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  1. Chris Savov

    Hey, great transformation! I also managed to get great results if you want to see it on my channel :)

  2. The_whitest_one

    How many tables died during the filming of this video?

  3. larstev

    7:40 wtf are u gay or something?

  4. StillLordz

    HE got her wet if you know what i mean

  5. Demking

    joe smashed celestia vega 100%

  6. Laith Al-faham

    What’s the autro song

  7. felipe soria herrera

    La ultima fue mas epica

  8. Juliann Swisher

    I feel bad but good 🤔

  9. Cameron Orton

    this is illegal


    0:33 I could replay that all day

  11. Ben L


  12. DaBeastBC13 Zzz

    Why the # 47 u white boi

  13. lyriCJet

    is everyone having a good day let me know

  14. MW

    4/5 years on and that ‘oh shit, you’re not wearing a bra’ is still the biggest load of bollocks I’ve ever heard. Weller you are a top man. For anyone wondering, she is now a cam girl.

  15. Riclay Laoritan

    Make part 2

  16. AK Riqzeh

    oh nononoonon

  17. Stanley Richardson

    1:17 I'm pissing myself 😂😂

  18. Haz Lad

    Weller you should’ve expected this he’s a proper ard scouser who kicks and shouts every game

  19. Joshua Fitzgerald

    Even tho I love Joe Weller I’m glad KSI won the fight and I’m happy where he is right now and what he’s accomplished, couldn’t be happier for both people and glad they are both on good terms

  20. Daniel Bell 1998

    Anyone know the song on the outro?

  21. Ellis Churchill

    Fully trying to be impractical jokers but still good

  22. Tan Ahm

    I said I like the sea side when everyone licks my bum

  23. Lewis_Flip

    How many time did he promote that card😂

  24. Kelly Robinson

    Rngsnysngrsnrsns and I will be a great day and I. V.

  25. Kelly Robinson


  26. Khadidja Latreche

    4:00 you looked

  27. Windows Vista

    who saw the spider at 7:37

  28. ZainoSZN

    Cant lie are ass is a madness @3.29

  29. Kai Gales

    I swear this is a mixed rip off of impractical jokers😂😂

  30. JudeRusga

    JUST CAMPED HERE!! video is out on my channel now... literally stayed the entire night😂😂😂 appriciate anyone who checks it out, let me know if you do and i’ll sub to your channel

  31. Shiraz Lodhi

    It's nice from UK lesta living in bln Germany

  32. Archie.M

    4:58 "running" exactly what jj said he did loads of for all his fights.

  33. FuZeX Marouf

    Honestly I’m my opinion this isn’t scary If u guys want to check out some real ghost shit then check out a UKmine channel called SAM AND COLBY Trust me

  34. Brooklyn Powell

    Who's here after gib lost against jake paul

  35. Liam Cope


  36. Adrian Mackay

    Was that angry grandpas son at the beginning 😂

  37. Ja M

    I’m happy joe lost cause he was being a bit cocky that cause he goes to the gym he’ll be a good boxer. But I love joe now with his podcast and new content. He’s more humble now.

  38. Perry J

    Take me back to the good days 😪

  39. james richard

    Good video joe

  40. Oscar tik foot5

    Joe47 and I'm 19 years old from Liverpool

  41. Peng Gabsiel

    You can tell he’s not plastic he’s a genuine football fan

  42. RON JAY

    I really want to see more of these types of vids

  43. Aron

    if one more person says I feel like Gucci man in 2006 imma feel like Ted bundy in 1974

  44. Miles Anderson

    No one: Absolutely no one: Weller: WaShInG mAcHeN

  45. hi hi

    Joe Weller is amazing he'll explore any abandoned area where the floor could cave in But yet he's s scared of bees

  46. ErolSrku

    He didn't say that every time you use his code and get £5, he also gets £5.

  47. xd BSR

    I miss these days...

  48. Holly Goodbrand


  49. Albus Gaming & Vlogs

    Is the girls ok?

  50. The Schmidt Anderson

    i’ve always wondered why the brits say “An-Tuny” instead of “AnTHony”

  51. Mr Blueberry

    Niko and his Sad Asss American Accent

  52. Oliver Aaron

    Just to anyone watching this video a year and a bit on. The poll has 1.1 million votes and javelin is currently winning with 10% of the votes

  53. Wesley Flack

    Joe’s ‘main chick’ was Izzy

  54. Chef

    watching till this day

  55. Victoria Filshill

    I believe welllerrr. And hes a niceloookinnguyuyyy

  56. Alfie Simpson.

    notice how the door opens, weird right?

  57. Fnaf Fan


  58. 4mins

    15:30 ok wtf am I the only one who saw that next to the trees lowkey looks like a person's legs

  59. T20G

    Weller has a lot of guts to call out this complete narcissistic prick. Will always have respect for Weller.

  60. Minh Kieu

    why ru being so aggressive

  61. Vinceri UK

    i watch wwe i love it is your brother joe tasker

  62. Lukie LoL

    Im not fucking aroud im gonna give you some 🤣🤣🤣 if he said that to me i would have killed him.

  63. Chris wizard beard Best

    Is that it really man that's sad I expected more 😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

  64. My Life

    public reaction is another laughing thing


    It's not Paul Heyman .... It's LADIES AND GENTLEMEN MY NAME IS PAULLLL HEYMANNN!!!!!!!

  66. jeremy vids

    Thats paul heyman and jr

  67. Amir

    Is it just me that finds it super sus and weird that Weller thumbnail is one of someone who is clearly young? Weird vibes lol


    Impractical jokers much better than this

  69. Rinda Sukma


  70. Balaji Maxwel

    Physco boys

  71. Kruška

    1:39 KSI vs Joe

  72. Yarick Lange

    His is fake

  73. Baraa Rawhy

    Do more Iam dead 😂😂💀💀

  74. Saaliha Khan

    Dont go in hes so right

  75. Anurag Dikshit

    Ngl she do be kinda thicc doe 😳😳😳😳

  76. Lucas Rothenberger

    Who feels dumb listening to this but can't help it lol?

  77. The Footy channel

    4:05 he’s from Brighton you stupid twat

  78. BLADE

    Lool if you've all registered using curve code from him, you're a muppet lol. He gets a fiver from each of use. Just sign up and refer a family friend

  79. Jesse Ward

    what is this mystery dildo XD XD XD

  80. Nic’s Fitness & Daily Vlog

    great transformation i did my own as well pls check it out @ ukmine.info/vid/Y3FsRkJBZlJOLUk/video.html

  81. Ninjagamer456 X


  82. Sonny Strunkey

    100000% not a single person over the age of 15 watching ur vids lol

  83. Sonny Strunkey

    Fuck of NO ONE wants£5 lol

  84. Kristy Strives

    You sound like grade a under a.... might just be a British thing

  85. Breonna Nichol

    Are they Irish

  86. Rohit Azizi

    so i watched joe reacting to Jj reacting to Joe reacting to Jj

  87. betterine

    Thanks christian bale

  88. Cameron Bierman

    As I am typing this, this video has 51,000 dislikes. 51,000 people saw the thumbnail and thought it was actually Cristiano Ronaldo

  89. Kyle Reay

    7:07 “well this is funny” 😂

  90. Trix


  91. Fat_boy 619

    At the start of the video I thought there was A clown in the back

  92. Gaming With Jaquis

    Sellout Joe 3 times wow🤣🤣

  93. ComedyShortLive

    Jj and joe doing a video together

  94. Dequan McKnight

    Lol very funny

  95. JAMS Official

    Joe Weller has become funny again wtf

  96. JAMS Official

    Defo skipping the first 5 minutes of joes next 10 videos now lol

  97. JAMS Official

    Have u seen Niko prank johnny carey with the fake brand and johnny ppromoted it for like 10 of his videos at the start imagine if he was doing this to joe lol

  98. Chris Delp

    They so weak tho 😂

  99. JAMS Official

    Were all getting a fiver he's probaly getting a contract with £5000 and a modeling job

  100. Lilcon Vids

    How many times did they tape up the table after they broke it? Haha