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Series in which budding entrepreneurs get three minutes to pitch their business ideas to five multi-millionaires willing to invest their own cash!

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  1. W L

    Peter Jones can talk, I suppose he doesn't rip dividends out from his businesses.

  2. J P

    You can imagine these three idiots at uni thinking they’re big shots. I’m glad they got slated in there like that. Got put straight back down go earth.

  3. Ms Starlight

    This was good, but a bit hard to follow, in some places.

  4. MrInfo Philly

    10:15 is the best part

  5. Jonathan Bleksley

    Jenny’s just making up excuses at this stage. Touka mentions kitchen. Jenny: you need a kitchen and I don’t have a kitchen. Oooooouuuut

  6. Haunted Trap

    she came for peter jones

  7. Dave

    What an absolute horseshit product. Bravo, snake-oil salesmen.

  8. Darren Huntington

    Where you gonna sell it "Jessops"?

  9. Dark Shadow

    Most pathetic product

  10. NickWba20

    Jenny : I've had numerous sexual partners of different shapes colours and sizes and I like a nice raw intercourse and for that reason I'm out "

  11. Arfan Ali

    Has jenny ever invested?

  12. Ms Starlight

    I admire the guys enthusiasm, but gyms just wouldn't have the space for this.

  13. OOfania

    Whoa 😂😂😂

  14. ScottOSaurus

    That face in the thumbnail.... 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

  15. H Sharma

    Imagine being this dumb.

  16. Jason Parker

    you just know he's got a little pecker

  17. jillyjills1

    What happens if your name is Tom, or Ann? It’s going to be a pretty short book

  18. 06hatter

    it's cool that the american version are all these good looking makeuped parasites while the english version are all people who look like they're in different stages of zombification

  19. Andrew Shevchuk

    I'm so into this show, unlike Jenny. She's always out of it.

  20. no i

    Isn't it just a box

  21. ShowMe

    "Hi Im Jenny and I approve this message" "Im out"

  22. shawn foogle

    Ludicrous valuation?no... Ludicrous buisness\ pitch.

  23. Zwillinge1994

    I cringed so bad

  24. OOfania

    😂😂😂 Jenny @ are you going to ramble on

  25. ScottOSaurus

    I can’t imagine any insurance company insuring this man. That would be a nightmare in itself. Getting all his classes insured, the cost alone would wipe any profit.

  26. Alan Cogan

    Who else thinks that this pitch is like X Factor, and that if you come on TV with the right sob story, you can get what you want? Call me a cynic, but that is my opinion.😬

  27. myhoneybringsallthebeestomyjar

    how in tf do you go on this show having not researched how each dragon could benefit your business

  28. Young Goodman Brown

    Who wants to sign up for my exercise program where I will have you chased by dogs while dodging bullets?

  29. Kaitlyn Saxon

    The ads on UKmine nowadays are getting ridiculous

    1. Himalayan Health Hut

      Kaitlyn Saxon it’s worth paying the US$10 per month for UKmine premium without the ads.

  30. lsmeghammerl

    This guy definitely sells these on some shitty market stall in Manchester, prolly near a uni

  31. vambo13257

    The brunette is a darling!!

  32. Dr. Sam Hill

    0:34: Toukar's out.

  33. zwarst

    How about underwater parkour? All those empty pools in winter...

  34. Jack Black

    2:40 Humpty Dumpty

  35. Paulo Mendes

    7:02 when you want to laugh when you're being told off 😂

  36. Deborah Craven

    Jenny gets out a lot doesn’t she ?? !!

  37. Tomb

    They look like a high school theater group with those boxes

  38. thelouisfanclub

    STOP whispering please

  39. vambo13257


  40. Rick DX

    The Dragon's may have applaused, but I just cringed

  41. woodhd


  42. Nicole Oliver

    "We treat them like babies." **Puts sharp hook through animal's mouth for fun**

  43. Elias Hardt

    I want the editor’s keyboard destroyed. STOP CUTTING

  44. Dave

    Never seen anyone get destroyed soo badly on this show

  45. jeremy clarck

  46. Neil Jamison

    The Dragons get offended with high valuations, yet when they want to invest they want double what is on offer, so that then halves the valuation, so why the indignation at high valuations? So knowing this you would value your business high.

    1. Dark Shadow

      Neil Jamison also , high valuations need numbers to support it . He has none Hardly £10,000 worth of business in the future

    2. Dark Shadow

      Neil Jamison cuz they’re successful and risked it at their respective times . I really don’t understand why people hate millionaires so much . The investors are here to make extra bucks , they aren’t here to care for you from point zero

  47. Harry Cambridge

    Awful idea.

  48. nabiddy badiddy

    What an absolute gent, good luck to you sir!

  49. Amber Ashley

    He’s a good salesman. And he was a teacher so he knows best how kids learn so his opinion on that is much more credible than just some boomer who has kids

  50. Stephen Foot

    She was arrogant but xenophobic I hardly think so , to be that you have no regard for anyone except your own country, not because you do not trust a supplier from Spain. Yes she was wrong to suggest all Spanish people are dishonest.

  51. Trevor Thompson

    Everything’s on UKmine

  52. Lee Lorenz

    Peter's a dick. Wants the same share as his brother. Hes like Ray Kroc.

  53. xSModZx

    Hi jenny, I chose you because I thought you would have plenty of time for us. I've been trying to call over the past week but it keeps going through to voice mail. But your never home and always out

  54. steph Blafr

    If people are scared to stick their phone on the bike, they can put on their air pods and listen to their GPS directions. What the hell? Is that episode from 2005? Oh, and also, you can get a phone with a GPS on for a lot less than a 100...

  55. Amber Ashley

    Santa’s boots are low key high key FIRE

  56. Lee Lorenz

    Kelly hasn't been around. Men complain about condom size and fit all the time. And if you dont hear about it its because they are small.

  57. MrErickog07

    “OH that’s it, he said that’s it so I guess THATS IT” -Meet the parents I think

  58. Ahmed L

    8:48 Nothing new there Jenny 😉

  59. dat Pianoguy

    guys i need investment too, I'm selling "walking"

  60. Sandstrom765

    8:49 What a surpriiiise

  61. The10thMuffinMan

    What is Rory doing there? Does he own a separate supplier company or does he work for her? I feel like he’s there against his will

  62. RedBluePill

    Is now "Recognised" as a sport in the UK, I was doing parkour in 1977 so its not new. French trainer was doing this in 1902

  63. capt. madness

    7:56 Duncan please lol

  64. Gav Tatu

    deborah barefoot..... i'm in.

  65. BorisSunshine

    I do that every morning, therefore I am out. Of course you do Jenny, of course you do.

  66. Simon Peters

    Jenny - “You’re jumping about, so I’m out!”

  67. Irfan Iqbal

    If the valuation wasn’t as ridiculous I feel his idea could of got investment.

  68. psychoticbastard

    Jenny: "You are doing a gym business, so I am going to work myself out!"

  69. Dave Barker

    I have a big box in my garden, you can have it for 3 million. Tosser

  70. I may Be Q

    when i was training parkour i was just doing it outside was called freeruning at the begining btw ...honestly every sport should be done outside...but i still dont understand the idea of making a business out of i could be running around anyway why should i pay someone to tell me what to do when i can just learn it from doing it ?for example a good way to expand this concept would be like a military...

  71. Mark Hoey

    Clickbait title

  72. Twice As Interesting

    Had an expert of a shark tank pitch as an ad.

  73. Faisal Hashmi

    Jenny will take the biscuit so she’s out

  74. Darth Forex Vader

    Spoiler alert; jenny is out

  75. Mazza 08

    I would LOVE to hear what Jenny would have to say about this 🤣

  76. Disiam Theillusion

    Parkour,originally known as dodging cops

  77. Faisal Hashmi

    Jenny is not going to muck about so she’s out

  78. OhElvira

    This is the whitest thing I’ve ever seen

  79. Priyant Pratap

    Debra loved a contract

  80. Darth FrootLoops

    I can never impregnate Jenny when I do her. She always pullin it out

  81. Anthony HT

    I thought a Dragon would say I'm out at 5:18, and then he actually gets out of the room...

  82. njpringle

    If I owned a gym I wouldn't waste money on a Parkour classes franchise, I'd just set a class up and take them out onto the reception roof and get them to jump off it after signing a no compensation for broken bones form. Greater profit margins.

  83. Richard Weymouth

    well Tej can certainly build a brand

  84. Jojo siwa Jr

    Love how Jenny took her shoes off at the start acting like she was actually interested lmao. Her shoes were out before she even was

    1. Rebecca McInroy

      love jojo siwa

  85. Ciaran Mcgrath


  86. Mani P

    Jenny “have your heard of the phrase I’m out!”

  87. Jan Schlossar

    Another bullshit

  88. Stuart Suther-Baker

    When was the last time you heard someone say "hey, let's parkour today!" ??

  89. ItzJhief

    yet another who came just for the free promotion...

  90. Chris Mulgrew

    "Duncan wants to find out more about the man behind the noodle"

  91. Alfredo CH

    "Hi, my name is Jenny and for that reason I am out."

  92. R33C3

    I bet he drives a Subaru legacy

  93. Helen Murphy

    I would genuinely like to know if people shout “I’m out” at Jenny when she’s doing her food shop at Waitrose

  94. Calvito Bonito

    How dare the these people question me? Just hand over the money and that’s that

  95. Cresent and star

    Peter Jones: it’s clear you need help Everyone: yep she needs help

  96. dotValkyrie

    Jenny was really pissing me off when she said "You've put nothing in". How about 3 years of their lives? (Not taking account that the business is just a dream at this point)

  97. John Garvey

    valued the business at 50k per sale of watch at 99. Wish she was a business buyer.

  98. Elizabeth Sommers

    Why does Jenny Campbell always say she's out???? Why does she even bother?

  99. Kekistani Refugee

    Jenny parkoured on her way out

  100. naeem mussa

    Jenny sell your house but I'm still out