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  1. Citavalo

    Oh so he’s bald because he wanted to be bald.

  2. JtktΘmb

    Glucose is sugar

  3. Ким Болотович

    According to Margo Robbie on Hot Ones, there were sandwich with duck’s egg since she has allergic to chicken’s egg.

  4. Charlie Thompson

    babish: *puts pork in the soup* the pigs eating the soup: *confused screaming*

  5. SAV

    The noodles used in RAM-DON are recommended to use Japanese udon noodles and spaghetti in a ratio of one to one to one. Chapagetti noodles are made based on spaghetti and Neoguri ramen noodles are made based on Japanese udong.

  6. Apple Pie

    I hate the way you waste food 👎😒

  7. Kenneth The Naked Mole Rat

    Could you please do a video on Liam's loaded lasagna from the show I am not okay with this??

  8. VossWaterKim

    nuhhhhh-goori not NEO guri

  9. Logan Avery

    I like to make your second version but I heat up the cream with some sliced cayenne peppers from the plant by my windowsill and then strain the pepper solids out, then use that spiced cream to make the ice cream. I also add some cinnamon. Big fan.

  10. DG Lovenuts

    0:34 me when there's noone in the house

  11. qquabegi real

    와 라따뚜이 추억돋네...

  12. ImBarryScottCSS

    Why do you say banana but bahnoffee?

  13. ليان Layan

    ok i gotta ask, please dont flame me, can you make a veggie burger? i have yet to find a recipe for a good veggie burger that's not dry, bland, and lacking in every way imaginable.

  14. Its TKB

    Damn the guy got bull testicle 😂

  15. Abdalla Elsheikh

    When I seen this scene in the theaters. I said to myself... the producers have to watch babish, they did this for him. Lmao

  16. TheJoeGillam

    Immense vocals at the end there

  17. Senate Borne66

    Aw man that looks awesome I'm gonna make one

  18. X X

    Jesus Christ the movie looks worse than I thought it would.

  19. Andrew Ravenholm

    The use of tinfoil instead of papers makes for a more glossy solid exterior.

  20. Jiro Caina

    That looks so good 🤤

  21. Ice Freezer

    Why is that Babish is gay but won't come out? Is he embarrassed of his sexuality?

  22. Somocho

    Good food for a bad movie

  23. Max Skove

    The trick is to undercook the onions

  24. Backari Cisse

    We need to see his dad now.....just to confirm something...

  25. Afid Dhia

    I thought your profile pic is stormtroopers

  26. Chewy Spam

    This made me smile, thank you 😊

  27. bidalloy

    Those are just sheet pans, but damn you make them sound fancy.

  28. Tabatha Feucht

    You forgot about the out of date cheese for my mouth is watering because this sandwich is some great food porn. 🤤🤤🤤🤤 I had never seen the water on bacon trick. Definitely trying that when I make this sandwich. 🐔🍞🧀🥓🥪🌶

  29. Serious smoke

    Birds of prey?? Never heard of it sorry

  30. Slagg CS

    That movie sucked lady balls

  31. Fubuki Shirou

    Thumbnail looks like your stuffing a turkey with a giant worm


    Make Joffrey wedding pigeon pie with live pigeon of course.

  33. Carcass969


  34. Midknight


  35. Teru Trying

    Oops toilet😂😂❤️❤️ omg I love it!

  36. naughtysanta

    i thought this is a carmel slice well thats what me family calls it

  37. MeltedFroyo

    I have a challenge for ya, Babish...Aunt Myrna's Party Cheese Salad from the Cooking with Jack Show.

  38. Julian Venczel

    I'm sorry, did he just say 170 "grams" of room temperature water?

  39. angel brown

    just found out the stuff i made last week out of just bits and bobs in the house i made resoto without knowing it

  40. Parth Ranawat

    in INDIA, this is called a PARATHA😂

  41. Artex Grey

    Nice sandwich, awful movie

  42. sirdzl710

    I bet more people watched this video than the actual movie

  43. Meme Man

    "shape our balls"

  44. Whyeld

    Try a grilled cheese on garlic bread, it’s like crack


    There was an episode of ninja turles where they had a banana and chocolate pizza and i was always disturbed as a child hearing that....

  46. Toma Neshkov

    I did research and I found out that Poseidon's power is actually....... cocaine

  47. Katsu

    Why salt is kosher? Is fish jewish?

  48. Micahl Taylor

    Diabetes up the ass

  49. Ahsoka Tano

    The first thing I thought when seeing this sandwich in the movie I knew babish would make a video on this

  50. alexnobody1

    The very first mention of Babish's hatred of cilantro.

  51. Drew Fleming

    "No fuckin ziti?"

  52. Shaikh Mazeen

    Who's speaking? You or the rat on your head hidden

  53. SF atoms

    "It was the little thing that goes in the thing, once you have your thing dry shove it in the thing and make sure your thing tight."

  54. wallace brown

    No way I'm making bread if it takes that long. Sheesh.

  55. Nøt sørry

    Yo with those fries ate not done

  56. Rpground

    Don't care for the movie, but damn does Babish make a good looking sandwich...

  57. Daniel Hartlin

    If you look up the definition for king neptunes posidon powder its just another way of saying cocain😂

  58. One Shot /dumb

    They updated the page

  59. Ronnie Evans

    Matter of fact, PLEASE! A food wars season 3 special

  60. Christina Marie

    I love the watch omg !!!!!

  61. Ronnie Evans

    Season 3 Episode 10, Food Wars

  62. Ceres Kerrigan

    It’s called a cross section, babish! I thought I knew you!

  63. Justin King

    thank god there was no "Bounty" sponsorship - that became really tedious!

  64. Kee kEe

    this video has more information about the movie than the trailer.

  65. Bonzo

    Bro did he really get rid of that wrx hatchback

  66. Travis

    Cause SJW's and NPC's need sandwiches too.

  67. irr3 is on t1Lt

    Food Wars!

  68. MikTRDG

    *laughts in philippines*

  69. Sasuke Uchiha JR

    You traumatized me for the rest of my life

  70. wyatt fields

    Half the video was him making the bread... bruh

  71. FlameDarkfire

    Get you someone who looks at you like Margot Robbie looks at that sandwich.

  72. garreton smith

    Dude your gods sent man🙏🏽🙌🏾. Now I'm a 24 year old 6'4 290lb African American men and this brought tears to my eyes. I just lost my grandmother to cancer in 2019. And then when you said you lost your mother at the age of 12 I related to that also I lost my father at the age of 6 yr old from a heart attack.

  73. Giggle Fist

    Between binge watching Gordon Ramsey and Bad boy, Babish.... you really think I would have picked up some skill by now. Nope, just a mighty hunger. This man has got the touch


    Your video is great, can we be UKmine friends?

  75. Calypso Whale Shark

    I would do this with swiss and ham.

  76. TheInfectiousCadaver

    man i make this everyday when i get home from work. a little different though, i use honey wheat bread, because im way too lazy to make my own lmao, harley should really try it with a hashbrown in the middle.

  77. Henry Adams

    Hot cheeto mozzarella sticks next?? Pepperjack cheese cheddar to all other different kinds

  78. Ebrill Owen

    My mom has made me eggs in a nest (or toad in the hall, as she calls it because of a family inside joke) since I was a little kid old enough to eat solid foods. It may just be egg and bread but it’s one of my favorite things to eat!

  79. thats hot

    Theres a special place in hell for people who gets rid of bacon fat instead of reusing it

  80. Loren Napier

    He double dipped....ewww

  81. The LeHF 18

    Jesus Christ, What's with your fidgeting hands, babish? Are you okay bro? Just go rest for a while

  82. LeafBlade Rahman

    I never knew this dish can be used for time travel.

  83. Alejandro L.

    You forgot the out of date cheese!!!!

  84. Hazox

    Basically a McDonald's Mcrib sandwich

  85. joe banana

    Here's a tip for people making this: *Don't use strawberry extract my God it's disgusting*

  86. iAM Lumbee__25

    I'm not crying, your crying

  87. Michaela G


  88. gdawgs101

    Bro, that guy in the background at 6:37 definitely has warrants 😂

  89. Michael Mcdowell

    I had "french crepes" from a restaurant ran by french ladies; it was nothing like what I've ever known as a crepe and seemed more like a giant undercooked egg noodle container with fruit in it... idk how they're still in business

  90. DubztepUniverze

    Hey Babish, there’s another Apex Legends recipe that I think you should try to recreate. It’s in a loading screen called “Seasonal Special”. The dish is called “Leviathan Stew” and the recipe is in the description.

  91. Jed King

    Do liane Cartmans powderd doughnuts pancake surprise

  92. Prophecyarmour

    You did it wrong. There is supposed to a a stray Armenian arm hair the the cheese is supposed to be out of date.

  93. Jack Nguyen

    You gotta be fucking with me, from the looks of it Brock's already a fucking idiot, it's EXACTLY RICEBALLS, I see no flour but rice and u thought it was some special jelly filled donuts I literally laugh so hard when Brock said it was jelly filled bois

  94. T3chnicolor

    Dude, how do you not have your own show on Netflix already?

  95. Tyler Ortiz

    “Donkey milk” Me: ight imma head out

  96. Tyeisha Moose

    My UKmine recommendations knows me so well.... YaRe YaRe

  97. Luka Marinšek

    “once you have your thing dry just shove it into the thing and make sure the thing is tight“ ok babish

  98. Anthony Moreno

    The theater was empty in this movie (saw the movie I get why)

  99. chaggot

    Love me

  100. Richard Cano

    Do the "Fruit Salad With Crystalized Ginger" from Under Siege 2.