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  1. Emily Diveley

    I love Kenneth Branagh film Henry V so amazing 😉

  2. Argus Tuft

    At any stage in history could anyone have thought that those ruffles spilling out of his tuxedo collar and cuffs were a good look? Surely the 70s were the decade that Time forgot.

  3. Xylok


  4. Jacqui Peers

    God wish Derek was straight. I'd have been in there ! Love ya to bits Derek.

  5. Andew Tarjanyi

    There is a link, logical linear sequence of logical reasoning and consistent correlation between the description given here of the problems associated with "right and wrong", the namesake test of Turing, The hard problem of consciousness, the computer simulation theory of the universe, the existential threat posed by a rogue "AI" beyond the event horizon of the technological singularity, eschatology as described in canonical literature and my life-time work on the human condition presenting the only potential remedy. The irony of this max opus is its author has an appointment at a psychiatric hospital at 1:00 pm today and there is a risk of him being detained, sectioned and drugged against his will with no one to defend his right to think. In fact, in this context, thought is regarded and indeed treated as a social abomination. Anyone wishing to leap to my defence will be met with the greatest of gratitude. Should the worse fate befall me then my name is listed on my channel above and on my channel and I shall inform the reader of my status immediately upon my return home. If not, then I will be an unfortunate resident of Clock View Hospital, 2A Oakhouse Park, Walton, Liverpool, Merseyside, L9 1EP, United Kingdom. Given my consistent lack of popularity as a quasi obsessive thinker and highly prolific producer of original thought on the planet today, I may ultimately suffer the same fate as the real-life character portrayed by this finest of performers of his and subsequent generations.

  6. Nick Craig

    "When are you going to tell your mother about us?"

  7. Frances Rascon

    Love this clips good laughing 😆 was in 🤣😂😀😄😁

    1. Cwmbran1984

      Frances Rascon this is what married life is like after 20 years 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Sebastian Melmoth

    Nowadays, gay people would thank their husbands.

  9. Mary Rotman

    Derek Jacobi doesn't translate into television and movies, but he is probably the best Shakespearean actor of his generation. I have seen him on stage here in america and was blessed to have seen him.

  10. Victoria Jones

    This was such a great show

  11. Steven Pilling

    Shakespeare had a way of turning a "humble apology" into a mighty statement!

  12. Dan Liu

    Thank you for sharing. Absolutely criminal that this magnificent film is unavailable on any major streaming service...

  13. VectraQS

    I'm lucky enough to have the original airing of this on VHS tape. The video's pretty good, the sound is... meh... but it's still watchable almost 40 years later.

  14. julie edwards

    What is the name of the picture at 1:32 or 1:33?


    Thats me at 4:15 I need the gotdam reply!! 🤣🤣

  16. Cheiron Koan

    I am just discovering the depth of your site AND your insight, I am realizing. I am most interested and intrigued by the breadth and the depth of what you are offering! For the moment only Thank you, Merci & Grazie!

  17. JK JK

    Sad its cancelled

  18. misteritsy 1

    Why do some people think it,s a good idea to put on some cr*p music with these clips

  19. rodd22

    "He ONLY likes Dick" bawhahahahahahahahaha - the best double entendre!!!!!!!!!


    it means "Hidden Origin"


    bring it back - please

  22. Barbyl W

    I wanted to love this so much but dreadful canned laughter and bad writing make two tremendous actors look like idiots.

  23. Blake Bosschaart

    Elly bellybutton turnsound bellybutton

  24. Jon

    Just because you put a message up saying ‘no copyright infringement intended’ , doesn’t mean you can get away with infringing copyright.

  25. uncoolshane

    Oh please let it be some day we find out that Violet is the sister to Hyacinth Bucket 🤣😂

  26. Peter Wong

    A VICIOUSLY love hate relationship comedy 🤣

  27. black lightning

    Looking at you wet is like looking at a wet squiral with hips 😁 😂

  28. deepblue64

    Ash is hot

  29. Me Baker-Baggins

    Of course the speech before the actual battle is another master piece, copied so many times by others... president on top of car in independence day speech a direct copy.. words different of course.....

  30. Me Baker-Baggins


  31. phil brown

    cut the pathetic music

  32. Bianca Luna Parmigiani

    ma qual è il titolo del film? what's the title of the movie?

  33. Mona Ali

    The most beautiful sound....

  34. 37Dionysos

    If only Ian had once said "You, little, shit!" to Bilbo!

  35. Rudz zduR

    La trapéziste est partie sans me le dire... J'en ai été malade... Je pense toujours à toi et tu es trop souvent dans mes rêves, je sais pourquoi tu disais que ce film était notre histoire quand je t'aies croisée de nouveau, j'avais pas prévu la fin du film... Bye Bye Blackbird 💑💕💓💗💘💖🎪

  36. Rudz zduR

    La trapéziste est partie sans me le dire... J'en ai été malade... Je pense toujours à toi et tu es trop souvent dans mes rêves, je sais pourquoi tu disais que ce film était notre histoire quand je t'aies croisée de nouveau, j'avais pas prévu la fin du film... Bye Bye Blackbird 💑💕💓💗💘💖🎪

  37. 37Dionysos

    DJ was also the best Hamlet ever.

  38. Harryandleo

    I still get goosebumps 20 years on

  39. rodd22

    Bawhahahahahahahahahahaha - "He only likes Dick" - #priceless

  40. Loloy Nazareno

    i could not believe he played the young and old claudius,he is such an incredible actor,,,,love from the phillippines

  41. Sidney Frederickson

    Ranks with the Proem of The Odyssey by Homer as one of the great openings ! Sing in me, Muse, and through me tell the story of that man skilled in all ways of contending, the wanderer, harried for years on end,......

  42. Simon Pender

    What a nice boy

  43. BuriedFlame

    "Kevin, you've put in the wrong film!"

  44. ezrhino100

    this is by far the greatest production of hamlet on film. it makes all the recent ones difficult to watch. as for jacoby giving hamlet a post modern feel, it was the writer's intent to produce such a character... a modern character. hamlet was a man out of time and expressed something much more cosmic than historical. he is untrustworthy because he is a refection of mankind's corruption. he can't even trust himself, unless he is plotting something nefarious. his only accomplishments from life are his acts of infamy. this play has very little to no Christian element to it. and there is no battlefield or war that hamlet is contending with. he simply determines that his personal life is battle field and he wants revenge. it is an important play on many levels, and possibly an explanation as to the times we are living in now...

  45. Dan Caruso

    Can someone put the movies in order of the photos?

  46. Renzo

    Why the music? Annoying!

  47. gabymassey

    I went 5 times (and still give silent thanks to the English professor who reimbursed me for each visit)

  48. MisterTutor2010

    The part where he throws open the doors was especially awesome.

  49. MisterTutor2010

    "...turning the accomplishment of many years into an hourglass..." is my favorite line from the prologue.

  50. yvwic50

    I had never made it through a complete film based on a Shakespeare work until I saw this. After this opening, I could not leave the screen for a moment.

  51. Brenda  Harper

    Sir Derek Jacobi, the original "Back In Black!" Yum!

  52. Stuart Jenkins

    Why the annoying music ?

  53. jessie james

    i am just asking . is derek jacobi gay too. ? I know ian mcKellen is..no secret about tht...

    1. jessie james

      thanks... didnt know...

    2. Michael Norcott

      Yes, he is. He recently married his partner of 40 years.

  54. Dan Caruso

    Movie title please

    1. Rudz zduR

      Bye bye blackbird

  55. Dan Caruso

    And at 1:19,

  56. Dan Caruso

    What is the picture at 1:20?

  57. Dan Caruso


  58. Dan Caruso

    What movie is it at 0:27

  59. Dan Caruso

    WHAT is the movie at 0:09

  60. Dan Caruso

    What movie is at 2:43?

  61. Dan Caruso

    Can someone please name all of the movies that is in this video?

  62. valar

    So why are about 10 lines missing?

  63. M.J. Piazza

    This is amazing. I never realized how many hugs Cadfael got, nor how often he found himself at the wrong end of a sword.

  64. Carmen Jäger

    From wich episode is the scene by 1:33?

  65. Ant John

    nothing makes me higher than my love for Ash... have you tried cocaine?

  66. Chad Quick

    Just found this on PBS the past week. I love it! It’s like the classic British comedy in that it’s not politically correct which means it’s hilarious! I’ve got to get the dvd of this series as PBS bleeps out several words. Amazing how Great Britain understands that people can hear certain words and not have a cow. It’s a real shame this only lasted two series. It’s pure gold

  67. gavin b

    I miss this show

  68. Thomas Harding

    So, do you both sleep in the same bed? Yes Penelope. Two men? How EXTRAORDINARY" LOL!

  69. anna Last

    Aw Gandolph, u certainly get around you old wizard !!!!!!!!!!

  70. anonymous

    creo que LUDOVICO EINAUDI es mejor que BEETHOVEN

  71. Prithu

    What a performance it was! Unforgettable even after all these years. "I am hard of hearing... but you will find it's not for want of listening."

  72. gameXylinder

    I love this show so much

  73. Taihua Hu


  74. Chandra Angela

    I am Emma. What's your name? He only likes dicks. :'-D

  75. Andew Tarjanyi

    This description of right and wrong is pretty exquisite and extremely clear and actually has context now more than any other time. What is believed to make a person good or bad is determined by that very equation. It would also be useful to remove the term "Person" unless to use as a placeholder because it is not the person (mask) which is being examined for authenticity but the individual behind it and the one who constructs the mask. Therefore, because we are being more precise in what we are evaluating as right and wrong is the extent to which an individual constitutes an authentic human. I suspect laboring this point here would likely make some readers either uncomfortable or hostile. However, what is worth pursuing is how the mathematical tools used to arrive at Turing's conclusions could offer insight into the existential state beyond the event horizon of the singularity. In order to achieve that, what factors need to be considered? Turing was absolutely correct, that only a computer (or as He puts it) a machine is able to do that. If one seeks to make as accurate a determination then one has no choice but to think exactly like a machine. As indeed, at least from an analytical perspective and limited to elevated cognitive states, as do I. If one is unable to simultaneously think both for and against one's worldview then one will consistently fail at this exercise. In order to begin to understand elevated cognition, one must recognize that their is currently no formal work on the subject. A brief addendum at this stage for clarification. The emphasis with respect to an authentic human state is critical because it is that which lends itself to an elevated cognitive state and not the personality. The final point to understand, which to many would seem quite a frightening prospect, would be the experience of being in the state mentioned above. To more easily comprehend this, it would be useful to focus attention on the function of our five senses and all the experience which has been gathered through them and to what extent the result will be of value within the stage of human evolution characterized by elevated cognition. I have previously offer some insight into this which I am quite confident Turins Macine would confirm.

  76. Ravi Benjamin

    Superb.....will be a family Christmas staple...So talented..

  77. Amanda

    Theyre currently showing this tv show in Argentina and Im loving it!!!

  78. Pierre Steinbach

    nfs.sparknotes.com/henryv/page_2.html CHORUS Oh, for a muse of fire that would ascend The brightest heaven of invention! A kingdom for a stage, princes to act, And monarchs to behold the swelling scene! Then should the warlike Harry, like himself, Assume the port of Mars, and at his heels, Leashed in like hounds, should famine, sword, and fire Crouch for employment. But pardon, gentles all, The flat unraisèd spirits that hath dared On this unworthy scaffold to bring forth So great an object. Can this cockpit hold The vasty fields of France? Or may we cram Within this wooden O the very casques That did affright the air at Agincourt? O pardon, since a crookèd figure may Attest in little place a million, And let us, ciphers to this great account, On your imaginary forces work. Suppose within the girdle of these walls Are now confined two mighty monarchies Whose high uprearèd and abutting fronts The perilous narrow ocean parts asunder. Piece out our imperfections with your thoughts. Into a thousand parts divide one man, And make imaginary puissance. Think, when we talk of horses, that you see them Printing their proud hoofs i' th' receiving earth, For ’tis your thoughts that now must deck our kings, Carry them here and there, jumping o'er times, Turning th' accomplishment of many years Into an hour-glass; for the which supply, Admit me chorus to this history; Who, prologue-like, your humble patience pray Gently to hear, kindly to judge our play.

  79. Steve VanDien

    Jacobi is a very accomplished actor regarding technique. Highly expressive both vocally and physically; a clear, vibrant, wide-ranging voice and a graceful, finely coordinated body. Yet for me, charmless and unlikeable. Too much pushing for effects, too external, not deeply and truly felt, indeed inclined almost to make himself hard to like. I think particularly of his priggish Cassio in Olivier's film of "Otello" and abrasive, doltish Hamlet for the BBC circa 1980.

  80. Jeffrey Wendt

    The Spanish Bee bed was entirely unnecessary. It smothers the timing, especially the pregnant pauses just prior to the best insults.

  81. gavin b

    its a travesty they took this of

  82. Danielle Houston

    What's the clip @2:33?

  83. iLeopard

    i'm so dirty minded that I interpreted wet in a different way

  84. Sasha Moore

    Extremely FUNNY show.

  85. Sasha Moore

    I love bbc comedies. I enjoyed every episode. I got teary eyed on season 2 episode 6 & the Christmas series finale. Great show.

    1. Diane Smikle

      Not bbc

  86. N7 Titan

    This is good but John Hurt did it better in Hollow Crown:Henry V

  87. hamad mohammad

    Entscheidungsproblem 4:44

  88. Jeffrey Newton

    Thank you Diana!

  89. Guady Bird

    Ludovico Einaudi helps me to understand iptables!!

  90. tatuco8

    The vocal coloring is on another level.

  91. tatuco8

    wow.... Giant of an actor.

  92. Yt Lern

    The starting part is the best fucking part. Imagine yourself surrounded by nature. Peace and harmony, away from all the troublesome matters, just you and the nature with the music...

  93. tuxguys

    "...and, asking those questions was wrong... because I couldn't answer them." Bingo. You don't dwell on what you're doing, you simply do the work. As far as the audience is concerned, you'll be fine. (As far as the critics are concerned, who cares?) And, as a performer, as you grow in your confidence to be able to pull off a successful performance, no matter what happens, your performances get better. The Miracle of Entertainment. (Received Wisdom, hard-won, from SDJ.)

  94. Maria Freitas

    very good

  95. Pamela Orjuela

    This warms my soul!

  96. Known Stranger

    Fastest 3 minutes of my life. Every time.

  97. 武蔵宮本

    British Sitcom rules! lol

  98. smoog

    what a lovely voice he has!

  99. Vitor Costa

    Maravilhoso. Um som deslumbrante.

  100. Terry Malloy

    His commotion at the end, after they showed the clip of the series, was wonderful. Marvelous person!