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  1. My Singing Noggins

    We need christian, kane, undertaker in hof first. Not the bellas.

  2. Red Wolfe

    Say what you want about them, you can't tell me that you didn't think they'll be in the HOF. I would be pissed if the HOF wasn't a joke.

  3. Scungio

    The Bella Twins have always sucked

  4. David Ceron

    It’s pathetic how they get inducted but Michelle McCool, Melina, Gail Kim.. and other great wrestlers haven’t gotten inducted..

  5. Vintage Girl

    Molly Holly, Victoria and Bull Nakano????

  6. Young Gaming1011

    hall of famers before undertaker and Christian. What the hell is wrong with wwe

  7. L T

    I dont get it..... why lol

  8. Zen Master


  9. Sam B

    What a joke

  10. MythKiller77

    I never watched their matches in their careers... what did I miss?

  11. Mithun Kumar

    Believe That New 2020 new universal champion Roman Reigns

  12. Akash Khurana

    Just here to dislike and move on..

  13. Xavier Evans


  14. Sarah Bryson

    One word: CHRISTIAN!

  15. Ruel Rangel

    I'm seriously not understanding all the hate...

  16. swag lad

    Oh look the Kardashian twins that slept to the top

  17. Camille


  18. Brittany

    Wow I’m so Pissed, Michelle deserves it way way way way way more

  19. Unpopular Opinion

    The Kardashians of wrestling

  20. JTmaxx

    Ah yes, the boring stripper sisters. People are saying "Before" like they even should be in the HoF.

  21. Tre Talbert

    This is so disrespectful just ridiculous a slap in the face to every performer whos ever stepped in that ring

  22. D W

    Victoria deserves it more😩

  23. Nazirul Nazirul

    Congrat bella

  24. Jason Holt

    Ok look I know that there are other superstars that need a hall of fame induction like Taker Christian and others but the Bellas definitely are worthy bc of the the fact that they paved the way for the women’s evolution plain and simple

  25. Jeff Duarte


  26. Fanáticos de WWE

    Thanks to John Cena and Daniel Bryan*

  27. M.A/S/A.R


  28. WESLEY

    The Bellas did a lot for the women’s division and they deserve to be in the HOF I think wwe is really bad with timing and order but we’ll deserved tho. Hopefully next is Natalya.

  29. the beast

    How tf the Bellas get in the Hall of Fame before Mickie James just don't understand

  30. -.-

    Ok,hate them but this two women did so much for wwe,When the entire division was dead,they got a lot of popularity and They did many good things for the division,withouth bellas there will not be becky,charlotte etc

  31. jonmel

    Imagine if the WWE HOF was treated like a proper one, these two would,never get near it. I can think of about 30 people who should of got in before them

  32. Marialena M

    I love the Bella twins. I grew up watching them❤️🥺

  33. The boy of horror

    Already going to the hof? WHAAAAATTTT??????

  34. Aydee Avellaneda


  35. Removed Bangers

    They are not hall of fame worthy

  36. Axel Santillan

    Too early 😐

  37. Synyster Gates

    im still waiting For cristian

  38. Ignacio M.

    Lmaooo you can't be serious

  39. D’Angelo

    Happy for da bellas congrats on the hof and nikki congratsssss on becoming a mother soon

  40. Nicole Bella

    Well deserved ♥️👏🏻

  41. Seth Freakin Rollins

    Victoria Molly Holly Christian The Rock The Big Show John Cena It's waaaay too early for The Bella Twins to be inducted.

    1. Ivan Rodriguez


    2. Zaniya1 Newton

      Duh and rock should have been induced

  42. Michael Darling

    I don't mind this... but what happened to other divas way before them who were memorable in the WWE? I think its way too early for the Bella Twins to be inducted.

  43. Eulalio OS

    I love bella twins❤️

  44. Burn The Trolls

    Well the rumor was true... Damn it

  45. King Uzi TV

    You gotta be kidding me 😂

  46. josecarlos sidancona


  47. John Ramsey

    I just absolutely LOVE and RESPECT Lacey Evans soo much!! Such an amazing LADY, WIFE, MOTHER, and Entertainer!! Soo genuine and true!!!

  48. Dante95nyc

    I didn't know they retired?? 🤣WTF!? The comment section is about to be wild.


    22:46 first time I see refree angry 😂😂

  50. Eva Ribeiro


  51. Ivan Rodriguez

    Tf is yall smoking on cuz I need some of that

  52. Amit Srivastava

    2 minutes silence for those people who are celebrating

  53. The C-Men

    The scat munching twins

  54. Franklin Huichi

    1:44 Kalisto 3:21 Mojo Rawley

  55. EDH

    Dislike bombardment incoming

  56. J ManueL

    Randy is A Lunatic👿

  57. Dearius Smith

    Wwe vs nba

  58. Mr.Wayne

    Smh... To quote Triple H, about their “carreer” : “i took a nap for 20 minutes and missed the whole thing”.

  59. Brian Poggio

    AJ Lee would had been a better option 🙄

  60. Romulo Garcia

    Wwe network upload wwe hall of fame to be included the bella twins

  61. ixferno _

    All are haters

  62. danny ochoa

    This is so stupid

  63. Elokwonse Kwon

    shinsuke, do you lost a way where you go? i think wwe championship is your own way to go now.

  64. Ashwin Yap

    everyone is saying that they got inducted before the undertaker. the undertaker isn’t retired yet...

  65. Nerdgiant

    Bella dont deserve hall of fame yet.

  66. Romulo Garcia

    CONGRATULATIONS to the bella twins

  67. SIR T

    WWE Wait 6 more years before WWE Hall of Fame for the Bellas! WWE need more ring time from them first!!!🇺🇸

  68. Bhargav Das

    Deserving but before Mickie James, Melina, Michelle McCool, Victoria... nahhh

  69. Guilherme Borges

    LEGENDS! ❤️

    1. Chris Wolff

      They will never be looked at as legends.

  70. willjohnboy

    Well with this announcement it means the leaks were true expect the British bulldog next at least that would be a deserved inductee.

  71. Seth Colby

    i hope everyone realizes that christian , kane , undertaker haven't made it in the hof yet... *let that sink in*

    1. Chris Heryla

      Seth Colby Cena, The Rock there’s so many more. It makes zero sense actually. Like I was happy about Beth Phoenix but was like huh? Already?

  72. Tropical Girl_

    I think this is too early for the Bella twins, they deserve it, yes, but in a few FEEEEW years later 🤨🧐

  73. Franciscojavier Juarezgarcia

    El rey a regresado por fin

  74. Updated8SecondsAgo

    Road to the hall of fame leads to John Cena’s and Daniel Bryan’s bedrooms

  75. Michael Ruelas

    This comment section is full of Bella Twins haters! LOL!!!

  76. Romulo Garcia

    The bella twins is retiring

  77. su laiman

    You two sister

  78. Moist Crimson

    Damn, I dont think anyone asked

  79. Arnob Viewer

    Molly Holly, Victoria, Mrs Elizabeth You couldn't think of any other women?

  80. Triple 4

    Not the first time someone has been inducted for doing absolutely nothing in their career. Still patiently waiting for christian to get his induction call.

  81. Peter Torok

    wouldn’t exactly call shamus beating john cena an upset as it wasn’t suppose to happen

  82. JayJay Bulldog


  83. JustJSD

    Even Hornswoggle deserves it more than these pricks.

  84. The Apex Beat

    i am no feminist but if you think about it calling the name womens champion is pretty sexist. Think about it. Its there a black champion or gay champion or wwe hispanic champion. I think they should be called wwe raw champion and the men should be wwe heavy weight champion.

  85. Cristian Carrasco

    Really? These two untalented hacks who made it to the top sleeping with the top faces of the time???



  86. WarmedLearner

    This is a complete disaster! WHY WWE WHY!

  87. kamel pinel

    Is this a joke?????

  88. jeff mci

    I had a 3some with them

    1. jeff mci

      @Savage07 ya I did a bunch of times

    2. Savage07

      jeff mci definitely not

  89. tay lor

    Gosh I’m so happy for Brie and Nikki.. but there’s a lot of ppl out there criticising them for being inducted to hof...

  90. Garfield Dunkley

    Page Hesse please dont want you to get heart because ya 18

  91. Luis Rivera

    You gotta be joking me!

  92. Bhoole Bisre Geet

    Most undeserving.

  93. Romulo Garcia

    Breaking news wwe hall of fame to be included the bella twins

  94. Solar Axstro


  95. Tamzid Mohsin Khan

    Bella Twins are boring

  96. Rishi Davidson STR


  97. quest 77051


  98. Jan Sistona

    Inducted before mickey james and victoria wtff

  99. CR7 the goat

    the great one ☝️

  100. Adriel Tan

    This just shows that you dont need to lift heavy to look good.