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  1. Kady Leigh


  2. Electric Animations

    Spencer looks like that one kid from Horton hears a who

  3. Victoria Lyn

    Who else thought that mark was going to head bunt Ethan while doing the sit ups

  4. Rishi Nair

    Ethan-put it in more Mark-*putts it in more* Ethan-*makes gagging sound*

  5. Sasha Elric

    Ok but Spency boi in a wig? I feel blessed

  6. RedFeather 0313

    The second I heard her title and saw her belt I knew this was going to be an amazing video

  7. Lynsey Jones

    no wigus anus!!!??? i'm so sad >:

  8. StrawberryFox

    Amy panicking about the person on the side walk is me, every day of my life panicking about random people lmao

  9. Ciba Bisyri

    do camel clutch challenge

  10. ylswy cftp

    2:49 E

  11. It’s Me Dylan

    Mark looks like a cute anime girl with the wing on

  12. BluBerry

    I remember mark used to have a neck length hair

  13. Aryan Kamal

    If y'all have watched Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.. y'all know what Chica in a wig looks like... it's horrifying

    1. Julio Muhl

      I was just about to say to say that.

  14. The Lion's Den

    11:40 "Ed...ward..."

  15. matthew renner

    Poor Ethan looks like the girl from kung pow enter the fist an mark looks like a deathklock poser

  16. StrawberryFox

    Did someone kidnap Chica? Jeez Mark

  17. Sea Slug

    11:45 Ed.... Ward....

  18. Lord_ Shank13

    I like how nobody noticed the tomato sauce bottle and the conductor in the background and mini will Smith

  19. Nixodian 2002

    Mark woke up with an extra dose of depression

  20. Knight Shadow

    When I was little... I was charged at by a dog. It was vicious, it was going to bite, and I got away because I happened to be riding a scooter at the time. Not one of those new fangled plastic pieces of trash that break. One of those old fashioned metal ones with the felt grips so you don't burn your hands on hot metal. The dog came at me and I heard the growling and barking, I turned and swung my scooter and clipped it in the snout. I THINK that made the dog realize that I was NOT for eating or biting and I would defend myself and it WOULD get hurt trying again, so it ran home, but it barked and growled the whole way.

  21. Ce Tru


  22. Tash Jansson

    the perfectly audible cringe in amy's voice when she warns them that you can hear everything from the sidewalk.... :D

  23. WafflezArtish ÒwÓ

    *I dont know how my sexuality should feel*

  24. Ronny Quartz

    Just give Ethan a sword and put him in a Netflix anime.

  25. Miracle Gaming

    Ethan looks like really ugly girl hahahhaha jkjkjkjk

  26. Aaron Gomez

    dog looks like dog in full metal alchemist CHIMERA

  27. Mr Phish

    In the famous words of Micheal J Caboose “Never forget your ketchup”

  28. Yessi Raisal

    My birth day is this video's day...

  29. santra_art

    Get a drag queen to give you a makeover omg

  30. Tyller White

    Mark and ethan being raptured

  31. Tshizzles Tmoney

    Mark needs a good joint 💯🤣

  32. the_voidbunny

    I'm not here to mess up anybody's believes but in Christianity it's not rather if you believe in it. It's that you follow the ten commandments it's basically you have to believe it it and follow the rules. I suggest looking it up even if you don't believe in Christianity it's still good rules to follow.

  33. Guitar And Stuff

    Chickens have a 100 percent mortality rate... pretty much

  34. Tony Price

    Pretty sure Ethan asked Amy because she probably is smarter than both of you combined.

  35. gianpi

    Oh no

  36. Violet Martinez413

    Chicka with the wig on looks like her owner fused her and his daughter together to finally create a talking chimera


    Quality content.

  38. Samm Flores

    chica: E...EDWARD?

  39. BlueMoon_Gaming

    to all the 357 people who disliked. *SHAME*

  40. lilcoffeebean

    How was this video 12 minutes long

  41. BlackSwarm 28

    The whole "WORDS HAVE POWER" thing would be at like a 1 for me because I already have such low self-esteem that I don't think it can go any lower. People will be like "you suck!" And I mean... I know, man. I know.

  42. santra_art

    Y'all should have a professional or an experienced wig wearer put lace front wigs on you

  43. Alishia MacDonald

    "you have the luxury of being ugly" BOY I didn't know that being so damn ugly was a blessing. Thank the gods for that.

  44. reverseTeebz

    Oh my god spencer looks adorable hahaha

  45. BadBunny PS3D

    I get why ethans shirt had to be off they cupped his body... But why mark if they were only doin his... Face...

  46. Blvck Philp

    My bfs hair is this long lmao

  47. Dog God

    My pain stems from not being able to blame anybody for the emotional abuse, trauma, and gaslighting I grew up with. One parent has a serious personality disorder, and the other parent is brain damaged (in the most literal sense, from brain surgeries). It's technically not even their fault in the first place, so I can't direct the anger anywhere without feeling guilty.

  48. Kasey Strickland


  49. Morgan

    Any one else getting Sailor Moon vibes from their hair or is it just me?

  50. RedFeather 0313

    Me while they're fighting: I'VE GOT THE POWER OF GOD AND ANIME ON MY SIDE

  51. ScrubSlayer117’s Cards

    Full Metal Alchemist

  52. zack

    hey yall finally have pewdiepie in the video congrets

  53. popcornto pop

    Mark has an existanciel crises every video

  54. Mr Reza

    Quality content

  55. Maka Damik

    mark turned into a anime girl..

  56. Phantom Blue

    Uncle Ben-jamin ketchup is a long lost relative of Aunt Jemima.

  57. ryan alex

    Mark is getting corrupt

  58. Xander Cretuitus

    Mark. Ethan. Yesterday my father died. I was extremely depressed and down. But, I rewatched some of your videos, and it cheered me up so much. So thank you, so very much. Please, keep up the videos, because it helps so many people feel so much better.

  59. Silberbarde 123

    Apache is it you?

  60. Criss ;P

    I believe this is the best k-pop-star-transformation-in-a-day that I ever saw!!! I can see the k in this k-pop new-made star!!

  61. Aidan Barrett

    Mark is my inner sleep demon

  62. Haley Pritzlaff

    He really just snatched his weave 😂😂 Also: can we PLEASE watch them try to paint each other’s nails 😂

  63. Dasha Zero

    5:45 Not bad)

  64. Natsu Dragneel

    Why did chica look like that one fucked up character from full metal alchemist or is that just me

  65. TheBoogAloog

    Ethan actually looks good with long hair Edit: next time you two should do something embarrassing in public.

  66. XXX {Manequinn} XXX

    Mark be like MUGETSU

  67. asfsafas

    Mark looks like a very buff mother from the prehistoric age

  68. PSGAMING 19

    Ethan look very funny and look like a real girl

  69. expertofgames96

    Honestly, Mark kinda looked like Nathan Explosion from Dethklok... Also, Chica kinda resembled Nina from FMA... I know, get that image out of your head

  70. Maiko _16

    The tittle of this video reminds me of one of the songs by the snotty nose Rez kids called "long hair don't care". AND THEY ARE GOING ON AN AMERICAN TOUR!!!!

  71. foreshadowing_panda

    But why does Mark look like young Jacob from Twighlight???????

  72. Angel Jimenez

    You farquaad looking meme looking gloom spewing extension putting handsome man!

  73. FallenEmperorAntares


  74. Kaitland Johnston

    memento mori for minecraft chick. she hasn't uploaded for 5 years and I have no idea why.

  75. Thunder TheLight

    My eyes!!! They're burning from the hotness of these two beauties😂

  76. Jion Jesk

    Hair looks like a deadly creature when its flung around... Dogs look funny and cute when they have wigs. Heheheh! AaaaAh. :|D The part where it plays music and they're kind of posing and hitting each other with hair felt like watching people I've never seen before. 10:56 This gives off a vibe of random old video for some reason. It sounds like what would play in a stick fighting game... Well now I'm just thinking about Super Guitar Maniac... Those games are going to die because they need flash. Used to play them when I was 14. I don't want to lose them... Fitting for what this channel is about I guess. Heh! {: D

  77. Adrick Hunter

    "Life's just a fiddle struggle against time." Why are you fighting a fiddle, first of all. Second of all, I've never known a fiddle to actually cause any sort of existential problems with time, so...where did you get this fiddle?

  78. Stressed Birb

    As a person with hair reaching their hips I can accurately tell u that those are the ONLY two moods we have at 10:35 and 10:50

  79. DarlingBadWolf

    Anyone else realize the pillow with Bart Simpson on it is about $135? Idk if that’s what he bought it for but damn I wanted that so bad 😂

  80. Galaxy

    why does mark look like a classic long haored anime guy lmao

  81. cave furball

    11:37 Oh no, not here..... not now.... ***FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST BROTHERHOOD FLASHBACKS***

  82. Colby Stoner

    I'd love to see them do drag!

  83. DeadlyNightShade

    Show of hands, who wants Mark to act out his death since Ethan did in Unregulated Ax Throwing. Show me the ✋ emoji or like this comment. Also tell me if he should do something different

  84. 1llustrous King

    Chica looks like a very specific character from a very specific anime and i hate it thanks mark lol Spencer just looks emo xD

  85. FernoFlake

    4:20 hell yeah perfect timing too.

  86. Emily Bryson

    what happened to your coffin?

  87. bee bee


  88. Jasmine Liebenberg

    Mark low key looks like an anime schoolgirl

  89. Proxiw Anonimous

    MARK Looks LIKE Pablo Escobar

  90. T-REX Harris

    Haven’t commented on one of these vids yet, so I’m leaving a mark before it’s too late.

  91. ADD Ham

    Markiplier janai Katsura da

  92. MrTwinkleCat Meow

    Thank you Ethan for calling out Mr doom and gloom!

  93. MRyeti18

    Spencer looked so happy <3

  94. Music Muriël

    2:55 I thought it was Zuko from avatar :3

  95. Missy T

    Mark is awkwardly kinda pretty.. tf Also when chicka had it on did anyone else get "ed-ward.. friend?" vibes??

  96. B L

    12:37 me and the boys looking for *beans*

  97. Cameron Jenkins

    I grew up in a Mormon household, and what he said about Christianity is super accurate (yes Mormons are Christians) I am not practicing anymore, there’s a lot of issues with it 😂

  98. bee bee

    Mark saying “you been a bad girl, you fcking close?” is the closest thing to Amy getting mad i’ve ever seen

  99. Lil dipper

    This stuff feels so tame because I’ve gotten so use to Jenna Marbles doing this on the DAILY basis LMAOO just bring her on one day her regular activities could be content for y’all

  100. Sarah Jones

    Marks face when the goat shits on him is fuckin priceless