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  1. Chris Oli

    Reasons to watch this video 0.1 % - Sorry 99.9% - To see These Hotties

  2. Take 1


  3. fereshteh sepehrinia

    Is this song about food?like I'm hungry man😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Kran Esc


  5. Freedom Channel


  6. Gyb Munna

    #_Ever green. Song... 🎸 Who Watching..in.2020.. February...just. Hit👍

  7. Ninjaa

    Eu sou o comentário br que você tava procurando? 🇧🇷

  8. Kandie Hill

    I truly believe he puts every bit of his heart in everything he does!

  9. maryann rubianes

    2010 baby baby has no beard 2015 sorry sorry no beard 2019 yummy yummy yummy has a beard

  10. skylarrr caroline

    who’s here in 2020??

  11. Fernanda Araújo

    Afff...amuuuh essa #musica♥♥♥♥

  12. Lily Baker

    his voice tho

  13. Belén Gutiérrez

    Esta original yummy pero siento q siges enamorado de Selena gomez

  14. Lily Baker

    agh good times

  15. kristina j

    Remix should be with Chris brown

  16. Rae White

    Pay it forward, that's what's it's all about.

  17. josh dowling

    HOLY CRAP, he can seriously make MILLIONS of money just by saying YUMMY I MEAN COME ON. IS IT JUST ME?!

  18. Maricela Nuñez Larez

    yummy yummy office

  19. Bella Buhidar

    wow this just made it on the top 10 worst songs of all time

  20. Jacque Herrera

    Que cansion😥

  21. Devin Cockroft

    is he drag queen now?

  22. Dankish Memes

    Bubble top time

  23. BŘØ ŇÄ

    So good

  24. Kevaun Watson

    Exceptation: ever is eating and cleaning out the buffet) reality: Justin eating eating everything) me: how the Hell he still skinny

  25. SA R

    I got goosebumps.....this is amazing🤗

  26. Tawan TH


  27. Emilio Corral Cháves


  28. Ali Shtewi

    His chin bro

  29. Brosty Games

    Aqui esta el comentario en español que tanto buscabas 😉

  30. Stephanie Martinez

    I just realized drake is in this music video 🤯

  31. Jack Mama

    Justin is just pissed he can't get number 1 on the charts, so he wants the world record for largest ice cream cone.

  32. Sergio M

    Y este afeminado que se cree 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  33. Wellington Recalde


  34. Manu cardoso

    Inlges:Yummy, eu em português comida comida quero comida😂

  35. Venkat Mohan Reddy

    I want meet with you justin...where you living ???

  36. Henry Nguyen

    I need Luda on this track

  37. Roger Miller

    I sang this at school and im 7

  38. TheAdrian999 YT


  39. Antonio Canales

    I like it so much

  40. Ricotta Coleman

    This video is tuff we about to trade Oprah and Gayle for Bieber

  41. Jessa Labitad

    Eating is 😋

  42. วิลาวัณย์ อ่อนวิมล


  43. Karts Disomangcop

    Hats down 🙌🏻

  44. ⱣɨnkȺđøɍȺƀłɇFøxɏ

    on Saturday, 3:21pm, 22/2, in Australian time, This video had 899,699 dislikes.

  45. Hayley

    Who else came here just to look at the chin shot in slow mo

  46. claudia cuellar

    I hate it . sorry

  47. MF KIRA

    *Deixa o like que 2020 você vai realizar seu sonhos*. #Jusntin2020

  48. Locked Hertz

    My brain misheard be like: Mia ✅ Ami ✅ Yanny ✅ Laurel ✅ Meow ✅ Get baked ✅ Get back ✅ Get paid ✅

  49. Rihhan nuryana

    God ada terjemahan nya .indonesia mana like nya

  50. Kaiya Gonzalez

    We I hate the new him miss old him

  51. Rated Charisma

    If you find my comment you are legends

  52. Karts Disomangcop

    Hats down 🙌🏻

  53. DANNIK_ FF

    Porque razon se borraron todos los comentarios en español quien controla el canal

  54. Gisel Rosales


  55. junbert saripada

    wow i like you bro

  56. Junel Principe


  57. Pakhai Khuhly

    Delicate to k beiphakhai composer by beisochai

  58. Colby Neale

    This song has so much view and it’s still one of my favourite songs to this day

  59. LG Gameing EXE

    I thank you so fucking much Justin I was in a wheelchair then I got up and turn off your music thank u so much

  60. cyber martin

    He looks like tony stark

  61. Abhishek Saroj

    Likes = Dislikes 😐

  62. drunkymonnkyy mike


  63. X.Haya_13

    I just want to see him happy no matter what💖💖💖💖 I was there when one time came out now I'm here when Changes came out

  64. Romel Delima

    yummy talaga heheheh15

  65. Edith Johnson

    stop sayin yummy

  66. Amirul Aiman


  67. Yarlen Ruiz

    Justin and quavo the Best ❤️❤️❤️❤️😋😋❤️❤️

  68. Jamie's

    Amoo esta canciónn🔥🚀 Hice la VERSIÓN ESPAÑOL de este tema en mi canal para los hispanohablantes!!🌺 ukmine.info/vid/VjZCVHg3dk12ek0/video.html Dejen sus comentarios y sus opiniones :)

  69. Mercedes King

    imagine tho...that he made this song ACTUALLY about food.

  70. FaZe Ace


  71. Rebecca Frazier

    Wtf is going on with his jaw at 2:20?!

  72. Ashley Patrick

    He was such a cute kid. What happened???!!!

  73. Jamie's

    Amoo esta canciónn🔥🚀 Hice la VERSIÓN ESPAÑOL de este tema en mi canal para los hispanohablantes!!🌺 ukmine.info/vid/VjZCVHg3dk12ek0/video.html Dejen sus comentarios y sus opiniones :)

  74. daniel briceño

    Buena la 🕵️

  75. Alan Morales

    Music: percent Strippers: 0 percent Diabetes: 99 percent

  76. Vados and World


  77. Lady Trippzz

    2:20 he does the yaaaeeeaeaeaa and his jaw bro! 😂

  78. Udopia Records

    Bro, Buggatti Beibz ruled the radiowaves in 2015 and 16, banger after banger I swear

  79. Alan Morales

    *This song is about diabetes*

  80. MonkeyKing Pro

    when i i was 13 had my first love! 👍💏

  81. Esparrguirre Jose

    Te amoooo

  82. Deema

    He still looks better without mustache no matter how old he is. Sorry lol

  83. Nice Lucky

    ผมคนดาวอังคารคับ ไม่ไช่คนไทย

  84. Fini Surianita Waruwu

    Why people hate this video?

    1. たっか

      Fini Surianita Waruwu because he mad many mistakes

  85. Kari S

    2:54 omg "uuhhhhhh" hahahaha 😂 its pk 👍👍

  86. Mohammed Abcari

    Imagine What Can Happen While Watching This Video!


    Woah this song breaks the limit, its the perfect combination of might and magic, i feel like my blade moves with the shadows geez , nice song Justin! to the hidden blade all life is equal , damn I do highlights of Gusion in MLBB check my vid !

  88. Leticia sims feeprey

    Você é limdo ti amo muito

  89. Hector35tr2 Chim


  90. Martin The Martian

    He know how to spend money for good. Appreciate that, wish me to become like that when i had money.

  91. Gatillum Fred

    Lo siento

  92. Fact Father

    Who likes Justin beiber dance steps ! Leave a like

  93. Zree Ram

    she makes me happy , i know where i ll be. poli sannam 😘

  94. Fact Father

    The dance step of Justin beiber are the major part

  95. Fact Father

    Justin beiber on his level best !

  96. Felix Escanuela

    who loves justin bieber press the like button👍👍👏🏻

  97. Madduri Yuktesh

    Pillalu chaduvukokunda....em panulu ra ivi....em panulu(Mahesh's dialogue in Sarileru movie 😂)

  98. Nazhan Hafizhan

    I wanna see this song on the biebs 2020 tour..

  99. brandy games

    Tbh i thought a black person made this song

  100. Kanan Nath

    Dear stranger whoever is reading this , may your parents live over 100 years...