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  1. undercover werewolf

    i thought he said 3 miles in just under 5 minutes and i was like "WAIT WHAT?!?!" lol im dumb

  2. Luke Beattie

    This interview is so cringey

  3. ScopeZ

    0:43 me when I find out I’m going to the adoption center

  4. Snart Edits


  5. farman siddiqui

    Do Michael B Jordan next.

  6. Joseph Vernon

    Taylor Swift always gets me hyped in the gym

  7. Briana Shaw

    How did you come up with the name behzinga?

  8. Crinja Ninjas

    Idky but I thought he wanted to fight someone

  9. Callum Deighton

    Moo off 2020 who's looking forward to it

  10. Daniel Jones

    @SDMN is awesome

  11. Colby Sewell

    Ngl I got clickbated. I thought he found his dad

  12. A1a2a3 Abc123

    Doing a light jog on spot is free.

  13. Most The Least

    Don’t you get sick of eating the same thing for a week

  14. A1a2a3 Abc123

    Behzinga has raw strength and can easily attain the strongest sidemen title after beating ksi.

  15. Jack Turner

    Behz, if you see this, just a little video idea. Should get in contact with Eddie hall and do like a training with the worlds strongest man video or something

  16. OD Fire

    Wats so cute

  17. David Lees

    Who is In 2020 like if you are

  18. supritim roy

    Ur hight

  19. DeniGS70

    Ethans dad might not have run away, he probably got lost in ikea m8

  20. bob ross


  21. Rex's Videos

    Bez after each meal: I FeEl LiKe RoNaLdO

  22. Mohammed Rafi

    why does his girlfriend look like she is not impressed

  23. Asif Rahaman

    Could've easily titled this with something to do with the WW3 draft and you would've gotten a ton more views

  24. euphoriaaa

    Vikk was literally too scared to talk at all-

  25. Rhys_Morgan

    Never did a 2019 one:/ 2020 maybe??

  26. Jombie

    backing music in the beginning of the video?

  27. Python Plays

    I just came back to see the Swegway Beat

  28. EliteZ4

    Anyone knows what song this is?

  29. Jkx jkx

    Thsis was hard

  30. Autumn Jarvis

    Thought he had flip flops

  31. SH10Compz

    U actually know how to cook👏

  32. David Abed

    just way the word. you are of african decent

  33. insecured Techzzy

    10:10 why it sound like a star wars ship shooting

  34. Molly Anderson

    Do it with tobi!!

  35. Greasy Bastard

    In Canada a lot of people piss outside i don't know if we have piss tickets lol

  36. Mr Boss

    Well... you did f**k up with the drinking part But i can't blame you

  37. Dick Grayson

    Bez you have to update the subscription banner at the beginning, youre at 3,44 mil .

  38. Spyrotic

    Mum: Telling me to pause an online game Me: 0:44

  39. Zack Triple

    Well - its a year late but I'm starting the challenge. - 2 litres of water a day - No fizzy drinks - Count calories on my fitness pal See you in a month :)

  40. the dragon

    If you watched all the way through you know what this means 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆

  41. Rockin Golem76

    Me: reads title Also me: hes bout to meet his dad

  42. U Dripxzzy

    Only OG’S will still watch this in 2020

  43. Sean Allen

    You should of done a few missions so they could comment on the skits. Esp with Mike Epps as a character. Luther mission would of been funny

  44. bikelif3_ layne101

    That's on my b day

  45. Anderson Tai


  46. Jonathan Gutheridge

    to be fair, they could be brothers because behz dad dipped on him

  47. Ed d

    Not much time to train

  48. Ed d

    Not much time to train

  49. Ella Davies


  50. Mellonmaster Super Created

    01:59 no look but he looked

  51. puma21puma21

    2 weeks late but you can see the abs and back muscles are starting to come through.

  52. a sad fat guy

    Bro, when i saw the first link in the description, I thought this was going to be a totally different video, glad you're not sick behzy boo.

  53. Vapor_x_ Fire

    Don't mind me, just leaving a recent comment

  54. A-Lex Predator

    I thought he was gonna say he was gonna go on I’m a celeb 😂

  55. Bollock Boy

    Why are u doing weights training for a marathon

  56. Greg Marcus Aurelius Lall

    the conclusion of this video is that Tesco sucks

  57. nick


  58. Riley Timbs


    1. Jackson Gilmore

      Why Are You Here Then?

  59. XXanimates XX

    Soooo mr Tumble is dead XD

  60. LeoLovesDogs

    British Check

  61. Dr Decanomix


  62. Matthewq Oyeyebi

    Still fire

  63. Arun King

    This chilli is actually a indian chilli. Where many people have eat this for the challenge and got failed. But indians will eat more than 10 chilli for the break fast. I request the world. Do not try this at home.

  64. Dhyana Brahmbhatt


  65. James Smith

    7:52 LoL

  66. LesterR

    ls its going I go 8

  67. Dj bomber77

    Wtf was that beggining

  68. Paul Canovas

    Man this autotuneeeee

  69. Cristian Uzhca

    Hope you win

  70. Cristian Uzhca

    Let’s get it

  71. Ethan Noftall

    They need to make another video like this

  72. Lorentz Fabricius

    I don’t think you are allowed brakes during the swim.

  73. Cameron

    this was actually good 😂

  74. George Foster

    His dad do be hiding tho

  75. Itzemzyboo 6611

    Ngl if i see behz running that marathon im gonna cry

  76. Young Reezy

    Sidemen Beef reminds me of Civil War


    23th comment :)

  78. Tailor Fitted

    Amazing bro. 🙌🏾🙌🏾

  79. Jeet Skeet

    The news is that all along He had 2 mums

  80. Arctic _

    Wtf could of sworn he was way fitter

  81. Gregory Gallegos

    From most consistent youtube to I barely post

  82. Fishy Bitz

    This is terrible, how has he got subscribers when all he does us shows otber ppls stuff and babbles on randomly.

  83. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Guess it's his first time hearing Dad jokes.

  84. King of Football

    fire lies

  85. Man Like MP

    What happened to that fuckers neck?

  86. Marcos Scott Little Baños

    We all saw the fifa,we want to see u play fifa

  87. Shalom Jackie


  88. Tejalkera_Msp love

    Hii everyone :)

  89. x_slaisso YT

    April fools???

  90. Luke Brodie

    Lol if u go to the description then go to the bottom it says the category is gaming

  91. Otaku Emin

    He has done it by now.

  92. mitch 8

    I mean good on u it’s a good cause with the documentary for other people and the charity but it’s not rlly a once in a life time a away all’s u have to do is just be fit lol

  93. Owen Ll


  94. Loyapp 123

    Good song

  95. Niko Nuñez

    Omg that is amazing I’m so happy for you

  96. Conor C

    jeez go on bhez

  97. RazBaybee

    Im just saying, its completely possible that they could have the same dad, with Ethan's dad leaving and that

  98. Short Playz


  99. Dan Clark

    Thought you found ye dad then fella

  100. Kush Patel

    when i read the title... all i heard in my head was, phillip schofield here