Either that or a bee flew up her dress.

  39. Russkij Nemez

    Oh look,the Jew who make fun of everyone but cannot take it.

  40. Jonelle Lee

    Bring him back on the show 💛

  41. Reylin

    I want to hate her but I felt kind of bad for her at the end. Clearly she’s been through a lot of traumatic shit that she normalizes in her head.

  42. Pipe 1

    Shane got that JAWLINE

  43. Ellen

    She never knows the details to her own life she clearly makes it all up

  44. Jeremy Gross

    Well, I WASN'T hungry...

  45. lifewithLill

    Okay hear me out... Post Malone and Trisha Paytas make it happen !!!


    dude Ian is like the most boring person ever after binging all these episodes.

  47. Starla Dawn

    I love Trisha so much.

  48. TheFireIsOnFire

    No disrespect, but it genuinely seems like dunkey might have some sort of mental disability. He barely talks, and his wife seems to speak for him a lot.

  49. Drew's Daily

    great show

  50. sethhh

    I wish i could watch this again for the first time

  51. Ellen

    You can always count on Trisha to come out with the most ridiculous comments ‘ wants to fuck Elvis’s corpse ‘ 🤦🏻‍♀️

  52. Shaelyn Travis

    Trish and Hila as friends ❤️❤️

  53. Ron John

    When she dissed Seinfeld Hila's face 😐😐😐

  54. Dizzy Spins

    "We plan to do this every month" kap

  55. Raeinah Lee

    I love how open she is and how every single time Ethan and Hila ask her questions, they try not to offend her or hurt her in any way but to just have fun and learn more about her. Mind you, H3H3 and Trisha are both somewhat hated youtubers just because theyre so controversial with being so open about their opinions; them coming together is nice to see cause you can see that theyre just enjoying their time being honest with everything. Trisha is still somewhat of a mind boggler cause she keeps changing her words but thats what makes it so entertaining to everyone its like she doesnt mean to but its just what she does LOL Ethan and Hila are both so understanding and respectful without hating on Trisha’s opinion or pointing our her wrongs lol

  56. amal18163

    Ethan I for one only watch the interviews for you-not the guests. And I appreciate you trying to get to the meat of the conversation. I hate when guests ramble on or give super vague answers. Keep doing you, man!

  57. rut

    trishas nipple is sticking out

  58. Hantarrrrr

    I loved this, please keep having her on!

  59. El Copygato

    Can’t control his eyebrows or his interruptions

  60. Humblxd


  61. Jimmy W.

    I’m not saying I’m attracted to her, but she’s gotta be the hottest gay man I’ve ever seen.

  62. Organized Entropy

    I would rather have you interview a random stranger. I literally cannot sit through any podcast you have with this woman

  63. Hayley Cruce

    I love how Trisha is TRYING to be a co star? Work queen.

  64. cait

    more trish please :)

  65. youtube username

    As a male, I, personally, have the fattest vagina in history.

  66. Fiji Law

    Trisha is nice, she doesn't take offence easily and is very open and she has awesome bOObs

  67. Max Macmurray

    At a couple different points, this podcast basically became two guys trying to gross out their wives, and it's hilarious.

  68. DMG Oddity

    I chuckled at the news reporter being murdered and set on fire while celebrating his birthday

  69. 2DUMBtv

    I'm like a reverse NBA player -trisha paytas

  70. dwestie69


  71. Michelle

    Ethan is correct on both the fupa area & vulva. C’mon Trisha!!! You should know these things!! 😂

  72. R.D.


  73. Stu Padasso

    Keep giving her/it your platform.

  74. David Robbins

    This is going to be so entertaining~~~

  75. an0n9001 -

    Because you’re a JEW.

  76. RoyTheBoy

    Trisha is like the queen of bimbos

  77. Willow D

    This episode with Trisha was way better than the first one. I actually really enjoy the dynamic between all of you. And Ethan is so fascinated by Trisha waffling on about sex 😂 Perfect match. Totally should be a throuple! Trisha is crazy and I sincerely don't want her to have kids but damn she's zany and quick. Very funny, I can see why people might enjoy her content. What I like most about her is her transparency: she's self aware in her craziness. It's better to be self aware than constantly in denial and hurting everyone around you. Also, I wish she'd have this be her daily look. This is her best appearance yet.

  78. Gh0st

    its make-donalds

  79. Iselder

    They spent 20 minutes talking about ass vs tits and eating ass. Fully sponsered content, I love it

  80. Jessca

    Hila with "That's our demo!" omg I lost it, haaaa.

  81. Matthew Lifton

    Chronavirus was IBD/Chrons disease, through uncooked meat.

  82. Matthew G

    “I just like small amounts.” Lmfao what the hell

  83. Puggy420

    Ethan: Even my fans hate me. The fans: Truer words have never been spoken.

  84. Puggy420

    Trisha was so honest and willing to reveal her past struggles and mistakes. But when Trisha asks to visit your place, Hila said “No Comment.” What?! Why?

  85. Lucas Thornton

    I fucking love h3h3. Vape nation y'all!✌️

  86. Daisy Miss-Misty

    Omg.. YUCK!!! Ethan.. ugh 😫...he’s literally THE WORST!! 😖 he is constantly smacking his f*king lips into the mic, every single time he drinks. He’s (...*actually always*) extremely gross with his eating habits. It’s hard for me to say, because I love him and the show. That doesn’t make it any less terrible, though-it displays such repulsive gluttony and lack of respect for those around him. Poor Hila🙌🏼 👏🏼

  87. Mars Techniques

    I love her!!! Trisha's the future!!!

  88. thatonegirl bp

    Goddammit, why did I enjoy this one so much? Trisha is my guilty pleasure. Great content. 👍

  89. Liam Snyder

    These political comments have got to go. you are driving me insane.

  90. Russell DoFrane

    Uhg. She's the worst.

  91. charliehockey78

    Her man exactly is Aron carter if he had some muscle on him

  92. Logan B

    It was really nice to listen once Doc dropped character and went into more of the inside design and behind the scenes look of the character and himself.

  93. charliehockey78

    Can we send in video requests to date her?

  94. zen Sation


  95. The Fucking Lizard King

    Trisha be my sugar mama

  96. charliehockey78

    The lasers don’t zap they measure movement lololol

  97. Koby Gates

    Dear lord I do not want to imagine how awkward it would be if you were Trisha Paytas' kid

  98. starlyn

    Just let them be childless damn

  99. Austin Munday

    Us Mundays got to stick together

  100. Blu Ureil

    Elvis died of a massive intestinal blockage, not drugs.