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  1. Joao Israel Souza Ferreira

    If I know one thing about engineering is that there's no such a thing as over engineering.

  2. MAC531

    That is a very overpriced cheese grater

  3. Jonas Biemond

    That you can get a cybertruck for less money is just crazy

  4. Aditya Dandwate

    Apple simp

  5. e n o u g h

    Apple made the perfect computer and put a price on it. And it's a big one.

  6. Joachim Rydelius

    Hmmm, I wonder if you really need it though.. Is there anything a lesser computer couldnt handle that this can, or is it the 10 minutes of rendering time worth this kind of money?

  7. Alex Edeh

    Animators can't use it because CUDA support

  8. Kaneki Ken

    Where you buy this things?

  9. Alper TΓΌner

    Apple has been really releasing some good home appliances these days, new iPhone camera and now this. They even added wheels wow.

  10. nchia

    Kinda disappointed there were no races with a couple of Mac Pros on wheels down the hallway.

  11. zSharkz

    Can I run Minecraft on it?

  12. Mr. World

    what a world we live in. you can buy a good car with that money.

  13. Aditya Mahajan


  14. Scott Read

    Why is it that so many people can only write a comment that's based on an imaginary conversation between two parties? It's so lame.

  15. trayner

    Can't have gas stoves

  16. John Doe

    People with high-end Mac machines always act like there are no alternatives. Like the Threadripper isn't a thing. It humorous.

  17. Alexander Polanco

    Did he just say over $42,000 for a computer tower. Man that thing better be good. That’s more than I make in a year lmao

  18. thunder green

    I freaked when I heard the fans i thought something was burning at my house I wasn't really, i wasn't ready

  19. varad lele

    He is wearing tesla cybertruck and reviewing apple. I loved it

  20. Tristan Drummond

    Hey Marques, everyday for about the last two thousand years people have been praying, "hallowed by Your name". Hallowed means valued and prized and held in high esteem. In the video you used the term Christ as an exclamation in a very offhand way. It seems out of character since I've followed you since almost the beginning. He lived and died and conquered death and rose again for your freedom - you can have a relationship with God now. By trusting in Jesus' perfect life and not your own! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜ Don't harden your heart towards the name of Jesus, the Christ... And if that isn't your motivation to stop blaspheming, maybe know that you're using the most prized person in every Christian's life as an exclamation, they're probably not going to enjoy your language choice. I don't think that's cool, for one. With love and respect, I hope you appreciate this comment. Peace ✌🏼

  21. Prathamesh

    4:17 Linus drop tips

  22. ralixfilm

    This computer is just for people that really whant to use Mac Os or just love the high quality. But of course you can get for 3000$ a PC System with Threadripper, 128 gb ram, a good board and a GTX 2080.

  23. Satvik Tripathi

    I know you can't afford it

  24. the art nerd

    But can it run crisis?

  25. Glitch

    That T-shirt i wonder if elon is watching ?

  26. Lisamydear

    Are you going to put a weight room or exercise room in there?

  27. Brian Evans

    I think if they made a Β£1k tower, they wouldn't sell very many. Generally the users of apple products are on the lower end of the teckie spectrum, and people with towers are in the upper end.

  28. Siim Kuusik

    Marques: "hopefully lasting me over a decade" Apple in 2021: "Introducing the Mac Pro Mini built for video editors" Marques: "well, shit"

  29. ZoltanoMoltano

    2:05 overenginered but you can not slide the cover without stucking, there are ball bareings invented long time ago. 5:10 existed in all other wirkstation since the 2000s?:) 6:45 dual CPU or a threadripper design and it would be on 2020 level but now it is a 2 years old design unfortunately and fortunately at the same time as the price will drop faster on the used market:) 10:30 they actually do, this 2019 unit exactly on base would or suppose to cost that much:)

  30. Rok Adamlje

    Going full linus eh?

  31. Miss. C Mukbangs

    Wow... Thanks for the break down πŸ‘

  32. Uzair Ahmad

    but can it run crysis? thought so

  33. Noobiest Gamer

    1:01 apple: AHH Mac Pro 2

  34. to do

    And then he invented a wiring system that didn't need to be snaked through the car.

  35. Moiz Shah

    Bullshit waste of money.. Will rather buy a car

  36. Luxury J

    I painted mine black so it can run even faster

  37. I_THE_ME

    Thanks to Ryzen 3990X's existing I would never even consider getting a Mac Pro.

  38. Neo Wang

    I can't even afford it on horizon 4.

  39. Manish Khanal

    400$ for wheels are they selling aircraft wheels??

  40. Kumar Korale

    You bought afterburner bcoz of a rumour... Hmmm.. marques you got caught in their reality distortion field

  41. Lauro Nogueira

    Nothing else but the truth. Congrats.

  42. Wael Zahabi

    is it just me or Whenever I see a MKBHD video - I have to Click on it and watch it with all that Professional Audio/Video Quality - even if i am no interested in the Subject But "Quality attracts" !!

  43. Finnatu Akter

    Money Killer

  44. Andy Casbo

    S3XY CARS = Model S Model 3 Model X Model Y Cybertruck ATV Roadster Semitrailer

  45. zack phy

    It exists for kids who aren't old enough yet to get a real phone and the parents don't wanna spend $1000 to get them an unlocked iPhone or they don't wanna get them an old obsolete one either. This gives them a smart device without the cellular connection and no contract and also them a device that will be supported for awhile. Also it being really cheap doesn't hurt so it's not as big a deal when a kid inevitably drops and/or breaks it. Also if the parent doesn't want their kid to have a huge tablet, or they're not big enough to handle it lol, or they again want something cheaper than an iPad and don't wanna buy a really old outdated one.

  46. RP

    spending $40k on a mac and assuming usage for a decade. *this dude has a big heart*

  47. elwingy

    this is such a beautiful machine... kinda makes it look like engineering art if that is even a thing. The amount of thought that went into it is just mindblowing. Just amazing.

  48. Lukestar46

    0:58 This really broke my brain

  49. Puneeth Bedre

    768gb of ram?!????

  50. TechWizard

    Web cam to 8K are insane,πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  51. Apurva Mishra

    Others also use a Mac Pro at you Studio !! Is everyone a freak at your Studio ??

  52. Sushanto das

    768 Gb ram ... BECAUSE I EDIT VIDEOS ...WOW

  53. Kaustubh Paonikar

    2:11 Nice shades my man

  54. Kelssy Kinstern

    Its fast. But could be way faster, cheaper and better with amd cpu and nvidia gpu.

  55. 47chromeAKs

    I could get 33 gaming laptops and host a lan party for 50K or I get a mac pro and cry alone

  56. Yurriaan Van Duyn

    I saw this design at the 2015 Foxconn showcase (I'm a tech hardware channel consultant working in China) and was in awe by the modular features and the variable-speed fan drivers. Back then it wasn't branded yet, but I guess Apple took the license for it.

  57. Miki & Charlie

    It sounds like their pro version is seriously pro. But would you say they have that same level of pro when it comes to the iPad and iphone?

  58. Zombert

    Everybody in the comments like: "Oh yeah, fantastic job Apple. Once again another fine piece of equipment" Excuse me, but WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT?! The only thing this overpriced thing is going to be remembered for is for how ridiculously expensive and totally unnecessary it is. Ya'll acting like you're all watching this from the back of your Bentleys while on your way to catch your private jets... STFU... πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  59. Samuel Teguh

    Me : *Wanting one Apple product* Me looking at my bank : Sh*t

  60. ELN calls

    Apple needs to make a version of the Mac Pro sub $3000 for Graphic Designers. Still using my 2009 Mac Pro 5,1 maxed out video, memory, CPU.

  61. Eric Msemwa

    Over engineering you should check out shrouds pc... Its got water and lights... And it's cheaper than that abomination πŸ˜‚

  62. Radoslaw B

    Passively air-cooled? XD

  63. kanna mustafa

    43k$ Mac Pro gets obliterated by a Ryzen 3970x based machine that costs 5-6k $ πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜…

  64. Joe Cage

    True and honest tech review.

  65. MDG Mannish

    Tesla cyper truck shirtπŸ€“

  66. Nilger Naong

    Marques: β€œthis 400 dollar wheels needs lock.” Apple: thats an extra 400 dollar upgrade.

  67. Bijin Regi panicker

    Where kira robotic arm?

  68. vanveenmatt

    42 grand?! My lord. You need a pc. Never mind wheels with locks...

  69. Epic Benjo

    Omg, you got the wheels??? LMAO $$$$$ damn son

  70. cdrillbeatgames

    If I marry the robot, will I own it?

  71. Alex A


  72. Minewrecker

    *When your 'Gaming' laptop costs as much as just three wheels of the Mac Pro*

  73. Karanam Vamsi Krishna

    "Multi-device wireless charger" cha cha real smooth...

  74. MegaSukiran

    Photo editors don't need a mac pro.

  75. SnoOpWoOt_

    iam watching this in 2020 because am gonna buy se 2/ 9

  76. BigMan _T.SBoiXD

    in many places its faster than the 11 pro max

  77. Karatektus

    Even if it lasts you a decade: it will have cost you over $4000 a year....

  78. Kishan Giri

    & Here I am thinking, should I buy a 20$ Bluetooth speaker

  79. TechTalkTV Vlogs

    Which theme are you using

  80. Karanam Vamsi Krishna

    "768 GB of RAM which can be doubled" Me running android studio on an 8GB RAM laptop : *Breathing intensifies*

  81. Christopher Ejsmont

    I said it last time, it is a beautifully engineered machine. Incredible pice of tech!

  82. FlashRoyal205

    Is it just me or was the camera worse than before

  83. Sourabh Chikode

    Apply doesn't make locks - add that to the list as well !

  84. Nurpus

    8:20 - Bruh, your fingers sound like sandpaper. Get a humidifier or something.

  85. Lukas T

    10:23 "desktop speaker" hold on there! why would you want Apple to make a desktop speaker? Apple has been showing for decades that they don't care about sound quality at all. (except for in the MacBooks, surprisingly good) I mean the HomePod was easily my worst listening experience and biggest flop for me personally in probably 2 years. If you want sound quality, you have got phenomenal monitor speakers from top tier brands like KEF, Elac etc and if you want design and easy to use you have Bose and Co.

  86. Alex A


  87. Alessio Facincani

    400$ wheels and NO LOCKS?! 🀩

  88. TheRasmusdc

    passively aircooled.. that a new one, so PASSIVE with moving element driven by motors.. There are real passive cooled pcΒ΄s also highend versions, this is something completely different. And fast is relative, it is fast compared to other APPLE products, let us just get that straight, it is a REALLY nice Apple product, i am actually more impressed by the screen than the tower. Thermals look decent, although they are not that impressive, GPU setup is really lackluster, it is old, having the 5700XT on the marked, and using what they did, is just REALLY lackluster. it also is a shame that they did not go ALL AMD, and went Threadripper, with the EXTREME whopping the 28 core Xeon got from just the 32 core threadripper, and there is a 64 core / 128 thread SKU out there, Yes it does not support that amount of ram, that the XEON SKU does, but then again, EPYC was also an option. that supports dual CPUΒ΄s and 4 TB of ram, which would give you 128 Core / 256 Thread.. if you REALLY believe that performance is important. It seems hardware wise to be looking more backward than forward, on a already dying platform, since Intel has lost its lead not by "a margin" but by a landslide. But the Design is nice... so it has that going for it. i miss the older days, where f.ex. Apple where first, with Solid state as a standard in laptops, great displays in all pcΒ΄s usage of a firewire 400 standard that out performed all USB standards at the time.... Again the Screen looks forward, the system does not. And then again talking a decade on this platform, the bones of it, the main board, is already a DEAD SKU.

  89. nathanael mol

    4:30 apple be ripping of tesla model 3

  90. Antony Dick

    Thanks for putting this video up... I loved it... I owned a few of these computers... I loved the older guy... He's so funky and cool...

  91. Peter Andro

    40k+? Interesting but useless for 99% of the population.

  92. Kishan Giri

    Look at his T-shirt , clearly he is deeply obsessed with the Tesla Cyber Truck.

  93. soham roy

    Apple uses the worst of the technology. Imagine a Mac with a Threadripper and an Nvidia Titan x2 or x4 instead of that crappy old intel processor and AMD GPU.

  94. rockstopsthetraffic

    this dude reviews phones on youtube. why.

  95. Samarth Sudarshan

    This is just mkbhd flexing xD

  96. VinTube

    That Intro track dude, dope af

  97. JoeWest

    How can you support a company that fights tooth and nail against people using a third party to repair their OWN Apple devices?

  98. soham roy

    ONE WORD: Threadripper.

  99. Aadee Bhatti

    cyber-truck T-shirt.. spoiler alert

  100. CK

    *Silently kills ur bank account balance